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Installing the Citrix Desktop Receiver


									                         Installing the Citrix Desktop Receiver

Pre-installation note: Earlier versions of Citrix’s desktop and application virtualization
clients should be removed prior to begging this installation. If another version exists on
the PC and this installation is unable to upgrade the components it will result in an error
similar to the following:

If you receive the error above you will need to click OK and uninstall the prior versions
of these Citrix components prior to beginning the installation again.

To uninstall the prior versions of the Citrix virtualizations clients:
   1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.
   2. Browse the list and locate any of the following:
           Citrix Desktop Receiver Client
           Citrix XenDesktop Receiver Client
           Citrix XenApp Client
           Citrix Presentation Server Client
   3. Click Remove for each of the Citrix tools entered above.

Once applications have been removed you should be able to install without error.

Additionally, Citrix version 11.2 or higher is required if you’re currently using the
Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System.

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Installing the Citrix XenDesktop Receiver client for accessing the Accero hosted

   1. Open Internet Explorer and go to the website
   2. Enter your Accero datacenter Username and Password then click the Log On

   3. If you have not previously installed the latest Citrix Desktop Receiver you will be
      prompted to do so after logon. Place a check in the checkbox and click the
      Download button.

                                          Page 2
4. When you receive the following File Download prompt click Run.

5. If prompted to confirm that you want to run the components after the download
   completes click Run to begin the installation.

6. After a short delay the installer will prompt you whether or not to install support
   for USB devices. Select Yes and click Install.

                                       Page 3
7. Wait as the installation progresses. Then click Close when you receive the
   Installation Complete message.

8. At this point you may be prompted to restart. If so, click Yes. If you are not
   prompted to restart proceed to step 10.

9. After your computer restarts, open Internet Explorer and return to and log in again using your Accero datacenter
   Username and Password

                                       Page 4
10. If you are prompted that the webpage requires the Citrix Helper Control left click
    on that bar and select Run ActiveX Control

11. If you receive the Do you want to run this ActiveX control prompt again click Run.

                                       Page 5
12. You are now at the main portal page. Click the Click to Connect link to launch
    the UAT environment desktop.

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   13. At this point the UAT desktop should launch and you have successfully tested
       connecting to Accero’s datacenter environment

If you saw the window above then you have successfully tested connecting to the
Accero hosted datacenter. Now that you have completed the installation of the Citrix
Desktop Receiver you will proceed immediately to step 12 or 13 after logging in to the
Accero hosted datacenter using this method.

At this point you can log off by selecting Start and Log Off.

                                          Page 7
Manipulating the environment window
   You can maximize/minimize the window using the Minimize/Maximize/Close
       buttons          in the upper right hand corner as with most windows
      You can resize this window by placing your cursor on any edge or corner until
       you see the stretch cursor. Then left click and drag the window.

      The window will scale to fit whatever window size you drag it to. If you would like
       to have the resolution of the environment window reset to match the new size
       you select simply press the Change Resolution button in the upper center of the
       desktop window and click Yes to confirm the change in resolution.

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