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					April 2008   Chapter 50 – Classic Thunderbird Club International   Volume 36 Number 04
                                THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

The Early Bird Fan is the monthly newsletter of the Santa Clara Valley Thunderbirds, SCVT. SCVT is
dedicated the enjoyment of the classic 1955, 1956, and 1957 Ford Thunderbirds.

Address    Santa Clara Valley Thunderbirds
           P.O. Box 26116
           San Jose, CA 95159

Web Sites

Meetings   Meetings are held on the second Friday of each month at West Valley College 14000 Fruitvale
           Ave. Saratoga, CA. The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. in the school board room.

Events     SCVT members participate in parades, displays, homecomings, regional and national
           meets, local cars shows, and driving events.

Membership Dues are $25.00 per year per family and are due by January 31 of each year. SCVT is
chapter 50 of the Classic Thunderbird Club International, CTCI. Membership in CTCI is mandatory to
participate in parades and displays sponsored by SCVT. See for CTCI membership

2008 SCVT Board Members                                    SCVT Items for sale
                                                           Contact Bernie Epolite -
 President        Joe Ryan         650-344-3038                Magnetic signs         $5.00
 Vice President   Dennis Kay                                   Visors                 $8.00
 Secretary        Don Reisinger                                Baseball mesh caps     $8.00
 Treasurer        Ray Delgado                                  Baseball Cotton Hats   $15.00
 Editor           Larry Maness                                 Summer Jacket          $21.00
 Parades          Jerry Dance                                  Winter Jacket          $39.50
 Displays         Montgomery Roach                             Large Patch            $10.00
 Activities       Gene Cox                                     Name Badge             $8.50
 Fundraising      Al Thomas                                    License plate frame    $12.00
 Historian        Joan Peterson                                Personalized tote      $10.00
 CTCI Rep         Jerry Schwab                                 Logo T-Shirts          $15.00
                                                               SCVT Chairs            $15.00
                                                               3-Piece Luggage Set    $25.00

Caravan tips                                               Parts Boxes
    Maintain your car.                                     Box 1            Delgado
    Gas up and check fluids/tires.                         Box 2            Charlie
    Know who your leader is and follow.                    Box 3            Reisinger
    Turn CB to channel 11.                                 6-Volt           Williams
    Turn FRS to channel 7-11.                              Tents            Kirk
    Leave enough space for merging traffic.
    Gas up at scheduled pit stops.
    Generic cars at the end of the caravan.

News Letter
Deadline:   25th of each month.
Send to:    Larry Maness
            3822 Whinney Place Way
            San Jose, CA 95121

                            THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                                   Presidents Page
                                  Ryan’s Ramblings

                                                              We are here!

This page is coming to you from „down under‟. Because of Spring Break, Pat and I left 8
days before the group traveling to New Zealand & Australia. We arrived in Auckland
yesterday, after spending 3 days in Sydney and 4 days in Cairns at the Great Barrier Reef.
The weather has been very good; warm but bearable. The rest of the group will be
arriving in 2 tomorrow and we will continue to tour with them.

I‟ve been told that the „Poker Run‟ was a lot of fun. The weather was threatening but
was ok. Those that didn‟t take their T Birds wished they did. We are now starting to
enter our „busy‟ season. Make sure you check the activity schedule so you don‟t miss
any of our great „adventures‟. I know Gene has been busy with putting together the
schedule with the help from all of you.

It‟s time to go sightseeing. See you at the meeting.

