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September by wulinqing


  SEPT.      Award-Winning Newsletter of Corvairs Northwest                      2010

          CNW online:

       Join the fun with Corvairs Northwest at the
   Everyone is invited to join the fun at the CORSA NOSTRA ROAD RALLYE and
 CAR SHOW at Griot’s Garage in Tacoma on Saturday, October 2. 2010, in honor of
CORVAIR HERITAGE DAY, the 51st anniversary of the day the first Corvair went on sale.

At about 9am on October 2, 2010 Corvairs will start to be dispatched from Shari’s
Restaurant, 1933 South 72nd Street, Tacoma, marking the return of the mostly annual
CNW Corsa Nostra Road Rallye. This event is like a scavenger hunt on wheels. Corvair
owners are encouraged to bring a passenger to serve as navigator because that makes
the rallye easier and more fun. It also helps to bring a pen and notepad or clipboard as
well. Participants will be directed on a specific route and asked to answer questions
along the way. The rallye will be timed and participants will be judged on the number of
correct answers and the shortest time. Awards will be presented for the combination of
most questions answered correctly and best overall time. Everyone is encouraged to
come to the restaurant at about 8 a.m. for breakfast.

The rallye, a more than thirty-year tradition with Corvairs Northwest, will conclude at
Griot’s Garage, 3333 South 38th Street, Tacoma, Washington 98409, at about 1pm.for the
Corvair Heritage Day Car Show. The more Corvairs we have, the better the show. Griot’s
will also show off their new flagship retail facility and demonstrate their many car care
products for us.

Corvair Heritage Day T-Shirts will be available the morning of the car show for those who
have ordered them. You may make your checks payable to Corvairs Northwest and bring
them to the September meeting or on October 2.

  You may sign up for the Corvair Heritage Day events at the September membership
                      meeting or by email to
       Corvairs Northwest
        At Your Service
                        VICE PRESIDENT
                                                      2010 Corvairs Northwest Calendar
206.399.7901            253.852.0929                       September
                                                  12th (Sun)      200p CNW Board of Directors meeting, @ Jim & Estelle Friant’s
SECRETARY               TREASURER                 15th (Wed)      700p General Membership meeting, Sizzler, 16615 Southcenter
206.243.2558            206.243.2558
                                                                         Blvd. Tukwila, WA         19th (Sun)      1000a Museum Of Communications 7000 E. Marginal Wy S.
                                                                        Seattle, WA 98108 Contact Allan Phillips 206.763.3708
DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE       DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE         25th (Sat)      8a-4p 3rd Annual Brownsville Appreciation Day Car Show,
JOHN BOLENDER           STEPHEN MARTIN                                  Brownsville, WA (near Bremerton), Sponsored in part by
206.824.6915            425.486.5564          Stephenlmartin@
                                                                        CNW, Contact: Rob Leone 360.871.1968
DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE                                                                   October
BILL KELLEY             DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE         2nd (Sat)       900a CNW Corvair Heritage Day Car Show & Corsa Nostra
253.722.3587            JONATHAN KNAPP                            Road Rallye, Corvair Heritage Day Event See Page 1       206.763.3662              TBD             1000a CNW Board of Directors meeting
                                                  20th (Wed)      700p General Membership meeting, Sizzler, 16615 Southcenter
ALLAN PHILLIPS                                                          Blvd. Tukwila, WA
206.763.3708            DIRECTOR-AT-LARGE       PAM JONES                                                 November
                        425.392.7954              TBD             1000a CNW Board of Directors meeting
MEMBERSHIP           17th (Wed)      700p General Membership meeting, Sizzler, 16615 Southcenter
206.244.6818            TECHNICAL CONSULTANT
                                                                        Blvd. Tukwila, WA   ROLAND MARTIN
VAIR-IETY EDITOR        rolandmartin@             TBD             TBA CNW Holiday Party
DAVID BAILEY                               (No Board or General Meting in December)
dsbailey3@              WEBMASTER             JIM ACKER
                        Fall Election Cycle For The CNW
                                                      Board of Directors Per Club Bylaws
                                                  Nominations for the Board shall be received at the September General
                                                          Membership meeting.
                                                  Ballots shall be published in the October Newsletter. The October Newsletter must
                                                          be mailed to the membership at least 10 days prior to the October General
                                                  Members may vote in person at the October Meeting or by mail. Mailed in Ballots
                                                          must be received at least two days prior to the October General Meeting
                                                  Election and counting of ballots shall be completed at the October General Meeting.
    Put A Face With The Name                      Newly Elected Board Members shall be installed at the November General Meeting
From left: Dave Bailey, Pam Jones, Bill Kelley,           and shall take office in January.
   Jim Friant, Allan Phillips, John Bolender,     The Board of Directors (hereinafter called the Board), shall be limited to eight to ten
 Jonathan Knapp, Doug Titus and Jim Dojan.                members, as established by the prior Board. The newly elected Board shall
 This after a grueling three hour meeting dis-            select from the elected Directors, four officers: President, Vice President,
cussing CNW business at the Friant’s. Thanks              Secretary and Treasurer to serve for a two year term.
      for the food and the photo Estelle!

