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                                            Product Solutions Brochure
                          Client Profiles Product Divisions
                           Practice Management solutions powered by

                                                      DOCUMENT IMAGING     M I C R O S O F T    C R M

         Docketing              Time and Billing            Scanning         Outlook-based CRM

        Calendaring            Expense Recovery              Review               Marketing

         Workflow             Accounts Receivable           Clean-up       Relationship Intelligence

          Contacts                Collections              Annotations      Business Development

     Email Management          Accounts Payable              Import            Matter Tracking

    Document Management         General Ledger            Bates Stamping          Client Care

         Scanning                Trust / Escrow            Distribution        HR Management

       Case Comments           Conflict Avoidance           AutoRoute             Help Desk

     Document Assembly       Management Reporting                              Data Integration

         Time Entry            Event Notification                          Web and Mobile Access

          Conflicts           Business Intelligence

      Case Information


Client Profiles Makes Technology
that Enables Law Firms to Manage
their Business Better
We are Among the Most Trusted Names in Law Technology
Client Profiles, a proven leader in diversified technology solutions for law practices, is counted among the strongest,
most respected companies servicing the legal industry. Client Profiles has been developing innovative technology for
the practice and business of law for more than 20 years, providing solutions that span a suite of product offerings
including Case Management, Financial Management, Document Management, Client Relationship Management
(CRM) and Document Imaging.

Through continued innovation within our product and service offerings, Client Profiles is providing legal professionals
with the best tools available for increased productivity that ultimately results in greater profitability. Here are some
advantages of running Client Profiles technology:

Dedicated to Legal Professionals
Because Client Profiles has been solely dedicated to the legal industry since its founding in 1987, law firms can count
on the knowledge and experience our company brings to its diversified suite of product and service offerings.

Powerful Technology, Intuitive Design
The proven design behind every Client Profiles product is the result of years of development along with countless
client-driven enhancements. We understand that in order to make a great product that fits seamlessly into a law firm’s
daily workflow, it needs to be designed from the perspective of those who use it everyday — lawyers, paralegals,
law firm administrators, marketing professionals and staff. That’s why many Client Profiles team members have
professional experience working within top law firms nationwide.

The Benefit of Experience
Just as important as the software you buy is the company who will support you. We know your business and provide
the technology to get the job done. Every aspect of each implementation of our systems is handled directly by Client
Profiles personnel who have been implementing practice management systems in law organizations of all sizes and
practice types for over 20 years. Our clients tell us that the service they receive consistently exceeds their expectations.
If your firm is looking for the best way to improve the efficiency of your operation, Client Profiles can show you how.

Microsoft Integration at Every Turn
Client Profiles technology is built to run on the latest Microsoft technology standards, and is embedded directly
within Microsoft Office and Outlook, the same programs law firms use every day. As a result, your law firm can enjoy
the peace of mind that comes with knowing that its system is supported by the power and stability associated with
industry-standard technology by Microsoft.

    Profiles Case puts information at our fingertips and does it quickly
    and efficiently. Flexible case and file setup procedures drive user
    acceptance and reduce excessive learning time. We believe that
    translates into greater use day in and day out by our attorneys.
    That means higher productivity and increased bottom line profits.”
    Bill Kunkel   n   Lewis, King, Krieg & Waldrop, P.C.

                                  Case Management by Client Profiles
                                  Improve the performance of your law practice with a powerful
                                  Microsoft Office-based case management solution that takes all of
                                  your firm’s critical case information and puts it at your fingertips.

Docketing                         One of the most significant technological     your user community to function
                                  challenges faced by today’s law practice      both within the case management
Calendaring                       is how to implement the right mix of          environment and Microsoft Office.
                                  case management functionality for a           Case management functionality is
                                  diverse group of legal professionals.         embedded within Microsoft Office
Contacts                          Profiles Case by Client Profiles was          and can link your staff directly to
                                  developed with the idea of overcoming         detailed case information without
Email Management                  this challenge. If there is one thing that    having to manually switch programs.
                                  our 1600+ active clients have taught us,
Document Management
                                  it is that user adoption is the key to a      Designed to increase your office’s
Scanning                          successful case management rollout.           productivity and profitability, Profiles
                                                                                gives users a tool to better perform
Case Comments                     The Best Case Management                      their jobs and meet client demands.
                                  System is the One Your Staff                  A powerful solution, Profiles represents
Document Assembly                 Already Knows How to Use                      the most complete and comprehensive
                                  Profiles is built on a rock solid framework   case management application
Time Entry
                                  of Microsoft technologies that allow          available in the marketplace.

Case Information


Profiles Case provides true
matter and document centricity
by intuitively combining access
to all related case information
through one common interface.