Your Pres,


                            SEE YOU FRIDAY, April 11th

                                 THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                            Santa Clara Valley Thunderbirds
                            Meeting Minutes, March 14, 2008
President – Joe Ryan opened the meeting at 7:34 pm. He mentioned that the Aussie club is going to
entertain the club during the tour. He suggested members buy SCVT hats to exchange with the Australian
Tbird Club members we will meet.
Vice President – Dennis Kaye presented member packs to newbies Ben & Denise Gage. 100% of current
members are paid up for 2008. We now have 103 family members. This month is anniversaries for many
with Rich & Maryanne Eichenbaum at 34 years. Club directories were distributed. Thanks to Carl Epolite
for his fine work. Thanks to Urla Hill for bringing a St Pat‟s cake – plus it was her Birthday. The Citti‟s
provided beverages and the Epolites brought snacks. He mentioned that Mike Mastropaolo (former
President) and wife Ellie are having fun in Idaho and welcome visitors.
Secretary – Don Reisinger is sick. Rick Deutsch got volunteered to record these minutes. Feb minutes
approved as printed. Calls for people who want their club chairs fitted with their names to give to Rick at
end of meeting.
Treasurer – Ray Delgado read his report. Income from dues, TET parade. Expenses to Canepa tour,
President‟s gift, patches. Balance sheet gained. The treasury is in fine shape.
Activities – Gene Cox. Summary of Canepa tour given by Rick Deutsch. Carl Epolite and Ray Delgado
briefed on the Gilroy Texas Hold ‟em Tour this Saturday. Dream Machines event is April 27. Send in
applications ASAP. Discussion if we want a lunch or dinner at the site – no conclusion. Gil‟s Tech session
is May 10. Bill Croxton to lead the group; will leave at 8 am. Petaluma American Graffiti Car show is May
15,16. Even though many did not get accepted we will all go. Will meet at Father Serra Rest stop on 280.
Lunch en route. There is a kick off party at Best Western Friday night. No registration req‟d. See website
for all details on the event. 8 am registration at the Hotel for those entered. 10 am car show opens.
Renegades can park on side streets. Sunday we return at 10 am. Will cruise thru Petaluma and look at
movie sites. Will stop at Adobe Road winery at 11 and a possible car garage tour. Lunch in Novato on the
way home. Friendship Day is May 18. Capitola show is June 7 & 8. Enter ASAP. Capitola Inn blocked
out for 10 rooms $65 call 800-660-2713 – refer to Santa Clara Valley T-Birds. They are at 822 Bay St
about 7 blocks from the action. CTCI Convention is last week of July. Need a new leader since Rick
Deutsch is canceling to attend the Stugis, SD Harley Fest the same week. Doc‟s 48 Capitals trip will depart
Jul 24 (to Sacramento first), if the SCVT group wants to shadow them. Hot August Nights is week of Aug
4. San Mateo show is Aug 16. Giants Game is Aug 23 or 24. There is a big Grass Valley car show Sept 5 –
need an owner. Wharf is Sept 27. Xmas party is Dec 13.
Displays – Monte Roach - Nothing to report.
Parades –Jerry Dance.. March 29 is the Cupertino Parade. Alternates needed. April 26 is a Mt View
parade – no details. May 26 is the Memorial Day Parade in Gilroy. We will take dignitaries. Spouses will
not be able to ride and will meet others at Christmas Hill park for BBQ.
Editor – Larry Maness. Keep sending in stories.
CTCI – Jerry Schwab. We are getting a lot of coverage. Send pictures in. We need to submit 5 weeks for
the issue comes out.
Historian – Joan Peterson. Photo albums on display
Logo items – Bernie Epolite has plenty of Club wear for sale.
Fund Raising – Jenny Jump/Al Thomas. St. Patty‟s Day theme for the raffle. Bob Morehead won the
Mystery prize – a dinner certificate.
Old Business – NONE
New Business – Joe Ryan suggested that we list everyone‟s Birth date (not year) in Fan and dedicate the
snacks to them at the breaks. No interest. A motion by Bill Croxton to give Doc Dockter $200 towards his
48 in ‟08 tour. Approved. Joe Ryan suggested that Doc put the SCVT Continental kit cover on his Tbird for
his trip. All liked idea. Post meeting dessert was moved back to Baker‟s Square in Los Gatos.
Tech session – Comment made that rodents can gnaw at wires if car is left for a long time. Put BOUNCE
paper in car to prevent.
Buy/Sell – T-Bird cup holder sold on site. Bernie Epolite gave away a cockatiel.
Adjournment at 9:37 pm

Submitted in Don Reisinger‟s stead by Rick Deutsch

                               THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                                      Lifetime Members

                                   Pete and Marge Gray
                                   Bill and Diana Mann
                                 Charlie and Isabell Vincent

