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                      Page 2     NSIT‘s very own radio        A cumulative statistic
                     Good News          station               of the 4th year batch

             T HE A LLIANCE
8 F EBRUARY , 2011
                                     BRINGING NSIT TOGETHER
                                                                          ISSUE 2
P AGE 2                                                                                                                                                               V IEW P OINTS

STUDENT VOICE                                                       NSIT: T OP N OTCH P LACEMENTS
                                                                         Nilayan Das Gupta                          Profiles offered
  WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE                                                                                     Companies recruited students for various profiles ranging
           SYLLABUS OF NSIT?                                                                                        from IT product development and IT services to knowl-
                                                    Good News! In the Dataquest -IDC-NASSCOM survey                 edge process outsourcing and financial services. The sec-
                                                    conducted by IDC Dataquest, NSIT has edged out BITS             toral spread till date has been as follows— As per our in-
                                                    Pilani, IIT Roorkee and DTU to occupy the #10 rank. On          ternal analysis over 50% of the batch has been placed in
               Alumni Speak
                                                    the placement scorecard, NSIT comes in at #5 slot.              the technical companies while the rest of the offers have
                                                                                                                    been more or less distributed evenly among the PSU‘s,
                         “ Long overdue and                                                                         KPO‘s and core companies.
                                                    New Recruiters                                                  The Training and Placement department has played a very
                          very necessary, we        NSIT‘s placement process is spread over several months,         important role during the whole procedure. If NSIT is
                          can‘t live in 80s in      giving both the recruiters and students time to find the best   known for its placements then it is widely due to the com-
                         2011. It is high time      fit. During the placement season, NSIT recorded an in-          bined and dedicated efforts of Dr. M.P.S Bhatia, Mr. Ra-
                           NSIT batches are         crease in the offers for the students. This was probable        jesh Rawat and the student representatives of T&P cell.
                         taught the latest syl-     because of the new-comers on the hiring front. These            Post recession the brand value of NSIT has emerged
                                                    mainly include RBS, Morgan Stanley, Barclay‗s, Tally            stronger than ever. May this be a good omen for greater
                           labi since there is      R&D, nVIDIA, SAP labs, synopsys, GAIL, Kohno Jushi              things to come from a college of huge repute and calibre.
                        usually a huge differ-      and Directi. The demand for core companies has remained
                        ence between what is        constant while that for P.S.Us has increased.                   * This is just a sneak preview on the placements, for the detailed analysis
                                                                                                                    wait for the next edition
                        taught in classrooms
                        and what is practiced
   Harshvardhan,                                               BHEL                                                                                           TCS
                                   ”                                                                            IT
     NSIT ‗ 07,                                                Texas Instru-                                 Services                                         Aricent
                                                               ments                             Core                                                         Wipro
   IIM - Calcutta
                                                               IOCL                                                                                           Deloitte
                                                               Atrenta                       Management                 Financial
“The NSIT Syllabus for                                                                       Consulting &               Services
                                                               Maruti                                                                                         Nomura
   COE focuses on core
                                                               Schlumberg                    Knowledge
concepts which is a good                                                                                                                                      J P Morgan
 thing however there is a                                                                    Outsourcing
 need to make it more up                                                                                                                                      Microsoft
                                                                   Bain Capability
  to date especially with                                          Center                                                                                     Yahoo
the kind of advances tak-                                                                                           IT Research and
                                                                   KPMG                                             Product /Web                              Amazon
   ing place every day ”
                                Ankit Sud,                         Dunnhumby                                        Development                               Adobe
                                NSIT ‗ 10,                         Mckinsey knowl-                                                                            Google
                                                                   edge center

               Student Speak
                                                                     O UR A NCESTRAL S YLLABUS
                                                                                                                     administration faced the challenge of getting it approved
                                                                           Gazal Gupta                               from the committee of experts at FOT. Because of the dif-
                                                                                                                     ference in the opinions of the committee members, the pro-
                   “ Although it is said that IT                                                                     posal could not be passed to the Academic Council of
                                                        “ yaar ye kitna purana syllabus hai, kaun padega”
                                                                                                                     Delhi University which is the final hurdle in the upgrada-

