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                                                                                                       SEPTEMBER 2006

                                      Farewell and thanks!
                                      Welcome to a late September Edition of           likely forget someone. However I would
Editorial                         1   “That’s a Foul.”                                 like to make special mention of my long-
Article of the month              2                                                    time coaching department colleague Bob
                                      The month of September saw all of the
Farewell and thanks                                                                    Sim who has been a great man to work
                                      Basketball NSW Competitions conclude,
                                                                                       with. His wealth of experience and support
Coaching Feature -                3   with a very successful Round 3 held in con-
What it takes to be
                                                                                       has helped me enormously throughout my
                                      junction with the ABA National Finals held
an athlete                                                                             time at Basketball NSW.
                                      in the Hunter Region at Newcastle and
Controversy Corner                4   Maitland.
Website of the month                  September also marks a crazy month for           I do have one thing that I would like to say
                                      development with numerous camps and              before signing off. To all the administra-
Coaching Tips                     5
Websites of the month                 tour trials held throughout NSW.                 tors, parents and coaches out there, please
                                                                                       continue to work together to make our
Mickey D’s Magic!                 6   Finally, the month of September marks the
                                                                                       sport better for everyone. The strength of
                                      month that I (Brett Coxsedge) finish up my
Coaching Update                   7                                                    the sport is dependent on those that make
                                      work at Basketball NSW and make the
Mick’s Mailbag                    8
                                                                                       the sport work. If you work for your own
                                      move to the USA to seek another challenge
                                                                                       interests and not the sport, then ultimately
                                      in my basketball coaching development.
Drills of the month               9                                                    our sport will be doomed.
                                      Enough said, I hope you enjoy my final
Positions Vacant                 10
                                      edition of “That’s a Foul” as “editor.”
Under the Spotlight              11   Don’t worry, Basketball NSW hopes to
                                      continue publishing this great coaches
Senior Waratah                   12   newsletter once a new replacement has
Camps                                 been found for me!
2007 Country Tour                13
2007 Metro Develop-                   Editorial - Oh, the memories!
ment Program
Upcoming Events                  14   What do you write for your final editorial?
                                      I have thought long and hard about this.
                                      Should I be controversial or should I remi-
   Special points of interest:
                                      nisce about all the good times?
   • Coxsedge off to the                                                               Coxsedge (right) shares a coaching moment
     USA (page 2)                     I think it is always better to look at all the
                                                                                       with close coaching colleague Rob Beveridge
                                                                                       (NSWIS Head and Boomers Assistant Coach)
   •      Coops has his say           positives that come along with being in-
                                      volved in this great game of basketball.
         (page 4)
   • Metro Development                I have thoroughly enjoyed my time work-            "Complacency is an ugly monster that
     Program info (page               ing for Basketball NSW. I have met and             sneaks up behind us, trips us, and
     13)                              worked with some great people over the             makes us fall short of our goals."
                                      years. I will not name names as I will most        Dale Brown
         Article of the Month -
         Brett Coxsedge…… Farewell and thankyou!
         By Brendan Parnell
         As NSW NITCP Head Coach Brett Coxsedge’s move to the                reckoned with on the national basketball scene.
         USA is now upon us, Basketball NSW would like to take the
         opportunity to officially express their heartfelt thanks for, and
         appreciation of, the great work done by Brett over the seven        But it's more than the numbers that define a coach and his
         plus years he has filled this role at BNSW.                         impact on the kids who pass through his program.

         BNSW Participation, Development and Coaching Manager,               A few years back I was fortunate enough to assist Brett
         Bob Sim, has worked closely with Brett for the past seven           with the NSW Men on their NITCP tour to North Amer-
         years. He said, “Brett’s contribution at Basketball NSW has         ica. His generosity with coaching input, and the active role
         been outstanding. His hard work and commitment to basket-           he encouraged me to take with the group, made that ex-
         ball in this state has never faltered. Personally, I found it a     perience one of the most formative of my coaching career.
         pleasure working with him on a day to day basis. His input,
         expertise and support was exceptional. I guess I was also
         lucky enough to see a bit more than most others of his lighter,     For those who haven't got to know Brett very well, all I
         more relaxed side as well. He will be greatly missed in the         can offer is a snapshot. He's almost as dry as the area of
         Coaching Department.”                                               NSW he hails from. Stern and demanding when he thinks
                                                                             he can help athletes or coaches to push themselves to get
                                                                             better. Has a hopelessly misguided love of the Parramatta
         Basketball NSW would like to share with you this moving             Eels. Will never refuse a request from anyone to cut a
         tribute written by Brendan Parnell, NSW NITCP Network               video tape, attend a session, talk to a kid, offer some ad-
         Coach and NSW State Team Head Coach. Thank you Bren-                vice or pitch in to help, regardless of the problem. It's the
         dan, we are sure that everyone who knows Brett shares your          last of those qualities that has endeared Brett to those
         feelings.                                                           (including me) who got around to getting to know him.

