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					                                                                   “That’s a Foul!”
                                                                   Basketball NSW Coaches Newsletter
                                                                   Issue: October 2004

  Email :                         Blue Star AllStar Camp an outstanding success!
                                                               Take 180 athletes, 30 coaches, 30 referees and lock
                                                               them up in a stadium for two days to train and play
Spring time is here!                                           over 45 games, and you have the U/14 Blue Star
Welcome to the October edition of "That's a Foul."             AllStar Camp. Talk about a feast of basketball!

Although the competition season is over, there are             Bankstown Basketball Stadium was the venue for a
still a lot of basketball events occurring in the State.       great weekend of development for players, referees
With various Allstar camps, Country tour trials,               and coaches last month. The AllStar concept sees
Metro Development Program and the U/14 TAP                     players representing all parts of NSW come together
camp (just to name a few events) all happening or in           to train and then play games to put into practise what
the planning, the rest of the year is sure to fly!             they learn in training.

Editorial – Married to the game!                               On the other side, young up and coming referees are
I thought the picture below sums up a basketball               groomed by their coaches and learn various aspects
coach's ultimate lifestyle… to be able to mix                  about what it takes to become a better referee.
basketball and a relationship (and/or marriage). We
are not sure if it is the lady or the gentleman who is a       All in all, the weekend was a fantastic show with
coach, however both must be very understanding!                everyone learning a great deal and having a great
                                                               time. Below is an email that Basketball NSW
Many a coach often gets too caught up with their               received which I think sums up the weekend:
basketball (or work) and often neglects the other
pleasures in life.                                             "My son attended the Blue Star Camp on the
                                                               weekend at Bankstown and I would like to pass on
Finding the "right mix" in one's life is crucial. For          my congratulations at how well this weekend is
99.9% of coaches in Australia, coaching basketball is          organised and what a great opportunity you have
not a way of earning an income. Coaches in Australia           offered these talented basketballers.
coach for fun and enjoyment. As such, coaches need
to be realistic about their coaching. While one can be         My son, did not make the TAP camp, and although
serious in the way they go about their coaching,               obviously very disappointed is keen to work on the
coaches should remember to not take their coaching             areas that made him not eligible for this camp.
too seriously. After all, it is only a game!
                                                               Reading the report from his coach, again
                                                               congratulations, My son had a great time with him -
                                                               The coach made only positive points, which is great,
                                                               the only thing negative was that he needed to work
                                                               on his left hand.

                                                               He will be trying out for the Metro team and if he has
                                                               some areas to work on I think he may go with a little
                                                               more confidence.

                                                               Thank you for your interest in these kids"
                                                               "A pleased parent"

 PS. If anyone knows of a lovely lady such as the one
pictured why not drop us a line at "That's a Foul"

“That’s a Foul”                                            1                             October 2004
Basketball NSW Coaches Newsletter
                                                               The athlete may lack the knowledge needed to
Article of the month                                           understand what you are trying to communicate
                                                               The athlete may lack the motivation to listen to you
Talk the athlete's language                                    or to convert the information given into action
                                                               The coach may have difficulty in expressing what
if you wish to communicate                                     she/he wishes to say to the athlete
                                                               Emotions may interfere in the communication
effectively                                                    process
(This article, written by Brian Mackenzie, appeared            There may be a clash of personality between you and
in Issue 5 of the Successful Coaching Newsletter.)             the athlete
                                                               These blocks to communication work both ways and
Communication is the art of successfully sharing               coaches need to consider the process of
meaningful information with people by means of an              communication carefully.
interchange of experience. Coaches wish to motivate
the athletes they work with and to provide them with
information that will allow them to train effectively
                                                               Effective Communication
and improve performance. Communication from the                Before communicating with an athlete, coaches
coach to athlete will initiate appropriate actions. This       should consider:
however, requires the athlete to not only receive the              • WHY they want to communicate
information from the coach but also to understand                  • WHO they wish to communicate with
and accept it.                                                     • WHERE and WHEN the message could
Coaches need to ask themselves:                                         best be delivered
     • Do I have the athlete's attention ?                         • WHAT is it that they want to communicate
     • Am I explaining myself in an easily                         • HOW they are going to communicate the
          understood manner ?                                           information
     • Has the athlete understood ?                            Effective communication contains six elements:
     • Does the athlete believe what I am telling
          him/her ?                                            Clear: Ensure that the information is presented
     • Does the athlete accept what I am saying ?              clearly
                                                               Concise: Be concise, do not lose the message by
                                                               being long
Non-verbal messages                                            Correct: Be accurate, avoid giving misleading
At first, it may appear that face-to-face                      information
communication consists of taking it in turns to speak.         Complete: Give all the information and not just part
While the coach is speaking the athlete is expected to         of it
listen and wait patiently until the coach finishes. On         Courteous: Be polite and non-threatening, avoid
closer examination it can be seen that people resort to        conflict
a variety of verbal and non-verbal behaviour in order          Constructive: Be positive, avoid being critical and
to maintain a smooth flow of communication. Such               negative
behaviour includes head-nods, smiles, frowns, bodily
contact, eye movements, laughter, body posture,
language and many other actions. The facial
                                                               Be Positive
expressions of athletes provides feedback to the               When coaches provide information to the athlete,
coach. Glazed or down turned eyes indicate boredom             which will allow them to take actions to effect
or disinterest, as does fidgeting. Fully raised                change, it is important that they provide the
eyebrows signal disbelief and half raised indicate             information in a positive manner. Look for
puzzlement. Posture of the group provides a means              something positive to say first and then provide the
by which their attitude to the coach may be judged             information that will allow the athlete to effect a
and act as pointer to their mood. Control of a group           change of behaviour or action.
demands that a coach should be sensitive to the
signals being transmitted by the athletes. Their faces         Conclusion
usually give a good indication of how they feel, and a         Coaches should:
good working knowledge of the meaning of non-                       • Develop their verbal and non-verbal
verbal signals will prove invaluable to the coach.                      communication skills
Communication blocks                                                • Ensure that they provide positive feedback
Difficulties in communicating with an athlete may be                    during coaching sessions
due a number of issues including the following:                     • Give all athletes in their training groups
The athlete's perception of something is different to                   equal attention
yours                                                               • Ensure that they not only talk to their
The athlete may jump to a conclusion instead of                         athletes but they also listen to them as well
working through the process of hearing,                        Improved communication skills will enable both the
understanding and accepting                                    athlete and coach to gain much more from their
                                                               coaching relationship
“That’s a Foul”                                            2                              October 2004
Basketball NSW Coaches Newsletter
          Don’t underestimate “the flow”                       anchors may not necessarily correct shooting
                 Richard Knighton                              technique it develops confidence and allows the shot
                Chelsea Basketball                             to flow. I think if you can develop good rhythm in
                                                               your shot it is always possible to make alterations if
There are various methods used to reinforce shooting           required.
action, the method of lock and snap and BEEF to
name a couple. Lock and snap is a popular teaching             Richard Knighton
point in a lot of associations, lock the elbow and snap        Head Coach/Assistant Administrator
the wrist for good follow through. BEEF relates more           Chelsea Gulls Basketball
to the starting stance than shot execution Balance,            "FLY WITH PASSION"
Eyes, Elbows, Follow Through. Just recently a well             ………………………………………………………
established colleague emailed me an article “fixing
what’s wrong with shooting” by shooting Doctor                 Thoughts for the Month
Tom Nordland. Comparable to all other material the
teachings are absolutely revolutionary, although it            "Players know how to dribble, shoot and pass. The
challenges conventional wisdom it makes sense. The             challenge is to teach them why they should do it a
basic teaching points are as follows:                          certain way, and when they should do it."
                                                               Marv Harshman
Face up to the basket, right leg slightly up - in
alignment with forearm and eyes (traditionally most            "I thank my teammates for letting them blow by
coaches teach shooting out of a square stance, the             them."
problem being the lead foot, forearm and eyes are at           Alonzo Morning (on winning the Defensive Player
different angles to the basket)                                of the Year Award)