    Above: Profiles Case maintains    Custom-Built To Fit Your Needs                 the Porfiles Legal Suite, Profiles
    the industry’s only direct link   Profiles is fully configurable. You            Case can even expose executive
    with Microsoft Outlook allowing   establish views, information and               information performance and
    users to enter appointments,      workflow tuned to the diverse needs of         financial data to your professionals
    personal contacts and emails in   your office community. Different users,        at the individual or case level.
    either Profiles or Outlook and    departments and offices can configure
    associate them to the case.       the software to their specific needs. Each     Integrations
                                      staff member and office professional           If you are a Microsoft Outlook / Office
                                      will feel as if the firm acquired a solution   user, the “CP Associate” feature allows
                                      just for them and the specific file on         you to save emails, calendar items
                                      which they are currently working.              and documents within the case in
                                                                                     Profiles. The software also maintains
                                      Whether you are a high volume                  the industry’s only direct link with
                                      litigation law firm, business transaction      Microsoft Outlook, allowing users to
                                      practice, corporate legal department           enter appointments, personal contacts
                                      or government entity, Profiles is              and emails in either Profiles or Outlook
                                      built to fit your needs and improve            and associate them to the case. Profiles
                                      organizational performance. Profiles is        also has connectors for virtually all
                                      a case management solution that will           major legal-specific applications.
                                      work for every user in your group.
                                                                                     Instant Access
                                      A Total Solution                               Imagine having an entire case file right at
                                      Profiles has done away with the need           your finger tips—every document, every
                                      for firms to manage silos of information       e-mail and every contact—everything
                                      and functionality to meet their diverse        relating to a file instantly available to
                                      business and practice needs. Profiles          every user at the same time. No longer
                                      brings robust functionality that includes:     will you have to share a hardcopy file
                                                                                     amongst your team. Can’t find what
                                      • Full Microsoft Office Integration            you are looking for? Profiles provides
                                      • Calendaring                                  global searching within each module.
                                      • Workflow / Docketing                         Just type in the keyword(s) you are
                                      • Document Assembly                            searching for and view the results.
                                      • Document Management
                                      • E-mail Management                            If reports are what you are looking
                                      • Practice-Specific Case Information           for, Profiles gives you the ability
                                      • Time Entry and Cost Tracking                 to automate reports to be sent to
                                                                                     clients, management and staff. With
                                      When implemented in conjunction                Profiles, you’ll have greater capability
                                      with the Profiles Financial law                to make well-informed decisions for
                                      firm management system to form                 your law organization and clients.

Profiles Case Modules
Docketing / Calendaring / Scheduling
Profiles Case provides calendar management and legal docketing functionality, available to either individuals or groups of users,
practice areas or firm wide scheduling. The docketing module is tightly integrated via a “bi-directional” synchronization with Microsoft
Exchange Server (Versions 2000 and above). This functionality allows users to operate in either the Profiles calendaring/appointment
management system or the Outlook calendar system – with the data residing in both locations and directly connected to reflect any
changes from either side.

Task / To Do / Workflow / Court Rules
To Do management (sometimes referred to as tasks, ticklers or critical date reminders) is completely integrated with the balance of
the Profiles System. Users have the ability to design, launch and manage individual To Do items, To Do packages (Workflow), To Do
items connected to appointments, documents, court rules and other transactional events. Individual, group, practice area or firm wide
reporting is available to manage the To Do items for the practice or department. Court Rules can be created to follow current “rules of
law” and can be customized to meet any unique situation.

Contact Management / Related Party Database
The card file or contact management module has evolved into a sophisticated related party database. Contacts (or card file entries) are
organized in a central database by party types or categories. The information tracked by party type is highly customizable to insure
that critical information that is pertinent to the specific type of party is available for management. The contacts may be searched by
hundreds of combinations and all parties are cross referenced with the files that they are associated with, along with the role they
played in that specific file. The Profiles card file module serves as a CRM system, an electronic rolodex, an expert database, and a
powerful conflict of interest or conflict avoidance system.

E-Mail / Messaging Management
One of the most popular components of the Profiles system, the E-Mail management module gives users the ability to attach or
associate email messages to Client Profiles client, matter or case files. These messages may be viewed from a user inbox perspective or a
case perspective. This technology allows users to organize and manage electronic mail messages on a case by case basis and eliminate
the practice of storing important messages in individual folders that are not easily accessible by other users. Profiles users running
Microsoft Exchange/Outlook for their electronic mail also have the ability to launch Outlook from within Profiles.

Document Management / Assembly
Profiles includes a full featured document management system. Each document in the system is connected to an electronic library index
card. All the case related documents are attached to a file and organized by document type, sub-type, version and user or practice
group. The document library can be searched by any of these fields, as well as date of production, incoming or outgoing document,
and document keywords. Profiles also has an integrated full text indexing system that allows users to search based on key words, or
phrases. Users can also take advantage of Boolean search logic. The document management module will manage virtually all types of
documents and data, including: Word, WordPerfect, Excel or QuatroPro Spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, deposition transcripts,
scanned images, exhibits, etc. Tightly integrated with the document management and To Do management modules, the document
assembly system allows users to generate documents based on a set of pre-configured Microsoft Word templates. This sophisticated
module gives users the ability to automatically create documents by pulling data from the case information database, pulling the
merge document from the pre-defined modules, loading Microsoft Word, building the document management profile card, storing the
document in the specified case file, launching the specified follow-up To Do item/s and generating a time entry (if desired).

Conflict of Interest / Conflict Avoidance
Profiles offers a powerful and comprehensive conflict of interest / conflict avoidance database. As new card file entries are input into
cases, and their position or role within the case is identified, the system automatically captures that information for conflict searching.
Practice groups have the ability to identify the roles or party categories that potentially represent legal or business conflicts. Once these
settings are established, users have the ability to run both formal and ad hoc conflict searches against the related party database. From
a management standpoint, conflicts searches are automatically recorded on the individual cases, and a conflict clearing report allows
managers to identify when the due diligence has been completed on a conflict analysis.

