Tanner bids farewell to career serving the people of Tennessee

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					  Tanner bids farewell
    to career serving
the people of Tennessee

LONGTIME FRIENDS — Retired Congress-               District in the state House of Representatives
man John Tanner (left) relaxes in his Union City   from 1976 until 1988 and represented the 8th
office with longtime friend Circuit Court Judge    District in the U.S. House of Representatives
Bill Acree. The two friends were photographed      from January 1989 until his retirement in January
in early January following Tanner’s retirement     2011. For the first time since 1976, Tanner isn’t
from Congress. Tanner represented the 77th         a member of a house of representatives.

    Special section takes a look
     at Tanner’s public service
         John Tanner recently closed the book on his long and distinguished
       career in public service.
         It was a career that began with his election to the Tennessee House of
       Representatives, where he served the people of
       the 77th House District from 1976 until 1988.
         He advanced from the state House of
       Representatives to the U.S. House of Repre-
       sentatives, succeeding longtime Congressman
       Ed Jones when he was elected his successor in
         Tanner served in Congress from Jan. 3, 1989
       until his official retirement from public service
       on Jan. 3 of this year.
         During his time in Congress, Tanner has wit-
       nessed his fair share of triumph and tragedy.
         He served with four U.S. presidents.
         He helped start the Blue Dog Democrats.
         He served on some of the most powerful
       committees in the U.S. House of Representatives.
         He maintained a strong reputation as a conservative throughout his
         He served two years as president of the NATO Parliamentary
                                In recent weeks, Tanner has provided The Messenger
                              unique access to the memories that he takes away from
                              his career in public service. Interviews and access to
                              photographs and other memorabilia have been made
                              available to The Messenger.
                                Also, friends and colleagues have provided The
                              Messenger with recollections.
                                And it is all included in this special section.
                                We hope you enjoy taking a look back at former
                              Congressman John Tanner’s long and distinguished
                              career in public service.

                A Publication of The Messenger
                                     March 30, 2011
Page Two                                                              The Messenger, Union City, Tennessee, Wednesday, March 30, 2011

              I first met John Tanner when he was our state representative. We had just begun
           Southern Machinery Repair and I soon found out that John was not your typical politician.
           He felt strongly about issues that had a positive impact on the business community in our
           district. He was accessible and easy to talk to.
             Our family strongly supported John in all of his campaigns for Congress. I had never
           been involved in politics but I saw in John the qualities of leadership that proved to be
           important to not only our district but to our nation as well.
              It is not often you see someone from places like rural northwest Tennessee interact
           with leaders of the world superpowers. John did this in his role as president of the NATO
           inter-parliamentary association. He was as comfortable in this role as he is in a duck
           blind or the golf course or showing up at a wild game supper with his constituents.
              Through John’s encouragement and support, then-Gov. Phil Bredesen named me to
           the Tennessee Aeronautics Commission. I later became chairman. In this role I worked
           with the congressman and saw first-hand his ability to make things happen.
             John knew that if rural areas as ours have any hope for economic viability, we have to
           work on a regional basis. He knew the importance of a vibrant transportation network to
           make the regional concept work.
              I have heard John say many times that we have the Mississippi and Tennessee rivers
           for water transportation. He made the Northwest Tennessee Port happen to take advantage
           of barge traffic on the Mississippi. He supported the Corps of Engineers’ efforts to keep
           the navigation system and the locks at dams on the Tennessee River and the Tennessee-
           Tombigbee Waterway operational.
              I don’t think there is much of an argument that John’s influence was the instrumental
           force behind Interstate 69 coming through rural West Tennessee. We have good rail
           service that is in existence.
              With water, rail and highway transportation arteries either on the board or in place,
           it was obvious all we lacked was an upgrade on our airport facilities. While I was on
           the Aeronautics Commission, I saw John lead in the efforts to get Weakley and Obion
           counties join together and form Everett-Stewart Regional Airport. John got a special
           allocation of money for the extension of our airport runway. We worked with the state
           and federal aeronautics administrations to come up with the additional funds to acquire
           the necessary land and for an extension of the runway at Everett-Stewart up to 6,500
           feet. This, along with the equipment upgrade, has made it a first-class facility.
              The dire news about Goodyear has put northwest Tennessee in a negative light in
           terms of economic stability. I just want to go on record as saying we will work out of this
           situation and John’s foresight and ability to get things done will place us in a much better
           situation to weather the impending storm. Without adequate infrastructure, our situation
           would indeed be bleak.

                                          Southern Machinery Repair
Tanner’s career was one of distinction
The Messenger, Union City, Tennessee, Wednesday, March 30, 2011                                                                                                          Page Three

   John Tanner has left quite      Tanner served as a lieu-    cal responsibility and pro-
an impression during his        tenant in the U.S. Navy        growth economic policies
more than 30 years in pub-      from 1968 until 1972, when     in Congress. The Blue Dog
lic service.                    he received an honorable       Coalition was so named
   His reputation as a con-     discharge. He entered the      because its members felt
servative Democrat extends      Tennessee Army National        “squeezed from the left and
back to his 12 years repre-     Guard in 1972 and retired      right until they turned blue
senting the 77th District in    with the rank of colonel in    in the face,” according to
the state House of Repre-       2000. Tanner is one of few     Tanner’s biography.
sentatives, and continued       members of Congress to            During the time he was a
with him during his 21 years    have served on the board       member of the U.S. House
representing Tennessee’s        of visitors for the U.S. Na-   of Representatives, Tanner
8th Congressional District      val Academy, the U.S. Air      served on the Armed Ser-
in Congress.                    Force Academy and the          vices and Science commit-
   Tanner served in the state   U.S. Military Academy.         tees until his appointment in
House of Representatives           Tanner and his wife,        1997 to the House Ways and
from 1976 until 1988, when      Betty Ann, have two chil-      Means Committee, where
he ran successfully to suc-     dren, Elizabeth (Tanner)       he served as acting chair-
ceed Ed Jones in the U.S.       Atkins and John Portis Tan-    man of the Subcommittee
House of Representatives.       ner, and four grandchildren,   on Trade, and chaired So-
He served there from 1989       Abby Frances Atkins, Tan-      cial Security Subcommittee
until his recent retirement.    ner Lantrip Atkins, Beck       and the House Foreign Af-
   Throughout his political     Counce Tanner and Edith        fairs Committee.
career, Tanner established      Dorothy Tanner.                   Tanner also served as the
himself as a conservative          Throughout his long and     Chief Deputy Whip for the
and fought diligently for       storied career in public       House Democratic Cau-
responsible spending on the     service, Tanner has relied     cus in the 109th, 110th and
state and federal levels.       heavily on his education,      111th Congress.
   The retired congress-        military background and           Tanner’s legacy as a con-
man’s biography docu-           his family.                    servative Democrat at the       POWERFUL PARTNERS — In this                  Bredesen and his wife, Andrea Conté. The
ments an impressive career         In 2008, legislators from   state and national levels       photo provided by John Tanner’s staff, the   photo is one of many photographs Tanner
in public service, all be-      all NATO-member nations        will last a long time across    former congressman (second from left)        has on display in his office in downtown
ginning in the Union City       elected Tanner to serve        West Tennessee.                 and his wife, Betty Ann Tanner (left), are   Union City.
School System.                  as president of the NATO          The impact of the work       flanked by former Tennessee Gov. Phil
   Tanner was educated          Parliamentary Assembly,        he did in the state House
in the Union City School        the alliance’s legislative     of Representatives and in
System and attended the         branch.                        Congress is still being felt
University of Tennessee at         Tanner is recognized as     through some of the proj-
Knoxville on a basketball       one of the founders of the     ects he fought for as a pub-
scholarship. He earned a        Blue Dog Coalition, a group    lic servant.
bachelor’s degree in busi-      of moderate to conservative       One of those projects
ness administration from        U.S. House Democrats.          — Lake County’s Cates
UTK in 1966 and went on         That coalition was founded     Landing — is on track for
to earn a law degree from       in 1995.                       completion within the next
the UT School of Law in            Tanner was considered a     two year thanks in large
1968.                           leader in the fight for fis-     part to Tanner.

                                                               FATHER AND SON — In
                                                               this photo provided by John
                                                               Tanner’s staff, the former
                                                               congressman is in the out-
                                                               field of the Civitan Little
                                                               League field in Graham
                                                               Park alongside his late fa-
                                                               ther, E.B. “Buzz” Tanner.
                                                               The Tanners held a very
                                                               close relationship. The pair
                                                               was photographed wearing
                                                               their Union City Insurance
                                                               Agency shirts and in front
                                                               of the Union City Insurance
                                                               Agency sign at the local
                                                               ballfield.                    WHITE HOUSE BALL — In this pho-                 in the White House with President Obama
                                                                                            to provided by John Tanner’s office, the         and his wife, first lady Michelle Obama.
                                                                                            former U.S. Representative and his wife,        The Tanners were attending the 2010 White
                                                                                            Betty Ann Tanner, pose for a formal photo       House Ball.

        HONORING                                                                                      JOHN TANNER
          Thank you for
          your service to
           our state and
            our county.

      Tennessee House of Representatives
                                                                                                     We appreciate your dedication to our state and country!
          U.S. House of Representatives
                                                                                                          Thank you for your many years of service!
           for Tennessee’s 8th District

                     206 E. Reelfoot Ave. • Suite 7
                        Union City, TN 38261
                                                                                                     Union City                        Troy                       Martin
                     731-885-2844                                                                100 Washington Ave.             220 East Harper              200 University St.
                                                                                                   731-885-2300                  731-536-4686                 731-587-2010
Images document congressman’s career
Page Four                                                                                                         The Messenger, Union City, Tennessee, Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SWEARING IN — In this photo provid-            nations elected Tanner to the prestigious
ed by former Congressman John Tanner’s         office. The NATO Parliamentary Assem-
staff, he is shown taking the oath of office    bly is the alliance’s legislative branch. The
in November 2008 when he became presi-         swearing-in ceremony was conducted in
dent of the NATO Parliamentary Assem-          Valencia, Spain.
bly. Legislators from all NATO-member

                                                                                               TANNER HONORED — Congressman                 president and chief executive office of the
                                                                                               John Tanner is shown in this photo, which    U.S. Chamber of Commerce, in recogni-
                                                                                               was published in The Messenger April 18,     tion of Tanner’s pro-business voting record
                                                                                               2007, receiving the prestigious “Spirit of   in 2006.
                                                                                               Enterprise” award from Tom Donohue,

                                                                                                      “I have been involved in city business
                                                                                                      since 1975. During this period John
                                                                                                      Tanner has always been a go-to person
                                                                                                      when I needed help with city projects.
                                                                                                      From the days of the clean water act to
                                                                                                      the present, he has always been there to
                                                                                                      assist in any way he could. John has been a
                                                                                                      friend to Troy and the surrounding area for
STRATEGY SESSION — In this photo               (seated left) and former U.S. Rep. Harold
provided by John Tanner’s staff, the former    Ford Jr. All three congressmen represented
U.S. representative talks with former Presi-   Tennessee in the U.S. House of Represen-
dent Bill Clinton, while listening in on the   tatives.                                               a long time. He will certainly be missed.”
discussion is former U.S. Rep. Bart Gordon
                                                                                                                            Troy Mayor Jimmie C. Hart
       “Never a week went by in my 20 years at
       the state Legislature that I wasn’t on the
       phone with John Tanner’s office. They
       were always there for us.”
                      Former state Rep. Phillip Pinion

                                                                                                                   A Public Thank You

                                                                                                            We appreciate your
MEETING WITH PETRAEUS — In this                who was chairman of the U.S. delegation
photo which was published in The Messen-       to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, led
ger June 4, 2008, Congressman John Tanner      a group of congressmen who visited with
talks with Gen. David Petraeus, command-       Petraeus, visited troops in Afghanistan and
ing general of the multi-national force in
Iraq at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey. Tanner,
                                               attended NATO-PA meetings in Berlin.
                                                                                                           continuous hard work
                                                                                                            over the years, your
                                                                                                         loyalty to Obion County,
                                                                                                             and your steadfast
                                                                                                          dedication to the great
                                                                                                         United States of America!

