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					Banana Bank Lodge and Jungle Equestrian Center, PO Box 48, Belmopan, Belize
Tel: (501) 820 2020, Email:
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Banana Bank Lodge
& Jungle Equestrian Center

Welcome to Banana Bank and to Belize. Where you will
experience the excitement of the jungle, hear the sounds,
see the colors and feel the aura of a land and culture rich in
diversity. We are the Premier Equestrian Center in Belize,
based in the picturesque Cayo District, in the heart of the         Welcome
country. Your portal into a Jungle adventure in Central

This information pack will give you a guide to our resort and
all that it offers. It includes details on our Equestrian Center,
Restaurant, Lodge Rooms and Cabanas, the Amenities
available to our guests and much more. We are especially
pleased to give you a glimpse into the wonderful world of the
Jungle and its inhabitants, as you will get to see as you roam
around the grounds at Banana Bank.

The pace of life will be very different from what many of you
experience in your day to day lives and this reflects how we
live and breathe with the rhythms of nature that infuse our
daily work here. Our resort is apart from the rest, a place far
from the real world and near to the things you've dreamed
of, an exciting but peaceful place. You'll love it here!

Located on the Belize River and central to the country as a
whole, Banana Bank is surrounded by evidence of both
ancient Maya and the historic logging tradition that is basic to
Belizean culture. With 4,000 acres of land, half of which is
primary growth rainforest, there is every opportunity to see
and feel the true character and nature of this beautiful

Owners/Managers John and Carolyn Carr have crafted
hospitable accommodations and an atmosphere conducive for
a vacation catering for a variety of tastes with a myriad of
activities including a state of the art Equestrian Center for all
levels of horseback riding and learning. Day trips include
visiting Maya ruins and caves, canoeing, star gazing, trail
walks, Swimming Pool, Birding or simply relaxing and
enjoying the tranquil grounds of the lodge.

We hope this Welcome Pack will answer most of your
questions about our Jungle Lodge and help you to take
advantage of our facilities.

Read on and discover Banana Bank. We will bring you an
adventure of a lifetime.
Banana Bank Lodge
& Jungle Equestrian Center

Banana Bank Lodge & Jungle Equestrian Adventure is an
immersion in a tropical experience from an equestrian or
naturalist perspective.

Our unique venue has developed from helping our guests            Philosophy
since 1983 to enjoy our authentic jungle setting. In addition
to the many inland adventures that we offer, we have now
expanded on our well-established horse riding to include an
Equestrian Center.

John Carr, a resident of Belize since 1977, has a background
in horsemanship beginning as a child on a Montana ranch. He
rode saddle broncs on the rodeo circuit for years, was a
cattleman in Kansas, and then managed the large herds of
cattle and horses that were part of Banana Bank Ranch. In all
of the above, horses were not pets but an essential part of
the operation. Communication and trust make possible the
discipline necessary to build a partnership between a rider
and his/her horse. Communication requires consistency. Trust
is built as rider and horse give up fear and see their
relationship as fun and rewarding. (The horse gets a lot of

A new environment to accomplish this has become popular in
recent years. Unknown to the Montana range, the round pen
of "Horse Whisperer" fame, really works. It provides a safe
place for horse and rider to work through their mutual
misgivings and mistakes. Banana Bank has a "state of the
art" round pen - arena - stable which is both safe and

For the rider wanting challenging trails and equestrian
adventure, horse vacationing flexibility is very important.
Whether you want a fixed itinerary everyday or less
structured, more spontaneous riding experiences it is up to
you. We have several different trail rides for different levels
of skill. There are opportunities to work one of our colts or
horses in the round pen. If you have little or no experience,
you can learn.

You will be treated with the utmost care and attention, as will
the horses you ride. We choose to work with the horses
making the horse and rider at one with each other’s

We do not claim to be students of Pat Parelli or John Lyons
but we agree with the principles they teach.
Banana Bank Lodge
& Jungle Equestrian Center

Banana Bank is home to the finest Equestrian Center in

You have ridden over mountains, prairies and parklands...
Expectations are high... Can the tropics show you anything        Riding
you haven't already seen?

You will awaken to the soft ethereal glow of dawn breaking
through tropical mist. Palm fringed pastures, wherein dozens
of horses graze, will prompt a rush of excitement and a
desire to get on a horse and ride.

Banana Bank is big, beautiful and boisterous. Miles of jungle
and riverside trails are awaiting you. There are opportunities
to experience horsemanship in a variety of ways, from setting
your own itinerary to participating in structured lessons.

The well kept horses, quiet river, lush pastures, gentle
breeze, ancient trees laden with bromeliads, flocks of parrots,
flaming sunsets, delicious meals, friendly people, and exotic
surroundings will speak peace into your soul.