Case Information Tracking / Law Type Information Management
Profiles has approximately 80 pre-defined case information tracking screens that are standard components. In addition, law departments
have the ability to create as many custom screens, custom tabs and individual custom fields as necessary. This functionality, defined
as case type tailoring, allows practice groups or case types to be customized in-house without the assistance of Client Profiles law
technology specialists.

Case Information Reporting / Management Reporting
Profiles has approximately 150 standard transaction reports and/or data queries that are standard with the system. In addition to
the standard transaction reports, there is a case list reporting module that allows users to generate reports based on more than 500
variables. Finally, the Profiles database is tightly integrated with Crystal Reports Writer, allowing users with experience with Crystal to
extract data from the database to create custom reports.

    The software continues to evolve and provide
    us with the features, functionality and flexibility
    necessary to process and deliver the information
    that is essential to our firm’s business.”
    Dawn Joslin    n   Swartz Campbell LLC

                                        Financial Management by Client Profiles
                                        Increase the profitability of your law practice by reducing
                                        operating costs, enhancing the decision-making process and
                                        improving client satisfaction.

                                        The reality of today’s business landscape   requirements. The unique design of
Time and Billing
                                        demands legal technology solutions          Profiles Financial eliminates these manual
Expense Recovery                        that do more than just get the client       processes, improving the efficiency and
                                        statements out the door and vendors         productivity of the entire organization.
Accounts Receivable                     paid. Your financial management
                                        technology solution needs to help           The underlying architecture of Profiles
                                        your firm to be more competitive in         Financial makes it ideal for complex
Accounts Payable                        the marketplace. Profiles Financial         billing requirements, sophisticated
                                        by Client Profiles is the culmination       management reporting and compliance
General Ledger                          of over 25 years of research and            with new emerging industry standards.
                                        development designed to meet                In short, the flexibility found in
Trust / Escrow
                                        the needs of the most demanding             Profiles Financial not only improves
                                        law firm practices in the world.            your operation today, but keeps you
Conflict Avoidance
                                                                                    ahead of the curve going forward.
Management Reporting                    Reduce Operating Costs
                                        As clients and attorneys place increasing   With modules encompassing all of
Event Notification                      demands on the billing and accounting       the major components of law firm
                                        function, many groups find themselves       financial management, Profiles Financial
Business Intelligence
                                        spending countless hours manually           will reduce the stress associated with
                                        trying to keep pace with these new          these tasks. Best yet, because Profiles

The Profiles Financial Attorney
Inquiry view provides the firm
professional with real-time executive
information to help them better
manage their personal, team
and client financial objectives.

     Financial is a seamless component of           Business Intelligence (BI)
     the full Profiles Legal Suite, including the   Designed for Your Firm
     industry-leading Profiles Case system, it      Business Intelligence is not just
     is the perfect solution for firms looking      about producing reports for firm
     for a complete firm automation tool.           management. It is about delivering
                                                    real-time performance information to
     Workflow Driven Functionality                  the right people at the right time in the
     Supports the Way You                           form that they need it. Profiles Financial
     Conduct Business                               leverages and extends the BI tools
     The expansive functionality found in           inherent in the Microsoft SQL Server
     Profiles Financial is seamlessly driven by     platform and delivers audience specific
     easily configurable workflow capability.       reporting to the professional’s desktop.
     Based entirely on commercial
     standards such as the Microsoft .NET™          Whether your focus is on meeting
     development platform and                       complex billing requirements, solid
     MS SQL Server database, Profiles               financial accounting standards or
     Financial fully leverages the richness of      business intelligence reporting designed
     these Microsoft products. 25 years of          to better manage your firm, Profiles
     continuous development has evolved             Financial brings robust functionality
     into a world class solution, with              leveraged by Microsoft standards
     an unparalleled ease of use                    without the high costs previously
     and implementation.                            associated with enterprise level solutions.

                                             Time &
                       Event                                    Expense
                     Notification                               Recovery

          Conflict                                                           Accounts
         Avoidance                                                          Receivable

           Trust &                                                          Collections

                        General                                  Accounts
                        Ledger                                   Payable


Profiles Financial Modules

Time & Billing
The Profiles Financial time and billing software module provides all the tools necessary to quickly and accurately record and
bill client time and expenses. The flexibility of the system ensures clients can be billed in a format that provides quicker cash
recovery, and includes features such as task based and electronic billing.

Expense Recovery
Profiles Financial’s Expense Recovery Software System provides complete flexibility in integrating 3rd party cost collection
systems regardless of expense type or provider.

Accounts Receivable
Central to the health of any firm is the proper management of its accounts receivable. The Profiles Financial Accounts Receivable
software module provides the tools you need to facilitate fast payment from your clients and to monitor those who do not pay
on time.