         A long ride from Gilgandra                                          Over the last few years in particular, his personal skills
                                                                             have evolved along with his coaching talents that saw him
         Most times, it's not till we see someone retreating from view       represent Australia overseas (Australian Universities Head
         that we get an opportunity to weigh up fully the impact of          Coach - World University Games 2003 & 2005). The most
         their presence.                                                     telling barometer of this occurred at the recent Under 18
                                                                             National Championships in Adelaide on no other day than
                                                                             Brett's birthday.
         Thankfully, I got an opportunity over the last half dozen years
         or so to work with, against and alongside a remarkably modest
         member of an extraordinary family from the Western NSW              Having just finished a rather messy round game, the Under
         town of Gilgandra. During that time I've seen him grow and          18 Country girls were warming down on court when they
         evolve to the point that leads me to feel certain that Wichita      saw Brett perched high above in the stands watching pro-
         State University are exceedingly fortunate and that Basketball      ceedings. With barely a murmur, the girls burst into a team
         in New South Wales has some very big shoes to fill.                 rendition of happy birthday that could be hear throughout
                                                                             the stadium. As Coxsedge squirmed in the stands above, it
                                                                             was hard not to view this as just about the best endorse-
         As Head Coach of the NSW National Intensive Training Cen-           ment any coach could get and when they finished with a
         tre Program (NITCP), Brett Coxsedge has had to answer to,           chorus of "we love ITC", the message was confirmed.
         assuage, represent, coordinate, cajole, encourage, teach and
         foster an impossibly diverse and large number of parents,
         coaches, National administrators, State administrators and          Bon voyage Brett, the Wichita State University Shockers
         most importantly, athletes.
                                                                             don't know just how lucky they are.

         Just how you measure his success and contribution is probably
         a matter of opinion.

         From a State with less than 50,000 registered players, the re-
         sults of AIS basketball scholarships offered to NSW players,
         National Championships performances of NSW Under 20,
         Under 18 and Under 16 State teams and athletes, have been
         nothing short of phenomenal and continue to rise.

         In 2006 alone, a third of the AIS girls squad and almost half
         the boys squad are graduates of the NSW NITCP run by Cox-
         sedge. The National Championship returns of Gold (Under 20
         Men and Under 18 Country Men and Women), Silver (Under
         16 Metro Men and Women), Bronze (Under 20 Women, Un-
         der 16 Country Women and Under 18 Metro Men) and fourth             Above: The outdoor courts at the Gilgandra Youth Club,
         placing (Under 18 Metro Women), mark NSW as a force to be           where Coxsedge first learn’t his trade!

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                                                                                                           SEPTEMBER 2006
SEPTEMBER 2006                                                                                                                  Page 3

Coaching Feature - What it takes to be an Athlete
by Ernie Woods (HoopTactics)
Being a true athlete is by no means an easy job.               Training Demands
Throughout the course of the season you will be
pushed and trained hard to become the best that you            Can you play through adversity?
are capable of becoming. To undergo such an athletic           Do you have the ability to bounce back? Never let bad
endeavor, you must prepare yourself physically, men-           plays or calls ruin your game? No matter how many times
tally, and spiritually.                                        you get knock down, the only time that matters is the time
Too many players participate in athletics with a compla-       you do not get back up. When you give it your best effort
cent attitude and are satisfied with mediocrity. They          you may run out of time on the clock, but you will never
actually don't want to work to be a champion. This type        lose a game.
of player will usually quit when practices get too tough,      Performance and Behavior
or fold in an important ball game because they choose
not to produce that extra ounce of sweat which may             Do you have self control?
make the difference in a win or loss.                          As an athlete you must realize that you are in the public
Being an athlete does not imply merely wearing the             spotlight at all times. Your conduct, what you say and do,
uniform and being just a member of the squad. You              makes news. This imposes a great need for self control. It
should not wish to participate in sports, you should wish      is a cinch to find someone to lead you down the wrong
to become successful in sports. There are many impor-          path in life. It takes determination to resist the temptations
tant phases to think about if you want to be a champion,       that exist. Just as one works for years to become a top
not only in basketball but in life as well.                    athlete, one should work to develop an image of a person,
                                                               a pattern of conduct, and standards by which one is
Criteria for a perfect player                                  known and respected. Do not risk destroying a whole ca-
                                                               reer because of an off the court mistake.
Are you coachable?
Do you have a burning desire to learn? Can you take            To Any Athlete
constructive criticism or are you a "know it all"? Will you    Do you prepare every day to meet the best?
always do your level best to improve? Do you want to
improve?                                                       Do you have an ardent desire to improve? Are you willing
                                                               to practice the things you cannot do more than the things
Are you competitive?                                           you can do well? Are you willing to put in extra time nec-
Are you possessed with the spirit of competition which         essary to perfect a skill or fundamental? Too many play-
fires an intense desire to achieve? Do you want to win,        ers spend their time doing what they already do well, and
never taking "no" for an answer when there is a job to         therefore, never improve.
be done, a rebound to be grabbed, a shot to be                 Atmosphere of Greatness
stopped, or a basket to be made? Does it bother you to
give less than your best effort?                               Are you willing study?