                  has the most upgraded sylla-                                                                       tion of syllabus.
                   bus but randomly huge and                 ver heard this statement. If yes then you are in the
                  unordered are the words that               same league as most of the other NSITians cursing The good news is that an attempt is being made to upgrade
                     describe it the best. Ad-      their age old syllabus. But ever wondered how it all started? the syllabus and a committee of professors has been
                  vanced topics from data min-      It all started with a vision, the vision of NSIT‘s founding formed. This committee is responsible for submitting the
                                                    director, Prof. B. N. Mishra who believed in the idea of in- changes that are required in the current syllabus. It is ex-
                   ing and object oriented pro-     tegrating the various fields of engineering. He explains,‖ If pected that the proposal would be submitted to the FOT
 Rahul Jain,         gramming are needed. ―         you can imagine a horse race then the horse represents ECE within a month
 4th year IT                     —                  which provides the muscle
                                                    power, the jockey represents                 Special points of interest:
                                                    COE who guides the horse and                                                         CHANGES REQUIRED
                                                    the rules of the race represent IT          Administration is not your enemy
                                                    which takes care of the path taken                                                   Our professors believe that the fol-
“ In my opinion, there is                                                                   Our admin tried to upgrade the syllabus 5    lowing things should be kept in mind
                                                    by the horse‖. Standing true to his
definitely a need to up-                            expectations, NSITians have             years ago but due to some external pres-     while upgrading the current syllabus:
  grade the syllabus of                             shown their mettle in all fields        sures (read confidential) the proposal got       The interaction of the students
   NSIT. I feel that the                            but in order to continue this ex-                       rejected.                          with the industries should be
 pride of being an NSI-                             cellence and help NSIT attain                        The Good News                         increased
                                                    new heights, Prof B N Mishra
  Tian is marred by the                                                                    A proper committee of professors has been         The students ought to be ex-
                                                    himself believes the traditional
 realization that one has                           methodologies should be modi-          formed and the new syllabus is expected to          posed to all the avenues of re-
  to study courses that                             fied according to the modern               be submitted to the FOT in a month              search and industry related
 haven‘t been upgraded                              technology.                                                                                work
   for the past twenty                                                                                                                       The choices among the elective
                          Vartika Aggarwal,         ATTEMPTS MADE
          years―             3rd year IT
                                                                                                                                               courses should be increased and
                                                    Believe it or not! The administration and the faculty have                                 the implementation made more
                                                    the same viewpoint as the students. Five years ago an at-                                  effective
                                                    tempt was made to upgrade the syllabus. A formal proposal,           We, at NSIT hope that the new proposal due in a
                                                    encompassing the suggestions of the professors at NSIT,              month brings about a change in the ancient syllabus.
                       “It is the responsibility    was submitted to the Faculty of Technology (FOT). The
                        of the college admini-
                       stration to compare syl-
                      labus of different institu-
                        tions and bring ours at
                      par with the current mar-
                              ket need. ”
  Shanjit Singh
  2nd year ECE

                                                    OLD vs NEW : Recently, new computers with i5 processors were installed in several labs
P AGE 3                                                                                                                                                                   NEWS

                                       P LATFORM F OR Y OUNG T ALENTS
             Toshit Aggarwal                provide a platform                                                 Despite facing difficulty
                                            to fresh talent to                                                 in finding contacts, the
Switch off the television, don’t waste your showcase them-                                                     team agrees that they
        time...Go and STUDY!!!              selves.                                                            learned a lot after the
                                                                                                               first event. The major
Do memories come flooding back from
                                          Third years from                                                     lesson being that suc-
your childhood when your parents would
                                          three different de-                                                  cessful events are a
explain how nothing good can come of
                                          partments (ECE,                                                      combination of music,
watching television the whole day? If you
                                          ICE, IT) have come                                                   ambience and crowd, all
agree with it, think again. Inspired by the
                                          together to set up this entertainment             in sync with each other. The company
famous TV series ‗Entourage‘, students of
                                          agency. Presently the members are Ashit,          has a strictly professional outlook when it
NSIT have started a company named
                                          Dhruv, Anisha, Sarvesh, Anmol, Kunal,             comes to choosing whether a person
Entourage Entertainment Agency (EEA).     and Sugandha. This team of 7 works to-            should be allowed on the stage. The per-
                                                                                                                                                   Talent performance
EEA provides the right mix of opportu- gether without any hierarchical distinction          former‘s talent is tested in front of a small
nity and entertainment. Not only do these among them and follows the popular say-           audience. If the performer is able to grab work. EEA primarily depends on viral
young entrepreneurs aim to make every ing ‗none of us is as smart as all of us‘.            the attention of the audience, he/she is
                                                                                                                                          publicity mediums such as Facebook
event a success, but they also intend to                                                                                                  while word of mouth and posters contrib-
                                          They might be a bunch of college students                                                       ute quite less in the publicity. Presently
                                          however they did not act like amateurs.              “ The management was quite
                                                                                                friendly and handled us like              EEA has 2 events lined up for February
                                          They evaluated the idea considering both                                                        and a mega event in March to mark the
                                          the positives and negatives for over 2                               pros.”                     launch of EEA. With the recent signing of
                                          months before giving a thumbs-up to the                             Tantra                      Tantra band, EEA has proven that it
                                          idea and beginning the preparations for                                                         means business. We wish them all the
                                          the first event. After 4 months of running                                                      best in the future!
                                          around to finalize the venue, signing of          given a bigger platform to interact with
                                          the band for the event and extensively            the audience.
                                          publicizing the event, EEA organized its          With the company still in nascent stage,
                                          first event at Cafe 6:10, in sector-6,            the founders are currently working to-
                                          Dwarka. The reasonable success in this            wards establishing the company‘s name in
                                          event talks about the determination of the        the market through quality and innovative