IN BAGHDAD — In this photo provided            gade in Baghdad. During his career in Con-
by John Tanner’s office, the former con-        gress, Tanner was involved in several over-
gressman (at left) is shown meeting with       seas trips. The trip to Baghdad where he
soldiers from the 18th Military Police Bri-    met with the police unit was in late 2003.             702 C.C. GURIEN DRIVE • TROY, TN 38260 • 731.536.6375
The Messenger, Union City, Tennessee, Wednesday, March 30, 2011                                                                                                              Page Five

Tanner built reputation on conservative values
                                                                                            Gov. McWherter maintained
                                                                                            strong personal, professional
                                                                                            friendship with Rep. Tanner
                                                                                            By KEVIN BOWDEN                                                 then-U.S. Sen. Al Gore Jr.
                                                                                            Staff Reporter                                                  was elected vice president,
                                                                                               Fellow Democrats John                                        leaving his seat open in the
                                                                                            Tanner and Ned R. Mc-                                           U.S. Senate. It was during
                                                                                            Wherter enjoyed a decade-                                       a trip to Shelby County that
                                                                                            long working relationship                                       McWherter recalled having
                                                                                            serving together in the state                                   lunch at Bozo’s and offer-
                                                                                            House of Representatives.                                       ing Tanner Gore’s seat in
                                                                                            Their friendship has con-                                       the U.S. Senate.
                                                                                            tinued long past their ser-                                        McWherter said Tanner
                                                                                            vice in state government                                        considered the appoint-
                                                                                            though.                                                         ment, but turned it down,
                                                                                               McWherter was elected                                        saying he wanted to stay fo-
                                                                                            to the state House of Rep-                                      cused on serving in the U.S.
                                                                                            resentatives in 1968 and                                        House of Representatives.
                                                                                            served there until his elec-                                       “He was my first choice,”
                                                                                            tion as Tennessee’s 46th           GOV. McWHERTER               McWherter said.
                                                                                            governor in 1986. After         the closest relatives his two      He later appointed Harlan
                                                                                            only two terms as a state       children have in the Tanner     Matthews to the seat.
                                                                                            representative, McWherter       family.                            McWherter has kept a
AG TALK — In this image published Oct.        tee. Givens testified about the drought and    was elected Speaker of the         “I’ve been very close to     close eye on Tanner’s po-
26, 2007, in The Messenger, Congressman       other challenges that faced farmers across    House, a position he held       John,” McWherter said.          litical career, even to the
John Tanner met with state Commissioner       West and Middle Tennessee. During his         for 14 years.                      He described Tanner as a     point when he was elected
of Agriculture Ken Givens in Washington,      years in Congress and serving in the state       The Dresden Democrat         fiscal conservative and said,    president of the NATO
D.C., before Givens was scheduled to tes-     House of Representatives, Tanner was a        went on to serve a second       “He was an excellent man        Parliamentary Assembly in
tify before the House Agriculture Commit-     strong voice for farmers across the region.   term as Tennessee’s gover-      as far as managing money.”      2008.
                                                                                            nor and he has played an           McWherter went on to            “I think his leadership
                                                                                            important role in state and     reveal a little known fact      has been proven,” he said,
                                                                                            national politics.              about Tanner’s political ca-    in reference to Tanner’s
                                                                                               Tanner was elected to the    reer.                           NATO appointment. “All of
                                                                                            state House of Representa-         Although       McWherter     the members of the NATO
                                                                                            tives in 1976 and contin-       said Tanner was, “hands         Parliament recognized his
                                                                                            ued to serve there until his    down the best candidate to      leadership abilities.”
                                                                                            election to the U.S. House      fill Ed Jones’ seat in Con-         He went on to say that he
                                                                                            of Representatives in 1988.     gress,” he said could have      understands Tanner’s deci-
                                                                                            He served 11 terms in Con-      had a seat in the U.S. Sen-     sion to retire from public
                                                                                            gress and only recently         ate.                            service.
                                                                                            retired from his career in         “All of us were strong for      “I can tell you from my
                                                                                            politics.                       him,” McWherter said about      own personal experience,
                                                                                               Tanner and McWherter         Tanner’s campaign for the       when you’ve given a great
                                                                                            served together in the state    U.S. House of Representa-       deal of your life to public
                                                                                            House of Representatives        tives. “In Washington, he       service ... you want to go
                                                                                            from 1976 until 1986.           was an effective leader and     home,” McWherter said.
                                                                                               McWherter is related to      he leads in the right direc-                 ———
                                                                                            the Tanner family by mar-       tion, and I’m very proud of        Staff Reporter Kevin
                                                                                            riage and, during a recent      him. He developed quite a       Bowden may be con-
                                                                                            telephone interview with        following.”                     tacted by e-mail at
                                                                                            The Messenger, he said             McWherter said dur-          kmbowden@ucmessenger.
                                                                                            Tanner was probably one of      ing his time as governor,       com.

ON THE COURT — In this photo provid-
ed by John Tanner’s staff, the former con-
                                              System and attended UT-Knoxville on a
                                              basketball scholarship. He earned a bach-
                                                                                              “He was an excellent man as far as managing
gressman (No. 20 seated far right) is shown
in a photo of the University of Tennessee
                                              elor’s degree in business administration
                                              from UTK in 1966 and went on to earn a          money.”
Volunteers 1962-63 basketball team. Tan-      law degree from the UT School of Law in
ner graduated from the Union City School      1968.                                                                               Former Gov. Ned Ray McWherter

         Quality, Integrity, Customer Satisfaction

                                Daulton/Frankum Inc.
              505 South 3rd Street • Union City, TN 38261 • 731-885-5600

                               John Tanner,
                         Your leadership has made
                           Northwest Tennessee
                          & our county stronger.
                            Our thanks to you!
       Dave and Amy, Charley, Finn, Coop Dan and Chrissy, Jack, Lexi, Halle Jewel, Mitchell,
             Diana Frankum, Kelly Frankum, BJ, Dani, Davey, Jorge, Katy Lane, Gracie
Obion County well represented by Tanner
Page Six                                                                                                     The Messenger, Union City, Tennessee, Wednesday, March 30, 2011