                     2008 SCVT Snacks and Beverage Signup
Date     Snacks        Beverages              Date     Snacks          Beverages
Jan 11   Pedone        Peterson               Jul 11   Hamblin         Affrunti
Feb 08   Kay           Lynch                  Aug 15   Maness          Roach
Mar 14   Hill          Epolite                Sep 12   Hernandez       Mann
Apr 11   Reisinger     Reisinger              Oct 10   Kelley          Lerma
May 09   Cox           Dockter                Nov 14   Dye             Miller
Jun 13   Schwab        Perry

                 2008 Santa Clara Valley Thunderbird Events
                                By Gene Cox
Date                   Event                                   Host
Jan 26                 Awards Dinner                           Reisinger
Feb 24                 Canepa Design Tour                      Deutsch
Mar 15                 South County Hold Um                    Epolite/Delgado
Mar 24                 Australia Trip                          Chinn
Apr 27                 Dream Machines                          Schwab
May 10                 Gil‟s Tech Session                      Croxton
May 16-18              American Graffiti - Petaluma            Cox
May 18                 Tbird Migration
Jun 8-9                Capitola Rod & Custom Show              Affrunti/Mann
Jun 21-22              BATOC‟s 50th Anniversary                Hickey
July 19                SCVT Annual Picnic                      Reisinger
July 23                48 in 08                                Doc
July 25                CTCI Convention – Portland              Doc
Aug 7                  Hot August Nights                       Kay
Aug 16                 San Mateo BBQ & Car Show                Ryan
Aug 23 or 24           Giants Game                             Reisinger
Sep 26-27              Ironstone                               Pierson
Sep 27                 Birds on the Wharf                      Perry
Dec 13                 Holiday Party                           Eichenbaum

                            THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                       April 2008 Membership Anniversaries
                             Member                        Years
                       Les & Bobbie Miller                  09
                       Jerre & Barbara Haynes               10
                       Beverly Handleman & Marty Gerbasi    15
                       Barry & Irene Grenier                18
                       Dan & Adela DiCanio                  18
                       Vince & Pat Tarantino                19
                       Bill & Marge Goldman                 28

                            Parades Chairman Message
                                   Jerry Dance
Cupertino Unity Parade, Saturday, March 29th, 2008 We‟re all set with 15 cars.

Mountain View on the Move Saturday, April 26, 2008 This is a new event possibly
needing about 3 cars. Waiting on details so more at the April meeting.

Gilroy Memorial Day Parade and Display at Christmas Hill Park Monday, May 26,
2008. Fourteen members signed up at the March meeting and we still need 11 cars. Next
chance to sign-up will be at the April meeting. Carl Epolite and Ray Delgado are working
on details.

To sign up for a parade, please contact: Jerry Dance 408-314-1632 (cell) 408-268-4355

                             Display Chairman Message
                                Montgomery Roach
Nothing to report at this time.

                            THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                                 Dream Machines
                                   April 27, 2008
                                Jerry & Jill Schwab

April 27th the club will again participate in the annual "Dream Machines" show at Half
Moon Bay airport. We will meet at the Fr. Serra rest stop off of 280 at 8:00 AM. We
are planning to have a bar-b-que for lunch instead of "goodie bags". We will take the
Northern route as normal. This is the largest gathering of car, aircraft, hot-rods, and war
birds in this area! Please pre-register your car! You can down load the format at If you went last year you should have received an entry form in the

Any questions, call me @ 650 571 1079 or e-mail me @

                                  Gil’s Tech Session
                                   By Bill Croxton

Date: May 10th 2008
Time: 10 A.M.
Place: 5200 Gordon Valley Rd
       Fairfield Ca 94534

Subjects: Keeping your 1955/56/57 Thunderbird road worthy.
Engine oil
Misc subjects

Bring your Thunderbird and a picnic lunch for a day of kicking tires, meeting old friends
and making new ones.

We will leave from the South Bay area about 8 AM and caravan to Gil's in
Fairfield. Exact time and departure location to be determined.

Gil's house is located in the country with a large restoration shop on the property.
Thunderbird Clubs from all of Northern California attend this yearly tech session/picnic
hosted by Gil. For more info/questions, contact: Bill Croxton.