                            A NOTHER I NNING I N NSIT‟ S H ISTORY
               Nitin Garg        I               n a country where cricket is a religion been split into eight teams based on the
                                                 and cricketing heroes deemed to be the results of an auction held in December in
                                              apotheosis of sporting excellence, it was which each player was placed in one of
                                                                                                                                           Cricket League in the sporting culture of
                                                                                                                                           the college have once again proved that
                                                                                                                                           any form of hurdle will always be secon-
                                              only a matter of time before one of the the three grades according to their skill            dary to perseverance and passion.
                                              most prestigious engineering colleges of set. The bidding took place grade wise in
                                              the country came up with a year round multiples of five, two and one with an
                                              cricket tournament of its own. The seeds upper cap of 300 points for each team.
                                              of this sporting revolution were perhaps The league is to be played in a round robin
                                              sowed three years ago with the start of league format (with semifinals and a final)
                                              ―Moksha Inter-                                                     and is self-funded
                                              College Cricket                                                    with each player con-
                                                                     The NSIT Cricket Team has secured a
                                              Tournament‖                                                        tributing hundred
                                              which continues to runners up position in a Cricket tour-          r upees      t owards
                                              be     the     most nament organized by the ABV Insti-             equipments and gear.
                                              awaited sporting tute of Information Technology and                Cash prizes worth Rs
                                              event of the col- Management, Gwalior held between                 5000 will be awarded
                                              lege. In an attempt 22-26 January,2011                             to the winners.
                                              to create the same Parameters for selecting Sports Sec-
                                                                                                                 With high voltage
                                              frenzy year round,
                                                                     retary                                      professional cricket
                                              NSIT       Cri cket
                                                                                                                 being played, the
                                              League has been              Interviews by the Head of
                                                                                                                 league is all set to
                                              launched under                Physical Education Depart-
                                                                                                                 unearth hidden talents
                                              the staunch lead-             ment, the Dean of Students’          who could further the
                                              ership of former              Welfare                              cricketing achieve-
                                              sports Secretary,
                                                                           Offices distributed purely on        ments of the college.
                                              Anshul      Kumar
                                                                            the basis of past accomplish-        Although the league
                                              Jain (Class of
                                                                            ments in any sport, subject to       hasn‘t even started,
                                                                            producing letters of recogni-        the future of the tour-
                                                                                                                 nament looks bright,
                                                                            tion for the same
                                                                                                                 as seeing the over-
                                              The idea of the
                                                                                                                 whelming response of
                                              league was con-
                                                                                                                 the student commu-
                                              ceived four months back but the logistics
                                                                                           nity, the organizers have already decided
                                              and player auctions hampered an early
                                                                                           to increase the number of teams from
                                              start. Concurrently, the 120 players who
                                                                                           eight to ten for the next edition. The recent
                                              had registered with the NCL have already                                                             Bowler in his action
     Batsman during a match                                                                forays of NSIT Football League and NSIT

                                                      A N EW F EST : MILAN
                                              wondering what is Ramanujan??, BH 4         extended to the non hostellers on the sug-       in the first semester. Milan will surely give
            Toshit Aggarwal
                                              has been renamed as Ramanujan Hostel) to    gestion of the Director and a separate event     the first year students fond memories to
                                              organize a cultural festival in their own   was organized in the mini auditorium for         cherish during the later years of their col-
                                              hostel.                                     the distribution of the prizes. The event        lege life.
College fests provide for one of the es-
                                                                                          was a huge hit among the first years and
capes from the rigmarole of boring classes    Although the cultural programmes such as
                                                                                          compensated for the absence of Resonanz
and homework assignments for many stu-        dance performances on Bollywood num-
dents.                                        bers, western dance and bhangra by the
                                              first year students formed the crux of this
Remember the excitement of the first day
                                              event, the major attraction of the event
in college, the fresher‘s party and ultimate
                                              remained the Rain Dance. The event was
welcome in NSIT with Resonance? While
                                              graced by Dr. Raj Senani, Director, Dr M P
the second, third and fourth years fondly
                                              S Bhatia, Dean Student Welfare, faculty
reminisce the old memories, the current
                                              members and several alumni.
batch of first years did not get a chance to
attend such a fest this year.                The ‗Ramanujan Award‘ was also pre-
                                             sented to the students who had scored more
The cancellation of Resonanz (Intra cul-
                                             than 95% in Mathematics in the first year.
tural college festival) motivated the stu-
                                             The eligibility criterion for the award was
dents of Ramanujan Hostel (If you are                                                              Students after Rain Dance                  Cultural Performance at MILAN
PAGE 4                                                                                                                                                           GENERAL