Are you willing to practice?                                   Basketball was never meant to take the place of studies
                                                               and the desire to learn. You are in school for an educa-
Not just reporting and putting in the necessary time, but      tion. Keep that foremost in you thoughts, but place bas-
working every day with the same speed and determina-           ketball second. Earn the respect of your teachers as well
tion you use during a game? Great athletes give their          as your coach. If you can't "pass" you can't play. That is
best effort at all times. Too often the lessons that could     true "on" and "off" the court.
be learned from the performance of a truly great athlete
are overlooked. Too much attention to final records            Study Demands
ignores the means by which these records were
achieved. Too little is written or told of the years of gru-
eling practice, of the tremendous will to succeed, or of
the diligent concentration of fundamentals that lead to
Motor Learning
Are you willing to make sacrifices?
Are you willing to train or are you wasting your time in
athletics? Superior conditioning does not just happen
nor is acquired quickly. It is a result of a well planned
and executed program of exercise, rest and diet. Train-
ing is exacting and the responsibility is heavy. It in-
cludes personal denials but the rewards are great. The
best way to remain in great shape is never to get out of
it. "A second rate person can never make a first-class
ball player." It is going to be up to you to see that your
maximum physical condition is achieved and main-
tained. Anything less is a violation of trust.
         Controversy Corner

         COACHES BEHAVIOUR                                           From all of this when I went back to coaching the
                                                                     Penrith U/18 boys and our Youth League Men I was
                                                                     able to make adjustments to my own approach and
         In response to your question on coaches behaviour, I        methods in coaching and I found it rewarding when
         do believe there are role models or mentor coaches out      the Penrith U/18 boys won the Sydney Junior champi-
         there to help you want to become a better coach.            onship title in 2005 and the Youth League Men came
                                                                     from last position in 2004 to finishing 7th last year to
                                                                     making the semi finals this year.
         I had an example four years ago when I represented
         NSW as head coach of the U/18 Metro boys team in
         Newcastle and we won a bronze medal. But then               All in all it does help and it gives you a spring in your
         dropped to 7th the following year in Townsville.            step to get out there and have a go when a times you
                                                                     feel like giving it away.

         It was my second year as a head coach and our result
         was disappointing when we finished 7th and I person-        I did all this to become a better coach and the feeling
         ally felt I had not done a good job as the head coach       you get when you see your players achieve gives you
         and felt it was time to step down and give someone          a buzz and knowing that you have helped in the de-
         else the opportunity to take the reigns and see if they     velopment of basketball for your local association,
         could get the age group back up to the top 4 finish.        your state and your country.

         After some deliberation with Bob Sim of Basketball          Jeff Cooper
         NSW I asked if I could step up to an apprentice role        Head Coach
         with the NSW U/20 men's team and be under the guid-         U/18 and Youth League Men
         ance of a coach who I could learn from and help men-        Penrith Basketball Assoc.
         tor me.

         I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity and to
         make it even better I had the chance to work with Rob       Websites of the month
         Beveridge who was recognised as one of the best jun-
         ior coaches in Australia and was a world championship
         winning coach.

                                                                      This website has been set up by Peter Lonergan
         To work with and watch the way Rob worked the trials         (NT NITCP Head Coach). It looks at the art of
         and his approach to training was different and to see        teaching shooting. Lono is a bit of an expert on
         the respect Rob got from the players was excellent and       the topic of shooting and shares his knowledge
         it taught me a lot in how to deal with players in a dif-     with some great articles and drills.
         ferent approach.

         That year we went on to get a silver medal at the na-
         tionals against a very strong Queensland side who were
         coached by Bruce Palmer, so the standard of coaches at
                                                                      This is the website of Wichita State University
         the U/20 age group was certainly a whose who of
                                                                      Athletics (the University where I am making the
         coaching and from this I learnt a lot more from seeing
                                                                      move to). You will notice that the nick-name of
         how Rob game coached and his approach to scouting
                                                                      the University is the “Shockers.” Hopefully the
         and towards the end of the week when it got to crunch
                                                                      men’s basketball team will be having no shock-
         time how he made adjustments to play the same team
                                                                      ers this upcoming season!
         again to make them have to re-adjust what they would
         have to do to defend us.
                                                                      Feel free to keep up to date with how the men’s
         2006 we had a very strong team and again a different         basketball team progresses (they made it to the
         group of players to work with and to see how Rob             Sweet 16 in last year’s NCAA tournament and
         again adjusted to the players we had to work with was        are expected to have another good season this
         interesting and we came away with a championship             year).
         ring that stands out as the pride of my medal collection.    There is also a newsletter that you can sign up to
                                                                      (which I think I may have a little input into!)

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                                                                                                     SEPTEMBER 2006
SEPTEMBER 2006                                                                                                             Page 5

Coaching Tips
                                                               Closing the distance
Raising Your Level of Passing by Ernie Woods
(HoopTactics)                                                  Note: On post feeds, the majority of steals are made by
                                                               the passer's own defender not the post's defender.
What level of passer are you?
                                                               Look off the receiver. Use split vision to see the pass-
                                                               ing lane and receiver. Avoid telegraphing pass by turn-
                                                               ing head and looking directly at the receiver. Use quick
                                                               wrist action for all passes. Eliminate all unnecessary
                                                               movements like winding up and stepping with the pass.