With the Profiles Financial Collection module, firms can efficiently track all AR related correspondence, inquire into a customer’s
account, send reminder statements and then calculate and charge late fees. A sophisticated “Risk Rating” system streamlines
your collection process by making sure that your staff only focuses on those outstanding collections that are in need of true

Accounts Payable
Keep on top of your cash requirements and ensure that client expenses get billed with our integrated Accounts Payable module.
Profiles Financial’s Accounts Payable software module tracks and handles your 1099 production as well.

General Ledger
The General Ledger software module within Profiles Financial acts as the central repository for all firm financial data. The GL
provides the mechanism for monitoring overall firm performance. A vast array of customizable reports and inquiries is provided
to assist the firm in evaluating profitability and performance. A complete general ledger reconciliation program is included in
the general ledger module.

Trust Accounting
Accurately recording and tracking client trust and escrow funds is equally as important as managing firm funds. The Profiles
Financial Trust Accounting and Escrow administration software module was designed to be easy to use, yet provides the audit
trail necessary to satisfy even the most demanding client or regulatory body.

Conflict of Interest
Avoid potential liabilities with the Profiles Financial feature-rich lawyer Conflict of Interest software module. While protecting
your firm against potential claims, you may also be eligible for significant savings on the cost of your professional liability
insurance coverage.

Financial Document Repository
Imagine being able to save and recall all pertinent documents from within your accounting system. Consider the amount of
time saved by not having to run to the file room to find financial documents. With the Profiles Financial Financial Document
Repository answers are only a click away.

Management Reporting / Business Intelligence
Profiles Financial is delivered with over 300 standard management reports and inquires. Since each was created using Business
Object’s Crystal Reports, they can be copied and modified to suit the requirements of any firm. Unique reports can be created
quickly and easily to meet any firm specification, such as time or event-driven reporting.

     eRouter has enabled us to scan mail and other documents directly
     into our case management software, quickly and easily. We print a
     cover sheet which identifies where the document will go, place the
     sheet on the document and scan. eRouter does the rest, including
     OCR. The process could not be any easier.”
     Tom Balthasar    n   Cellino & Barnes, P.C.

                 DOCUMENT IMAGING
                 Document Imaging by Client Profiles
                 eRouter is the complete hardware and software solution that
                 allows you to scan your documents and electronically route
                 them to any number of destinations.

                 With eRouter, the complete imaging and     The ScanStation is designed to reside
                 distribution system, you can scan your     next to a scanner or copier and utilizes
Review           documents and electronically route them    a large touch-screen monitor that
                 to any number of destinations. Available   walks users through the process via
Clean-up         in an assortment of configurations         an intuitively-designed and simple-
                 to meet your law firm’s unique set of      to-use interface. eRouter Desktop
                 requirements, eRouter is built with a      Professional provides all of the powerful
Import           user-friendly interface that gives you     document features found in our eRouter
                 the ability to scan, review, modify        ScanStation product including scanning,
Bates Stamping   and distribute documents easily            document clean-up, annotations and
                 and efficiently.                           Bates stamping. However, eRouter
                                                            Desktop Professional installs on your
                 The eRouter ScanStation is the top         desktop computer with no additional
                 solution for law firms that require        hardware required and is able to work
                 a centralized location for scanning,       in conjunction with the ScanStation to
                 modifying and distributing documents.      bring the functionality to your desk.

                            We’re positive that you’ll find eRouter          want it to, what good is it? eRouter not
                            easier to use than any other product on          only gives you a preview of your scanned
                            the market. In fact, eRouter has been            document, but it also gives you the
                            developed with one overriding theme:             ability to clean-up the document as well.
                            Keep it Simple! It is designed so any user       Rotating pages, deleting blank pages,
                            can walk up and use it without reading a         and reordering pages are some of the
                            manual or extensive training.                    functions available to you. You can also
                                                                             make mark-ups to the document by
                            Scanning                                         applying rubber stamps, erasing stray
                            eRouter can use any network scanning             marks or notes scribbled on the page,
                            device that either has a TWAIN-                  or by blacking out sensitive information
                            compliant scan driver or any device that         that you don’t want others to see.
                            can scan to a network folder (which is
                            almost any scanner or multifunction              Routing the Document
                            copier). Used primarily with multifunction       Once your document is perfect, you
                            copiers, eRouter is designed to reside           can then select where you want the
                            next to the copier for easy access.              document to go. You have numerous
                            However, unlike competing products,              options, including sending it via email,
                            eRouter can utilize any copier on the            saving it to a folder on your network,
                            network, not just one. You can actually          burning it to CD-ROM, saving it to a
                            scan a document in one building and              document or case management system,
                            send it to an eRouter in a separate              printing it out, and more. You also have
                            building, providing they are on the same         the ability to determine what format
                            network. You have complete flexibility           the document is sent in, such as PDF,
                            over how you implement eRouter into              Searchable PDF, TIFF, etc. You can also
                            your environment.                                password-protect and encrypt the file
                                                                             using secure 128-bit encryption to
                            Review and Clean-Up                              ensure the document is only viewed by
                            Once your document is scanned, you               the intended recipient. Need to send the
                            need to make sure the document looks             document to multiple locations? eRouter
                            the way you want it to before sending            allows you to send a document via email,
                            it to its final destination. After all, if the   then burn it to CD, or whatever you want,
                            document does not look the way you               all without rescanning the document.