                                                                                                                         Pinion gives credit
                                                                                                                         to congressman for
                                                                                                                         making a difference
                                                                                                                         By KEVIN BOWDEN
                                                                                                                         Staff Reporter
                                                                                                                            Former State Rep. Phil-
                                                                                                                         lip Pinion is quick to credit
                                                                                                                         John Tanner for making a
                                                                                                                         difference in his 20-year
                                                                                                                         career in the state House of
                                                                                                                            Pinion succeeded Tanner
                                                                                                                         in the state House of Repre-
                                                                                                                         sentatives, where he served
                                                                                                                         for two decades, until his
                                                                                                                         retirement in early Novem-
                                                                                                                         ber 2008.
                                                                                                                            At the time of his retire-
                                                                                                                         ment, Pinion was serving
                                                                                                                         as chairman of the power-
                                                                                                                         ful House Transportation
                                                                                                                         Committee, was chairman              PHILLIP PINION
                                                                                                                         of the West Tennessee Ru-
                                                                                                                         ral Caucus and served on         just about every project I
                                                                                                                         the House Education Com-         worked on for the district
                                                                                                                         mittee, the Finance, Ways        during my 20 years in Nash-
                                                                                                                         and Means Committee and          ville,” Pinion said.
                                                                                                                         the Corrections Oversight           He said it was Tanner who
                                                                                                                         Committee.                       stood beside him in 2002 at
                                                                                                                            His career in public ser-     the Reelfoot Lake spillway
                                                                                                                         vice most certainly benefit-      and it was Tanner who was
                                                                                                                         ed from his friendship with      able to use his influence to
                                                                                                                         Tanner.                          get I-69 to run through West
                                                                                                                            “Having known John            Tennessee rather than Mid-
                                                                                                                         made things so much easier       dle Tennessee. Pinion said
                                                                                                                         in Nashville,” Pinion said       it was Tanner who helped
                                                                                                                         during a recent interview        secure federal funding for
                                                                                                                         with The Messenger.              the interstate project.
                                                                                                                            He went on to explain            The new spillway at Reel-
                                                                                                                         that Tanner’s reputation         foot Lake is near comple-
                                                                                                                         among his peers in the state     tion, thanks in large part to
                                                                                                                         capital had a significant im-     Tanner’s efforts, according
                                                                                                                         pact early on in his career in   to Pinion.
                                                                                                                         the state Legislature.              Tanner was also instru-
JOINT SESSION — In this Messenger staff photo from         dozens of joint sessions of Congress during his 22 years         “Because of John and          mental in getting the new
John Tanner’s first year in Congress, a joint session of    of service. During that time, he was actively involved in a   (the late state Sen.) Milton     Lake County prison in the
Congress in the U.S. Capitol is being addressed by Ital-   wide range of projects and was one of the founding mem-       Hamilton, I will always be       early 1990s, which created
ian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Tanner was part of   bers of the Blue Dog Democrats.                               so appreciative of the help      more than 400 new jobs.
                                                                                                                         they gave me,” Pinion said.         “Without John Tanner
                                                                                                                            He said it was Tanner’s       and Ned McWherter’s help,
                                                                                                                         legacy in Nashville that         (the prison project) would
     “John Tanner was a great colleague of mine in the House of                                                          provided him with unique
                                                                                                                         opportunities to help the
                                                                                                                                                          never have happened,” Pin-
                                                                                                                                                          ion said.
   Representatives, and the thing I respect most about him is his                                                        people in his legislative dis-
                                                                                                                                                             There is a common thread
                                                                                                                                                          that runs through each of
                                                                                                                            “That’s when I began to       the West Tennessee projects
   depth of knowledge on the issues and the nonpartisan way in                                                           realize the kind of leader
                                                                                                                         we had in John Tanner,”
                                                                                                                                                          cited by Pinion, and that
                                                                                                                                                          is economic development
   which he goes about the business of informing his views. Like                                                         Pinion said.
                                                                                                                            “Never a week went by in
                                                                                                                                                          and even more specifically
                                                                                                                                                          — job creation.
                                                                                                                         my 20 years at the state Leg-       One of the most signifi-
   all policymakers as successful as John, he is a good listener.                                                        islature that I wasn’t on the    cant projects in recent his-
                                                                                                                         phone with John Tanner’s         tory that Pinion said Tan-
   That singular skill served him very well among his colleagues                                                         office,” he said. “They were
                                                                                                                         always there for us.”
                                                                                                                                                          ner had a hand in is the
                                                                                                                                                          Cates Landing Riverport
   in Congress, through his work leading the U.S. delegation to the                                                         Having Tanner in his cor-
                                                                                                                         ner, Pinion said, gave him
                                                                                                                                                          on the Mississippi River in
                                                                                                                                                          Lake County. Pinion said
                                                                                                                         an edge when it came to          through Tanner’s influence,
   NATO Parliamentary Assembly and, most of all, in his service                                                          working on West Tennessee
                                                                                                                                                          the Cates Landing project is
                                                                                                                                                          nearing completion and will
   to the people of Tennessee’s 8th Congressional District. He will                                                         Specifically, Pinion cited
                                                                                                                         the Tyson bypass around
                                                                                                                                                          create a major industrial
                                                                                                                                                          park in neighboring Lake
                                                                                                                         Union City, I-69, the Cates      County.
   be missed by members on both sides of the aisle in Congress,                                                          Landing project in Lake             The project is expected to
                                                                                                                         County, the spillway project     have a major impact on all
   but he left a legacy of leadership that presents a model every                                                        at Reelfoot Lake, the new
                                                                                                                         Lake County prison and
                                                                                                                                                          of West Tennessee.
                                                                                                                                                             The millions of dollars
   representative of the people should strive to follow.”                                                                the four-laning of Highway
                                                                                                                         45W from Trenton to Union
                                                                                                                                                          that have been invested in
                                                                                                                                                          the port project can be cred-
                                                                                                                         City.                            ited in large part to Tanner’s
                                                                                                                            “The Tyson bypass proj-       support of the project.
                                                                                                                         ect, I remember, because            Pinion said if the proj-
                                                                 U.S Rep. Jo Ann Emerson                                 of the expense of the road,      ect was already completed,
                                                                                                                         the folks in administration      there are three industries
                                                                                                                         didn’t want to build it,” Pin-   that have expressed interest
                                                                                                                         ion said.                        in locating in the industrial
                                                                                                                            He explained that the by-     park.
                                                                                                                         pass was part of the commit-        Once completed, the port
                                                                                                                         ment from Obion County           project is expected to be a
                                                                                                                         and the state to bring Tyson     major asset in terms of re-
                                                                                                                         Foods to Union City. Pinion      cruiting industry to West
                                                                                                                         remembers getting a tele-        Tennessee.
                                                                                         HAVING A CHAT — Re-             phone call about 5 p.m. on          Through Tanner’s efforts,
                                                                                         tired U.S. Rep. John Tanner     a Friday saying the bypass       West Tennessee has a bright
                                                                                         is shown visiting with U.S.     project might be canceled.       future ahead, according to
                                                                                         Sen. Patrick Moynihan in        He said he called Tanner’s       Pinion.
                                                                                         this Messenger staff photo      office for help and within           Throughout his congres-
                                                                                         from Tanner’s first year in      90 minutes the bypass proj-      sional career, Tanner has al-
                                                                                         Congress. Prior to his death    ect was back on track.           ways had West Tennessee’s
                                                                                         in March 2003, Moynihan            “That was one of the first     best interests at heart, ac-
                                                                                         served three terms in the       examples I got on how John       cording to Pinion.
                                                                                         U.S. Senate and had a long      could get things done for           He explained that through
                                                                                         and prosperous career in        West Tennessee.” Pinion          Tanner he had an excellent
                                                                                         public service dating back      said.                            role model to follow as he
                                                                                         to the Kennedy administra-         Like Tanner, Pinion was       worked the halls at the state
                                                                                         tion.                           dedicated to getting things      Capitol.
                                                                                                                         done for West Tennessee             During his service in the
                                                                                                                         and, during his career as a      state Legislature, Pinion
                                                                                                                         state legislator, he relied      continued to work on some
                                                                                                                         heavily on Tanner’s sup-         of the many projects and
                                                                                                                         port.                            programs started and sup-
                                                                                                                            “John’s fingerprint is on      ported by Tanner.

— During his career in
public service, former U.S.
Rep. John Tanner has been
called upon numerous times
to speak at special events.
In this photo provided by
Tanner’s staff, he is shown
speaking at a special cer-
emony at Fort Campbell,
Ky., in front of a World
War II monument there.
The monument honors the
101st Airborne Division —
“Screaming Eagles” — and
features the the inscription,
“This Division ... has no his-
tory, but it has a rendezvous
with destiny.” Flanking Tan-
ner at the ceremony is Holly
Petraeus, the wife of U.S.                                                                                               FRIENDLY CHAT — In this photo provided by John Tan-
Army Four Star Gen. David                                                                                                ner’s office, the former U.S. Representative and his wife,
Petraeus.                                                                                                                Betty Ann, meet with former President Bill Clinton. Tanner
                                                                                                                         and Clinton had a close relationship while they served in
                                                                                                                         Washington, D.C.
Strong work ethic drives Tanner
The Messenger, Union City, Tennessee, Wednesday, March 30, 2011                                                                                                                           Page Seven

                                                              Congressman’s wife stands by her man
                                                              By KEVIN BOWDEN                there is a special cama-           said, “We support the pre-             right along with her hus-
                                                              Staff Reporter                 raderie among congres-             vention and early detection            band’s dedication to work-
                                                                 It took Betty Ann Tanner    sional spouses, mainly             of cancer through research,            ing for the people.
                                                              a few years to find her        because they understand            education and community                            ———
                                                              way to Washington, D.C.,       the lifestyle of living in         outreach to all populations              Staff Reporter Kevin
                                                              but once there, she defi-      two places, traveling back         including children and the             Bowden may be con-
                                                              nitely found a home away       and forth and having a             underserved.”                          tacted by e-mail at
                                                              from home.                     political race every two             Mrs. Tanner’s work on                kmbowden@ucmessenger.
                                                                 Mrs. Tanner’s husband,      years.                             Washington projects goes               com.
                                                              John Tanner, was elect-           “We wanted to enjoy
                                                              ed to the U.S. House of        Washington,” Mrs. Tanner
                                                              Representatives in 1988        said.
                                                              and began his first term in       Through congressional
                                                              Congress in early January      orientations and other spe-
                                                              1989. At that time, Mrs.       cial events, Mrs. Tanner
                                                              Tanner recalls, their son      quickly established strong
                                                              was a senior in high school    friendships and estab-
                                                              and there were other things    lished herself as a person
          JOHN AND BETTY ANN TANNER                           going on in her life.          with strong organizational
                                                                 During his first five       and leadership skills.
                                                              years in office, Mrs.             She remembers when
   “Congressional spouses are given many opportu-             Tanner stayed in Union         former first lady Barbara
                                                              City with their son, Portis,   Bush spoke at the Con-
   nities, but along with that comes responsibilities.”       who was finishing high         gressional Club and she
                                                              school. She helped with        strongly encouraged the
                                     Betty Ann Tanner         their daughter Elizabeth’s     group to get involved in
                                                              wedding and stood by her       as many clubs and orga-
                                                              mother until her death.        nizations as possible and
                                                                 “I would only come up       then work hard for those
                                                              (to Washington) for spe-       you feel the strongest con-
                                                              cific events,” Mrs. Tanner     nection with.
                                                              said.                             “I followed that advice,”
                                                                 She traveled to Wash-       Mrs. Tanner said. In fact,
                                                              ington to be with her hus-     she just recently met with
                                                              band for such events as        Mrs. Bush and reminded
                                                              White House Christmas          her of the value of her
                                                              parties and family gather-     advice.
                                                              ings where she would get          “Congressional spouses
                                                              to know other congressio-      are given many opportuni-
                                                              nal families.                  ties, but along with that
                                                                 “I just wasn’t at a place   comes responsibilities,”
                                                              where I could pick up          Mrs. Tanner said.
                                                              and move to Washington            She explained that
                                                              as soon as John was            along with being the wife
                                                              elected,” she said.            of a Congressman there
                                                                 It took five years, but     comes instant name rec-
                                                              once Mrs. Tanner moved to      ognition in Washington
                                                              Washington to be with her      and Mrs. Tanner used
                                                              husband, the Capitol scene     that notoriety to benefit
                                                              is one she quickly adjusted    several special causes
                                                              to and got involved in as a    — the Prevent Cancer
                                                              congressional wife.            Foundation, March of
                                                                 “After a few years, I       Dimes, Ford’s Theater
                                                              saw a window where I           and Meridian International
                                                              could come up and be with      Center.
DYNAMIC DUO — In this photograph provided by John             John and that is when we          Mrs. Tanner has been            NEW MAN ON CAMPUS — It was in early January
Tanner’s staff, the former congressman is shown working       decided to move,” Mrs.         the chairman of several            1989 when Union City native John Tanner stepped into the
with his then-district office manager Judy Counce at his of-   Tanner told The Messenger      Washington galas and has           role as a member of Congress and began a 22-year career
fice in the former Metropolitan Federal building in down-      last week.                     been actively involved in          serving in the U.S. House of Representatives. Tanner is
town Union City. Mrs. Counce began working for Tanner            “Since then, I have         a variety of humanitarian          shown standing in front of the historic Capitol Dome in the
during his 1988 campaign and remained with him until his      become very close friends      and community projects.            first year of his congressional career. The dome Tanner is
recent retirement from public service. The photo is one of    with some of the other            In reference to her work        posing in front of represents the heart of the U.S. Capitol
many images on display in Tanner’s Union City office.          wives.”                        with the Prevent Cancer            and connects the U.S. House of Representatives and the
                                                                 Mrs. Tanner explained       Foundation, Mrs. Tanner            U.S. Senate.