                                           JEFFERSON AIRPLANE
                                              band from England, who knew they were           ―One pill makes you larger, and one pill
               Arjun Singh
                                              Californian. Jefferson Airplane had at time     makes you small‖.
                                              something that no other band had tried - a
Being a hard rock fan, I had a bit of an      female vocalist, Grace Slick, who played
assignment writing this article for the                                                 ―Today‖ is easily the best song on the
                                              piano and organ. With her addition, Jeffer-
psychedelic-blues era of the sixties and it   son released what could easily be remem-  album, and the synchronization of all the
was an altogether different sound I usu-      bered as their best album- Surrealistic   instruments coexisting is just perfect. The
ally wasn‘t accustomed to. After a few        Pillow.                                   tambourine adds the catch, and the ele-
torrents download and a day with my                                                     gantly bluesy guitar riff is to die for. The
headphones came out the verdict — in-            The album opens with ―she has funny vocal harmonies of Grace Slick, behind
credible! So with my newfound apprecia-          cars‖. The next in line is the           Balin‘s already laid back voice, are ab-
tion for the 60‘s I began with Jefferson         most famous song in JA‘s                 solutely gorgeous. The last chorus is
Airplane.                                        list. ―Somebody to love‖ –              devastating and heart wrenching:
                                                 as was the case with me,
                                                 most probably you might
                                                     have heard it without                                                                              Album Cover
                                                                                        “Please, please listen to me
                                                        realizing it has                It’s taken so long to come true                                      Track list:
                                                                                        And it’s all for you                                          1. She has Funny Cars
                                                                                        all for you.‖                                                  2. Somebody to Love
Well, simplicity is a lot harder than you                                   sung by the                                                                  3. My Best Friend
think. The sounds in that era were pretty Jefferson                                                                                                           4. Today
                                                                                        And the music – dark and intense, per-                        5. Comin' Back to Me
simple and uncomplicated, but who knew
creating such simplicity would be so com- Airplane. Driven by keyboards and soft fectly complements the longing and ur-                           6. 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds
plicated. Today we have complex guitar acoustic guitar, Balin‘s voice just soars, in gency expressed in the lyrics.                                       7. D.C.B.A. - 25
riffs, crazy finger taps and drum rolls but a mellow way, of course, making this the                                                                    8. How do you Feel
nothing compares to the easy crystal longest song on the album, and easily the                                                                        9. Embryonic Journey
sound of the sixties. Its like you start the best to relax to.                          ―Embryonic journey” has an amazingly                             10. White Rabbit
song in with a breathe and let go only                                                  played acoustic guitar solo by Jorma                       11. Plastic Fantastic Lover
when its finished. Its like the music starts                                            Kaukonen. This song is also featured in
with the slow guitar/piano keys and end- “When the truth is found to be lies and all                                                                   Release Date: 1967
                                                                                        the last Friend‘s episode – ―The last one‖.
ing in a rush. If you don‘t like it in the the joy within you dies don’t you want
first go, listen to it patiently. Trust me it‘ll somebody to love”                      On the lighter side of things, there is a
grow on you.                                                                            tender, yet fully psyched-out Latin influ-
                                                                                        enced love song, ―Come Back to Me‖.
If anyone understood simplicity to its This song and ―White Rabbit‖ were origi-
                                                                                        The songs in the album are short averag-
full potential, it would have to be the nals of Grace before she joined the band.
psychedelic band, Jefferson Airplane. They both feature her booming, polished ing around 3 minutes of length with abso-
With pop-influenced vocals and the laid voice. White Rabbit is about a hallucina- lutely clean guitar playing with little or no
back, trippy music, on first listen, you tion, wonderfully drawing a parallel with distortion. Go download/buy it!
could mistake Jefferson Airplane for a Alice in Wonderland.
                                                                                                                                                           The Band

               Gazal Gupta                    perience of organizing the whole event with
                                              the support of IEEE NSIT student branch.
                                              ―We received an overwhelming response for
NSIT witnessed the 4th IEEE International     the research papers. In all we received 219
Conference on Power Electronics on 28th ,     papers from 16 countries.‖ They followed a
29th, and 30th January 2011. More than
                                              gruelling process of selecting the finest pa-
150 people from outside NSIT attended         pers by getting them reviewed by various
the conference. It was a great platform for
                                              professors. Finally, 125 papers were regis-
the power electronics professionals all
                                              tered for the conference.
over the world where in research papers                                                       prised of a performance by NSIT Choreo        demicians and researchers to meet and
were presented not only by undergraduate      These research papers were based on Power       team, 3 bands and a solo performance by a     discuss various issues in power electron-
students and postgraduate students but        electronics and Machine Control, Power          first year of NSIT. Apart from the paper      ics, drives and power system technology.
also by faculty members. The registration     Electronics, Applications to power Systems,     presentations, the subsequent days also       We hope to have more of these confer-
fee for the faculty was 6000/- and 3000/-     Power Converters Energy Sources, Control        consisted of plenary sessions where discus-   ences so that the students can have more
for students with an additional 50% dis-      Engineering, and Semiconductor Devices.         sions on power electronics and it‘s future    opportunities of interaction with experts in
count for the IEEE members.                                                                   took place.                                   the chosen fields.
                                           The conference began on 28th January 2011
Dr. Prerna Gaur, Technical chair and con- with paper presentations which was fol- The conference was a huge success and
vener of the event shares with us her ex- lowed by the cultural night which com- brought together practicing engineers, aca-

                                                               Letters to the Editor
       Finally...a new breed of NSITIAN's has emerged               Great initiative! May one day you guys give The            Congratulations on bringing out the newspaper.
        who atleast feel for the college and want to make             Stanford Daily a run for its money :)                       It's an admirable effort. I have seen the paper and
        a change in the way everything goes about rather                                                                          thought it was marvelous. This is something
        than just passively cribbing and crying about it.             Siddharth Malhotra                                          which was long due and I hope it really does inte-
                                                                      NSIT „10                                                    grate all the different NSIT societies.
        Samarth Wadhwa
        NSIT „11                                                                                                                  Siddharth Goyal
                                                                     I really enjoyed reading it! Great work.                    NSIT „09