 2                                                        Vair-iety                                      September 2010
                            The Steering Column: Doug Titus
    Corvair Fans:

    August was one of the most memorable months ever for Corvairs Northwest. On the very first day we
    hosted the largest Orphan and Discontinued Car Show EVER! We had around 130 cars total and al-
    most half of those were Corvairs, the largest number I can recall assembled in Washington since
    1990. The rest were other classics including a 1919 Cadillac limousine. Everyone seemed to have a
    very good time in the sunshine.

    Extraordinary thanks go to Sean and Pam Jones, our co-chairs for the 2010 Orphan and Discontinued
    Car Show, and thanks are also due to all of those who helped during the year and at the show itself.
    There were fewer snafus this year than usual and we must be thankful for that.

    We have more exciting events awaiting us in September as well. On September 19, we are invited to
    the telephone museum in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle as arranged by Allan Phillips.
    Then we are also invited to the Brownsville Appreciation Day car show north of Bremerton along the
    shores of Puget Sound. This show is coordinated by our own Rob Leone and is dedicated to a former
    Corvair owner and is thus very hospitable to Corvairs and their people.

    Coming on the heels of September is Corvair Heritage Day on October 2. We will celebrate with the
    mostly annual Corsa Nostra Road Rallye and conclude with a car show at Griot’s Garage (their
    “Flagship Store”) in Tacoma in the afternoon. Everyone is encouraged to show up at Shari’s at 8 in the
    morning to socialize and then the rallye, a scavenger hunt on wheels, will begin around 9 a.m.

    We also have a lot of important club business to take care of this month. At the regular membership
    meeting, September 15, at 7:00 p.m. at Sizzler, we must nominate candidates from which we select
    out 10 member Board of Directors for the next two years. I must encourage each of you to consider
    leadership positions for our club. We may have worn out some folks over the past two years and need
    new ideas and enthusiasm for the 2011-2012 Board. Remember, that the individuals elected to the
    Board elect the officers of the club from their membership. Over the past month we have had a hard
    time getting directors and officers together. So this meeting is very important.

    I look forward to seeing you at these many get-togethers over the next month.

    Doug Titus, President

             Sunset Chevrolet                                                  D. Douglas Titus
                                                                                    Attorney at Law
       Mark of Excellence Award Winner                                        6041 California Avenue SW
                 Jerry Yoder                                                      Seattle, WA 98136
    910 Traffic Avenue                     800-201-4444
                                                                                    Fax: 206-935-6623
    Sumner, WA 98390                 Cell: 253-307-1910                               206-935-6620