  T han k You
                                                                                                   John Tanner

                John Tanner

          In honor of your service to our state
              and country, we give thanks!
                                                                                                Thank You
                                                                                                        for your service to our community!
                        The Lois White Family,

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Tanner legacy is felt worldwide
Page Eight                                                                                                       The Messenger, Union City, Tennessee, Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Congressman’s pleasant demeanor is described
                                                                                                                                 “I’ve admired
as a key asset by one of his political colleagues                                                                               John Tanner for
By JIM FREE                                                   ing the Clinton Administra-     made her a force in her           a long time. He’s
Special To The Messenger
  I’ve known John Tanner
                                                                 John helped found the
                                                                                              own right.
                                                                                                 She was a champion for
                                                                                                                                my idea of what
since I worked for Gov.                                       fiscally conservative — and      the March of Dimes Foun-          a congressman
Ned McWherter, when                                           now famous — Blue Dog           dation, chairwoman of the
Ned was the Speaker of                                        Coalition, which is one of      Prevent Cancer Foundation         should be. He
the House back in the early
                                                              the most important voting
                                                              blocks in the House.
                                                                                              and was in the forefront of
                                                                                              the restoration of Wash-
                                                                                                                                was always atten-
  I got to know John even                                        The Blue Dog Coalition       ington, D.C.’s cherished          tive to the people
better when he came to                                        is comprised of a group of      Ford’s Theatre.
Nashville as a state repre-                                   conservative      Democrats        She did all of this while      of his district and
sentative and became an
active member of the Rural
                                                              who have helped shape
                                                              some of the most impor-
                                                                                              always keeping an eye on
                                                                                              the needs of John’s con-          their needs, and
West Tennessee Caucus. As                                     tant legislation in the last    stituents at home.                we had a num-          GOV. BREDESEN
we all know, John moved                                       20 years and it continues to       In all of these accom-
on to become a leader in                                      be a force today, thanks to     plishments, she served not        ber of occasions
the legislature.                                              John’s leadership.              only the country but also
  When he came to the                                            For the last several years   the people of the Tennes-         to work together
United States House of                                        John also served as chair-      see’s 8th Congressional           on issues both large and small. He
Representatives in 1989                 JIM FREE              man of the NATO Parlia-         district.
John immediately began to         John often spoke about      mentary Assembly. His              The nation will miss the       should be particularly proud of the
play an important role in                                     service as head of this in-     service of John and Betty
the legislative landscape in
                               the critical problem of our
                               national debt and the defi-     ternational      organization   Ann Tanner in the United          Northwest Port Authority, which
Washington. His pleasant       cit, way before it became      was indeed a great honor        States Congress.                  has a huge potential to change
demeanor and, I might add,     front page news.               for him.                           James C. Free is presi-
his ability to tell a great       Congressman       Tanner,      It should also be noted      dent and CEO of The Smith-        the economy of the entire region.
story and joke made him a                                     with resounding applause        Free Group, a business and
very popular guy with his
                               early on during the Bush
                               Administration, expressed      that Betty Ann Tanner has       political consulting firm in       Right now jobs are at the top of ev-
Democratic and Republi-        to the media how worried       made immeasurable contri-       Washington, D.C. He is a          ery political figure’s priority list,
can colleagues in the Con-     he was about the risks and     butions to our country dur-     native of Columbia and
gress.                         potential repercussions as-    ing John’s time in public       graduated from Middle             but John has been working for jobs
  His appointment to the                                      office.                          Tennessee State University.
House Ways and Means
                               sociated with China buying
                               up U.S. debt instruments.         This town, like any com-     Free served as administra-        in his district for a long time. John
Committee, which many
consider to be the most im-
                                  Many feel that Con-         munity, is based on person-
                                                              al relationships and friend-
                                                                                              tive assistant to Speaker
                                                                                              Ned Ray McWherter, was
                                                                                                                                was for jobs before jobs were cool.
                               gressman Tanner never got
portant committee in the       adequate recognition for       ships.                          chief clerk of the Tennessee       I’m also proud of the work we
House of Representatives,      authoring (in partnership         Betty Ann’s involvement      House of Representatives
was a testament to the re-     with Congressman Mike          in good works and chari-        and served as assistant to        did together on the new spillway
spect that the leadership
had for him.
                               Castle) the Welfare Reform     table organizations helped
                                                              not only John’s career but
                                                                                              President Jimmy Carter for
                                                                                              Congressional Liaison.
                                                                                                                                for Reelfoot Lake, and he was a
                               legislation that passed dur-
                                                                                                                                huge help in getting that done.
                                                                                                                                 John thought of his district first, but
                                                                                                                                was also a real force in D.C. for a
                                                                                                                                careful and conservative approach to
                                                                                                                                finances. Both his committee work
                                                                                                                                and his involvement in the Blue Dogs
                                                                                                                                reflected a nice West Tennessee com-
                                                                                                                                mon sense and will be missed, not
                                                                                                                                just here at home, but nationally.”

                                                                                                                                              Former Gov. Phil Bredesen

ON A GRAND STAGE — In this photo provided by                  from all NATO-member nations elected Tanner to serve as
John Tanner’s staff, the former congressman addressed         president of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, the alli-
the NATO Parliamentary Assembly during his term as            ance’s legislative branch. This photo hangs prominently in
president of the Assembly. It was in 2008 that legislators    Tanner’s Union City office.

                                                                 “In Washington, he was an                                   BASEBALL FANS — In this photo provided by John Tan-
                                                                                                                             ner’s staff, the former congressman (left) is photographed
                                                                 effective leader and he leads
                                                                                                                             at the former Busch Stadium in St. Louis alongside long-
                                                                                                                             time St. Louis Cardinals manager Red Schoendienst, an
                                                                                                                             unidentified dignitary and former U.S. Rep. Ed Jones. The
                                                                 in the right direction, and                                 historic photo is one of many photographs featuring promi-
                                                                                                                             nent sports figures that Tanner has on display in his Union
                                                                 I’m very proud of him. He                                   City office. Schoendienst was the Cardinals’ manager from
                                                                                                                             1965 until 1976.
                                                                 developed quite a following”
                                                                                                                             Tanner earned praise
                                                                   Former Gov. Ned Ray McWherter                             for his public service
                                                                                                                                John Tanner has received          The moderate-to-conser-
                                                                                                                             numerous honors and               vative group was founded
                                                                                                                             awards during his years of        in 1995.
                                                                                                                             public service.                      In early 2008, Tanner
                                                                                                                                On the state and national      was honored by the group
                                                                                                                             levels, he has been honored       for his longtime leadership
                                                                                                                             by his peers and by organi-       in restoring fiscal responsi-
                                                                                                                             zations that have recognized      bility and accountability to
                                                                                                                             his contributions to various      government.
                                                                                                                             causes.                              “As a highly respected
MEETING STORMIN’ NORMAN — In this photo pro-                                                                                    It was in May 2010 that        member of the Blue Dog
vided by former Congressman John Tanner’s staff, the U.S.                                                                    the state House of Repre-         Coalition, Representative
Navy veteran is shown meeting Four Star Gen. Norman                                                                          sentatives took up a resolu-      Tanner has played a major
Schwarzkopf, who served as commander of the U.S. Cen-                                                                        tion presented by state Rep.      role in putting our coun-
tral Command and was commander of the Coalition Forces                                                                       Jimmy Naifeh of Coving-           try back on track to eco-
in the Persian Gulf. Both men are now retired.                                                                               ton to honor Tanner for his       nomic stability after years
                                                                                                                             years of service in the state     of reckless fiscal practices
                                                                                                                             Legislature.                      by President Bush and the
                                                                                                                                The resolution honoring        Republican majority Con-
                                                                                                                             Tanner came during the            gress,” Congressman Mike
                                                                                                                             time when he was planning         Ross said.
  “Congressman Tanner has helped nu-                                                                                         to retire from public ser-           “As a dedicated member
  merous people throughout his career.                                                                                       vice.
                                                                                                                                Naifeh’s        resolution
                                                                                                                                                               of the Blue Dog Coalition
                                                                                                                                                               and a leader in Congress,
  He has always been our friend and a                                                                                        passed the state House of         Representative Tanner will
                                                                                                                             Representatives by a 91-0         continue to be a staunch ad-
  very considerate representative for the                                                                                    vote.                             vocate of fiscally responsi-
  constituents in his district. Many proj-                                                                                      Tanner served in the state
                                                                                                                             House of Representatives,
                                                                                                                                                               ble policies that will benefit
                                                                                                                                                               generations to come,” the
  ects would not have been successfully                                                                                      representing the 77th dis-        Arkansas Democrat said.
                                                                                                                             trict, from 1976 until 1988.         “I am proud of the suc-
  completed had it not been for John                                                                                            It was in 1988 that he was     cess the Blue Dogs have
  and his support. Obion County owes                                                                                         elected to the U.S. House of
                                                                                                                             Representatives, represent-
                                                                                                                                                               been able to help achieve
                                                                                                                                                               in restoring common sense
  Congressman Tanner many thanks                              CHESTEEN HONORED — In this image published Feb.                ing the 8th Congressional         and accountability to our
                                                              14, 2008, in The Messenger, Congressman John Tanner            District.                         federal budget,” Tanner
  for his years of selfless service to us.”                    presented University of Tennessee at Martin history and           He succeeded Ed Jones in       said.
                                                              political science professor Richard Chesteen with a copy       Congress and served there            Since it was formed 16
                                                              of the Dec. 19, 2007, Congressional Record. It was in that     for 22 years, until his retire-   years ago, the fiscally con-
         Obion County Mayor Benny McGuire                     Congressional Record that Tanner’s speech was document-        ment earlier this year.           servative Blue Dog Demo-
                                                              ed honoring Chesteen’s career as a teacher. Throughout his        During his time in Con-        crats have maintained a
                                                              career in public service, Tanner was known for meeting         gress, Tanner was one of          deep commitment to the
                                                              with his constituents at his Washington, D.C., office and       the founding members of           financial stability and na-
                                                              those photographs appeared regularly in The Messenger.         the Blue Dog Democrats.           tional security of the U.S.
The Messenger, Union City, Tennessee, Wednesday, March 30, 2011                                                                                                         Page Nine

THE ONE AND ONLY YOGI — During                 fied dignitary. As a player, Berra won three   GOLFING BUDDIES — In this photo             D.C., and remained friends and enjoyed
his career in public service, former Con-      American League MVP awards and played         provided by John Tanner’s staff, the for-   several rounds of golf while serving in
gressman John Tanner (right) had to oppor-     in 14 World Series. He was named the          mer Congressman is shown during one         the nation’s capital. Tanner and the for-
tunity to meet some well-known and very        Yankees’ manager in 1964. He is as well       of his many rounds of golf with former      mer president often enjoyed rounds at the
unique characters. In this photo provided      known for his baseball skills as his “Yogi-   President Bill Clinton. They knew each      Army-Navy Club behind the Pentagon.
by Tanner’s staff, he is shown talking with    isms.” His No. 8 Yankees jersey has been      other before they came to Washington,
legendary New York Yankees player and          retired.
coach Yogi Berra (left) and an unidenti-

SPORTS LEGENDS — During his ca-                (continuing from left) track and field star
reer in Congress, former U.S. Representa-      Carl Lewis, boxing legend Muhammed Ali
tive John Tanner (left) had the privilege of   and NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Johnny
meeting some of the sporting world’s most      Unitas. The photo of Tanner with the three FELLOW GOLFERS — In this photo                 ing legend Arnold Palmer. Later on, Palmer
prominent athletes. Few of those meet-         sports legends hangs prominently in his provided by John Tanner’s staff, the retired      autographed the photo which now hangs in
ings could compare to his getting to meet      Union City office.                          congressman had his photo taken with golf-     Tanner’s Union City office.