Start off in a lower stance and shoot using the legs.          "The best teams have chemistry. They communicate
Referred to as “up force”                                      with each other and they sacrifice personal glory for
                                                               the common goal."
Starting in a lower stance promotes good arch and              Dave DeBusschere
eases tension in the upper body allowing the shot to
flow.                                                          "When I was coaching, the one thought that I would
                                                               try to get across to my players was that everything I
“The Flow”                                                     do each day, everything I say, I must first think what
Getting the shot to flow or developing a good rhythm           effect it will have on everyone concerned."
is an art form in itself. Whilst all the previously            Frank Layden
mentioned methods develop good shooting technique
they do not adequately use triggers and anchors as             "Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the
learning tools for players to develop rhythm. I have           chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness,
used the following method with good results.                   concerning all acts of initiative (and creation). There
                                                               is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills
Triggers - key words that reinforce shooting                   countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment
technique ie. legs, through                                    one definitely commits oneself, then Providence
                                                               moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that
Anchors - used for positive reinforcement ie. net,             never otherwise would have occurred. A whole
swish                                                          stream of events issues from the decision raising in
                                                               ones favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and
Using the Tom Nordland teaching points player (A)              meetings and material assistance which no man
begins to shoot from 2 feet with 3 minutes on the              could have dreamed would come his way. Whatever
clock. Once they are starting to develop a good                you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has
rhythm I say the words legs, through, net just loudly          genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now."
enough so they can hear. Legs - get the legs in to the         Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.
shot; through - keys in the follow thorough, net -
positive reinforcement when the shot goes in (assume           Dr. Tactics
every shot will go in). I now request at this point that       If you have a player that is a poor free throw shooter
the player uses these triggers and anchors as their            on the line with 2 secs left in a 1 point game, make
internal dialogue if you like, every time they shoot           sure you have them fake injury so that you can sub
the ball.                                                      on your good free throw shooter!

Mental conditioning is equally as important as the             L's Loose Lips
physical execution. It also provides players with a            Which young coach is moving fast up the coaching
good learning tool when they are practicing without            ranks and is tipped to be the next big thing? He/ she
access to a coach. Whilst the use of triggers and              has already proved that one State is not big enough to
                                                               hold him/ her!