3                                                 Vair-iety                         September 2010
                          Our First Corvair…
                           Margaret and Tony Dean - Renton, WA
       Tony and I were married in England in October, 1962. I spent the first year of our
marriage in Winnipeg, Canada, as Tony had signed up for two years on the D E W Line before
we met. The company he worked for flew him down to Winnipeg for free, anywhere after there
he would have to pay for. My life was such a big adventure after our marriage; I had no
problem living in an apartment while he was in the frozen north. I found a job and made some
friends. Before leaving England we had made plans to immigrate to the United States.
       Tony came off the Dew line in September 1963. We packed our “stuff” and made ar-
rangements to have it stored until we were established somewhere in this country. Then we
flew to Detroit to purchase our first vehicle. A 1964 Corvair 700 (this event happened 47 years
ago, but Tony is pretty sure it was a 700. To me, it was just a “car.”)

         After paying for the car and signing paperwork, we drove back to Winnipeg to pick up
the clothing etc. we had packed to take with us on our new adventure. We pulled into the bor-
der crossing to re-enter Canada. The Canadian customs inspector asked us the usual ques-
tions – where have you been, where are you going??? During the conversation we told him
that we were going to be immigrating to the US in a few days. The Inspector told us that we
would have trouble getting the beautiful new car through American Customs. Tony, not realiz-
ing what he was getting into, said “I don’t think we will have any trouble. It is an American
made car.”
         We were told to “Park over there and meet me in the office.” After a long meeting with “higher-ups,”
the customs officer informed us that if we were staying in Canada for any length of time we would have to
pay the Import Duty on the Corvair. Otherwise, we could drive it directly to our apartment, park it, and not
drive it until we were ready to leave for the US. We naturally chose the latter, and a large notice to this effect
was taped in the rear window of the car. We had been invited to a friend’s house to join them for Canada’s
Thanksgiving. We went on a bus!!! Our friends were horrified, and drove us back to the apartment at the end
of the day. The next day, we drove off in our beautiful Corvair, heading south-west, crossing into the US at
Antler, North Dakota. And that is another story!!!!!!

4                                             Vair-iety                                 September 2010
    On Sunday, 19 September at 10:00 AM, The Museum of Communication in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood
    will be open to members of Corvairs Northwest. It’s entrance is through a rear door in a non-descript concrete
    building with no signs visible from the street. If I hadn’t lived across the alley from it for 9 years I may have never
    learned of its existence. The museum is full of telephone equipment that has grown archaic due to advances in
    technology and should prove fascinating to anyone who drives a Corvair. The address is 7000 East Marginal Way S
    but the parking lot is off of Corson Ave S. For directions please visit the museum’s web site:

    I will be having breakfast at Randy’s Restaurant before the tour if anyone
    would like to join me. I will arrive at Randy’s at 8:30 AM. Randy’s is at
    10016 East Marginal Way S just south of the Museum of Flight.

    Allan Phillips

5                                                  Vair-iety                                      September 2010
                             CORVAIRS NORTHWEST BOARD MEETNG
                        At The home of Estelle & Jim Friant 18 July 2010 2:00PM
     Present: Doug Titus, Pam & Sean Jones, Bill Kelley, Allan Phillips, John Bolender and the Friants

    Please Note:      The Minutes for this July Board Meeting were not included in August Vair-iety Newsletter due to the
                      priorities of preparing for the August Car Show. The major issues discussed had to do with the final
                      arrangements for the Car Show. Therefore, the following comments on the Car Show are basically
                      “Old Business.” There was no August board meeting.