                                                               Pass through the defense. Avoid passing over or
                                                               around the defender. Pass fake in opposite direction.
Level One. Throws the ball to an area just to get rid of       Watch the defender's hands and make a quick, accurate
it. Common among beginning players.                            pass away from them. When the defender plays with
                                                               his/her hands up, fake high and pass under their arm
                                                               pit. When the defender holds his/her down, fake low
Level Two. Just throws the ball toward a teammate no
                                                               and pass over their shoulder between their arm and
matter if they are ready to receive it or not. This is why
players get hit by the ball during practice when just
standing around.
                                                               Read and pass away from the receiver's defender.
Level Three. Surgeon. Passes to a specific target (hand        Recognize how the defender is playing the receiver and
or finger). Leads receivers into good shots. Rarely            pass to the opposite side. The receiver has the responsi-
throws the ball away.                                          bility to "shape up" in such a manner that he presents a
                                                               good target. They must protect the passing lane by as-
                                                               suming a low stance with the foot nearest to the de-
The ability to move the basketball and hit the open man        fender forward between the defender and the ball.
is a characteristic found in all great players and teams.
In order to perfect this ability to its utmost, players must
utilize and master the following fundamental principles        Line of Deployment
of passing:                                                    Note: Never pass to a receiver that does not call and
                                                               want the ball.
Anticipate. Read the defense and know where to pass
before receiving the ball. Outstanding basketball players      Move the ball. The ability to make the good quick,
have the ability to anticipate where to pass the basket-       strong pass cannot be over emphasized. The basketball
ball. This is why professional players need very little        has to be moved. A player should be able to success-
team pattern to create good scoring opportunities for          fully execute his play (pass, shot, drive) within three
their teammates.                                               seconds after receiving the ball. The ability to move
                                                               the ball separates the good players from the mediocre
                                                               ones and the good ball clubs from the poor ones.
Maintain a proper spacing. Most passes should be
made within a 12' to 15' distance. This spacing spreads
the defense and allows for quick, accurate passing.            Pass and move. Passer must move a specific purpose
Passes beyond 15' carry a high risk of interception.           after executing a pass. Each movement should result in
Never throw directly at a receiver moving away from            a screen, a shot, rebound position, a fake or clear.
you. Always lead the receiver to the basket on lob and         Standing and watching after making pass is a major
baseball passes.                                               fault of the poor player.

When the defender is playing off, close the distance           Develop pride in your passes. Work hard to perfect
with a dribble to less than 3'. The closer the defender        all types of passes. Be clever, not fancy. The clever
plays, the less time they have to read and react to the        passer will receive praise while the fancy one will be
passer's movements. Dribble penetration will also force        ridiculed.
the defender to defend against the drive and eliminates
their playing of the passing lane.
                                                               Note: In basketball there is a big difference between a
                                                               completed pass and a successful pass.
         Mickey D’s Magic!
         By Michael D’Agostino
         Participation and Development Officer (Basketball NSW)

         Skins Dunk and 3-point show soars
         In the end it was a case of two of the least
         likely looking candidates putting on a spec-
         tacular show at the second edition of the
         Skins Slam Dunk competition on Grand Fi-
         nal day at the ABA National Finals in New-

         Young Emus squad member Chris Goulding
         from Southern Districts was the first to take
         centre stage and quickly belied his unas-
         suming demeanour with a trio of between
         the legs, high off the bounce from half                  Above: Jason Strong (“Strongy”) soars over
         court and double clutch dunks that left the              Aussie Hoops Mascot Duncan
         crowd both startled and hailing him the
         likely winner.                                           Referees Development at All Star Camp

                                                                  Venue: Central Coast Youth Club - Niagara Park
         The competitions other finalist was a man                Date: 7-8th October 2006
         who had on his resume one particularly im-
         pressive dunk in traffic some years back in
                                                                  The SRDP Junior Blue star All Star Camp & Tour-
         a Waratah Grand Final replay. Jason Strong               nament is a Basketball NSW initiative. The SRDP
         had a little of his fellow competitor's mod-             Junior Blue star All Star Camp & Tournament will
         esty about his manner, but when he                       operate under the control of Basketball NSW and
         launched into his first skywalking effort and            within the development guidelines set by Basket-
         almost windmilled the ball down at the end               ball Australia. The program has been designed to
                                                                  further the development & education of our
         the crowd had suddenly inherited a new                   emerging officials.

                                                                  Delegates are urged to encourage all officials to
         Strong's second effort was no less impres-               develop their skills as benefits will improve in the
         sive and had him slightly ahead of Goulding              service and quality of officiating within the local
         as he set up for his last effort.

                                                                  This program will incorporate the development of
         Hiking up his favoured football socks he                 Referees', Referee Coaches and Administrators.
         proceeded to place the rathger large im-                 This official Basketball NSW Program is designed
         pediment of Aussie Hoops mascot Duncan                   to 'kick start' the officiating career of persons who
                                                                  are at least 14 years of age and graded either a
         some distance in front of the hoopand                    Youth 2 or Youth 3 referee. Participants will re-
         marched back to half court. Seconds later                ceive plenty of closely supervised training and
         he was sailing clear over the extra large                education during the camp as well as an opportu-
         marsupial before thundering the ball                     nity to put the training into practice during games
         through the basket. The most telling faces               whilst receiving intense on-court coaching.
         amongst the cheering crowd were probably
         those belonging to the gaggle of Under 14                An application form and information pack may be
         boys taking part in the NSW Junior State                 downloaded off the BNSW website (due into
         Championships who had taken prime view-                  BNSW by Thursday 28th September)
         ing position on the baseline for the show.
                                                                  For more information please contact
                                                                  the BNSW on (02) 9746 2969

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                                                                                           SEPTEMBER 2006
SEPTEMBER 2006                                                                                                     Page 7

Coaching Update                                          North Coast Academy of Sport Basketball Trials