                                                                                                        JOHN TANNER
                                                                                                      for 35 years of service to
                                                                                                      our state & community!
                                                                                                      1976-1988                                1989-2011
                                                                                                       Tennessee House of                         U.S. House of
                                                                                                        Representatives                         Representatives for
                                                                                                                                              Tennessee’s 8th District

         Th an k You!
         John Tanner
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Tanner discusses life in politics
Page Ten                                                                                                          The Messenger, Union City, Tennessee, Wednesday, March 30, 2011

By KEVIN BOWDEN                    “There weren’t that                    ———                  top-down system of gov-                   ———                    “It is clear what has hap-
Staff Reporter                  many votes at all that                                         ernment.                                                      pened if one looks back to
   John’s Tanner’s political    you’d describe as partisan        During one of several           “We decided to try to          In response to a question   the last time we had a bal-
history dates back to his       politics,” Tanner said.        phone interviews with The       form a group that would        about what it was like to      anced budget, which was
days in the state Legisla-         Having worked with Al-      Messenger, Tanner shifted       be sort of in the middle       fly aboard Air Force One,       in the ’90s,” he said. “At
ture, where he began his        exander for eight years in     his focus away from his         and that hopefully would       Tanner replied, “Well, it      that time we had passed
career during the adminis-      Nashville, the Union City      memories of those lead-         be some sensible way to        was pretty nice accommo-       what was called the Pay-
tration of Gov. Ray Blan-       Democrat recalls his rela-     ers he served with on the       let the legislative process    dations.”                      Go Rule, which basically
ton and ended his career        tionship with the Repub-       state and national levels       work on the one hand and          “I flew back with Presi-     said if you pass a bill that
during the administration       lican governor, who now        and briefly discussed how        yet, on the other hand, not    dent George H.W. Bush          automatically       increases
of President Obama.             serves as the senior U.S.      Congress differs from the       let it go back to where the    when he came down to           spending or reduces rev-
   Since 1976, Tanner has       senator from Tennessee.        state Legislature.              committees of jurisdiction     Memphis to participate in      enue it has to be offset ...
served with three Tennes-          “Of course, I disagreed        It was in 1989 that Tan-     had exclusive say-so in        the 1,000 Points of Light      in other words, you have
see governors and four          with him from time to          ner succeeded Ed Jones to       what was in the final work      there at The Commercial        to pay for it.”
U.S. presidents.                time, as I did with almost     represent Tennessee’s 8th       product,” Tanner said.         Appeal ... and then I rode        Tanner said the Pay-Go
   He represented House         all of the governors and       Congressional District in          And so the Blue Dog         in Air Force One a couple      Rule worked and by the
District 77 in the Ten-         presidents I’ve worked         the U.S. House of Repre-        Democrats came into ex-        of times with President        late 90s America had a
nessee General Assem-           with,” Tanner said.            sentatives.                     istence.                       Clinton,” Tanner said.         small surplus.
bly from 1976 until 1988           “I subscribe to the old        “In the state Legislature,      “We actually had some          He described the presi-        Then came 9/11.
and he served in the U.S.       theory of General George       everyone is focused on a        Republicans in the early       dent’s jet as very impres-        Then came the second
House of Representatives        Patton, who said, ‘If two      bill or issue at the same       days that wanted to meet       sive. The president has an     major disaster of 2001, ac-
representing the 8th Con-       people agree on every-         time in the House,” Tanner      with us, but I think the       office aboard the plane, as     cording to Tanner.
gressional District from        thing, one of them is not      said. “Congress is much         Gingrich leadership put a      well as a sitting room and        The Congressional Bud-
1989 until his recent re-       thinking.’”                    more fractured by com-          stop to that,” he said.        bedroom for long overseas      get Office that year fore-
tirement from public ser-          From the state Capitol      mittee jurisdiction than the       The Blue Dog Demo-          trips.                         cast a $5 trillion surplus
vice.                           to the U.S. Capitol, Tan-      Legislature is.”                crats, according to Tanner,                                   over the next decade.
   Looking back on his          ner shared his thoughts           Tanner explained that        could be described as right               ———                    “People acted like that
political career, Tanner        on some of the presidents      in Washington, D.C., just       of center on money issues                                     was money in the bank,”
offered The Messenger a         he worked with while he        because a congressman           and a little more tolerant        The former congress-        Tanner said.
glimpse into his personal       served in Congress.            introduces a bill, it doesn’t   in dealing with social is-     man was recognized for            “I remember saying,
and professional relation-         “I got along very well      necessarily mean it will        sues.                          his passionate support for     ‘Wait a minute, this is
ships with some of the          with George H.W. Bush.         ever be heard. The system          “Which meant we were        a balanced budget and          just a forecast ... there’s
state and national leaders      He worked with the Dem-        of committees in Congress       pretty well targeted by        against the growing na-        no money here, we’re just
he served with while in of-     ocratic Congress and he        is very complex and there       the left wing and the right    tional debt.                   breaking even for the first
fice.                            was a very reasonable          are times that bills never      wing all the time, which          Next to national securi-    time in 25 years. If it’s sup-
   While serving in the         guy,” Tanner said.             make it out of committee.       meant to many of us we         ty, Tanner’s dedication to     posed to be 75 (degrees)
state Legislature, Tanner          The Union City Demo-           “Other than the State of     must be doing something        the federal budget was at      and sunny and when you
served in the state House       crat also enjoyed a close      the Union (address) there’s     right,” he said.               the top of his agenda while    get up it’s 45 (degrees)
of Representatives dur-         personal and professional      almost no time that all the                                    he served in Congress.         and raining, you don’t put
ing former Gov. Lamar           friendship with former         members of the House or                    ———                    “The government, in my      on flip flops, shorts and
Alexander’s eight years         President Bill Clinton that    the Senate are focused on                                      view, has always been an       sunglasses and go for a
in office and during two         dated back to when Clin-       the same thing at the same         Tanner described his        economic model of capi-        walk.’”
years of former Gov. Ned        ton served as governor of      time,” Tanner said.             early years in Congress        talism,” he said. “One of         Tanner’s analogy rep-
Ray McWherter’s term in         Arkansas.                         He explained that when       as going through an in-        the things that has to hap-    resents a philosophy he
office.                             It was then Governor        he first arrived in the na-      doctrination process, after    pen is government must         worked hard to instill
   “Blanton was governor        Clinton who worked with        tion’s capital there was a      which he earned a level of     invest in two areas — in-      among his fellow leg-
only the first two years I       Tanner’s predecessor, Ed       huge Democratic majority        seniority that got him ap-     frastructure and human         islators and one that he
was in the Legislature and      Jones, to create the Delta     in Congress and the com-        pointed to the House Ways      capital.                       preached long and hard to
then Governor Alexander         Regional Authority.            mittee chairmen all had         and Means Committee,              Tanner explained that in    anyone who would listen.
was governor for eight             Tanner described Clin-      like little fiefdoms. He said    which is considered the        order for any community           Despite all his efforts, in
years and then Ned was          ton as being very good at      the committee chairmen          premier committee in the       — from a small town to         June 2001 the federal eco-
governor for the last two       handling the country’s fi-      were the final arbiters of       U.S. House of Representa-      an entire nation — to suc-     nomic plan was enacted
years I was in the Legisla-     nancial matters.               the bill content that ended     tives.                         ceed, there must be a solid    with some fairly dramatic
ture,” Tanner said.                “When he left office, the    up on the House floor in            He described that com-      foundation.                    tax cuts. What the plan
   “The majority of the         country was in pretty good     many cases.                     mittee as have the most           “It’s just not possible     didn’t take into account
time I was in the Legis-        shape financially,” Tanner         Tanner said there were       jurisdiction in Congress,      to make any money on a         was the economic impact
lature, Lamar Alexander         said about Clinton.            many disagreements and          and the only committee         dirt road that goes across     of 9/11.
was the governor,” he said.        On several occasions,       arguments over committee        mentioned in the founding      a creek where there’s no          “Almost all of the as-
“We got along fine.”             the two enjoyed hitting the    jurisdictions.                  documents in regard to the     bridge and there’s no wa-      sumptions that went into
   “In the Legislature back     links at the Army-Navy            “In 1994, when the Newt      organization of Congress.      ter, sewer or electricity,”    the conclusion that there
in those days, most of the      Club behind the Pentagon.      Gingrich Republicans took          Having served with          Tanner said. “It’s just not    would be a $5 trillion sur-
different points of views          “Oftentimes, it would       over, the pendulum swung        distinction on the House       possible to develop your       plus over the next 10 years
were expressed in rural         just be the two of us,” Tan-   the other way, so that al-      Ways and Means Com-            country or to develop          were no longer valid. But
versus urban. It was not        ner said.                      most every bill that came       mittee, Tanner’s career in     people’s       opportunities   we never changed our di-
Democrat versus Republi-           Tanner’s final years in      to the floor was written in      Washington, D.C., shifted      without infrastructure, and    rection, or course ... went
can,” Tanner said.              Congress were spent dur-       the speaker’s office and the     focus to the NATO Parlia-      I’ve always been a strong      to war in Afghanistan and
   He went on to explain        ing the Obama adminis-         committees of jurisdiction      mentary Assembly.              advocate of infrastructure     then Iraq, and we stayed
that the cities of Nashville,   tration. He said that he       became virtually meaning-          About four years ago,       spending as well as human      with the same economic
Memphis, Knoxville and          disagreed with President       less,” Tanner said.             Tanner was named the           capital.”                      plan that had been enacted
Chattanooga dominated           Obama on several major            It was during that period    head of the U.S. delega-          Throughout       history,   in June of that year,” Tan-
urban issues and the rest       issues, but described him      that Tanner said he and         tion to the NATO assem-        no country has ever truly      ner said.
of the state was classified      as being “very open,”          others in the U.S. House of     bly, and then in 2008 he       been strong and free with         By 2003, the country’s
as rural Tennessee in the       “courteous” and “inquisi-      Representatives decided         was elected president of       an unhealthy and unedu-        revenue stream was below
Legislature.                    tive.”                         they’d had enough of the        the entire Parliamentary       cated population, accord-      17 percent of the Gross
                                                                                               Assembly. Tanner was           ing to Tanner. He said         Domestic Product and ex-
                                                                                               elected by the approxi-        that philosophy becomes        penditures were over 20
                                                                                               mately 250 delegates from      even more relevant in an       percent, which meant a
                                                                                               all the member nations.        increasingly global econ-      structural deficit had been
                                                                                                  “My interests have al-      omy.                           created and still exists, ac-
                                                                                               ways been geared toward           “We must have healthy,      cording to Tanner.
                                                                                               national security matters      educated young people             “That’s one of the rea-
                                                                                               and the economic viability     in order to compete,” he       sons we’re in the shape
                                                                                               of the government,” Tan-       said. “Education has al-       we’re in right now,” he
                                                                                               ner said.                      ways been a priority along     said.
                                                                                                  “Those are the two          with health care in terms         Kevin Bowden may be
                                                                                               things I worried about         of childhood prevention        contacted by e-mail at
                                                                                               most of the time I was in      and all the things that go     kmbowden@ucmessenger.
                                                                                               Congress.”                     with that.”                    com.