“That’s a Foul”                                            3                              October 2004
Basketball NSW Coaches Newsletter
Controversy Corner/ Editorial - Feedback                        having said that I don't believe it is offensive or
"That's a Foul" posed the following question last               promotes negative coaching philosophies. If you
month: "Is coaching an Art or a Science?"                       really want to consider changing it perhaps some
We did not get many replies however our great                   'Through the net'
debate regarding the title of this newsletter continues         'Swish'
to rage!                                                        'Above the rim'
                                                                'From the coaching box'
Check out the following responses:                              'Coaching works'

……………………………………………                                               Just another request if you know of any quality
Hi Brett,                                                       coaches, teams or players touring Europe perhaps
                                                                they may want to extend their visit to Manchester
here's the vote from the Irish jury............keep the         England where we lack quality or regular coaching
name the same!!!!!                                              clinics and workshops as well as good role models
                                                                that can advise players what it takes to reach the top.
It's probably the most used phrase during a
basketball game as coaches, players and spectators
all get into the game. Of course we should show                 Regards
respect to refs but I ref as well as coach and am still         Julie (UK)
playing and I feel no negativity about the title. I think       ………………………………………………………
it would be a shame to change it. Ok that's my take             Congratulations on the recent editions of "Thats a
on the title business.                                          Foul". The articles are informative and helpful to
                                                                coaches at all levels. The articles I have been
Keep up the great work I'm starting my u16's this               interested in reading are the responses to the name
coming Sunday and am looking forward to using a                 of the newsletter.
lot of the drills you have had in the last couple of
emails                                                          If people are taking offense to the title of the
                                                                newsletter, then I don't think they have better things
Cheers                                                          to do. It would not matter what title you call it,
Sean Wynne (Ireland)                                            someone would come up with an objection to it and
                                                                like the old saying "YOU CAN'T PLEASE
P.S. what happened at the Olympics ? - I thought the            EVERYONE".
Aussie team would have done a lot better - I was
telling everyone to look out for them! But the                  I am sure the main purpose of the newsletter is to get
Dream Team being well beaten into third place has               informative information across to coaches of all
made everyone who didn't already know, realise that             levels from beginners to the more experienced
basketball is truly a world game!!                              coaches at state and national level.
                                                                Why not ask the referees who ref games at all levels
I always wondered about the name. Now I get it. You             are THEY OFFENDED BY THE NAME. I am sure
never seem to be able to please referee's no matter             the answer would be no.
what you do, I assume they are the ones complaining.
I remember putting a caption, I thought funny and               If you listen to coaches in a game they say a lot more
witty about a xmas function and the referee's got all           than "that's a foul ref" during the coarse of a game. I
upset about it, no sense of humour.                             am sure the refs are thick skinned enough not to
                                                                worry about it and I am sure overall the coaches do
I really liked "where's my whiteboard" , that sounds            not say it more than anything else they say during a
like a great catchy name for a coaches newsletter,              game.
that is, unless you are a whiteboard.
                                                                What if the referees newsletter was called "NOT
Keep up the good work, I look forward to my read,               NOW COACH" I am sure someone would take
no matter what it's called.                                     offense to that too, but overall it is only a small part
Kim Pick                                                        of the overall newsletter and means nothing in the
……………………………………………………..                                          context of what the newsletter is all about.
Julie here from the UK - another great issue of                 In reply to this month's controversy corner question.
That's a Foul!                                                  in todays sports, and it does not matter which sport
                                                                you look at, it is both a science and an art.
In regards to the name of the newsletter it does give
a negative connotation if you are new age sensitive             With the way in which sport has progressed over the
person and perhaps it isn't politically correct but             years there are lot more resources available to help
                                                                athletes and coaches to make better players and
                                                                coaches better at what they do and how they do it.
“That’s a Foul”                                             4                               October 2004
Basketball NSW Coaches Newsletter
If you look back at sport during the last twenty years,         4. Conditioning: It is my opinion that the teams
there has been much progress made on the way the                which play Central Venues have an advantage at the
athletes go about there way of preparing for                    Country and State Championships in that they are
training, games and tournaments.                                used to at least three games on a weekend. This is
                                                                both a physical and a mental thing. Lots of times I
The same can be said about coaches as they have the             have seen sides from Central Venue Leagues lose the
back up of staff like trainers, physios and medical             first game of the weekend but get stronger over the
staff who can keep them informed of the most up to              course of the weekend because they are used to it.
date techniques and technology.
                                                                5. Practice: Kids playing high school basketball in
Like any sport, basketball has much to offer to the             the US practice 4 days a week and play once or
newest coach in the ranks to the much experienced               twice. Here it seems the ratio is one game, once
coach as we are always learning as things change                practice. With a Central Venue you have a weekend
everyday. Also every coach is different and every               to play and three to practice. The kids get games in
athlete is different so the way they go about coaching          the mean time to keep them interested in local and
and playing will be different and it requires an art            school comps.
and sciences to get the job done.
                                                                6. Elite Athletes: I do not accept that elite athletes
Jeff Cooper                                                     are lost with the Central Venues system at all. What
Penrith Coach and now part time player.                         better way to spend a weekend? Ditch the oldies
……………………………………………………..                                          (unless you are one of the unlucky ones who has
In response to the query by Tom Richards about                  Mom and Dad coaching or managing), go with your
Central Venues I offer the following:                           mates to play some ball, check out the chicks and
If Tom is talking about Central Venues in the old               hang out together. It doesn't get much better than
"Conference" set up then he may have some valid                 that. I don't see a lot of bored kids. I do see the elite
concerns. At one stage our local Conference was                 kids from different Associations renewing friendships
down to a very few weekends per year and I could                after the battle.
see that if that was all the basketball the kids got they
would be lost to other sports. If he is referring to the        As for spare time for elite kids in basketball-there
Junior League system which has evolved in the                   isn't any. Those spare weekends they have all
Country areas of NSW then I believe:                            disappeared. They are at ITC Camps, State Training
                                                                Camps and who knows what else. Basketball NSW
1. Distances-it is just too far in Country Areas to             has trouble fitting it all in. The biggest complaint I
drive for one game of kids' basketball. I appreciate            hear from the parents of an elite kid is: "My kid
that some people may want to drive x hours to play              needs a break, he hasn't had a weekend off for x
one game of basketball and then drive back but I                months."
don't. The Southern Junior League was founded on a
philosophy that we would play Central Venues once               7. It favours bigger Associations: This I accept as a
a month and then stay home and practice on the                  problem. The longer the weekend goes there is more
other three weekends a month. Parents, coaches, kids            likelihood of injury. I accept that. You need at least 7
give up the one weekend and then stay home for                  good kids to compete (and that is cutting if very fine).
three (somehow much of the three has disappeared                The bigger Associations can roll out 10 and the
for other basketball).                                          smaller ones struggle to find 7 and coaches do a lot
                                                                of work on some kids without much talent to try and
2. Families-If you do not have the support of families          make them into a Number 7 who can cope. Still you
you are going to struggle. Many of our families have            have to balance it all out.
several children playing. They like to see child A
play at 2:00 and then child B at 3:30. They cannot do           8. Atmosphere: When you pull a lot of teams together
that if you split them and child B is three hours away.         it makes for a much better atmosphere. I have
                                                                coached one year where the teams weren't lumped
3. Coaching: I know that nearly every coach on the              together and it was quiet and boring.
Southern League has the same viewpoint: "Don't
bother coaching for some specific opponent during               9. Referees: It is much easier to cross pollinate your
the year. Teach your kids the fundamentals. If they             referees with different age groups and standards
have the fundamentals they can handle whatever is               with all the refs together rather that two at venue A,
thrown at them and if they don't have good                      two at venue B, two at venue C etc.
fundamentals it doesn't matter what you do as a
coach-it isn't going to work." I suspect (but don't             It is for those reasons (and maybe some other ones I
really know for sure that teams that play one game              have not thought of) the Southern Junior League has
per week coach for an opponent-we don't in the                  been playing Central Venues since the early 1990s.
South)                                                          Tom Pottenger