                                  THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                                         American Graffiti
                                         May 15 – 18, 2008

American Graffiti: Salute 2008 is held in Petaluma, CA where the movie American Graffiti was filmed.
This year is a special year because Petaluma is celebrating its 150 birthday and it is the 35 th anniversary of
the movie American Graffiti. We are planning on going up Friday, May 16 and returning on Sunday, May
18. The car show and cruise is Saturday, May 17. There are festivities on Thursday if anyone wants to go
early. Their website for information and forms is A lot of the proceeds also go to
local charities through It should be a great event. They are going to have
the four remaining classic cars featured in the film at this event this year- 55 Chevy, 32 Ford, 56 T Bird,
and the 58 Impala. This is the first time since the movie was filmed in 1972 that the cars have been
reunited. They say the collective value of these cars is over $10,000,000! They are also planning a 35th
Anniversary Dinner with the stars, with proceeds benefiting the Henry Travers Scholarship Fund. Tickets
are only available in advance. Please see the website for that if anyone is interested. They also promise

We have arranged a block of rooms at the Best Western Petaluma Inn. We have held 10 Queen rooms and
10 Double Double/Queen rooms. The rates are 103.46 for Queen and 112.46 for Double Queen plus tax.
Please call and ask for the rooms reserved for the Santa Clara Valley Thunderbirds. They have a 30-day
cancellation policy so if you need to cancel you must do so 30 days ahead or you will be charged for one
night. Also all rooms not taken will be canceled automatically 30 days prior to our arrival, so call now to
make your reservations for this fun event!
Best Western Petaluma Inn 200 S. Mc Dowell Blvd. Petaluma, CA 97954 707-763-0994

The Cox‟s hosts the event. Please call Gene or Eddi at 408-262-8389!

                           Capitola Rod & Custom Classic Show
                                     June 7 & 8, 2008
                                     Mann & Affrunti
The Mann's and Affrunti's will be leading the group to the Capitola Rod & Custom Classic to be
held Saturday June 7th and Sunday June 8th. We will be leaving as a group early in the morning
on Saturday June 7th. We will be going straight to the car show which goes from 9:00am to
5:00pm on Saturday. We will then get together for dinner as a group on Saturday night in
Capitola. It is a 2-day car show but on Sunday morning we are planning on not doing the car
show but instead having breakfast and then driving down the coast to beautiful Half Moon Bay
and enjoy shopping and a late lunch / early dinner before we head home. For those of you who
would like to stay overnight in Capitola on Saturday or for those that want to go early and also
stay Friday night, we have reserved rooms under Santa Clara Valley Thunderbirds for $65.00 out
the door for the night. We have reserved rooms all with kings / double queens and all non
smoking. Please call Carol and book your rooms @ (800) 660-2713. For those of you that signed
up at the last meeting and did not take the application off the clip board you can go on line to
www.capitolacarshow and print your application. The early bird entry fee is $60.00 if you register
before May 1, and after May 1 it will be $75.00. At the last meeting we had 14 signups and we
will cover more of the details at the next meeting. We should have a lot of fun and great weather
so just let me know if you would like to be added to our list of signups.

                             That‟s about it for now see you soon, Charlie

                                  THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                                            SF Giants Game
                                          August 23 or 24, 2008
                                             Don Reisinger
It is that time again. In order to secure the quantity of seats we usually need all in the same area we need to
commit early. The dates are either the 23rd or 24th of August (Saturday/Sunday) and the game times are
scheduled now for early afternoon.

We passed around a signup sheet at the meeting last Friday and have 44
already indication their interest. Please get back to me as soon as possible with your interest in attending
and if you have a preference on the dates. The location would be in the same area we were in last year
either one section closer to the plate or the same.

With the pitching the Giants have in place, we might see a 1-0 gem, even
a no hitter.

Don & Laurie Reisinger

                                CTCI INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION
                                        July 28 – August 3, 2008

The CTCI convention is being held in Portland Oregon by the Rose City Thunderbirds. If you are planning
on attending you need to obtain your registration form in the CTCI JAN/FEB Early Bird Magazine.