REACHING OUT — In this photo pro-              dent Boris Yeltsin. He was the first elected
vided by John Tanner’s staff, the former       president of the Russian Soviet Federative
congressman is shown reaching out to           Socialist Republic.
shake the hand of former Russian Presi-

KINGS OF THE DIAMOND — In this                 to are (front from left) Pete Sorrell, Tommy    PAYING RESPECT — In this image pub-            in the state and U.S. House of Representa-
photo provided by John Tanner’s staff, the     Edwards, Don Cleek, Charles Green, Jim          lished Nov. 14, 2008, in The Messenger         tives, Tanner was a strong supporter of the
former congressman is shown in his young-      Bondurant, Joe Foster, Steve Speed and          Congressman John Tanner and his wife,          U.S. military. He is a U.S. Navy and Army
er days as a member of the 1959 Old and        (back from left) coaches Harold Cotton and      Betty Ann, lay a rose on the gravesite of a    National Guard veteran and chaired the
Third National Bank Babe Ruth team. The        Charles Copeland, Al Spivey, Tanner, John       World War II veteran from Tennessee at the     U.S. delegation to the NATO Parliamentary
black and white print of the Babe Ruth team    Blackwell, Barry Lofton, Jerry Benthel and      Sicily-Rome American Cemetery in Net-          Assembly prior to being elected president
hangs in Tanner’s Union City office as one      manager C.E. Green.                             tuno, Italy. Throughout his years of service   of the Assembly in November 2008.
of many images from his youth. In the pho-
The Messenger, Union City, Tennessee, Wednesday, March 30, 2011                                                                                                         Page Eleven

                                                                                            STRATEGY SESSION — In this photo              surrounded himself with key advisers, of
                                                                                            from John Tanner’s first year in Washing-      which Sharble was one of his early allies
                                                                                            ton, the congressman is shown working         in Congress. Another faithful ally during
                                                                                            with his then-chief of staff Kelly Sharble.   Tanner’s years in Congress was Joe Hill.
                                                                                            During his years in public service, Tanner

BIG ENDORSEMENT — It was a very               1976 until 1988. In the November 1988
special night in Trenton in 1988 when re-     election, Tanner defeated Jackson attorney
tiring Congressman Ed Jones formally en-      Ed Bryant. Tanner carried 85 percent of
dorsed the man who would take his place       Obion County in his election to Congress.
in Congress. Jones officially endorsed         He and his family celebrated his victory at
John Tanner to take his seat in the U.S.      the former Falkoff building in downtown
House of Representatives representing         Union City. Tanner was welcomed to his
the 8th Congressional District. It was a      victory night celebration with then-Miss
major step for Tanner, who had served in      Tennessee Carrie Folkes singing “Rocky
the state House of Representatives from       Top” while the large crowd cheered.

                                                                                            WELL STAFFED — In this photo from             staff members Kathy Becker, Gina Wright,
                                                                                            John Tanner’s first year in Washington, the    Kelly Sharble, Emily LeRoy, Vickie Wall-
                                                                                            congressman (front center) is flanked by       ing and Candra Callicott. This image is one
                                                                                            his staff as they posed in Tanner’s office     of many retained by Tanner documenting
                                                                                            at 512 Cannon Building in Washington,         his career in the U.S. House of Representa-
                                                                                            D.C. Tanner is surrounded by (from left)      tives.

                                                                                              “He recognized his responsibility to the district and
                                                                                              the nation’s well-being. He, in my judgment, balanced
AT THE TABLE — In this photo sup-             high-level meetings involving presidents,       those roles with a temperament not often found in
plied by John Tanner’s staff, the congress-   heads of state and world leaders. The
man (far right) is shown at a presidential    Union City Democrat retired from public         people who represent swing districts in Congress.”
briefing in the White House with then          service earlier this year. Tanner’s Union
President George W. Bush. During his 22       City office is packed with photos from his                                              Longtime Tanner aide Joe Hill
years service in the U.S. House of Repre-     meetings, as well as a variety of memen-
sentatives, Tanner attended a number of       tos from his years of service in Congress.

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                                                                                                             We appreciate all
                                                                                                              you’ve done!
                                                                                                              From everyone at
                                                                                                            Aloha Pools & Spas in
                John Tanner
          We want to thank you for your hard work
                                                                                                                 Union City
              and service in the U.S. Congress.
   Our country is a better place because of your dedication.

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                                 UNION CITY, TN
Tanner reflects on life in public service
Page Twelve                                                                                                          The Messenger, Union City, Tennessee, Wednesday, March 30, 2011

By KEVIN BOWDEN                                 2001. We were on the road to getting out        on by the contestants in the contest, which           “It’s been a life that has been, on the
Staff Reporter                                  of debt and we created this structural prob-    was something he felt quite proud of as            one hand, very hectic and almost harried
   During a telephone interview last week,      lems where the revenue stream was below         her father.                                        from time to time, but one that has given
former Congressman John Tanner dis-             17 percent of GDP and the expenditure              “It’s pretty special when you think about       us a lot of opportunities that we may
cussed some of his memories and thoughts        stream was over 20 (percent).                   being with young women from all 50                 never had otherwise had and gave both of
from his career in Washington, D.C.                “The polarization that has occurred and      states for a week and you’re elected as the        us the opportunity to help other people,
   It was a discussion that revealed Tanner’s   the inability of some members of the            person they liked the most. That was really        whether they called us at home or called
deep family ties and detailed his strong        media, as well as elected officials, to         a special time for us,” he said.                   the office.
sense of pride in the work he did in            extend to one who disagrees with them              One of Tanner’s fondest memories                   “I will say this, one of the other highlights
Congress. The interview also revealed a         the same intellectual honesty and purity of     and proudest moments involving his son             was the staff that I had. From Washington,
very personal side of Tanner in which he        motive they claim for themselves. It makes      (Portis) comes from when he interned for           and all the folks in the Washington office
talked about some of his frustrations.          it awfully difficult for the members to         U.S. Sen. Jim Sasser and also when he              to the Union City office to the Jackson
   Tanner has started a new chapter in his      come together to address in a meaningful        worked at the Embassy for Kazakhstan.              office to the Memphis office. As they say,
life, but last week’s interview provided        way the country’s problems.”                       Kazakhstan is one of six independent            a turtle doesn’t get up on a fence post all
him with a chance to reflect on the 22                                                          Turkic states and the republic is geographi-       alone ... if you see a turtle on top of a fence
years he served in Congress.                                    ———                             cally located on the border of Central Asia        post you can bet he didn’t get up there by
   The interview also provided Tanner with         National Guard Armory Dedication             and Eastern Europe.                                himself.
a chance to talk about his family and his                                                          While serving with the embassy,                    “I was very, very fortunate. We were
congressional staff.                              On March 17, 1996, dedication ceremo-         Portis Tanner was attending a conference           very fortunate to have had loyal, dedi-
                                                nies were held in Union City to name the        in Houston, Texas, and got to meet St.             cated, competent staff (members) who
                 ———                            local National Guard armory in Tanner’s         Louis Cardinals legend Ted Simmons. The            were truly and sincerely interested in our
       High Points and Low Points               honor.                                          young Tanner told Simmons that when he             constituents.”
                                                  “Well, it was a surprise to me,” Tanner       was about eight or nine years old he got              Looking back on his political career,
   “I suppose one of the high points, domes-    said about the dedication.                      Simmons to autograph one of his base-              Tanner also takes away memories of get-
tically speaking, was the work I did with         “They did that in the Tennessee General       balls.                                             ting to meet with all the U.S. presidents
Congressman Mike Castle, a Republican           Assembly and of course it was a great              The stories about his children illustrate       dating back to Jimmy Carter. As a member
from Delaware, on the welfare reform            honor. I served on active duty in the U.S.      Tanner’s strong family ties and the impor-         of Congress, he worked with all the U.S.
bill that Congress passed and President         Navy, but I spent 26 years in the Tennessee     tance he places on his family.                     presidents dating back to George H.W.
Clinton signed back in about 1997 or            Army National Guard and I remember the             Tanner is also quick to praise his wife,        Bush.
1998,” Tanner said.                             occasion when Adjutant Gen. Gus Hargett         Betty Ann, for her support and her involve-           “That’s something you don’t think about
   “From the standpoint of foreign affairs,     came down here and both my mother and           ment in a wide range of activities in              when you’re here ... it’s part of the job”
being elected president of the 28-member        father were still alive, so I’m glad they got   Washington, D.C.                                   Tanner said. “But when you look back on
NATO Parliamentary Assembly, which is           to be there that day.                              “Betty Ann has done a remarkable job,”          things, you realize how fortunate a guy
composed of parliamentarians from all             “As a guardsman, it had great meaning         Tanner said. “I guess she has been chair           from Obion County was with his life, and
28 NATO-member nations. Another high            to me and still does.                           or co-chair of the March of Dimes effort           to have had the opportunities that we’ve
point was seeing the fruition of the Cates        “It’s an honor that I certainly don’t         here, the American Cancer Society, the             had thanks to the will and the generosity
Landing Port.”                                  deserve. It came as a surprise more than        American Heart Association, and she’s              of the people who sent us here.”
   “Unquestionably (one of the low points)      anything else.”                                 on the board of Ford’s Theater. She’s a               “The travels that I did with NATO and
was the inability of Congress to come to                                                        past board member of Meridian House                meetings with world leaders and heads of
grips with the economic problems that                             ———                           International, where she has gotten some           state and trying to do what I could from
are facing our country that I’ve been talk-                  Capitol Memories                   exhibits for Nashville and Humboldt ... at         that forum to promote cooperation and
ing about since 2003 when we created a                                                          the West Tennessee Art Museum.”                    help from our allies wherever they might
structural deficit. And really, the inability     “Early on, our daughter (Elizabeth)              Meridian International is a leading non-        be is something I’ll take with me for the
of conveying to the American people the         was the Cherry Blossom Princess from            partisan, not-for-profit organization dedi-        rest of my life,” he said.
sense of urgency that I think our financial     Tennessee. That would have been 1991            cated to strengthening international under-           Staff     Reporter        Kevin     Bowden
problems hold for us. And it all goes back      or so.”                                         standing through the exchange of people,           may be contacted by e-mail at
to the structural deficit that was created in     Tanner explained the honor was voted          ideas and culture.                                 kmbowden@ucmessenger.com.