“That’s a Foul”                                             5                              October 2004
Basketball NSW Coaches Newsletter
………………………………………………………                                     Just want to give you some feedback.
The idea that the Title "That's a foul" is a clever
joke reminds me of the Homer Simpson line                 As a coach in the premier women division of the VBL
when he sees a car accident in traffic school.            competition in Victoria I really enjoy getting the
"That's funny because I don't know him." "That's          monthly That's a Foul. I find it very informative.
a foul" is funny because referees are a
subspecies of humans that don't deserve any               Thank you
respect.                                                  Adam Rieusset

I'm sorry about overreacting. The key thing is            Controversy Corner Question for October
that the Newsletter itself is very good. There is a       Coaches always perform very poorly in tipping
lot of very good stuff in it and you should be            competitions. Why is that?
proud of how it has come out. There is plenty of          …………………………………………………….
great information for all levels and it is a great        Resource Review
forum for the coaches of the state. As I have             Dunked (Book)
said before I wish I could have done as well 20           By Al Ramsay
years ago. I still think it would be better with a        ISBN: 0-646-43826-3 (Paragon Printers)
different title but then maybe I should be happy
that the title isn't "That's a foul, You f&#king          Dunked covers every aspect, all personalities are
idiot."                                                   evaluated, all successes and failures analysed and all
                                                          developments chronicled. It covers every aspect of
I can think of a thousand titles that are better
                                                          basketball in this country including administration,
than "That's a foul" but here are just a few:
                                                          international competitions, coaching, refereeing,
- Time Out
                                                          junior and womens basketball, the A. I. S. all major
- Get on the Line
                                                          competitions as well as the history of each State
- NO, NO - Nice shot
                                                          Association. Most of this has never been written
- Please guard somebody today
                                                          before. The appendices contain some 2,000 names of
- I'm sure the Stadium is around here
                                                          all players and officials who have represented
                                                          Australia in International Competition as well as the
- The other guys wouldn't mind touching the ball
                                                          results of all National and International competitions.
- You can't shoot a bullet through a man, Why
                                                          The Author is an expert in basketball as he has been
are you trying to pass a basketball through one
                                                          heavily involved with our sport since 1955 when he
- I think I heard this all at one 60 second time
                                                          became NSW Secretary, followed by Australian
out. Plenty of titles here.
                                                          Secretary 1963-1977. He created the Oceania
We need a stop, see the ball and man, fight               Basketball Confederation 1967 and was Secretary
over the screens, be aware of the post, be                General for 30 years and President for a further 5. He
aware of their shooters, call out the switches,           has been very closely involved with the International
don't foul, help on the weak side, block out, we          Basketball Federation for more than 30 years in a
need all 5 on the glass, hit the outlet, run the          wide variety of Committees as well as its Governing
break, fill the lanes, keep your head up, find the        Board and its Executive. He has attended 11
trailer, hit the open man, use the ball, set some         Olympics and many more world basketball
good screens, run the offence, don't stand, we            championships of all kinds and so his history goes on
need a score, don't over dribble, penetrate and           and on!
dish, look to the post, move without the ball, get
the ball inside, be ready to shoot when you               Websites of the Month
come off the screen, go to the offensive board,
be active, there is plenty of time left, is anybody
in foul trouble, how many timeouts do I have left,
                                                          This website informs you of the many places you can
one more quarter. Any questions?
                                                          buy basketball products. I am certain that if you need
On the subject of the lost art of medium range            anything in basketball you should be able to find it
jump shooting. Isiah Thomas said it best when             here!
asked why young kids can't shoot free throws
anymore. "You don't get on Sports Center                  Have you heard of the Whistling Guru?
shooting free throws. You get on dunking and              Do you (or your Association) receive "The Whistling
shooting threes."                                         Guru" (Basketball NSW's referees monthly
Thanks for your efforts,
Eric Claus                                                It is a very interesting read. To subscribe to this
……………………………………………….                                       "free" newsletter send an email to the following:

“That’s a Foul”                                       6                              October 2004
Basketball NSW Coaches Newsletter
Coaching Tips - Odds and ends!                               Player Self-Evaluation Sheets
Following are some quick coaching points that you
may find helpful.                                            Many Associations and coaches have finished
                                                             coaching in competitions for the year. However
Two Factors to Shooting Well                                 many are also looking towards the 2005 season, with
A player needs two elements to shoot well (1) proper         many Associations conducting trials.
alignment - all body parts line up with the basket and
(2) judgment - how hard, how far and when to make
the shoot.
A Playing Tip: The most consistent shooters use a
compact movement, they use the same muscles and a
limited amount of muscles each time they make a

Rebounding Angles
Rebounding Positions. Ideal Position - under the
basket on the side opposite the shooter... Longer
shots - means longer rebounds, defenders should              Have you ever thought of what qualities you would
adjust their positions accordingly... Angled Shots -         like your players to have? The list below shows some
shots from a certain angle usually mean the ball will        qualities that coaches may look for in a player:
come off at the same angle on the other side... Corner
Shots - come off at little or no angle and are either            1.    Basketball instinct.
long or short... On Every Shot - take a position in an           2.    Attention to details.
open area... To avoid jumping over the opponent,                 3.    Ability to follow instructions.
take a position in an open area instead of behind an             4.    Alertness.
opponent.                                                        5.    Aggressiveness.
Rebounding Angles. Best Angle - under the basket                 6.    Individual defensive ability.
at a 45 degree angle from the baseline... Next Best              7.    Team defensive ability.
Angle - right in front of the basket, at a 90% angle             8.    Individual offensive ability.
from the baseline. This angle is very good for shots             9.    Team offensive ability.
taken in the center of the court... Good Angle - just            10.   Rebounding ability.
off the baseline."                                               11.   Shooting ability.
                                                                 12.   Shot selection.
Dribbling under Extreme Pressure. Feet - take a                  13.   Ability to penetrate.
quick step backward, then use either a "Change of                14.   Desire for the game.
Direction Dribble" or "Speed Dribble' to separate                15.   Physical condition.
from the defense.... Head - up... Eyes - looking for a           16.   Selflessness.
pass to an open teammate.                                        17.   Dribbling ability.
                                                                 18.   Passing ability.
                                                                 19.   Catching ability.
                                                                 20.   Quickness.
                                                                 21.   Straightaway speed.
                                                                 22.   Hustle.
                                                                 23.   Leaping ability.
                                                                 24.   Work ethic.
                                                                 25.   Footwork.
                                                                 26.   Ability to get along with teammates.

                                                             A good exercise to carry out with your players is to
                                                             have them rate themselves (ratings of 4 for excellent,
                                                             3 for good, 2 for fair, and 1 for poor should be

                                                             Many times a coach will find that players are
                                                             downgrading themselves. Other players may have an
                                                             exaggerated opinion of themselves. Through
                                                             individual talks, the coach may be able to help the
                                                             players evaluate themselves realistically.

                                                             Question: What qualities (not listed above do you
                                                             look for in a player?

“That’s a Foul”                                          7                             October 2004
Basketball NSW Coaches Newsletter
Drills of the Month                                           3 pointers (in 2 minutes)

                            This month we feature the
                            National shooting
                            competitions that are
                            completed by all athletes
                            in the Basketball Australia
                            Intensive Training Centre
                            program (ITCP). These
                            competitions are
                            completed 3 times per
                            year (however you could
                            most likely test your
                            children more if you
Preferred order:
                                                              Time limit is 2 minutes.
- Elbow to elbow
- 3 pointers in 2 mins (solo)
                                                              The athlete takes a three point shot and rebounds
- 1 bounce jumpshots
                                                              their own shot.
- 3 pointers in 5 mins (partner)
- Free throws
                                                              The next shot is taken from anywhere outside of the
                                                              three point line.
Elbow to elbow (in 1 minute)
                                                              U/14 players make their attempts from one metre
                                                              inside the three point line and U/12 players as much
                                                              as three metres inside the line.

                                                              The athlete continues until the two minutes has

                                                              The shooter should work in partnership with another
                                                              player whose only involvement is to count shots
                                                              made in the two minutes aloud.

                                                              1 bounce jumpshots

Time limit of one minute.

Personnel.... 1 shooter, 2 rebounders, two balls.

Shooter starts on the elbow as diagrammed with the
ball in the ready position. Set shots or jump shots
may be taken.

Two rebounders wait under the basket, one ready to
rebound the first shot and the other ready to pass to
the shooter for the second shot.

Shooter attempts the shot and moves quickly to the            Time limit of five minutes.
other elbow, with each shot to be attempted from the
opposite elbow to the previous shot.                          From the three designated positions, shoot 10 one-
                                                              bounce jump shots, 5 going right and 5 going left.
Rebounders are to pass as the shooter nears the next
shooting position.                                            Women start one metre outside the three point line
                                                              while men start two metres outside the three point
Rebounders are to count made shots aloud.                     line.

                                                              U/14 players are to start on the three point line. U/12
                                                              players are to start one to two metres inside the three
                                                              point line (tape marked on floor).

