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									             Camping on the Go – Checklist
    The best way to ensure a good, relaxing trip is to plan properly.
   Going by a checklist will help to save money, time, and keep your
                             peace of mind.

Shelter                                Cooking Supplies
  Ground cloth or tarp                 Pack these supplies in a sturdy, portable tub so
  Tent/s                               your camping kitchen is always ready to go when
                                       you are.
  Spare tent stakes
                                         Camping stove and fuels
  Brush or small hand held broom
                                         Portable grills, charcoal & lighter fluid
for sweeping out tent
                                         Firewood and kindling
  Portable chairs and stools
                                         Matches in a waterproof container
  Sleeping bags and pads
                                         Fire extinguisher
                                         Cooking pots and pans
  Lantern and lantern fuel
                                         Potholders and/or oven mitts
  Flashlights for everyone
                                         Can/bottle opener
(Consider headlamps for
                                         Cooking utensil set (large cooking and
Hands-free roaming at night)
                                       serving spoons, tongs, knives, spatulas,
  Spare batteries
                                       measuring cup)
  Rope or twine
                                         Coffee pot
  Clothespins and
                                         Food storage containers
                                         Dining kit for each camper
  Duct tape
                                       (plates, cups, bowls, forks, knives,
  Lightweight handsaw
                                         Large water jug or bladder
                                         Cooler and ice
                                         Dish detergent, sponges and scrubbers
                                         Dish towels
Food                                     Plastic basin for washing dishes
                                         Paper towels
  Peanut butter and jelly
                                         Trash bags
  Fresh fruits and vegetables
                                         Heavy-duty aluminum foil
  Cold beverages (juice, milk)
                                         Bamboo skewers (for toasting
  Hot beverages (coffee, tea, cocoa)
  Hot and cold cereals
                                         Plastic wrap
  Cooking oil
                                         Zipper-lock bags in various sizes
  Condiments (sugar, salt,
                                       (quart,gallon, etc.)
pepper, ketchup, mustard, etc.)          Citronella candles (to repel
  Groceries for lunches and dinners
  Campfire treats (popcorn,
marshmallows, chocolate and graham
crackers for S’mores)
Clothing                                   Toiletries
  Shirts and t-shirts                        Bath towels and washcloths
  Warm sweaters or                           Soap in plastic containers
sweatshirts                                  Antibacterial hand soap
  Shorts                                     Baby wipes
  Long pants                                 Tissues
  Pajamas or sweats for                      Shampoo
sleeping                                     Toothbrushes, toothpaste
  Underwear                                and dental floss
  Socks                                      Deodorant
  Long underwear if                          Combs and brushes
camping in cool weather                      Razors and shaving cream
  Jackets                                    Female hygiene products
  Mittens or gloves                          Mosquito repellent for kids
  Knit hats                                and adults
  Rain gear                                  Lip balm
  Comfortable shoes and                      Small hand mirror
sandals                                      Miniature sewing kit
  Hiking boots and/or sports                 Any needed prescriptions
  Laundry bag and
  Rubber thongs or sandals

           Sun hats with wide brims          Water bottles
           Sunglasses that block at          Digital camera and memory
         least 99% of UVA and UVB          card or film camera and film
         radiation                           Reading material
           Waterproof sunscreen with         Outdoor toys such as kites,
         SPF 15 or higher                  balls and frisbees
           Swimsuits, swim towels            Board games and deck of
         and water toys                    cards
           Rubber thongs or sandals for      Musical instruments and
         beach, pool and shower            song books
           Small backpacks for day trips     Arts and crafts supplies
           Binoculars                        Notebooks, pens and pencils
           Compass                           Guidebooks and maps
           Whistles for signaling others
First Aid Kit                              Other Items
Purchase a pre-assembled kit, or pack
                                           Use this space to write in any
your own in a solid portable box:
                                           other items not included on the
  Sterile adhesive bandages                list to make sure nothing gets
in different sizes                         left behind!
  Gauze rolls and pads in                        _____________________
different sizes                                  _____________________
  Adhesive tape                                  _____________________
  Safety pins                                    _____________________
  Scissors                                       _____________________
  Tweezers (for splinters and ticks)             _____________________
  Needle                                         _____________________
  Latex gloves                                   _____________________
  Cotton swabs                                   _____________________
  Tongue depressors
  Moistened towelettes
  Mild liquid soap
  Antiseptic wipes
  Hydrogen peroxide
  Antibiotic ointment
  Rubbing alcohol to disinfect scissors,
tweezers and thermometer
  Lotion for insect bites and rashes
  Petroleum jelly or other lubricant
  Burn ointment
  Snakebite kit if camping in
poisonous snake territory
  Non-aspirin pain reliever
appropriate for children
  First aid manual
(The Red Cross publishes first aid manuals for both
humans and pets, and also sells pre-assembled first aid kits.)

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