     Some of the Clean-Up                Apply Bates Stamps
                                                                                                  Advanced features
      functions available                 to your document

eRouter Features

The eRouter ScanStation is driven from a large touchscreen, and is hardware independent so your firm is free to choose from any
brand of multi-functional product or TWAIN-compliant scanner. In fact, it can monitor the incoming scans from multiple devices
simultaneously; even a combination of device types such as scanner and copiers. Simply select “Scan New Document.”

Once you have scanned your document, select “Open Scan Queue” and you can preview all of the pages to be sure the
document has been properly converted to an electronic file. You will have the ability to see the thumbnails on the left; and by
selecting an individual page, you will be able to preview the full image on the right side of the screen.

While the user is reviewing the scanned document, the user is presented with several options to “clean up” the document using
two different methods. You can select the “Page” tab, and perform such functions as Deskew, Rotate, Crop, Delete a page or
pages, Smooth the text, Sharpen the text, Remove the Dots, Remove the Borders, and Remove the Hole Punches. By selecting
the “Document” tab, the user can manipulate all of the pages of the document at one time, including the removal of Blank Pages
and View Inverted. In fact, one or all of these functions can be programmed with the “AutoFix” tab, to make processing the
“clean up” functions faster just by pressing one button.

In the “Review” screen, the user has the ability to “mark-up” the document. This is found under the “Page” tab. This provides
you with the ability to erase unwanted areas, redact sensitive information, make notes, highlight areas, and place a rubber stamp
(such as Original, Copy, and a host of others).

eRouter gives the user the ability to “import” images or additional pages from a variety of sources, including from a card reader
(camera memory), flash or jump drive, CD/DVD, or even up load from the network. This tab also will allow the user to “insert”
and/or “append” pages without rescanning the entire document.

Bates Stamping
The eRouter ScanStation makes numbering a document easy. Just select the “Bates Stamping” tab, and you are guided through
the process — create a new “prefix” (or select one provided), choose a “separator” such as a dash, underscore, etc., then choose
the length of the “stamp,” choose whether to “pad” the number, resize the image and select a position on the page. You can
also select the font size. With this module, the user can even apply a “Date Stamp.”

The second phase of processing an electronic document is the ability to route that document to various destinations. Here
the user will choose a file format such as a PDF (regular, searchable and/or encrypted), TIFF, Text, Word, or Word Perfect. After
selecting the file format, the user can choose to email the document (Exchange Integration included), save it to a folder on
the Network, use the Folder Archiver module, Fax or Print the document, or route the document to any one of our various
plug-ins to other Case and Document Management applications such as Client Profiles Practice Management, Summation, and
Autonomy’s iManage to mention a few.

AutoRoute Bar Code Cover Sheet Scanning
The Bar Code Module gives the user the ability to create a Bar Code Cover Sheet by profiling the document first, printing out a
cover sheet, and then placing the document on the MFP or scanner. eRouter reads the bar code font, and automatically routes
the document to the appropriate destination, case or matter. This ensures routing accuracy, and decreases the time spent filing
at the scanning device, as multiple documents can be handled at the same time. AutoRoute enables a firm to maximize the
handling and routing of critical documents.

     The primary purpose of our CRM4Legal initiative is to realize our vision of becoming
     the world’s leading relationship law firm. Microsoft, with its global software and
     services bandwidth and success with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Client Profiles,
     with its solid track record of implementing law firm business applications, have
     demonstrated the ability to collaborate with us on this important effort.”
     Meirion Jones   n   Executive Director, Clients & Markets   n   Reed Smith

                                          M I C R O S O F T C R M
                                          Client Relationship Management by Client Profiles
                                          CRM4Legal for Microsoft CRM provides your firm with the marketing,
                                          business development and client care tools necessary to grow your
                                          business, and drive profits while improving client satisfaction.

                                          More than ever, legal professionals               care, CRM4Legal delivers a fast, flexible and
Outlook-based CRM
                                          are engaged in the business of law,               affordable solution that drives measurable
Marketing                                 and the efforts that help them win and            improvements in every business process.
                                          retain clients.                                   It enables closer relationships with clients
Relationship Intelligence                                                                   and helps your firm achieve new levels of
                                          CRM4Legal, powered by Microsoft CRM and           success and profitability.
Business Development
                                          developed by Client Profiles, is a complete
Matter Tracking                           marketing, business development and               CRM4Legal provides everyone in your
                                          client care solution for law firms. It provides   firm a complete view of your relationship
Client Care                               all of the tools and capabilities needed to       networks, prospects, and clients directly
                                          create and easily maintain a clear picture        from Outlook, providing a familiar and
HR Management
                                          of client relationships from first contact,       intuitive work environment that encourages
                                          through business development activities           user adoption and productivity. And
Help Desk
                                          and long-term relationship-building efforts.      because it is developed by Client Profiles,
Data Integration                          With modules for marketing, business              it looks, feels and performs like it was built
                                          development, matter tracking and client           for the legal professional.
Web and Mobile Access

CRM4Legal contacts list view – built
directly into Microsoft Office Outlook,
a click away from your Inbox

