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									                                 Client Meeting Notes
                                         October 10, 2007

Highlights of Key          1. Prototype Review through mail

                                         Meeting Notes
Date:              October 10, 2007
In                 Eduardo Garcia, Keith Giles
Attendance:        Ruchis Khatiwala, Deepak Gupta, Tina Verma
                                                                       Outcome, Action,
    Issue                           Discussion                         Accountability &
                                                                       Completion Date

                   Summary: Initial prototype review                Outcome:
                   by the client and their IT staff.                 Received client’s
Prototype           Initial prototype review by client                comments on the
Review                about the functionality and user                 prototype
                      interface of the application to be             Prototype to be
                      designed.                                        modified by the
                    Prototype review by the IT                        developers as per
                      department for the functionality of              the feedback
                      the application and its interface.            Action:
                                                                     Incorporate        the
                                                                      missing functionality
                                                                      and              make
                                                                      appropriate changes
                                                                      to the prototype.

   Note: This was correspondence through E mail and there was no in person meeting.

   Emails Exchanged:

   From Ruchis Khatiwala:
   Hi Eddie,

   I am writing on behalf of the team.

   I have attached a document with this mail, which contains few screen shots of the initial
   prototype of the proposed system.
   As per the process, it is required that client reviews the initial prototype and gives
   valuable inputs to it, so I request you to go through the document and give a few
   comments if we are missing any information on the pages displayed in the document. We

would be glad to know if some changes are needed to be done. We need your review
results as soon as possible, most conveniently until Thursday evening as we have to
submit the whole thing by this Friday.

P.S.: The screen shots shown in the document are just a part of prototype, which does not
reflect how the final product would look like.


Ruchis Khatiwala

Message from Tina Verma:
Hi Eddie,

I hope you are in doing good now.
It is regarding the ealry prototype review document that we had sent your earlier. Please
let us know if this prototype looks fine to you, or you have any suggestions on that.

Please feel free to contact our team if you have any question.

Best Regards,
Tina Verma

Reply from Eduardo Garcia:


I made my comments on the document and i'm waiting to hear from the IT section. I will
get this to you by this afternoon. In the meantime, I have attached my comments (you
might have to go to Tools>Track Changes> Accept or Reject Changes, in MS Word to
view my comments. Thanks!


Eddie Garcia
EEO/Employment Delelopment
Personnel Department
(213) 847-9205


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