We offer our guests an opportunity to participate in a hands
on experience of interacting with horses. In the arena and
round pen, communication between horse and rider begins to
meld. Making it easy to do the right thing and difficult to do
the wrong thing. These concepts, as presented by John
Lyons and Pat Parelli, two of the most popular horse
clinicians in the United States, are the basis for horsemanship
at Banana Bank. Key words are communication, trust and

A variety of activities include barrel racing, gymkhana events,
overnight rides, Saturday to Saturday itineraries that may be
flexible. While we mostly ride western, we also have two sets
of English saddles and tack for your use. There are miles of
jungle trails often times under the forest canopy.

About 120 head (a mare has a colt every once in a while) of
well kept, mixed breeds, predominately quarter horses. This
combination provides sturdy but agile mounts necessary to
negotiate river terrain and jungle trails.

Your rides await you so buckle up and get out in the jungle
for an experience you will never forget.
Banana Bank Lodge
& Jungle Equestrian Center


Our dining room is full of exotic presence. The tone is set by
the soaring thatched roof. Carved banisters, pink gypsum
stonewalls, and rich local hard wood paneling make this a         Facilities
beautiful place to enjoy. Our meals are served family style
and are widely reported to be some of the best in Belize. The
family atmosphere provides a setting for lively discussion
between guests of different locations and interest. Menus
vary but center around a home cooking style and our girls
put on some of the best cuisine found in Belize. Breakfast
(6.30am-8am), Lunch (1pm) and Dinners (7pm-9pm) served
in the Restaurant.

Art Gallery and Gift Shop

Carolyn Carr, Owner of Banana Bank and arguably Belizes
finest artist presents her art for your enjoyment. With
paintings representing the people, culture and the wildlife of
central america with a particular bias towards Belize. Truly
unique artwork, prints are available for purchase along with
other works, tastefully collected from local artists around

Swimming Pool

Our beautiful Pool is set in stunning surroundings at the
Jungle Dome next to our Lodge. Cool off and soak up the sun
and ambience of the breathtaking scenery, where you will be
treated to the abundant birdlife living in the towering
Guanacaste Tree, overlooking the swimming pool.

Exotic Bird Aviary

Other Activities Include

Orchid House
Internet Cafe
Jungle Walks
Bird Watching
Soccer Pitch. Our team train in the evenings and welcome
your participation.
Banana Bank Lodge
& Jungle Equestrian Center

All these trips are available at our Lodge. Some trips include
a transfer to another center for activity but transfer prices are
included in the package.

1 - Jungle Adventure Ride                                           Tours
Horse Back Ride through the Lush Jungle Trails. Suitable for
all levels of riders. 2-3 hours. Longer Rides available on
request $50.00 p.p

2 - River Boat Trip
Meander downstream by boat with our Tour Guide pointing
out the Birds, Iguanas, Crocodiles and other creatures that
inhabit the Belize River. Up to 2 ½ hrs
$25.00 p.p min 2 people

3 - Cayo West Tour
The day starts with a visit to the Butterfly farm. Then its on
to Cahal Pech or Xunantunich, the most visited Mayan Ruins
in Belize. At Cahal Pech you will be able to see the onsite
Museum. Lunch provided plus an oppurtunity for some
shopping. Full Day. $85.00 p.p min 2 people

4 - Blue Hole & St Hermans Cave
Beautiful Jungle Walk to the Cave followed by flash/head
light Cave Walk. Great trip for Birders. Finish the day with a
swim in the pristine limestone aqua Blue Hole. Lunch
Included. Half Day $60.00 p.p min 2 people

5 – Tikal
Early Breakfast prepares you for a must see trip to visit the
Temples at Tikal in Guatemala. Your English speaking guide
will lead you through the 5 major temples built around
700AD. Walking tour lasts 4-5 hours. Lunch and all border
fees included. Full Day. Overnight trip on request.
$130.00 p.p min 3 people

6 - Crystal Cave Tubing
Tubing along underground waterways, cave walls glistening,
showing off their crystal formations. The Mayans used these
caves a thousand years ago and fascinating artifacts remain.
Beautiful stalactites, stalagmites, and the very immensity of
the cave itself. Lunch will be served in the cave. The
underground time in cave 4 - 5 hours. Full Day
$105.00 p.p min 2

7 – Belize Zoo
See the Monkeys, Jaguars, Crocodiles, Jabiru Stork, Tapir,
Toucans and much much more. Half Day $45.00 p.p min 2
Banana Bank Lodge
& Jungle Equestrian Center

8 – Actun Tunichil Mucknal
The cave of the Stone Sepulchre, displays some of the most
spectacular limestone solution dripstone formations. We will
walk for 45 minutes through the jungle before reaching the
cave. At the entrance of the cave there’s a short swim. (life   Tours
jackets are available). Lunch provided. Full Day
$105 p.p min 2

9 – Black Hole Drop
The “Mother of all Caves” at the foothills of the Maya
Mountains. The edge of the Actun Loch Tunich sink hole sits
over 300 feet above the basin below, 200 feet above the
rainforest canopy that grows out from the sink hole basin.
Our fully trained caving guides rig a system of rappelling
ropes for your decent to the basin below. Then a return hike
out of the foothills and back to the camp. Lunch, Water &
Equipment included. Full Day $130.00 p.p min 2

