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									                                                                                 Poverty Reduction Support Facility

                                           TERMS OF REFERENCE

                                         Pre-Selection - Companies

                       National Team for Accelerating Poverty Reduction (TNP2K)

                                         Jakarta-based / Home-Base

The Government of Indonesia plans to accelerate the pace of poverty reduction over the next five years.
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has declared that poverty reduction is the highest development priority
of the current administration. The government plans to reach this goal by strengthening economic growth and
job creation, as well as continuing its poverty reduction strategy. The strategy is articulated around three
clusters: Cluster I focus on household-based social assistance programs; Cluster II emphasizes community
empowerment programs; and Cluster III seeks to expand economic opportunities for low-income households
and to achieve economic and financial inclusion of greater population in Indonesia.

Overall oversight and coordination of poverty and social protection programs has been elevated to the
Office of the Vice-President. A Presidential Regulation (No. 15/2010) established a National Team for the
Acceleration of Poverty Reduction (Tim Nasional Percepatan Penaggulangan Kemiskinan, TNP2K) that will lead
the coordination and oversight of all poverty reduction programs under all three clusters of the national
poverty reduction strategy. Vice-President Boediono will chair the TNP2K, which will include all government
agencies responsible for the planning, financing and implementation of poverty reduction programs. The
regulation also mandated a Secretariat, housed in the Office of the Vice-President, which is responsible for:
drafting policies and programs, setting targets, developing a targeting database, carrying out monitoring and
evaluation, and conducting analyses and providing technical and administrative support for TNP2K. It will also
be responsible for establishing working groups that will act as “internal think tanks” overseeing coordination of
poverty reduction clusters, a national targeting system, and a system for monitoring and evaluation.

The Poverty Reduction Support Facility (PRSF) is designed in response to the Vice President’s request for
Australia to provide support for The National Team for Accelerating Poverty Reduction (TNP2K). The goals and
objectives of PRSF are aligned with TNP2K, the Presidential Instruction (Inpres) No. 15/2010, and are consist
with the overarching goals of sustainable poverty alleviation within the 2008-2013 AusAID Country Strategy
under the Australia Indonesia Partnership. The long term / medium goals and objectives are:

1. Long Term Goal: To increase the rate of poverty reduction in Indonesia and reduce the impact of shocks
   and stresses on the poor and vulnerable.
2. Medium term goal: Improve the quality of policy advice for poverty programs.
3. Objectives: Given the Facility’s central role in supporting the National Team for Accelerating Poverty
   Reduction, its key objectives align with those of the National Team which are to:
            design and oversee a large-scale program of social assistance and poverty reduction;
            consolidate, simplify, and improve the efficiency of existing programs; and

                                                                                 Poverty Reduction Support Facility

               identify important but troubled social assistance programs and resolve their implementation

Description of Call for Pre-Selection: Companies
PRSF is managed by GRM International on behalf of AusAID. A database of pre-selected companies will be
established for firms / institutions / NGOs to register their interest in managing and implementing research
activities that will be subcontracted out over the life of the Facility (until end 2014). Highly qualified policy
research and analytical firms / institutions / NGOs with expertise in managing and implementing activities in
the below disciplinary fields are being sought:

        1)       Social Assistance and Poverty Reduction
        2)       Community Empowerment and Civil Society Strengthening
        3)       Regional/Local governance and pro-poor planning.
        4)       SME, micro-finance and private sector development
        5)       Rural Development and food security
        6)       Markets for the poor/commodity value chains/agribusiness
        7)       Vocational training
        8)       Poverty targeting and MIS
        9)       Health insurance
        10)      Education Policy Research / Scholarships
        11)      Public Private Partnerships
        12)      Exclusion and poverty – gender, disability, elderly
        13)      M&E / Impact Evaluations of poverty programmes
        14)      Knowledge management
        15)      Information, Education and Communication
        16)      Qualitative and Quantitative Surveys
        17)      Facilitation skills
        18)      Event organisers

Application Process

Interested companies should send the following documentation:
     Application Letter
     Company Profile
     Details of relevant previous experience

To the following email address:
By the closing date 15th December 2011

In the email subject please indicate “PRSF-COM, Discipline Field”. The “discipline field” should refer
to one of the discipline categories listed above. For example if interested in registering for the
“knowledge management” assignments the subject email should be “PRSF-COM, Knowledge
                                                                         Poverty Reduction Support Facility

Companies must not apply for more than 1 disciplinary field in one email, and can apply for in total a
maximum of 5 disciplinary fields (in 5 separate emails).


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