“That’s a Foul”                                           8                               October 2004
Basketball NSW Coaches Newsletter
The shooter is to rebound their own shots and reset           Cramping Your Style
on the designated starting point before attempting the        By Dr. Gordon S. Lynch
next shot.
                                                              Anyone who has suffered a severe cramp will
Both cross over and onside moves may be used.                 remember the pain. So how can we avoid cramps?
Record baskets made from each position.
                                                              Muscle cramps are painful, involuntary contractions
3 pointers (in 5 minutes - partner)                           that occur during or straight after exercise. While
                                                              they are more common in endurance athletes,
                                                              especially those involved in long-distance running,
                                                              most people who experience them don’t have any
                                                              specific muscle disorder that predisposes them to

                                                              What causes cramping?
                                                              The cause of muscle cramping is not well
                                                              understood. At the turn of the last century, some
                                                              suggested muscle cramps were more common in
                                                              people working in hot and humid environments, such
                                                              as workers in steamships and mines. This led to the
                                                              theory cramps were due to some disturbance in the
                                                              fluid electrolytes that bathe our muscles.
Time limit of 5 minutes. Normal game rules apply to           But while the electrolyte and dehydration theories
the scoring of three point shots. The shooter should          remain popular, these explanations have generally
have only one rebounder.                                      been dismissed by researchers. It’s now believed
                                                              cramping occurs when there is some disturbance to
The athlete takes 50 three point shots from the 5             the nervous system that controls each muscle
designated floor spots, taking 10 only from each spot         contraction.
(spots 1 and 5 - anywhere below the foul line, spots 2
and 4 - foul line extended, spot 3 - basket to basket).       Tired and tight
                                                              There are a number of factors that can increase the
Rebounder calls the score after each shot                     risk of cramps occurring. Muscle fatigue is a major
(eg. 0 of 1, 0 of 2, 1 of 3).                                 contributor so it is essential adequate rest periods
                                                              follow strenuous training sessions to allow muscles
The range of the shot attempts may be moved in one            to recover fully. Tired muscles simply don’t perform
metre for U/14 players and as much as three metres            well and cramping is often an indication that a person
for U/12 players BUT should this be required:                 has been overtraining.
a) the shooting spots should be taped.
                                                              In other cases, poor stretching technique is thought to
Free Throws                                                   contribute to muscle cramps. Cramps are also more
                                                              likely to occur when a muscle contracts in a
                                                              shortened (i.e. flexed) position.

                                                              Getting relief
                                                              Passively stretching an affected muscle will usually
                                                              relieve the muscle cramp. This is because stretching
                                                              overrides the signals from the nervous system to the
                                                              muscle that cause the muscle to contract. If passive
                                                              stretching does not relieve the cramping and the
                                                              cramps are particularly severe, it is wise to seek
                                                              medical attention.

                                                              To sum up, the key to avoiding muscle cramps is to
                                                              prevent muscle fatigue. This means you should:
The athlete shoots fifteen sets of two foul shots from        • Be well conditioned for any activity, especially
the normal free throw shooting position.                      long events
Players must complete this test with a partner. Shoot         • Stretch regularly, especially muscles prone to
the sets of two, alternating with the partner. This is        cramping
designed to simulate game situations. Each is to              • Reduce exercise intensity and duration if required
count the score for their partner. Scores are recorded        • Ensure adequate rest to promote muscle recovery
out of a possible maximum of 30.                              • Pay attention to nutritional needs, especially fluid
                                                              and carbohydrate intake

“That’s a Foul”                                           9                              October 2004
Basketball NSW Coaches Newsletter
Country Tour Player Trials                                    ITCP Players Trials!
Dates and venues have been set for the ACJBC and              Applications for players and network coaches to be
PCS Country Tours. They are:                                  involved in the 2004/2005 Intensive Training Centre
                                                              Program (ITCP) have closed. Trials will now be held
Dates: 9-10th October 2004                                    for those Metro athletes who applied (metro coaches
Venues:                                                       who expressed interest in being involved in the
U/14 Men and Women - Niagara Park (CCYC)                      program will be required to attend the trials as well).
U/16 & U/18 Women - Gosford City                              Details are:
U/16 & U/18 Men - Maitland Stadium
Cost: $45                                                     Metro Boys Trial
                                                              Tuesday 5th October
All times are listed on the Basketball NSW website.           Venue: Trinity Grammar School
Names of players selected to trial are also now on the                Prospect Road, Summer Hill
Basketball NSW website. Players wishing to attend             Time: 6-8pm
must download a permission note from the
Basketball NSW website at:                                    Metro Girls Trial                                      Monday 11th October
and return it to BNSW with their payment.                     Venue: Trinity Grammar School
                                                                      Prospect Road, Summer Hill
Country Tour Coach Positions                                  Time: 6-8pm
Coaches who have applied to attend the Australian
Country Junior Basketball Cup (ACJBC) and the                 For more information contact Brett Coxsedge (NSW
Pacific Coast Slam (PCS) Tournaments have been                ITCP Head Coach) at Basketball NSW on
sent letters informing them of the trials.                    02 97462969.