10 – Barton Creek
The trip starts with a drive through the picturesque
Mennonite farm community to the Caves. Board a canoe and
your guide will row you deep inside Barton Creek Cave. Sit
back, relax and direct your candle lamp at the amazing
formations inside the huge cave believed by the Maya to be
the Underworld. Great Swimming spot. Half Day
$70.00 p.p min 2

11- Night Walk
Our guide will take you for a beautiful night walk through
Banana Banks grounds and Jungle. Immerse yourself in the
sounds and smells of a Jungle night. 2 hour walk $35 p.p

12 – Local Cultural Tour
Choice of a visit to Spanish Lookout, (the home of the
Mennonites), Valley of Peace or The Creole Villages on the
Western Highway. A locally cooked lunch provided. Half Day
$50.00 p.p min 2

13 – Golf Course 9 Holes
Including Equipment Rental
$50 p.p min 2

14 – Acupuncture/Massage or Reiki
$85 per hour. By Appointment

All Prices in $US. Add 9% Sales Tax to All Tours. For
all Day Trips/Activities, Children 11 years and under
are ½ price
Banana Bank Lodge
& Jungle Equestrian Center

Banana Bank hosts tourists all year round but equally
important to us is the flourishing wildlife that exists in such
close proximity to our resort.

The Dawn and Dusk chorus of the Jungle has to be heard to         Wildlife
be believed. Natures orchestra playing its finest tune. Leading
the way will be the frogs and insects as they all move with
the rhythms of the night. If your arrival coincides with the
firefly displays then you will be treated to an all night light
show on the lawns of Banana Bank

The star of the show is undoubtedly Tika, our Jaguar. Surely
one of natures most breathtakingly stunning animals, she has
been with us for over 20 years ever since we rescued her as
a small cat.

Our 2 Spider Monkeys give you a glimpse into the high jinks
that go in the treetops. Named Festus and Chico they are as
cheeky as cheeky can be. So don’t get too close or your hat,
glasses, purse or any other loose possessions may be
removed from your person.

During the night your sleep may be interrupted by what can
only be described as a pre-historic howling from the nearby
jungle canopy. Do not be troubled for it’s the Howler
Monkeys marking out their territory. Family orientated
creatures, they can often be spotted: mum, dad and baby
sitting up high munching on the juicy leaves.

The birdlife is spectacular and you will be greeted at dawn
and dusk by the flocks of Parrots leaving or returning to their
nests. A keen eye and you might spot the Toucans or the
vultures. Hummingbirds also make their homes with us and
can be seen drinking the sweet nectar from the flowers.
Banana Banks aviary also provides an excellent viewing point
to see the local birdlife.

The intensity of nature is overwhelming and all kinds of
predators are at home here. Snakes, which can be quite
alarming to some people feast upon the abundant rodent life
and frogs that inhabit our region. Most of them harmless to
humans although there are a few dangerous snakes in Belize.

Other wonderful creatures you may see during your stay
include Crocodiles (often seen on the boat trips), Iguanas
(affectionately known as bamboo chicken by the local
people), and an assortment of small mammals that often
make residence around our lodge.
  Banana Bank Lodge
  & Jungle Equestrian Center


            Children 5 - 11 years meals are 1/2 price.
                        Add 9% Sales Tax
 Breakfast                            Free                                Pricing
 Lunch                                $10.00
 Dinner                               $15.00
 Soft Drinks                          $1.00
 Beer                                 $2.50
 Coffe & Tea                          Free
 Fruit Juices                         Free


 Car Transfers to/from Banana Bank (One Way)
 Belize City                       $25.00 p.p
 Dangriga                          $25.00 p.p
 Belmopan                          $7.00 p.p
 San Ignacio                       $20.00 p.p
 Caves Branch                      $15.00 p.p
 To calculate return prices double the fee. Children 6-11 years ½ price

 Flight Transfers to/from Banana Bank (One Way)
 San Pedro/Ambergris Caye           $75.00 p.p
 Belize Int’l Air’t                 $70.00 p.p
 Belize Municipal Air’t             $59.00 p.p
 Caye Caulker                       $75.00 p.p
 Placencia                          $75.00 p.p
 Dangriga                           $70.00 p.p
 To calculate return prices double the fee. Contact Banana Bank to book

Internet Café

Computer Use                            10cents/min - minimum $1

All Prices in $US

Contact Details


    •    Website:  
    •    Email:    
    •    Marketing:
    •    Telephone:          (501) Belize 820 2020
    •    Fax:                (501) Belize 820 2026
    •    Address:            Box 48, Belmopan, Belize
      Map of Banana Bank Lodge & Jungle Equestrian Center

 Swimming Pool                                                 Tower
 Internet Cafe                                                 (1/2 mile)
 Pool-side Rooms

                                                Soccer Pitch

                              Cabana 4
             Cabana 3

                                            Cabana 5

                                     Cabana 2

             Cabana 1

                                            Chateau Brio
                            Jaguar          + Head Office
River Boat                                                                  Center

             Gallery +

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