    Orphan & Discontinued Car Show - Pam and Sean Jones Co-Chair this evennt
          Registrations - Jim Friant noted that 34 pre-registrations have been received to date.
          Dash Plaques and Trophies - 100 dash plaques have been ordered, Bill Kelley will handle picking them up,
          Jim Friant will mail Dande Corp a check. The trophies will be “rootbeer” mugs from the XXX Restaurant. Pam
          and Sean Jones have ordered these and Pam reported that all are ready. A sample was shown to the Board.
          Car Show Categories - This was a major discussion by the Board. The decisions were that Early Closed
          would include Lakewoods, there would be a “Highly Modified” category, and that 39 vintage and earlier would be
          a category. 80s and newer would be the latest category.
          Ballots, Pre-registered “tickets” & other - Friants prepared130 Ballot forms, the pre-registered “tickets”, and
          will make flags for the parking directors. All computer programs are prepared.
          Goodie Bags - Nancy Dojan will prepare 100 Goodie Bags.
          Parking - Pat Olsen and Jim Brossard will handle parking and receive on-site registration fees. He also sug-
          gested that they pass out the registration forms to the entries coming on Aug 1.
          Set Up / Clean Up - Dave Bailey and Sean Jones will arrive early to set up tent and electrical. Help is needed
          for both set up and tear down.
          July General Meeting will be held at the XXX Restaurant in Issaquah on July 21 at 7:00 PM. Sean has re-
          quested that all volunteers attend for final instructions.
          Swap Meet - The Swap Meet will be held from 10:00 until 2:00, Saturday, July 31 at Kent Sullivan’s garage.
          The Club will provide soft drinks and dessert. Club members are asked to bring appetizers or salads.

    Corvair Anniversary October 2 - Board discussed having the Costra-Nostra Rally at Griots in Tacoma.

    Econo-Run - Corvairs Northwest will sponsor this event in 2012. The location of the Econo-Run is still to be determined.

    September Event - Allan Phillips has arranged for a tour of the Museum of Communication on Sunday September 19
    at 10:00 AM. This telephone museum is located in the Georgetown area.

    Christmas Dinner - Board discussed where to have the annual dinner. Allan Phillips has offered to handle it again.

    Programs for the General Meeting - The following ideas have been presented.
       1. Nadine Kelley offered to talk about “GO RED”, a women’s health education program about preventing heart
           attacks. This can be applied to men as well.
       2. Allan suggests a show of Corvair photos that he would assemble for a presentation on the Club’s projector.
       3. Jay Leno’s cars.
       4. Photos of the volunteers for the 2010 events.
       5. Sean would like to take pictures of the Corvairs with their owner’s.
       6. Jim Brossard previously suggested a talk by the State Patrol.
       7. Elbe was suggested. This is a car restoration company.
       8. Buffalo - Jim Brossard could discuss what this company does. He and John Bolender visited this firm.
       9. A general meeting at Griot’s Garage could be arranged.
                                                                      Submitted by Estelle Friant

6                                                  Vair-iety                                      September 2010
           CNW Treasurer’s Report
        Submitted by Jim Friant, CNW Treasurer           The Highly Classifieds
                                                    •    For sale or free: engines and trans and misc parts
                                                         located on Whidby Island.
                                                         Call John at 360-331-7827 July (RM)

                                                              B.A.D is GOOD
                                                        It is once again time for the Brownsville
                                                        Appreciation Day car show coming up
                                                        on Saturday, September 25, 2010 at the
                                                        Brownsville Marina in East Bremerton.
                                                        This will be the third year to include the
                                                        car show in the upper marina parking
                                                        lot/grass area. Hamburgers and Hot
                                                        Dogs will be available in the car show
                                                        area for a buck each. Trophies and
                                                        raffle prizes will be awarded to lucky
                                                        participants. Raffle tickets are $1.00
                                                        each or 7 for $5.00. Car show
    October 2009                                        registration is $15.00. First 100 cars to
                                                        register will receive a dash plaque and
                                                        goodie bag. All proceeds from this event
                                                        will be donated to district elementary
                                                        schools. Address for the Port Of
                                                        Brownsville Marina is: 9790 Ogle Rd.
                                                        N.E. Bremerton Wa. The B.A.D. car show
                                                        is sponsored in part by CNW. Contact:
                                                              Rob Leone at 360.871.1968

                                                           CNW Welcome Wagon
                                                         Ray Fairbank, Des Moines
                                                           Two open ‘65 Monzas

7                                            Vair-iety                          September 2010
    More Orphan & Discontinued Car Show 2010

8                  Vair-iety       September 2010

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