                                         Powered by Microsoft CRM                     law firms to fully integrate existing
                                         CRM4Legal integrates directly                practice and document systems
                                         into Outlook and other Microsoft             extending to web and mobile devices
                                         applications, including Microsoft Office     for immediate access to important
                                         Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint.      client, contact and matter data.
                                         The result: everyone in your firm will       From more reliable installations
                                         quickly begin using CRM4Legal tools to       and upgrades, to more streamlined
                                         develop new business and marketing           deployment, management and
                                         opportunities.                               enhanced security, CRM4Legal
     “CRM4Legal has revolutionized                                                    provides capabilities that will minimize
     the way law firms implement         With CRM4Legal, you’ll develop and           administrative and operational costs and
     and benefit from Microsoft’s        manage client relationships more             improve user productivity. Designed to
                                         easily by handling client management         provide a highly extensible platform,
     CRM technology. CRM4Legal
                                         activities—including sending and             CRM4Legal can be easily customized to
     delivers critical business                                                       help meet the specific processes of your
                                         managing e-mail, storing business
     intelligence information so         contacts, managing your appointment          firm, without expensive services and
     law firms can identify where        calendar and marketing activities—           customization costs.
     new business opportunities          without leaving Outlook.
                                                                                      The value of a CRM solution depends
     exist, what type of cross selling
                                         Generate New Revenue                         on how quickly it is embraced by the
     opportunities are available         and Opportunities                            people who will use it. CRM4Legal
     with existing clients, and          CRM4Legal for Microsoft CRM provides         allows all members of your legal
     where to focus marketing and        your firm with the tools necessary to        team to start managing relationships
     business development efforts.”      grow your business and support your          with minimal training. It provides
                                         marketing and business development           streamlined installation, seamless
     Doug Smith                          efforts. With powerful company and           integration with systems across your
                                         contact tracking tools that work directly    law firm (and beyond) and increased
     General Manager
                                         from Microsoft Outlook, your attorneys       levels of reliability, scalability and
     US Microsoft Dynamics Partners      will be able to access data about the        security. CRM4Legal will help your firm
                                         companies and people with whom they          improve productivity, increase revenue
                                         build relationships, allowing them to        and control costs while maximizing
                                         view the complex relationships and links     return on your marketing and business
                                         that exist between them and build new        development investment.
                                         revenue opportunities.
                                                                                      Complete Client Access
                                         Future-proof Your Law Firm                   and Visibility
                                         CRM4Legal, a solution developed for          CRM4Legal connects matters, people,
                                         your law firm’s current needs, provides a    and companies while displaying all
                                         flexible, scalable platform that will grow   related data directly from Outlook.
                                         along with your firm.                        By consolidating data stored across
                                                                                      multiple law firm systems (like
                                         Meet your law firm’s business                time & billing and other systems),
                                         requirements by tailoring CRM4Legal to       CRM4Legal offers a complete view of all
                                         match your specific practice’s situation.    information, activities and relationships
                                         Intuitive, Web-based design tools make       related to prospects and clients.
                                         it easy to modify application screens,
                                         data fields and practice-specific forms.     CRM4Legal enables you to access
                                                                                      information stored in multiple systems
                                         Works with the Software                      and consolidate it in one centralized
                                         You Already Use                              repository of data, activities, documents
                                         CRM4Legal was developed to enable            and matters.

CRM4Legal leverages the latest
Microsoft technologies integrating with
practice and document management

                                          Marketing: A Clearer View                     Manage Your Deal Flow
                                          In today’s information-driven economy,        CRM4Legal provides easy-to-use features
                                          most law firms are awash in client data.      to improve the way you do business,
                                          Success requires the ability to transform     target new clients and drive business
                                          that information into clear, actionable       development activities for existing clients.
                                          knowledge and respond more quickly to         Use CRM4Legal to build customizable
                                          changing client needs and preferences.        Client Plans that outline strategies and
                                                                                        steps to increase your book of business
                                          With CRM4Legal, your business                 with specific prospects and clients.
                                          development and marketing efforts can
                                          become more collaborative. CRM4Legal          CRM4Legal allows you to spend time
                                          tools allow you to create a single view of    with the right leads and prospects,
                                          each person or company based on every         establish consistent follow-up processes
                                          piece of information your firm collects,      and automate activities with powerful
                                          all stored in a single location that is       Windows Workflow Foundation
                                          accessible across your firm.                  capabilities.

                                          Focus your marketing efforts by               Comprehensive reports let you forecast
                                          utlilizing CRM4Legal’s intelligent            potential revenue, measure business
                                          marketing management tools integrated         activity and performance, track business
                                          with Outlook to manage events and             development success and identify trends,
                                          publications more effectively. You can        problems and opportunities.
                                          create and easily manage marketing lists
                                          and make them available to attorneys          Enhance Your Data Quality
                                          directly from Outlook, making it easy for     Duplicate Detection is more than a way
                                          them to contribute and view participants.     to eliminate inconvenience and data
                                                                                        duplication. To a law firm, the ability
                                          With CRM4Legal, you have the ability to       to detect if a client is already in their
                                          understand what your clients are telling      database could prevent costly conflicts of
                                          you with reporting and analysis tools built   interest and ensure data quality. Duplicate
                                          on SQL Server Reporting Services that         detection features in CRM4Legal
                                          provide the precise knowledge your law        intelligently and passively determine if
                                          firm needs to respond quickly to client       duplicate entries exist.
                                          demands and changes in your practice.