                                     Ironstone Concourse
                                   September 26 & 27, 2008
                                   Larry & Maryann Pierson
Ironstone is being hosted by Larry & Maryann for September 26 and 27, 2008. There are four rooms
blocked at the Murphy Inn Hotel – Mention SCVT name and/or Larry & Maryann Pierson – 1-888-796-
1800. Rick Deutch reserved another four rooms at the Murphy Inn Hotel – Mention SCVT name and/or
Rick Deutch name.

                                      White Elephant Raffle
                                         April 11, 2008

There will be a white elephant raffle at the next meeting so don‟t forget to bring your
wrapped gift if you want to participate.

                           THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

1957 full wheel covers in good condition. Will buy 1 or set of 4.
Bill Croxton 408 249 9736

1957 Thunderbird trunk floor, headlight bezels, hard top, manual transmission, bronze
steering wheel. Harry O. 650-637-1760.

Really nice T-Bird Pins. Members only. Al Thomas 650-493-4344

1955 Thunderbird Radio 6 volt still works $20.00. Jim H. 510-381-4600

1963 Cadillac Convertible all replaced $39, 950. Harry O. 650-637-1760.

'57 Tail Light Lens with Back-up Lights and FoMoCo script - List $49.95 each - Will sell
$35.00 Larry Pierson. 209-984-2436

Lawn Crypt for two at SKYLAWN MEMORIAL PARK for $6000. Larry Pierson 209-

No-Mar Deck Protector. Your Choice Black Or White. $9.99
Parade Rest 2-Pad Set. Your Choice Black Or White. $19.99
Ding Bats Dent Protectors. Your Choice Black Or White $9.99
Don Reisinger (888) 206-0148. Don@Be-Ntouch.Com

                           THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

The „Texas- Hold- Em‟ event turned out to be a fun and enjoyable day for the 44
attendees. There were 20 Texas Hold Em card players who received their 2 POCKET
CARDS at the first stop in Gilroy. We toured a working Classic Auto Restoration Shop
and car collection. We were then lead to our second stop at the Wings of History
Airplane Museum in San Martin. Our own Gene Cox a member of this Organization,
helped with a little of the history on various planes that are there. The card players
gathered in the clubroom to see what their 3 FLOP CARDS were as we continued the

Judy Delgado was already in San Juan Bautista and reported that is was hailing there and
before we left San Martin it had stopped. Ray Delgado led us to San Juan Bautista and
reported our ETA to Judy at Dona Ester Restaurant. When we walked in the restaurant
the fresh salads and chips were on our tables and within a short time our
meals were served without any delays. Now, that‟s a way this Club wants to sit down for
a meal. Good job Dona Ester Restaurant.

Our dealers Ray Delgado and Bernie Epolite dealt each decks TURN and RIVER CARDS
out to determine our Four Champion Deck winners : Nelsons, John Holland, Croxtons
and Hendricksons. The Grand Slam Hand for the $100 (Brand New Bills)
was dealt by Carl Epolite and the winner was Joe and Fran (Hold Em) Hendricksons.
Afterward we roamed the streets of San Juan Bautista before heading home. Hope you all
enjoyed the day as much as the Committee did putting it together.


  Has anyone seen Charlie?

                  Charlie, we have more than an ear!

                                     THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

                                      Wireless Telephone Laws FAQs
                                        Submitted by Dennis Kay
Two new laws dealing with the use of wireless telephones while driving go into effect July 1, 2008. Below is a list of
Frequently Asked Questions concerning these new laws.

Q: When do the new wireless telephone laws take effect?
A: The new laws take effect July 1, 2008

Q: What is the difference between the two laws?
A: The first prohibits all drivers from using a handheld wireless telephone while operating a motor vehicle. (Vehicle
Code (VC) §23123). Motorists 18 and over may use a hands-free device. Drivers under the age of 18 may NOT use a
wireless telephone or hands-free device while operating a motor vehicle (VC §23124).

Q: What if I need to use my telephone during an emergency, and I do not have a hands- free device?
A: The law allows a driver to use a wireless telephone to make emergency calls to a law enforcement agency, a medical
provider, the fire department, or other emergency services agency.