                                                                                             The North Coast
Norths wins U/14 Boy’s Nationals                                                             Academy of
                                                                                             Sport (NCAS) in
Congratulations to the Northern Suburbs Boy’s bas-                                           conjunction with
ketball team who last week won the U/14 Boy’s Na-        Basketball NSW held it’s trials for its 2007 basket-
tional Championships held in Ulverstone, Tasmania.       ball program on the weekend just past.
                                                         Some 40+ boys and girls converged on the Sportz
In a great result for NSW Basketball, Norths beat        Central Sports Stadium at Coffs Harbour on Sun-
another NSW team, Illawarra in the final 52-39. This     day 24th September.
is the first time in history that a NSW boy’s team has
                                                         All players were put under the eye of Basketball
one the U/14 Nationals.
                                                         NSW participation and development officer Mi-
                                                         chael D’Agostino, NCAS Head Coach Nash Camp-
Sutherland also competed at the Nationals, finishing     bell and a group of NCAS Network Coaches.
in 10th position.                                        All successful participants will by notified by mail in
                                                         the upcoming weeks.
                                                         For further information on the NCAS Basketball
National ABA Finals                                      Program, contact the NCAS on 66203073 or check
                                                         out their website at:
 Congratulations to Dani Samuels (Bankstown
 Bruins) and Cameron Tovey (Sutherland Sharks)               
 who were both selected to the ABA National Fi-
 nals All-Star Five following a very successful fi-
 nals weekend held at the Newcastle Basketball
 Stadium.                                                Western Academy of Sport Basketball Trials
                                                                                      The Western Re-
                                                                                      gion Academy of
 Men’s National Champion turned out to be the                                         Sport Basketball
 Geelong Supercats while the Lady Ballarat Min-                                       also held their final
 ers won the women’s final.                                                           selection trials for
                                                                                      their 2007 Basket-
                                                         ball Squad at Bathurst CSU gym on Sunday 10th
                                                         September 2006.

                                                         All athletes were put through their paces be Bas-
                                                         ketball NSW representative Rod Miskell, WRAS
                                                         Head Coach Katrina Ferris and Academy Network

NITCP Scholarships Announced                             For further information on the WRAS Basketball
                                                         program check out the WRAS website at:
                         The 2006/2007 National In-          
                         tensive Training Centre Pro-
                         gram Scholarships for players
                                                         Southern Sports Academy Basketball Trials
                         players have been an-
                         nounced. Some 56 athletes                      Finally, the Southern Sports Academy
                         from both Metro and Country                    conducted trials for their 2007 Basket-
                         regions have been selected.                    ball squad on Sunday 10th September
                                                                        at Albury Sports Stadium. These trials
The first NITCP Camp will be held 13-15th October
                                                                        were held in conjunction with the Bas-
at Penrith Sports Stadium.
                                                                        ketball NSW Regional U/14 Blue Star
A full list of players is now available on the Basket-                  Camp.
ball NSW website
                                                                      Brett Coxsedge (NSW NITCP Head
                                                                      Coach) and SSA Head Coach Ray
                                                         Brady kept an eye on proceedings.
       "The best players, when they detect a
       weakness in their own game, go out and            For further information on the SSA Basketball pro-
       work on it until the weakness becomes a           gram check out the SSA website at:
       Bill Walton                                              
         Mick’s Marketing Mailbag
         By Michael Edwards
         Marketing & Communications Manager (Basketball NSW)

         Basketball NSW Annual Convention &                    Razors Score New Naming Rights Deal
         Awards Dinner
                                                               Western Sydney’s largest private bus operator,
         Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd October, 2006
                                                               Westbus, has signed to come on board as the naming
         The Grand Pittwater Function Centre                   rights sponsor for the West Sydney Razorbacks for
                                                               the Philips Championship 2006-07 season and be-
         North Ryde RSL
         Cnr. Pittwater & Magdala Rds. North Ryde
                                                               The National Basketball League team will be known
                                                               as the Westbus West Sydney Razorbacks.
         9:30am - 5:00pm - Saturday 21st October
                                                                “It is a major three year sponsorship for the club,
         9:00am—12:00pm—Sunday 22nd October                    and we are delighted to have the chance to work
         Program to be advised                                 with Westbus,” said Razorbacks’ CEO, Robbie
                                                               Cadee. The Westbus West Sydney Razorbacks will
                                                               proudly wear the Westbus logo prominently on
                                                               players’ singlets. A specially painted Westbus bus
         Awards Dinner plus Guest Speaker
                                                               festooned in colourful Razorback livery will take to
         7:00pm—Saturday 21st October                          the roads of western Sydney giving the team’s profi
                                                               le a real boost in the region.

                                                                Owen Eckford, CEO of ComfortDelGro Cabcharge
         - Convention Sat & Sun:$60.00 (incl. morning          Pty Ltd (CDC), operators Westbus and Hillsbus
         tea both days, afternoon tea & lunch Sat)             services, said: “Growing support for the Razorbacks
         - Convention Saturday only: $50.00 (incl. morn-       across western and south western Sydney is a great
         ing/afternoon tea & lunch)                            fi t with us and we look forward to mirroring the
                                                               success of our passenger services with success on
         - Convention Sunday only: $25.00 (incl. morning       the court of the Razorbacks.
         - Awards Dinner :$60.00 (incl. dinner, beer, wine      “Just like the Razorbacks, Westbus is a vibrant and
         & soft drinks)                                        growing team that has a strong focus upon the peo-
         (all prices GST inclusive)                            ple of western Sydney.

                                                                “Our passengers support the Razorbacks and now,
         R.S.V.P By Friday October 6, 2006 to Alana            every day, we can reinforce that support in a highly
         Shackleton - Basketball NSW on 02 97462969            visual way.”