                                                                                                       “John Tanner and I have
                                                                                                      worked together for 30
                                                                                                      years, both in state gov-
                                                                                                      ernment and in Congress.
                                                                                                      Throughout his entire public
                                                                                                      career he has been conscien-
                                                                                                      tious, willing to work across
                                                                                                      party lines and tight-fisted with taxpayer

GUEST SPEAKER — Eighth District                 the best person to run for president. Tan-
Congressman John Tanner of Union City
was guest speaker Jan. 13, 2006, at South
                                                ner said Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, U.S.
                                                Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana and retired Gen.
                                                                                                                                  U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander
Fulton High School, where he addressed          Wesley Clark, former commander of U.S.
a group of about 50 students in the school      forces, Europe. “I am more concerned right
library. During a question-and-answer ex-       now with the performance of the Congress
change, SFHS senior Lydia Mudd asked            over the next three years in terms of getting
him who in the Democratic Party would be        a handle on problems,” he said.

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The Messenger, Union City, Tennessee, Wednesday, March 13, 2011                                                                                                                            Page Thirteen

                                                                                                 32-year friendship
                                                                                                 Longtime aide reflects
                                                                                                 on years with Tanner
                                                                                                 By JOE HILL                                          roles with a temperament not often found
                                                                                                 Special to The Messenger                             in people who represent swing districts in
                                                                                                     In 1976, I was on the staff of then-Con-         Congress.
                                                                                                 gressman Ed Jones.                                      In Obion, Lake and Dyer counties, John
                                                                                                     I took a leave of absence to manage his          will long be associated with the Northwest
                                                                                                 campaign for re-election that year.                  Tennessee Port.
                                                                                                     This is when I met John Tanner.                     With what has happened with Goodyear,
                                                                                                     John was a successful candidate for the          this port is becoming more important with
                                                                                                 Tennessee House of Representatives in                each passing day.
                                                                                                 Henry, Obion and Weakley Counties. We                   John organized the first meeting con-
                                                                                                 became friends during that campaign in               cerning the port. Included were Gov. Phil
                                                                                                 1976 and, until I retired from his staff 32          Bredesen and a host of cabinet officials.
FUNDING ANNOUNCED — With the                   of the lake. Among those attending were           years later in 2008, there were not many             John shepherded the funding and the sup-
dilapidated spillway in the background,        (continuing from left) Tony White of Cy-          days that we did not either talk, work on            port to bring the project to where it was
former Congressman John Tanner (left)          press Point Resort, Tanner aide Joe Hill and      some project, travel some place or just              destined to be operational before his term
and former state Rep. Phillip Pinion (sec-     former Obion County Mayor Gaylon Long.            have a good laugh.                                   expired last year.
ond from left) held a news conference at       Lake County Mayor Macie Roberson and                  In 1983, I Iearned first-hand about John’s           Like any public official, John Tanner
Reelfoot Lake April 16, 2004, to formally      Tennessee Department of Transportation            leadership abilities.                                has a few detractors but I think even they
announce funding of a new bridge-spillway      officials also attended.                               He appointed me as a member of the               would agree, that this port, which may be
complex on Highway 21 on the south shore                                                         Reelfoot Lake Task Force.                            northwest Tennessee’s economic salvation,

Tanner gets credit for his work
                                                                                                     The task force made a number of sig-             would not be there if it were not for John’s
                                                                                                 nificant recommendations with the most                effort.
                                                                                                 important being a new spillway that would               But John’s work was not parochial.

on Cates Landing port project
                                                                                                 literally save Reelfoot Lake, as we know                All 19 of the district’s counties have enti-
                                                                                                 it.                                                  ties, which are the products of his work.
                                                                                                     John fought with all of his heart for this          There are water and sewer systems,
                                                                                                 project.                                             schools, police departments, economic
By KEVIN BOWDEN                                and federal funds will finance the construc-           After securing the support of Gov. Phil          development programs, Veterans’ Admin-
Staff Reporter                                 tion of a loading dock and connecting in-         Bredesen, John ultimately saw it under con-          istration facilities, armories, airport im-
  Amid all the excitement over the recent      termodal barge and truck transport facili-        struction while he was still in Congress.            provements, roads, agricultural programs,
approval of $20 million in state and federal   ties at a site just north of Tiptonville and on       Make no bones about it, the new spill-           recreational facilities, community centers,
funds for Lake County’s Cates Landing,         the eastern shores of the Mississippi River.      way would not be in place without John               rural fire protection, high-speed rural Inter-
those closest to the project recognized how    Phase II funding will make the port opera-        Tanner.                                              net access and improved rural health care
hard John Tanner fought for its funding        tional within two years.                              When Congressman Jones retired in                in place because of policies that John sup-
while serving in Congress.                        All along, those involved in the proj-         1988, I was among a large number of                  ported in Congress.
  Just ask Jimmy Williamson, who serves        ect have pointed out that since 1990, the         people who urged John to seek to succeed                While not listed, but equally important
as chairman of the Northwest Tennessee         northwest Tennessee region has lost more          him.                                                 are infrastructural features like Interstate
Regional Port Authority.                       than 7,700 jobs and then there is the recent          John ran and received 62 percent of the          69, as well as the many improvements to
  At a recent news conference at the Obion     announcement by Goodyear that another             vote and that was his lowest percent of the          Fort Campbell near Clarksville and the Na-
County Public Library, Williamson singled      1,900 will be eliminated by the end of this       vote in the next 10 elections.                       val Personnel Center at Millington.
out Tanner for his hard work on the proj-      year.                                                 Even in 1994 when Democrats in Ten-                 All will be a part of John’s legacy.
ect.                                              The region’s bleak economic outlook is         nessee were routed, John received a thump-              Throughout the years, I had the oppor-
  “I personally believe that we got the TI-    offset by its potential and by its central lo-    ing 64 percent.                                      tunity to be around many public officials,
GER II grant because of John Tanner,” he       cation, which is within one day’s drive to            His percentages were routinely in the            including a host of congressmen, a number
said.                                          76 percent of the nation’s major markets.         70s.                                                 of senators and several governors.
  The news conference featured Gov. Bill          The Cates Landing port project has been            After the 1988 win, John asked me to                John was respected by all of them.
Haslam, who brought with him the good          in the planning and development stage for         join his staff.                                         They knew he was honest and that he
news that a $13 million TIGER II grant         more than 20 years, and with Tanner’s help            I accepted his offer to head up his district     would do what he thought to be right.
funding had been approved for the project.     now the project will soon become a real-          operation and had the good fortune to work              They knew he had a well-grounded core
That $13 million coupled with $7 million       ity.                                              for him for the ensuing 20 years.                    of values that his constituents respected,
in state funds will finance the construction       Former state Rep. Phillip Pinion under-            I think John looked upon his role as a           thus allowing him to be a major player in
phase of the Lake County port.                 stands how hard Tanner worked for the             U.S. Congressman from a two-pronged                  national policies involving domestic, mili-
  Like so many who have been involved          project’s funding.                                perspective.                                         tary and foreign policy priorities.
in the project since its inception, Tanner        “John’s fingerprint is on just about every          He recognized his responsibility to the             He served his district, state and nation
recognized its importance in terms of eco-     project I worked on for the district during       district and the nation’s well-being.                well.
nomic development for the entire region.       my 20 years in Nashville,” Pinion said.               He, in my judgment, balanced those                  This will be his epitaph.
  Just ask longtime Tanner aide Joe Hill.         Through Tanner’s efforts, West Tennes-
  “In Obion, Lake and Dyer Counties, John      see has a bright future ahead, according to
will long be associated with the Northwest     Pinion.
Tennessee Port. With what has happened            In addition to the 9,000-foot slack wa-

                                                                                                                                           Thank You
with Goodyear, this port is becoming more      ter harbor and intermodal dock, the Cates
                                                                                                       Colon Cancer.
important with each passing day,” Hill         Landing project also features a 350-acre                 Get the test.
said. “John organized the first meeting con-    industrial park adjacent to the port.
cerning the port. Included were Gov. Phil         For Tanner, getting the port project fully           Get the polyp.
Bredesen and a host of cabinet officials.
John shepherded the funding and the sup-
                                               funded was a top priority and one that he
                                               and others can now watch become a ma-                   Get the cure.                    for your service to our
port to bring the project to where it was
destined to be operational before his term
                                               jor asset for the entire northwest Tennessee
                                               region.                                                  1-800-ACS-2345 or cancer.org
                                                                                                                                            state & community!
expired last year.”                               Staff Reporter Kevin Bowden may be
  For those unfamiliar with the Cates          contacted by e-mail at kmbowden@uc
Landing project, the $20 million in state      messenger.com.                                                                          GOLDEN SERVICE REALTY
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  “John Tanner has been a very good friend to
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  and he was instrumental, on several occasions,
  in helping us secure grants and loans through
  the USDA Rural Development program to ex-
                                                                                                      Thank You
                                                                                                       for your
  pand our business. I always appreciated the
  fact that John did his best to help the people                                                    hard work &
  and businesses in his district, and we will cer-                                                  service to the
  tainly miss his representation and leadership.”                                                    8th District!
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                                                                                                                         Thank You
                                                                                                          John Tanner
                                                                                                      for serving Tennessee’s 8th District
      HONORING JOHN TANNER                                                                                      the past 22 years!
                               We would like to thank
                               you for your leadership                                                                                                 CONLEY
                               & dedication to the 8th                                                                                                 CAMPBELL
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Page Fourteen                                                                    The Messenger, Union City, Tennessee, Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tanner represents the people                                                                                                         There’s no place
                                                                                                                                      like USA.gov.
                                                                                                                                        It’s the official
                                                                                                                                    source of federal and
                                                            REFORM SOUGHT —                                                           state government
                                                            Congressman John Tanner                                                  information. It can
                                                            (center) talked with Con-                                                   make you as
                                                            gressman Mike Castle (R-                                                 all-knowing as the
                                                            Del.) before a Capitol Hill                                                  Wizard of Oz.
                                                            press conference in June
                                                            2009. Joining them was J.
                                                            Gerald Hebert, executive
                                                            director of the nonpartisan
                                                            Campaign Legal Center,
                                                            which supported the Tan-
                                                            ner/Castle bill, introduced
                                                            that month to ease political
                                                            polarization by reforming
                                                            congressional redistricting.