       The best part seen in NSIT...!!!!                             Ankur Verma
        hope the actions take place that are put on in the            NSIT „09                                                   Awesome stuff. It was amazing to read it. Keep
        newspaper..!!                                                                                                             up the good work.
                                                                                                                                  Nehul Malhotra
        Abhay Pruthi                                                 Great work .. keep up the good work going.
                                                                                                                                  NSIT „10
        NSIT „14
                                                                      Lokesh Jain
                                                                      NSIT „10

        Do you have any questions regarding placements, college & career and want alumni to answer?
                                                   Drop in a mail at
PAGE 5                                                                                                                                                                EVENTS

                                                                   NSIT QUIZ FEST
                   Nitin Garg                        with not only posters and banners but also regu-
                                                     lar posts online via Facebook and other promi-                               SCHEDULE
                                                     nent national Quizzer Groups.                              Date          Time         Quiz
With an aim to promote quizzing culture in the
college, the NSIT Quiz Club is back with its         With cash prizes for winners as well as audi-            Feb-11        1400 hrs       India Quiz
annual NSIT Quiz Fest which is scheduled to          ence prizes, the event is sure to capture the
be held from 11-13 Feb 2011. This time the           minds of the entire college. So, get ready to pit        Feb-11        1500 hrs       Sports Quiz
event is bigger and better than last year.           your brains against some of the best minds of            Feb-11        1600 hrs       Cricket Quiz
With a total of 12 quizzes (6 main and 6 filler),    the quizzing circuit such as Avinash Mudaliar,
                                                     Samanth Subramanian, Varun Rajiv, Dr. Subro-
                                                                                                              Feb-12        1030 hrs       Business Quiz
Quiz Fest will not only see the famed colleges
of DU and IP vying for the glory, but also           jit Bhattacharya and Kunal Malhotra. All the             Feb-12        1130 hrs       Comics and cartoons quiz
some of the top B-schools and engineering col-       Best!
                                                                                                              Feb-12        1500 hrs       Entertainment Quiz
leges of North India battle it out for the coveted
                                                                                                              Feb-12        1600 hrs       LSD Quiz
top spots. The gala event promises to have                      Quiz Fest : 11 - 13 Feb
something for everyone with the quizzes dis-                                                                  Feb-13        1030 hrs       HAL Quiz
tributed across different themes: Sports, Busi-              Cash Prizes worth Rs 35,000
                                                                                                              Feb-13        1130 hrs       Music Quiz
ness, Entertainment, General, Music, India,
Science and Mythology. Keen on not missing           *HAL—History Arts and Literature                         Feb-13        1500 hrs       General Quiz
out on even one quizzing enthusiast, the organ-                                                               Feb-13        1600 hrs       Sci-tech Quiz
                                                     *LSD—Love, Sutta, Daru
izers led by Abhinav Ghosh (ECE, 2008-2012.)
have adopted an aggressive publicity strategy

                                      RENEWABLE ENERGY FESTIVAL
                                                ing the Ministry of New and Renewable The festival held in our college was part of          ing function of only our college as com-
                Arjun Singh                     Energy.                                     the last leg of a “yatra” before organiza-      pared to the rest in Delhi. Engineers from
                                                                                            tion of the First India International Energy    Moserbaer presented their LED lamps
                                                After several trips to the ministry, Ankur
                                                                                            Summit (IIES) at Nagpur. Eminent person-
                                                Goel, Bhanu Pratap Singh, Deepak Yadav,
NSIT became a part of India‘s orange                                                        alities such as Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam,
                                                                                                                                             Alok Kumar and Jai Kumar have
revolution and saw its first ever renewable     Kavinder Yadav and Manoj Kumar were Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Dr.
energy festival on 18th January. Stunned?       able to prove their dedication towards this R Chidambaram, Dr. P.B. Sharma spoke at         gone a step ahead and come up with
Wondering when did this happen??                issue. Thereafter they were informed about IIES between January 28 – January 30 in            a mechanical charger. They are
                                                the ―Urja Yatra‖.                           Nagpur. Initially the yatra was supposed to
It started with few of our third years visit-                                                                                                  trying to get a patent for their
                                                                                            visit DTU, Delhi University‘s North cam-
                                                                                            pus and JNU. However, the third year stu-                     invention
                                                                                            dents were instrumental in getting the
                                                                                            yatra to our college. So after a month of    that use solar panel to recharge their bat-
                                                                                            hard work by the third year students, NSIT   tery. However arguably the zenith for the
                                                                                            became one of the milestones for the pres-   festival was when Alok Kumar and
                                                                                            tigious nation-wide yatra.                   Jai Kumar from 2nd year were granted a
                                                                                                                                         patent for a mechanical charger that they
                                                                                             During the festival students were shown
                                                                                                                                         built. The event was a great success and
                                                                                             documentaries to make them realise the
                                                                                                                                         marked the beginning of the Orange
                                                                                             need for clean energy in India and making
                                                                                                                                         Revolution in India.
                                                                                             our country self reliant in terms of energy
                                                                                             requirements. Call it the charm of our col-
                                                Urja Yatra Trucks used in the renew-         lege mates or his own grace that Dr
Aditya Kumar welcoming Dr
                                                                                             Maithani (Director, Ministry of New and
Maithani (Director, MNRE)                       able energy festival                         Renewable Energy) attended the welcom-