         Razorbacks and Kings Offer BNSW                        “The special Razorback’s bus will be out and about
         Members Discount Tickets                              every day and will also be used on special team oc-
                                                               casions,” he said.
         The West Sydney Razorbacks and Sydney
         Kings are offering Basketball NSW members
         the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets
         for all of their home games for season 2006/07.
         For more information on tickets prices and con-
         ditions click on the link below:                      Blues Basketball News          Subscribe to Basketball NSW’s official newsletter by
         ts.htm                                                sending an email to:

Page 8
                                                                                           SEPTEMBER 2006
SEPTEMBER 2006                                                                                             Page 9

Drills of the Month
This month we feature some drills from Michael
D’Agostino (Basketball NSW Development and Par-
ticipation Officer)

Box out transition 3 v 1 (for U/14’s and above)

                                                     The three defenders (now represented by O's)
                                                     run their transition 3 v 1 against a coach to
                                                     Transition Defense

3 defenders start under the ring and step out to
box out offence out of the key as the coach shoots
the ball (to miss)

                                                     Players 1 through 4 are on offense. Players 5
                                                     through 8 are on defense.

                                                     Player #6 passes to #2, and then must touch the
                                                     baseline where #2 was standing. Alternatively, a
                                                     coach may make the pass to a player on the
The defence secures the ball, with two players go-   baseline.
ing to the side of the court to receive the outlet
pass. The Offence now gets off the court, ready to   The remaining players, both offense and defense
be the next defenders to box out.                    then play 3 on 4 full court, with #6 as the fourth
                                                     player getting back on defensive transition.

NOTE:                                                The drill finishes down the other end of the court.
If the defence did not box out and secure a re-
bound they go off the court to do 10 pushups each.
They do not earn the chance to run the 3 v 1 tran-
                                                     - NEW CLUB PRICE LISTING
sition.                                              MOLTEN BASKETBALLS
          Positions Vacant
          WESTERN NSW BASKETBALL REGIONAL                                     THE HILLS SPORTS HIGH SCHOOL
          DEVELOPMENT OFFICER                                             BASKETBALL TALENTED SPORTS PROGRAM
          Basketball NSW is seeking the services of an enthusias-
          tic and highly motivated Sports Development Officer
          for the NSW Western region. The position will work
          to strengthen the sport of basketball in the region and
          expand the sport’s membership base. This opportunity
          has arisen from a cooperative arrangement between
          Basketball NSW, NSW Sport and Recreation and the
          Dubbo Basketball Association. The position is based in
          Dubbo, NSW.
                                                                                POSITION VACANT:
          Selection Criteria:
                                                                              BASKETBALL COACH
          • Experience in the planning, development, recruitment
          and implementation of sport and recreation pro-
          grammes, in particular in the sport basketball                  Minimum Level 2 Coaching Qualification
          • Knowledge of issues relevant to disadvantaged groups         Available to work Tuesdays and Thursdays
          within the community
                                                                             between 10.45 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.
          • Excellent time management and organisation skills
                                                                         Develop and supervise Basketball Programs
          • Experience in effective promotion of activities or ser-      for Talented boys and girls at High School
          • Strong inter-personal and team skills as well as the
          ability to interact effectively with a diverse range of cli-   Remuneration based on coaching qualifica-
          ents and partners                                                       tions and experience
          • Sound written, oral, presentation and facilitation skills      Position commences in February, 2007
          • Experience in developing and monitoring small budg-                     Enquiries and resume to:
          • Current Drivers Licence
          • Either a Level 1 Coaching or Refereeing Accreditation              Robert Hawkes (Director of Sport)
                                                                                  The Hills Sports High School,
          • Computer literacy                                                         56 Best Road,
                                                                                  Seven Hills, NSW, 2147
          Note: This is a temporary position for an initial period
          of 12 months. Hours are flexible with a package equiva-                   Phone: 0425-288481
          lent to 4 days per week initially.
          This position involves working with children. It is an
          offence under the NSW Child Protection (Prohibited
          Employment) Act, 1998 for a person convicted of a
          serious sex offence to apply for this position. The rec-        L’s Loose Lips
          ommended applicant will be subject to a criminal record
          check.                                                         So who will be appointed the new Na-
                                                                         tional Intensive Training Centre Program
                                                                         Head Coach for NSW?
          Further Enquiries: John Martin – Basketball NSW
                                                                         Word has it that whoever gets the gig,
          Information package: Available on Basketball NSW               they will be more than able to handle the
          website:                              position given their knowledge and ex-
          after Monday 11th September, 2006.                             perience.
          Closing date for applications: Friday 29th Septem-
          ber, 2006.
Page 10
                                                                                            SEPTEMBER 2006
SEPTEMBER 2006                                                                                                                    Page 11

Under the Spotlight
                                           Coach’s          my first National Championship with the U/16 Country men’s
                                           Name?            team at Sutherland in 1996 was special. Attending the AIS as a
                                                            scholarship coach was also great. Finally, representing Australia
                                           Brett            at the past two World University Summer Games in South
                                           Coxsedge         Korea and Turkey were also experiences I will never forget!