     CRM4Legal Features

     CRM4Legal is designed to help law firms connect the efforts of marketing and business development groups with lawyers and
     their secretaries. In CRM4Legal the goal of each marketing campaign or event is to ensure that the campaign targets, campaign
     activities, and the results of the campaign activities are related and captured in a consistent format. CRM4Legal allows the
     entire firm to measure data such as number of leads or expressions of interest produced, number of converted leads, number
     of deals, matter or other revenue produced from closed opportunities, cost per lead and cost per deal. The ability to know what
     was spent on a campaign or event and relate it to the actual revenue that resulted is the essence of CRM4Legal’s “closed loop
     marketing” philosophy. A marketer with this information can plan, forecast, and target more effectively. This information helps
     the marketing team and firm management assess the quality of lead sources and design campaigns that produce better results
     with each effort.

     Business Development
     For Business Development managers, practice managers, lawyers and partners, CRM4Legal provides insight into the deal pipeline,
     including the ability to track types of opportunities, close ratios, revenue forecasts, and other important business development
     information. This data is available at an individual and practice group level so that performance can be measured throughout
     the firm. However, the data available to these managers and partners is only as good as what is entered by the firm. CRM4Legal
     business development provides tools for helping law firms manage their own pipeline of leads, opportunities, bids and matters.
     These include integration with Microsoft Outlook, e-mail, activity tracking, and reminder and task management features.

     Matter Tracking
     Firms can utilize matter management in CRM4Legal to manage both their staff as well as outside counsel and non-law firm legal
     service providers who work on legal matters on the firm’s behalf (ie. expert witnesses, court reporters, copy services, etc.). Matter
     management in CRM4Legal can provide an excellent communication and collaboration platform to organize and distribute

     Client Care
     The service management module of CRM4Legal consists of core components including: Service Requests which can include client
     service requests and client complaints to mini-projects; Knowledge Base, a repository of articles containing firm information, best
     practices, technical details, or any other documentation that business users access to address and resolve issues; and, Queues,
     containers for work items, such as service requests or inbound emails.

     HR Management
     HR Management in CRM4Legal supports the recording of education, employment, experience / skills and languages. Given
     CRM4Legal’s unique design, powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the HR Management capabilities can be readily extended to
     finding applicants and processing applications. Key features available through Recruit+ extensions include vacancy management,
     automatic interface to job boards, fast and easy processing and tracking of applications, track candidate communications and
     powerful CV search.

     Help Desk
     Law firms can use the Service area of CRM4Legal to create, view, and track actions and communications related to service
     requests. Service requests can be initiated by either a client or internal law firm staff member or a client service / IT Help Desk
     representative (CSR), but only a CSR / IT Help Desk representative can resolve a service request or reactivate it once it has been
     resolved. Use CRM4Legal communication activity tools to manage service requests, including setting up appointments, making
     telephone calls, and sending emails, letters, or faxes. You can also find out what activities have occurred and how much time was
     spent on them. CRM4Legal also provides reporting tools that can be used to measure statistics such as call lengths, resolutions,
     number of calls handled, and average length of service requests.

     Data Integration
     The CRM4Legal team has developed an external data integration module (“Data Pump”) designed to integrate with other core
     applications such as Time & Billing, Case Management, Conflict of Interest, HR and external third-party data sources, with
     warehouse data elements critical to targeting the CRM contact database for marketing and prospecting business development
     efforts. Aggregating data is the key element that is delivered by the Data Pump, and the development of this tool focused on
     integrating data elements directly into the CRM4Legal application to facilitate information retrieval.

     Web and Mobile Access
     You can also perform the same client management, business development, and service activities in the CRM4Legal Web client
     – including working with clients, matters, and marketing activities. CRM4Legal’s Mobile Access enables law firms to increase
     the productivity of their mobile users by allowing them to use CRM4Legal instantly, anywhere – at home, on the road or in the
     court room.

Microsoft Awards and Distinctions
Microsoft has been extremely supportive of Client Profiles’
initiatives in the legal industry. As Client Profiles continues
to develop products and solutions based on Microsoft
Technologies and deliver compelling business advantage to
professional service firms, Microsoft will continually strengthen
its commitment to this mutually rewarding partnership.

         Microsoft Dynamics

The Client Profiles / Microsoft Technology Partnership
Our unique partnership with Microsoft        Awards were presented at the 2009
and Microsoft Dynamics has enabled           Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference
Client Profiles, as a Microsoft Gold         in New Orleans in a number of categories,
Certified Partner, to provide cutting-edge   with winners chosen from a pool of nearly
solutions to the legal market based on       2,000 entrants worldwide. The Microsoft
industry-standard Microsoft technology.      Dynamics Professional Services Partner
                                             of the Year award recognizes Microsoft
Microsoft Dynamics Partner of                Dynamics partners who have exhibited
the Year: Client Profiles was honored        excellence in providing superior solutions
as Microsoft Dynamics Professional           based on Microsoft Dynamics to clients
Services Partner of the Year for 2009-       in the professional services industry.
2010, chosen out of an international field   Client Profiles’ dedication to developing
of top Microsoft partners as delivering      innovative, legal-specific applications
market-leading customer solutions built      based on the Microsoft technology
on Microsoft technology.                     stack has resulted in a highly-satisfied