                                                            MEMORIAL DAY —
                                                            Bringing a 2009 Memorial
                                                            Day message, Congress-
                                                            man John Tanner addressed
                                                            the ship’s crew and guests                          Many thanks to our
                                                                                                                friend & neighbor!

                                                                                                          B                                   S
                                                            aboard the USS Porter, a
                                                            Navy destroyer, when the

                                                            ship was docked in Stock-
                                                            holm, Sweden. Tanner was
                                                            in Stockholm to lead a dele-
                                                            gation of 10 members of the                           Most complete menʼs store
                                                                                                                     in West Tennessee
                                                            U.S. House of Representa-                                Down Town • Union City
                                                            tives attending a meeting
                                                            of the North Atlantic Treaty
                                                            Organization Parliamentary
                                                            Assembly. “Today (May 25,
                                                            2009) we Americans com-
                                                            memorate a solemn occa-
                                                            sion as we honor all those
                                                            who have worn the uniform
                                                            of the United States military
                                                            and who have sacrificed

                                                                                                     JOHN TANNER
                                                            their lives for the sake of
                                                            their nation,” Tanner said.
                                                            Members of the House del-
                                                            egation visited with sailors
                                                            and Marines whose state-                       We appreciate all
                                                            side homes included many
                                                            of the states represented by                  you’ve done for our
                                                            delegation members.
                                                                                                          County & Country!

                                                            VISITING — Congress-
                                                            man John Tanner talked
                                                            with Maj. Gen. John F.
                                                            Campbell,       commanding
                                                            general of the Army’s 101st
                                                            Airborne Division, during a
                                                            visit to Fort Campbell Army
                                                            Base in 2009 to discuss the
                                                            101st’s recent deployments                                                 Debbie & Trent Ams
                                                            and ongoing operations in
                                                            Afghanistan and Iraq. Tan-
                                                            ner served on the House
                                                            Foreign Affairs Commit-
                                                                                                 UNION CITY CARPET
                                                            tee and as president of the          602 Perkins St. • 885-2830 • Union City, TN
                                                            NATO Parliamentary As-
                                                                                                    Building Solutions, Inc.
                                                                                                         of Union City
                                                                                                         wants to help you with all types of
                                                                                                    Residential Building, Any Plumbing Needs,
                                                            SPECIAL GUEST — Con-                   Apartment Rentals and Warehouse Space with
                                                            gressman John Tanner (left)                       Maxi-Storage Rentals.
                                                            and a special guest — Mi-
                                                            chael Astrue, commissioner
                                                            of the federal Social Secu-
                                                            rity Administration — re-
                                                            viewed a booklet as they
                                                            awaited the start of a dedi-
                                                            cation ceremony in Union
                                                            City in June of 2009. The
                                                            high-ranking official of the
                                                            Obama administration vis-
                                                            ited Union City to be guest
                                                            speaker at the dedication of
                                                            a new $1.4 million building
                                                                                                   Thank You,
                                                            to house the district head-
                                                            quarters of SSA. Construc-
                                                                                                  John Tanner!
                                                            tion was finished in late                We would like to thank you
                                                            2008 and manager Carey                   for your hard work & all
                                                            Capps and his 11-person                 you’ve done for our area!
                                                            staff, along with official re-
                                                            cords, relocated from 1003
                                                            East Reelfoot Ave. shortly
                                                            thereafter. The first Social
                                                            Security office in Union
                                                            City opened in 1973 in the
                                                            old Westover School build-
                                                                                                 Call 731-885-8709
                                                            ing on Florida Avenue.               STILL LOCATED AT 2305 WEST MAIN STREET • UNION CITY, TN

                                   Thank You
 Union City Civitan Club
  “People Helping People”
    Second and Fourth
    Tuesday — 6 p.m.
                                  JOHN TANNER                   John Tanner
 Union City Civitan Club    for all your hard work and
    Meal and meeting
  “People Helping People”
    Second and Fourth
     For information,       dedication to our state and          Thank you
                            community! - Benny McGuire
       call 885-6109
    Tuesday — 6 p.m.
    Meal and meeting                                              for your
     For information,
      call 885-6109
                                              Thank you
                                            for your hard
                                                                    to our
                                              work and
                                            dedication to        community!
                                             our state &
                                                                235 Westgate Drive • Union City, TN

 JOHN TANNER                                                        Industrial, Commercial, Residential
Tanner represented OC with style
The Messenger, Union City, Tennessee, Wednesday, March 30, 2011                                                                                                                      Page Fifteen

                                                                                                                      BLUE DOGS — In this photo provided by John Tanner’s
                                                                                                                      staff, the former congressman (far right) is shown with
DRESSED TO THE NINES — In this image provided                House Christmas Tree alongside former first lady Hillary fellow members of the Blue Dog Coalition as the group
by John Tanner’s staff, the former congressman is shown      Clinton, Edith Tanner and former President Bill Clinton. stands out in front of the NASDAQ sign in New York City.
attending a formal function at the White House during the    The image is one of several photographs Tanner has on The photo was taken in 2003 and is one of many images on
Clinton Administration. Tanner poses in front of the White   display in his Union City office.                         display in Tanner’s Union City office.

                                                                                            Tanner praises staff
                                                                                               Entrepreneur Ray Kroc                     what they and others have     for all the volunteers he
                                                                                            once said, “You’re only                      meant to me during my         has worked with during his
                                                                                            as good as the people you                    years in public service,”     years in public service.
                                                                                            hire.”                                       Tanner said.                     He specifically cited the
                                                                                               John Tanner understands                     In addition to all the      work of three campaign
                                                                                            that principle.                              people who worked with        treasurers — Jim Glasgow
                                                                                               During his years in pub-                  him over the years, Tanner    Jr., Ron Cooper and Bim
                                                                                            lic service, he certainly                    said he was thankful, too,    Barker.
                                                                                            surrounded himself with a
                                                                                            qualified, capable and dedi-
                                                                                            cated staff.
                                                                                               During interviews for
                                                                                            this special section, Tanner
                                                                                            praised all the many people
                                                                                                                                             BB’S WHOLESALE
                                                                                            who had worked for him
                                                                                            during his years in the state
                                                                                            House of Representatives

                                                                                            as well as in Congress.
                                                                                               He identified several staff
                                                                                            members who were instru-

                                                                                            mental in the work he was
                                                                                            involved in during his years
                                                                                            in public service.
                                                                                               Tanner inherited a highly
                                                                                            capable adviser from Con-
                                                                                            gressman Ed Jones’ staff
                                                                                            — Joe Hill — who served
                                                                                            with Tanner for two de-
                                                                                                                                                 JOHN TANNER
                                                                                                                                                3636 Hwy. 45E (Martin Hwy) • South Fulton, TN
                                                                                            cades. During that time,
                                                                                            Tanner described Hill as a                                731-796-1344 •• bbswholesale.com
                                                                                            very valuable adviser.
                                                                                               Another staff member
                                                                                            Tanner singled out was
SWEARING IN — In this photo provided          man Ed Jones representing Tennessee’s 8th
by John Tanner’s staff, the former con-
gressman recreated his official swearing in
                                              Congressional District. Tanner enjoyed a
                                              prominent career in public service, which
                                                                                            Vickie Walling. She worked
                                                                                            with Tanner for 22 years
                                                                                            and served as his chief of
to the U.S. House of Representatives with a
little help from U.S. Rep. Jim Wright. The
photo was taken on Jan. 3, 1989, when Tan-
                                              included serving in the Tennessee House
                                              of Representatives and the U.S. House of
                                                                                            staff in Washington, D.C.,
                                                                                            for many years.                                      JOHN TANNER
                                                                                               On the local scene, Tan-
ner was first sworn in to replace Congress-                                                  ner praised the work of
                                                                                            Judy Counce, who worked
                                                                                            out of Tanner’s Union City
                                                                                            office. She, too, worked on
                                                                                            Tanner’s staff for 22 years.
                                                                                               He also praised the work
                                                                                            of Lou Ann White, Kathy
                                                                                            Becker, Doug Thompson
                                                                                            and Margaret Black, all
                                                                                            of whom served with Tan-
                                                                                            ner for 22 years. He also
                                                                                            cited the work of Shirlene                         Thank You for your many years of
                                                                                            Mercer, who worked at his
                                                                                            Jackson field office.
                                                                                                                                               service to our state & community!
                                                                                               “I can’t say enough about
                                                                                                                                                                    SNAPPY TOMATO

                                                                                                  Colon Cancer.
                                                                                                   Get the test.
                                                                                                  Get the polyp.
                                                                                                  Get the cure.
                                                                                                   1-800-ACS-2345 or cancer.org
                                                                                                                                                        Buffet – Carry-Out – Delivery
                                                                                                                                             509 South First Street 885-SNAP (7627)

                                                                                                            HONORING YOUR SERVICE
TANNER GATHERING — In this pho-               um curator Pat Higdon; Tanner and Betty
to from The Messenger’s archives, John        Ann Tanner; Abby Atkins, Tanner Atkins,
Tanner is shown alongside his family at       Elizabeth (Tanner) Atkins and Kyle Atkins
a dedication ceremony held near Halls in
August 2010. The image was taken at the
formal presentation of a large oil painting
                                              (back). In 1942, the late Mrs. Tanner was
                                              a major in the ROTC Sponsors Brigade at
                                              the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.
                                                                                                                                  John Tanner
of Tanner’s mother, the late Edith (Sum-      On Sept. 22, 1944, she delivered the future
ners) Tanner, to the Dyersburg Army Air       congressman at the air base near Halls. Her
Base Veterans Museum. A new museum            painting was done by Union City artist Dr.
pavilion was named in memory of the late      Paul Marsidi, who used a black and white          1968 - 1972 United States Navy
Mrs. Tanner. On hand for the presentation     image of her from her days at UT Knox-
were (from left) Portis and Cindy Tanner      ville.                                            1974 - 2000 United States Army
and their children, Beck and Edie; muse-                                                                    National Guard

                                                                                                1976 - 1988 Tennessee House of

                                                                                                1989 - 2011 U.S. House of Representatives
                                                                                                            from Tennessee’s 8th District

                                                                                                Thank you for your service to our
                                                                                                country, our state and our communities.

                 Dave Schlager, AAMS             www.edwardjones.com       Member SIPC
                 Financial Advisor                                                              Union City
                                                                                                100 E. Reelfoot Ave. • 885-7090
                 201 West Main St. Ste H                                                        Other offices in Dresden, Dyersburg, Greenfield, Humboldt, Jackson,
                 Union City, TN 38261                                                           Kenton, Lexington, Martin, Rives, Sharon, South Fulton and Troy
                 731-885-1684                                                                   www.first-state.net
Page Sixteen                           The Messenger, Union City, Tennessee, Wednesday, March 30, 2011




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