All coaches have been notified of the venue they
have been allocated. All coaches are required to                Position (s) Vacant
attend the trials at their allocated venue on 9-10th
October 2004.                                                   NSW ITCP Sport Consultants
                                                                The Basketball NSW Intensive Training Centre Program
Metro Development Program (MDP)                                 (ITCP) is seeking qualified sports science professionals
The structure of the Metro Development Program                  to present the sports science component of the ITCP to
(MDP) has now been confirmed. Dates will be 10th                the athletes.
and 24th October 2004.
                                                                The aim of the ITCP is to identify outstanding basketball
Details are:                                                    athletes, aged between 14-17 years, and develop their
10th October 2004 - training/ trials (U/13 & U/15) at           mental skills, individual skills and team concepts which
Hornsby (The Brickpit).                                         will enable them to compete successfully at National and
24th October 2004 - training/ trials (U/13, U/15 &              International level.
U/17) at Hills Basketball Stadium.
Cost: $25 for U/13 and U/15 age groups, $15 for                 The ITCP Areas that are required to be covered include:
U/17 age group.                                                 - Strength, Agility and Conditioning
                                                                - Nutrition
Watch the BNSW website for any further                          - Sports Psychology
announcements or changes regarding MDP.                         - Injury Prevention and Management
                                                                - Recovery

                                                                The successful individual (s) will be required to develop
                                                                and deliver the required program and report directly to
                                                                the NSW ITCP Head Coach. A small honorarium will be
                                                                negotiated with the successful person (s).

                                                                If you are interested, or know of suitable candidates, or
                                                                require further information please contact Brett
                                                                Coxsedge (NSW ITCP Head Coach) on 02 97462969 or

                                                                Closing date is 22nd October 2004.

“That’s a Foul”                                          10                              October 2004
Basketball NSW Coaches Newsletter
Bankstown Basketball Association                              Upcoming Events
Level 0 Coaching Course
This Level 0 course covers the basic fundamentals of          Country Tour Player Trials
basketball coaching, and is suited for schoolteachers,        Dates and venues have been set for the ACJBC and
parents or beginners to basketball. The Level 0               PCS Country Tours. They are:
Course has both a theory and practical component,
where we will get you out on court and show you               Dates: 9-10th October 2004
how to teach a range of basketball skills. The course         Venues:
modules are:                                                  U/14 Men and Women - Niagara Park (CCYC)
    • Introduction                                            U/16 & U/18 Women - Gosford City
    • Starting Practice                                       U/16 & U/18 Men - Maitland Stadium
    • Dribbling and Passing                                   Cost: $45
    • Shooting
                                                              Metro Development League (MDL)
Date:    Friday 15th October.                                 10th October (Hornsby) and
Time:    6pm-9pm                                              24th October (Hills). See previous page.
Venue:   Bankstown Basketball Stadium
Cost:    $20.00 (which includes hand-outs)                    U/17 Senior Waratah AllStar Camp and
Bankstown Basketball Association                              Will be held 16-17th October at Bankstown
Level 1 Coaching Course
This Nationally Accredited Level 1 course covers              U/14 TAP Camp
more advanced skills and information for coaches,             Will be held at the Sydney Academy of Sport at
players or Level 0 accredited coaches.                        Narrabeen 17-22nd October. Seventy-two (72)
                                                              athletes will participate in a week-long live-in camp
Level 1 Coaching Accreditation is usually a                   under the direction of Brett Coxsedge (NSW ITCP
mandatory requirement for coaches who wish to                 Head Coach).
coach a basketball team at Association
                                                              Senior Waratah High Performance Camp
Representative level.
                                                              (U16/ U17)
Date: Saturday 8th November.
                                                              This camp is for athletes selected from the Senior
Time: 9am/4pm
                                                              Waratah AllStar Weekend. The camp will be held
Venue: Bankstown Basketball Stadium, Third
                                                              30-31st October at a venue to be announced. More
Avenue, Condell Park
                                                              information to follow in the near future. Special elite
AND                                                           guest coaches will conduct training sessions for
                                                              selected players.
Date: Saturday 15th November.
Time: 9am-4pm                                                 U/20 State Trials
Venue: Bankstown Basketball Stadium, Third                    Will be held 6-7th November 2004. Dates and venue
Avenue, Condell Park                                          to be confirmed.

Cost: $80.00 plus coaching manual $30.00                      ITCP Camp 1
(Bankstown Basketball Association registered                  12-14th November. Date and venue to be confirmed.
members $60 + $30)
                                                              Odd Age Tournament
Our Accredited Level 0 and 1 Course presenter will            20-21st November (U/13, U/15 & U/17)
be Tony Jackson                                               Venues: Bankstown, Hills and Penrith.
                                                              Nominations close 15th October
Requirements for Applicants
- To have completed 30 hours of coaching prior to or
after the course
- To complete post course assignments to a                                        SPECIAL REMINDER
satisfactory level

You can attend the Level 1 Course components only                               FIBA regulations will have
if you                                                                          women all over Australia
* Already possess Level 0 Accreditation                                         converting back to the size 6
* Can demonstrate/provide coaching/playing                                      basketball this November.
knowledge of the game
                                                              Why not contact Simon Hickox at
For more information contact Michael at the                   Basketball NSW for some great prices!
Bankstown Basketball Stadium on 97071866.                     Phone (02 97462969) or email your interest to:

“That’s a Foul”                                          11                              October 2004
Basketball NSW Coaches Newsletter
                                                            (L2 Coaching Certificate Components
  BNSW COACHING                                                  Covered: Units 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5)
  COURSE & CLINIC                                            NB: The course will not run if there are
                                                                    insufficient applicants
(in conjunction with the BNSW 2004
U/17 Hi Performance Camp)                                   Assessable Candidates: Must have their Level
    “COACHING &                                             1 Certificate and 3 years coaching experience.
                                                            This BNSW Grade 2 Certificate 1 Course is
   DEVELOPING THE                                           examinable. Course cost is $130.00 (GST Inc).
                                                            You will be supplied with course notes, be
 INDIVIDUAL & TEAM”                                         required to prepare pre-work to bring to the
                                                            course, to make compulsory presentations,
(incorporating BNSW Coaching Course                         critiques and submit work for marking during
        Grade 2 - Certificate 1)                            and/or after the course. Level 2 Manual must be
                                                            purchased separately from BNSW Office
       ALL COACHES                                          Need an Application Form? Need
    (An Opportunity to gain & count this                      More Information?
   Certificate towards your NCAS Level 2                    Application forms and more detailed
     Basketball Coaching Certificate –                      information about the BNSW Grade 2
      Conditions Apply – See Below)                         Coaching Certificate Courses and the Level
                                                            2 Coaching Certificate is available from the
 SPEND TWO DAYS LEARNING                                    BNSW Web Site
   ABOUT THE PRACTICAL                                      OR: Contact Basketball NSW Coaching
   ASPECTS OF COACHING                                          Department,
                                                            Attention: Bob Sim, Manager Player/Coach
   THESE FIVE IMPORTANT                                         Education,
         TOPICS:                                            P.O. Box 198, Sydney Markets, NSW 2140.
              1. Team Offence                                   Phone: (02) 97462969
     2. Transition Offence and Defence
              3. Team Defence                                  Closing Date to Enrol:
        4. Zone Offence and Defence
     5. Individual Player Development                         Tuesday 19 October 2004
Presenter:       Graham Baker (plus possible
                 Guest Coaches)
Location:        Bankstown Basketball
                 Third Avenue, Condell Park
Dates:           Saturday & Sunday 30 & 31
                 October 2004
Cost:            BNSW Grade 2 – Certificate
                 1 Candidates (Assessable)
                 (Can Be Credited Towards
                 Level 2 Certificate): $130.00
Course cost includes GST. Cost includes lecturers,
workbooks, resources, assessment, marking and
certificate for successful candidates. Lunch is also
included on both Saturday and Sunday, but cost does
not include other meals or accommodation.
Published Level 2 Coaching Manual must be
purchased separately by coaches who do not already
have their own copy. Contact BNSW Office Sales
Department if you require a Level 2 Coaching

“That’s a Foul”                                        12                          October 2004
Basketball NSW Coaches Newsletter
            - Just Released -                                   DEAL OF THE
   History of Australian Basketball.
                                                           ‘COMPLIMENTARY SYDNEY
                "DUNKED"                                   KINGS SEASONS TICKETS’
             By Al Ramsay

Every aspect is covered, all personalities are
evaluated,    all    successes   and   failures          TRENDWEST SYDNEY
analysed and all developments chronicled. It
covers every aspect of basketball in this
                including      administration,
                   competitions,     coaching,
refereeing, junior and womens basketball,                MEMBERSHIP OFFER
the A. I. S. all major competitions as well as
the history of each State Association. Most of           Simply book your seat at a Trendwest
this has never been written before. The                  holiday presentation by calling 1800
appendices contain some 2,000 names of all               807 097 or by visting
players and officials who have represented      Attend
Australia in International Competition as well           the presentation and at the
as the results of all National and                       conclusion you will receive a Sydney
International competitions.                              Kings Silver membership for the
                                                         2004/05 season at the end of the
This is a good story; interesting and exciting,          evening.
as well as a complete compendium of
Australian basketball, which all will enjoy and            That's right - no strings attached!
treasure as a reference book.

The Author is an expert in basketball as he
                                                          CALL TRENDWEST
has been heavily involved with our sport
since 1955 when he became NSW Secretary,
                                                             NOW AND
followed by Australian Secretary 1963-1977.               BOOK NOW - 1800
He    created   the     Oceania   Basketball
Confederation 1967 and was Secretary                          807 097
General for 30 years and President for a
further 5. He has been very closely involved               AND QUOTE THE
with the International Basketball Federation
for more than 30 years in a wide variety of
                                                         OFFER CODE CS402U
Committees as well as its Governing Board                          (Basketball NSW)
and its Executive. He has attended 11
Olympics and many more world basketball
championships of all kinds and so his history
goes on and on!                                                              For more information
                                                                            \ please contact the
                                                                               Basketball NSW
                                                                            Commercial Division on
                                                                                 9746 2969 or
           Retail Price $25.00 (+GST and Postage)
               TO GET YOU ORDER NOW
                PLEASE CONTACT THE
               BNSW OFFICE ON: 97462969                               
                                                                           This offer won't last, so
                                                                           get in quick. Make sure to
                                                                           quote this offer code:
                                                                           CS402U (Basketball NSW)
  “That’s a Foul”                                   13                     October 2004
  Basketball NSW Coaches Newsletter
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As yet you may not be aware of the many
                                                     directory will be up and running very soon
new initiatives that Basketball NSW has
                                                     and will be accessible from the BNSW
embarked upon in 2004. Since the
                                                     website link.
development of the Commercial Division
within BNSW many programs have been
established which provide benefits and
opportunities for all its registered members.
Please read on to see what you may be                         CHECK IT               OUT
missing out on.
BNSW Sales Page – Quality Basketball
Products Online
Established in June, the BNSW Sales Page
aims to eventually provide the full range of         WANT REGULAR UPDATES AND INFORMATION
basketball     resources    for     referees,            ABOUT BASKETBALL NSW OFFERS?
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“That’s a Foul”                                 14                           October 2004
Basketball NSW Coaches Newsletter

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