                                                            Hardest trainer you have coached?
                                                            I have coaches too many players to single out any one player.
                                                            However I like players who always turn up early, practice hard
                                                            and stay behind after for extra work. I wish had a dollar for
                                                            everytime I told players what they needed to do to become
                                                            better players!
When did you first start coaching?
Probably around the age of 16. I think the first team I     Hardest skill/ concept to teach?
ever coached was the Gilgandra U/14 boys basketball
                                                            People always speak to me about spacing. I think this is some-
team. I remember my first major competition coaching
                                                            thing that you need to break down as it can be quite difficult at
at the Country Tournament in Liverpool one year.
                                                            first. I used to always hate teaching anything to do with screen-
                                                            ing. Luckily over the years, I have gotten better at this aspect of
                                                            the game.
How many years have you been coaching?
Probably close to 15-20 years I suppose
                                                            Most important skill/ concept to teach?
                                                            All fundamentals. Players nowdays just want to play games and
What made you want to become a coach?                       not work on their shooting, ball handling, passing etc. I think
                                                            every coach should spend a good portion of their training ses-
I always enjoyed the sport a great deal. I had some great   sions working on fundamentals, all be it in a competitive way
basketball people in Gligandra (where I grew up) includ-    rather than just boring repetitions.
ing my brother Perc and Steve and Judy Smith.

                                                            Who would you rather coach (boys or girls)? Why?
Who influenced your coaching the most (who
was your mentor)?                                           Contrary to popular belief out there, I enjoy coaching both
                                                            girls and boys. Each has there challenges!
As I mentioned above, my brother Perc probably got
me started out. Bernie Slattery was a big mentor when
I first started coaching at a higher level. I used to go    Whistle or no whistle?
around to his place on the weekend and sit and talk
                                                            I struggle without a whistle, especially with big groups. I think
about X and O’s all day. He used to ring me up and tell
                                                            the whistle stems from my days as a PE teacher on the footy
me to get my backside to camps!
                                                            fields in Cobar! I like to save my voice (by the way, Vicks Vapo
                                                            drops have been my saviour over the years!)
Frank Arsego was also a great help for me over the
years. He is a good friend who helped me when I spent
                                                            Craziest thing you have seen on a court during a game?
a year at the AIS as the scholarship coach.
                                                            Can’t think of one thing, although I have seen some great close
                                                            finishes to games over the years. I also experienced the wrath
A special thanks to Patrick Hunt who was always avail-      of a Turkish crowd whilst coach at the World University
able to listen and help me out, especially when I first     Games in Turkey in 2005 (right after the bomb sniffer dogs
started out at NSW. His wealth of knowledge is amaz-        were let loose in the stadium before tipoff!)
                                                            Advice to beginning coaches?
Most recently, Rob Beveridge has helped me enor-            People always say it, however don’t be in a hurry. In my role, I
mously. Bevo and I have always got on and I have been       have seen way too many coaches want to get somewhere
fortunate enough to be Bevo’s assistant coach on sev-       quickly and be in the limelight. To earn respect, you must first
eral occasions (including our memorable reigns in the       gain the knowledge through working hard and being open to
Waratah ABA!)                                               ideas.

Finally, Bob Sim has also been very influential in my       Attend as many coaching events, games, activities as possible.
coaching career. His knowledgle and experience is           You can always learn more as you get older. The day you don’t
amazing. He has always been a fabulous person to sound      plan and just turn up to coach is that day you should give it
off any ideas.                                              away!

Biggest highlight or thrill?                                Finally, work bloody hard! However make sure you also stop
                                                            and smell the roses along the way, especially with your family
I have been fortunate enough to experience many thrills     and friends.
in my coaching life (and hopefully many more!) Winning
                                                        U/16 & U/17 Metro Regional Camps
          Senior Waratah Camps                          Metro North Hbr Regional One Day Camp Details
                                                        Sunday 1st October 2006
                                                        Hills Basketball Stadium
                                                        Gilbert Rd, Fred Caterson Reserve, Castle Hill
                                                        10:00am – 4:00pm

                                                        Metro South Hbr Regional One Day Camp Details
                                                        Sunday 1st October 2006
          U/16 & U/17 Country Regional Camps            Bankstown Basketball Stadium
          Central Regional One Day Camp Details         Third Avenue, Condell Park
          Saturday 30th September 2006                  10:00pm – 4:00pm
          Newcastle Basketball Stadium
          Corner Young & Curley Roads, Broadmeadow          North Harbour Region: includes Hills District,
                                                          Hawkesbury, Northern Suburbs, Manly Warringah,
          10am – 4pm
                                                                  Ryde and Hornsby associations

          Northern Regional One Day Camp Details
          Sunday 1st October 2006                        South Harbour Region: includes Bankstown, Suther-
                                                         land, City of Sydney, Parramatta, Penrith, Liverpool,
          Grafton Sports Stadium
                                                        Blacktown, Blue Mountains, Glebe, St. George, Camp-
          Powell Street, Grafton                                belltown and Springwood associations
          10am – 4pm

                                                         Note: The Metropolitan Senior Waratah Pro-
          Southern Regional One Day Camp Details         gram also runs in conjunction with the U/17 &
          Saturday 30th September 2006                    U/18 Metropolitan Development Tour Pro-
          Shoalhaven Basketball Stadium                   gram. Selections for the 2007 January Tour
                                                            Teams will be carried out at the Senior
          Cambewarra Road, Bomaderry
                                                                 Waratah All Star Camp in 2006.
          10am – 4pm