                                  client base which values tools based on        Software Vendor (ISV)/Software
                                  industry-standard Microsoft platforms.         Solutions, Network Infrastructure, and
                                                                                 Messaging, the latter of which signifies
                                  Microsoft Dynamics President’s                 Client Profiles’ focus on fully integrating
                                  Club and Inner Circle: Client Profiles         its case management applications with
                                  was named to the 2008-09 Microsoft             a host of Microsoft products including
                                  Dynamics President’s Club and inducted         Outlook/Exchange, OneNote, InfoPath,
     Microsoft Awards,
     Recognitions and Partner     into the Inner Circle, receiving recognition   MS Office, CRM, SQL and Small Business
     Initiatives at a glance:     from Microsoft Corp. for its dedicated         Server. As a Gold Certified partner, Client
                                  commitment to the legal technology             Profiles has demonstrated expertise with
     Partner of the Year          vertical market. This honor reflects Client    Microsoft technologies and proven the
                                  Profiles’ success in achieving outstanding     ability to meet customers’ needs.
     Inner Circle
                                  results with its CRM4Legal product.
     President’s Club             Microsoft awarded the distinction to           Microsoft Quantum Leap Pilot
                                  Client Profiles because of its outstanding     Program: Since July 2004, Client Profiles
     ISV Growth Award             revenue growth, exceptional legal vertical     has been participating in Microsoft’s
                                  expertise and strong investment in the         Quantum Leap initiative, a pilot program
     Distinction in Marketing
                                  Dynamics CRM platform.                         aimed at exploring means of increasing
                                                                                 partner service delivery through the
     Gold Certified Partner
     1 of 30 “Managed” Partners   This recognition came during the               established MS VAR channel. As one of
     1 of only 2 in Legal         Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference         8 participating partners worldwide, and
                                  2008 in Houston. The Inner Circle is the       the only legal technology provider, Client
     Quantum Leap Pilot Program   most exclusive recognition bestowed            Profiles has vastly streamlined its delivery
                                  by Microsoft to its business solutions         of client services and as a result has
     Certified Mobility Partner
                                  partners, honoring the top one (1%)            achieved substantial market and revenue
                                  percent of partners worldwide. Client          growth in the legal space.
                                  Profiles joins only 21 US partners and
                                  50 worldwide partners who have been            Microsoft Certified Mobility Partner:
                                  honored with the distinction for 2008.         As a result of joint Pocket PC application
                                                                                 development efforts between the two
                                  Microsoft Dynamics ISV Growth                  companies, Client Profiles is positioned
                                  Award: Client Profiles was honored             to deliver the first Pocket PC-based case
                                  with the Dynamics ISV award in 2008            management interface. The current beta
                                  for Highest Revenue Growth in the              program will be made available to law
                                  Dynamics Open Border category.                 firms in the future.

                                  Distinction in Marketing Award:                Microsoft/Client Profiles Expand Your
                                  In recognition of its high-impact              Outlook Tour: Since 2005, Microsoft and
                                  marketing initiatives, Microsoft awarded       Client Profiles have co-sponsored a law
                                  Client Profiles with a Distinction in          office technology briefing, showcasing
                                  Marketing Award in 2008.                       new technology tools for law firms. The
                                                                                 Expand Your Outlook Tour, consisting
                                  Microsoft - Client Profiles                    of 2 sessions designed for managing
                                  partner initiatives                            partners, office managers, legal
                                                                                 administrators, attorneys, paralegals,
                                  Gold Certified Partner: Client Profiles        IT managers, marketing managers &
                                  attained Gold Certified status in              accounting staff, has reached hundreds
                                  the Microsoft Partner Program by               of law firms ranging from Am Law 100
                                  completing competencies in three               firms to smaller firms.
                                  categories including Independent

Client Profiles software is designed to serve a
wide range of practice areas:

Administrative Law        Drunk Driving           Malpractice-Plaintiff
Admiralty & Maritime      Education               Mass Torts
Appellate Practice        Elder Law               Military Law
Arbitration & Mediation   Employment              Native American Law
Aviation                  Entertainment           Not For Profit
Banking                   Environmental           Nursing Home Abuse
Bankruptcy-Creditors      Estate Planning         OSHA
Bankruptcy-Debtors        Family                  Patent and Trademark
Business Litigation       Finance                 Pension & Profitsharing
Child Custody             Firearms Law            Personal Injury
Civil Litigation          Food & Drug             Privacy Law
Civil Rights              Foreclosure             Probate
Class Action Lawsuits     Franchise Law           Products Liability
Collection/Creditors      General Practice        Real Estate
Computer                  Government              Securities
Condemnation              Health Care Law         Securities Arbitration
Construction              Immigration             Sexual Harassment
Consumer Law              Insurance               Social Security
Contract                  Intellectual Property   Sports Law
Copyright                 International           Tax
Corporation/Partnership   Labor-Employers         Wills and Trusts
Creditors Rights          Labor-Workers           Workers Compensation
Criminal                  Land Use
Divorce                   Landlord Tenant

Microsoft Dynamics

        1215 Hightower Trail
         Atlanta, GA 30350
          tel. 770.640.0300

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