                                                                        RADIO NSIT
                                                the long term goals, as a result they could
             Shivangi Saxena                    not sustain themselves. We as a team have A: We have a provision for coordinating
                                                taken lessons from the erstwhile projects the activities of NGO's. The students will
                                                and hope to not to repeat their mistakes    be able to participate and the NGO's would
                                                                                            receive volunteers. Apart from this the
NSIT has always been proud of it‘s              .
                                                                                            students will also gain from the
students who strive to adopt an agenda that
                                                                                            information provided. Some corporates
greatly benefits the student community.                                                     have also been roped for gathering funds
NSITians have never been hesitant in
                                                                                            through advertisements.
undertaking an arduous task that benefits
all and such spirit of NSIT is depicted
meaningfully by Mayank Goel for starting                                                     Q: What will be the broadcasting hours
THE RADIO NSIT. This unique and                                                              and what about the content?
interesting venture prompted us to hunt
him down and get all the juicy details.
                                                                                      A: The broadcast would be done for 10
                                                                                      hours and our content would be diversified
Q: RADIO NSIT! The name itself                                                        and would cater to every individual in
creates a flurried enthusiasm. What                        INTERVIEW                  NSIT be it tech, non tech, art or
compelled you to initiate a task like this?                                           entertainment. The shows will feature the
                                                Q: The scale of this initiative is so indigenous talent and air the activities that
                                                gigantic that it makes us wonder the require student participation.
A: RADIO NSIT is a concept that is path-        kind of infrastructure that goes in.
breaking in itself. It has been conceptualize
                                                Could you throw some light on that?
-d to fill the vacuum between the students                                            Q: How do you plan not to repeat the
of various years as the lack of effective                                             mistakes the other did and sustain it for
communication between students of
                                                A: To set up a radio station, the long?
various disciplines is hazardous to the
                                              infrastructure required is huge. We need a
intellectual as well as cultural atmosphere studio in the campus and the channels to
of college.                                   broadcast the signal. Apart from this          A: After the radio is functional, the
                                                                                             revenue garnered from advertisements          semester but let me remind all the eager
                                              transmission equipments and a tower                                                          applicants that we maintain stringent
                                              would be required which have been taken        would be sufficient to keep it afloat. As
Q: To say that its an ambitious project care of through a number of partnerships             for participation, we are also involving      quality standards and expect people to
would be an understatement, what with NGO‘s and corporate houses.                            mass media students from other colleges.      produce maximum output.
inspired you to take up such a task?

                                                                              Q: Will you guys be hiring and how?
 A: A college having its very own radio is Q: Are you collaborating with some
viewed with renewed respect. There were organizations for this venture?
such projects but none of them captured                                       Yes. we would have an orientation in this
PAGE 6                                                                                                                                                                               F EATURE