          South Western Regional One Day Camp Details
                                                        U/14 Blue Star All Star Camp
          Saturday 30th September 2006                  The U/14 Blue Star All Star Camp will be held 7-8th Octo-
                                                        ber at the Central Coast Youth Club at Niagara Park.
          Wagga Basketball Stadium - Bolton Park
          Morgan Street, Wagga Wagga
                                                        Some 80 boys and 80 girls from both the country and metro
          10am – 4pm                                    regions will be mixed up into eight teams and participate in
                                                        two days of training and games under the guidance of vari-
                                                        ous Basketball NSW representative Coaches.
          Western Regional One Day Camp Details
          Saturday 30th September 2006
                                                        From the All Star camp, 72 players (36 boys and 36 girls)
          Bathurst Basketball Stadium                   will be chosen to attend the U/14 Talented Athlete Program
          Orange St, Bathurst                           (TAP) to be held at the Sydney Academy of Sport at Narra-
                                                        been from 22-27th October 2006.
          10am – 4pm

                                                        A referees training weekend will also be held in conjunction
                                                        with the camp.

Page 12
                                                                                   SEPTEMBER 2006
SEPTEMBER 2006                                                                                                Page 13

2007 Country Tour Update                                 Metro Development Program
          A very successful weekend
          of trials was held on 16th
          and 17th September at
          three training venues on the Central
Coast. This year the format for trials was changed
with athletes only being required to attend a 1-day

Following the trials, 20 players have been chosen
in each age group and will be split into 2 teams         The structure of the Metro Development Program
upon their arrival at their respective tour.             (MDP) has now been confirmed. Dates will be:

A full list of successful players selected to attend     Sunday 15th October:
both the ACJBC and PCS tours is now available            Hills - U13 & U15 Boys - 4crts
on the Basketball NSW website.
                                                         Sutherland - U13 & U15 girls - 4crts
COACH APPOINTMENTS                                       Manly - U11 Boys & Girls - 3crts

Appointments for both the ACJBC and PCS tours
have now been made. All coaches who applied              Sunday 5th November:
have been sent a letter stating the position they
                                                         Hills - U13 & U15 Girls - 2 courts
have been appointed to.
                                                         Penrith - U13 & U15 Boys, U11 Boys & Girls -
All coaches are reminded to please send back the
appropriate paperwork that was mailed to them by
the due date.                                            Sunday 12th November:
                                                         Bankstown - U13 & U15 Boys - 2crts
Have you got your Rego Card?                             Penrith - U13 & U15 Girls, U11 Boys & Girls -

                                                         At the completion of MDP, teams will be selected
                                                         to participate in the following tournaments in
                                                         January 2007:
                                                         - Pacific Coast Slam at Port Macquarie (U/15’s
                                                         and U/17’s)
                                                         - East Coast Challenge at Hills (U/16’s and U’18s)
                                                         - Eltham/ Dandenong Classic at Melbourne
                                                         (U/14’s only)

Did you know that you can get great dis-                 Note: Coaches are still needed to assist in the
  counts and offers available by using                   Metropolitan Development Program (MDP). If
your Basketball NSW Membership Card.                     you are interested in helping out please con-
                                                         tact Hannah Everett at Basketball NSW on 02
                                                         97462969 or complete and return the MDP
  For a full list of benefits check out the Basketball   coaching expression of interest application
                      NSW website.                       which will on the Basketball NSW website in
                                                         the near future.

  If you don't already have you card check with            More information about the MDP is
             your Association today!                        available on the Basketball NSW
                                                             Stop Press

                                       OPALS WIN GOLD!
                                                               SAO PAULO, Brazil Sept 23 - Austra-
          7 Underwood Road                                     lia finally stands alone at the summit
         Homebush NSW 2128                                     of women's basketball after the
          Phone: 02 97462969
            Fax: 02 9761457                                    Opals crushed Russia 91-74 in the
 Email:                           final of the world championship in
                                                               Brazil today.

                                                               The Opals have placed in the top
                                                               three nations at every Olympic
                                                               Games and world championships
                                                               since 1996, but this is the first time
BASKETBALL NSW                                                 any senior Australian side has laid its
                                                               hands on a gold medal at the highest

                                       Penny Taylor was again the star of the show, finishing
          Get into it!                 with 28 points to earn tournament MVP honours ahead of
                                       teammate Lauren Jackson and Russian Maria Stepanova,
                                       who was a distant third in voting.
    We’re on the web at:               Australia was the only team to make it through the entire               tournament undefeated, an extremely deserving recipient
                                       of the title of world champion.
                                                              Well done girls!!

   Upcoming Events

 • 30th September and 1st October
                                       Bought you supporter’s apparel yet?
   - Senior Waratah Regional
   Camps (see page 12)                 Stocks are going fast so don’t miss out on getting your supporters ap-
                                       parel. Just check out:
 • 7-8th October - U/14 Blue Star
   All Star Camp (Venue: Central
   Coast Youth Club, Niagara Park)

 • 13-15th October - NITCP Induc-
   tion Camp (Venue: Penrith
   Sports Stadium)

 • October/November - Metro
   Development Program (see page

 • 22-27th October - U/14 TAP
   Camp (Venue: Sydney Academy
   of Sport, Narrabeen)

 • 28-29th October - Senior                         "It's not what I know, but what they
   Waratah All Star Camp (Venue:                    do on the court that really matters."
   Central Coast Youth Club, Niag-                  Mike Krzyzewski
   ara Park)

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