Q: What are the fines if I‟m convicted?
A: The base fine for the FIRST offense is $20 and $50 for subsequent convictions. According to the Uniform Bail and
Penalty Schedule, with the addition of penalty assessments, a first offense is $76 and a second offense is $190.

Q: Will I receive a point on my drivers license if I‟m convicted for a violation of the wireless telephone law?
A: NO. The violation is a reportable offense: however, DMV will not assign a violation point.

Q: Will the conviction appear on my driving record?
A: Yes, but the violation point will not be added.

Q: Will there be a grace period when motorists will only get a warning?
A: NO. The law becomes in effect on July 1, 2008. Whether a citation is issued is always at the discretion of the officer
based upon his or her determination of the most appropriate remedy for the situation.

Q: Are passengers affected by this law?
A: No. This law only applies to the person driving a motor vehicle.

Q: Do these laws apply to out-of-state drivers whose home states do not have such laws?
A: Yes

Q: Can I be pulled over by a law enforcement officer for using my handheld wireless telephone?
A: YES. A law enforcement officer can pull you over just for this infraction.

Q: What if my phone has a push-to-talk feature, can I use that?
A: No. The law does provide an exception for those operating a commercial motor truck or truck tractor (excluding
pickups), implements of husbandry, farm vehicle or tow truck, to use a two-way radio operated by a “push-to-talk”

Q: What other exceptions are there?
A: Operators of an authorized emergency vehicle during the course of employment are exempt as are those motorists
operating a vehicle on private property


Drivers 18 and over will be allowed to use a hands-free device to talk on their wireless telephone while driving. The
following FAQs apply to those motorists 18 and over.

Q: Does the new “hands-free” law prohibit you from dialing a wireless telephone while driving or just talking on it?
A: The new law does not prohibit dialing, but drivers are strongly urged not to dial while driving.

Q: Will it be legal to use a Blue Tooth or other earpiece?
A: Yes, however you cannot have BOTH ears covered.

                                      THE SCVT EARLY BIRD FAN

Q: Does the new hands-free law allow you to use the speaker phone function of your wireless telephone while driving?
A: Yes.

Q: Does the new “hands-free” law allow drivers 18 and over to text page while driving?
A: The law does not specifically prohibit that, but an officer can pull over and issue a citation to a driver of any age if,
in the officer‟s opinion, the driver was distracted and not operating the vehicle safely. Text paging while driving is
unsafe at any speed and is strongly discouraged.

Q: Am I allowed to use my wireless telephone hands free?
A: NO. Drivers under the age of 18 may not use a wireless telephone, pager, laptop or any other electronic
communication or mobile services device to speak or text while driving in any manner, even hands free. EXCEPTION:
Permitted in emergency situations to call police, fire or medical authorities. (VC §23124).

Q: Why is the law stricter for provisional drivers?
A: Statistics show that teen drivers are more likely than older drivers to be involved in crashes because they lack
driving experience and tend to take greater risks. Teen drivers are vulnerable to driving distractions such as talking with
passengers, eating or drinking, and talking or texting on wireless phones, which increase the chance of getting involved
in serious vehicle crashes.

Q: Can my parents give me permission to allow me to use my wireless telephone while driving?
A: NO. The only exception is an emergency situation that requires you to call a law enforcement agency, a health care
provider, the fire department or other emergency agency entity.

Q: Does the law apply to me if I‟m an emancipated minor?
A: Yes. The restriction applies to all licensed drivers who are under the age of 18.

Q: If I have my parent(s) or someone age 25 years or older in the car with me, may I use my wireless telephone while
A: NO. You may only use your wireless telephone in an emergency situation.

Q: Will the restriction appear on my provisional license?
A: No

Q: May I use the hands-free feature while driving if my car has the feature built in?
A: NO. The law prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from using any type of wireless device while driving, except in
an emergency situation.

Q: Can a law enforcement officer stop me for using my hands-free device while driving?
A: No. For drivers under the age of 18, this is considered a SECONDARY violation meaning that a law enforcement
officer may cite you for using a hands-free wireless phone if you were pulled over for another violation. However, the
prohibition against using a handheld wireless telephone while driving is a PRIMARY violation for which a law
enforcement officer can pull you over.


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