                    PROFESSOR PROFILE: Dhananjay V. Gadre interviewed
                                                                                                                                                       Q: Do you feel our educational system
                                                                      Nilayan Das Gupta                                                                lacks the basic aspect of applying our
                                                                                                          Q: By what name is this lab better
                                                                                                                                                       knowledge practically?
                                                                                                          known? And how fruitful has your asso-
                                                          Q: How long have you been teaching in
                                                                                                          ciation with fablabs been?                  A: Yes and that‘s precisely the main reason
                                                                                                                                                      why India is so backward in manufacturing
                                                          A: I have been in the academic field for        A: CEDT, the fablab in our college has a
                                                                                                                                                      goods of high quality and technology. It is
                                                          over 20 years and have taught at SGBT           set of RPT (Rapid prototyping tools). Thus
                                                                                                                                                      such a shame that after having such terrific
                                                          Khalsa college, worked as a scientific offi-    many innovations including led blowing
                                                                                                                                                      minds and knowledge base we still have to
                                                          cer at Inter-University Centre for Astron-      candles, led marker for photographers in-
                                                                                                                                                      import technology.
                                                          omy and Physics, Pune. Since 2001 I have        cluding other numerous projects have been
                                                          been an assistant professor at NSIT in the      taken up and successfully accomplished.
                                                          department of Electronics and Communi-          For further reference you can look up
                                                                                                                                                      Q: And do you think that due to the lack
                                                          cation.                                         ―Tiny AVR‖.
                                                                                                                                                      of opportunities in the manufacturing
                                                                                                                                                      sectors in the country students tend to
                                                                                                                                                      drift more towards management field
        Prof . Dhananjay V. Gadre                         Q: Your name is associated with the             Q: How would you describe your work?
                                                                                                                                                      rather than staying in the technical sec-
                                                          word „fablab‟. What exactly is the con-         And what are the basic traits that set
                                                          cept of fablab? And how did you become          you apart from the rest?
FOR MORE INFO ON FABLABS                                  associated with it?                                                                         A: Partly yes. But you can‘t just blame the
& LIST OF PROJECTS UNDER-                                                                                 A: I am basically an engineer who loves
                                                                                                                                                      educational system. The blame also lies
                                                          A: MIT has a concept of Fablabs. A Fab          building and creating things. I am ex-
TAKEN                                                                                                                                                 with the Indian mentality which wants to
                                                          Lab (fabrication laboratory) is a small-        tremely passionate about whatever I do, no
                                                                                                                                                      play safe and earn easy money. The differ-
                            scale workshop with an array of flexible        matter however small it may be.             ence between the students here and abroad
                                                          computer controlled tools that cover sev-
                                                                                                                                                      is that the selection procedure here is based
                  eral different length scales and various
                                                                                                                                                      on rejection and not by examination of a
          fablablinks/                                    materials, with the aim to make "almost         Q: What are the basic qualities you look
                                                                                                                                                      student‘s real interest. This is the main
                                                          anything". This includes technology-            for in students before selecting them for reason why most students tend to fall out
                                                          enabled products generally perceived as         projects?                                   of interest with their studies and subdued
FOR MORE INFO ON THE IN-                                  limited to mass production. Since my book
                                                                                                          A: I accept all students from any branch    by peer pressure and subjected to a flock
TERVIEWEE PLEASE REFER                                    ―programming and customising the AVR
                                                                                                          who have enough zeal and enthusiasm.        mentality tend to take up M.B.A as a last
                                                          microcontroller‖ was recommended by the
                                                          founders of fablab, I was approached by         They must be keen to learn and build stuff. resort.
                                                                                                          They needn‘t have any pre requisite ad-
                                                          MIT to mentor one of their lab start ups in                                                                               vanced knowledge but a sound basic un-
                                                          our city, which luckily happened to be in
                                                          our college.                                    derstanding of the subject.

                                                                        The Key To Placements
                                                          Sell the Package                                confusing puzzle/DS questions.               has been placed in TCS and Fractal Ana-
                        Esha Puri                                                                                                                      lytics. Projects and extra-curricula‘s are a
                                                          Student representatives in the Training and     Wondering how true the above statement
                                                                                                                                                       befitting means to put forth your qualities
                                                          Placement Cell interviewed for the article      is?? Assim Deodia (IT ‘09) was placed in
                                                                                                                                                       such as innovation, leadership and matur-
                                                          suggest that, ―The batch average is an im-                                                   ity.
Percentage, projects, internships, extra-                 portant parameter during placements but
curricula‟s...what does it take to grab an                that is not the only thing that the compa-                                                   But all said and done students with a good
                       impressive place-                  nies are looking for. Students are weighed       Pay attention to your academics but         academic record do have an edge over oth-
                       ment? All of us                    on a number of parameters such as aca-              at the same time develop a well          ers. In order to turn this edge into an insur-
                       have been troubled                 demic GPA, internships, projects and extra                                                   mountable lead, students should do good
                       by this thought at                                                                    rounded resume to minimize the            projects with professors, MIT Media labs,
                                                          -curricula‘s to name a few‖. If this state-
                       one time or the                    ment raises a doubt about you securing a            uncertainties of the placement           OLPC etc. Internships with renowned
                       other. I personally                high salaried job, rest assure! Not everyone                                                 companies and participation in fests also
                       am still troubled by               boasts of a perfect resume. Don‘t be held                                                    add a new dimension to your profile.
                       it. So I decided to                back by your weakness, whether it is the        One97 Communications owing to excellent      After all the gyan that the seniors gave me
                       dig a little deep into             low percentage, lack of projects or intern-     technical projects. He now works in Ama-     and the one I just passed onto you, the final
                       what gets one placed               ships, work hard to strengthen other brack- Ishan Behoora‘s (MPA ‘09) en-       verdict is — Pay attention to your academ-
                       and what makes one                 ets. For students with low academic record,     thusiasm backed with experience in cod-      ics but at the same time develop a well
get the ding from the hiring committee.                   a strong resume is a perfect opportunity to     ing, got selected in Yahoo. With a strong    rounded resume to minimize the uncertain-
Read on to find out what was the analysis.                turn the interview towards your achieve-        resume, Garima Sinha (IT ‘10) earned a       ties of the placement.
                                                          ments and to a certain extent avoid the         place in Ibibo. Apoorv Pathak (COE ‗11)

                                    Branch wise percentage of Student‟s CAT percentile
After days of hard work and countless
calls, we are finally able to present you
with the statistical data of the CAT
scores of batch of 2011.
GMAT Highest Score:
Anubhuti Gautam — 750/800
GRE Highest Score:
Abhishek Bhardwaj — 1530/1600
CAT Highest Score:
Tarun — 99.92% with calls from IIM
Calcutta , Lucknow and Kozhikode.
CAT Highest Calls
Saurabh Chajjer — 99.91% with calls
from all IIM Lucknow, Ahmedabad,
Bangalore, Calcutta, Indore, Kozhik-
hode and Ranchi.
*The data is based on the number of people reachable
                                                                            93/35                 40/35                 39/12                73/55                45/27                   17/6

                                                                          Number of people contacted/ Number of people who gave CAT

                                                       Do you have something to say? Send in a letter to the editor
                                                                     Mail us at
PAGE 6                                                                                                                                                             NEWS

      NSIT Programming                                    to be revamped                                                 Innovision
                                                               Interested Students in the Institute are invited to take active
                                                               participation in updating Institute Web Site. The areas and ex-     To our freshers you have been eager, you have
                                                               pertise covered under this activity may be Art works, photogra-     waited and your enthusiasm has been unbound
                                                               phy of Campus greenery and Laboratory Setup, Scripting of           to work and to participate. To our old hands
                                                               Web pages, Collecting of potential Data from the sections,          lets once again put all our selves behind those
                                                               working in coordination with external agencies/ service provid-     moments when we showcase our college and
After suffering for so many years from lack of practical expo-
                                                               ers and providing help to teachers and officers. Institute is in    our glorious spirit for two most exciting
sure the students of NSIT have taken a step forward to en-
                                                               process of deciding some suitable amount of monetary incen-         events every year.
hance their coding skills and have created a group called The
                                                               tives as well to needy students.
NSIT programming group.                                                                                                            With a delay of few months Innovision is tak-
                                                               The interested students may submit their resume high lighting       ing place on 22nd to 24th April. The Inno
Initially the contest was organized between a small group of
                                                               their areas of expertise and justifying the same for its useful-    team headed by Aman Deep Bhukhal had to
students but as the response started to grow, NSIT Program-
                                                               ness in Web Updating Work, In case of any clarification and         pester the admin for our tech fest to take
ming Group collaborated with SPOJ and started organizing
                                                               guidance Mr R C Thakur can be contacted on Mobile                   place. With a fun filled semester ahead with
more efficient and systematic programming contests to ensure
                                                               (9266639134) or in person on every Monday 2:00 PM to 3:00           plenty of activities for everyone, lets unite to
maximum learning of each and every participant. Now every
                                                               PM in INS office at Admin Block, Room No. 211. In the 1st           innovate for मोक्ष !
week two contests are scheduled alternatively with a gap of 3-
                                                               phase of initiation of such exercise, the said resumes shall be
4 days. The first contest called the ‗Novice‘ contest consists
of easy problems with at most one difficult problem. Before accepted till 10th February, 2011
the start of the contest a tutorial is provided which covers the
topics and hints about the solutions and after the contest solu-
tions for all the problems are published. The second contest
called the ‗Main‘ contest consists of problems with varying
difficulties with at least one easy problem. The duration of
these contests is generally 4 hrs. To participate in the contest
one has to join the group and
create a user account on SPOJ
The current participation of the group is 203 members and we
hope that more and more students participate in these contests
and enjoy the benefits of this group.

              11-Feb                                                                                                       Photowalk in Old Delhi
              12-Feb            NSIT QUIZ FEST                                                                                area is planned
                                                                                            Junoon - The photgraphy                                  
              13-Feb                                                                                                     Work on NSIT's first ever
  V           14-Feb
                                                                                                                         photo magazine "FOVEA"
                                                                                                                                 has started

  E           16-Feb
                                Innova '11 - DCE
                                   15-18 feb
                                                                                                                        Falling Down
                                                                                                                        The Rain Man
                                                             Techkriti - IIT kanpur                                     Black Swan
              19-Feb                                              17-20 feb                                             Before the Devil knows you
              20-Feb                                                                                                    are Dead                     

              21-Feb                                                                                                    127 Hours                                   fu531w
              22-Feb                                                                                                    The Corporation

  S           23-Feb
                                   Troika '11
                                   22-25 feb
                                                                  Innova '11
                                                           22-25 feb(Date changed)
                                                                                                                        Sophie Scholl
                                                                                                                        The True Story of the Inter-
              25-Feb                                                                                                    net

                       A NEW PATENT IN NSIT                                                                             MOTORSPORTS
Alok Kumar and Jai Kumar demonstrating the functioning of their mechanical charger               NSIT Motorsports came 24th out of 190 teams at the BAJA SAEINDIA
                   during the recent renewable energy festival.                                  2011 (28-31 Jan) at Pithampur near Indore. They would have done better
                                                                                                 had it not been for a punctured tire in the endurance race where they lost
These two students from MPAE (2009-2013) have gone beyond the textbook material                  precious time. This whole journey was supported by energy drinks from
 and developed something new . They are currently trying to obtain a patent for the                                               Redbull.
             charger as something like this has never been done before.

                                                                        NEWSPAPER TEAM
        EDITORS                                                                                              JOURNALISTS

Rajat Goel     Mansi Aggarwal         Arjun Singh        Gazal Gupta       Nilayan Das Gupta           Nitin Garg            Esha puri         Toshit Aggarwal       Shivangi Saxena
Coe 3 year        Coe 3 year          Ece 2 year           Coe 2 year          Ece 2 year               IT 2 year           Mpae 2 year           Coe 1 year            IT 1 year

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