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This project is a culminating activity for the Chemistry section of the Grade 10
science program.

You are expected to work in groups of 3 and carry out an extensive research on
acid rain. Your research would be conducted through out the chemistry unit and
you would be asked to give a progress report every week.

Group Members: 1. ____________________           2. _______________________

                  3. ____________________

Submission date: _________________________________________________

The Task
Your group has been hired to investigate acid rain. You will take on the role of a
Chemist, Ecologist, Health Scientist, Economist or Politician and examine the
issues from that perspective.

Your group will research and investigate the problems caused by acid rain and
recommend ways that these problems can be alleviated.

Use the questions appearing under each role to assist you in your research.


      What is acid rain?
      What chemicals make rain acidic, and how does it happen?
      Where do these chemical come from?
      How do we measure the acidity of rain?
      What is ph?
      Describe the pH range and list various things that correspond to the
       various pH levels.
      What is the pH of normal rain, and at what level does the pH become


      What effect does acid rain have on trees and soil?
      How does the effect of acid rain on trees and soil affect us?
      What happens when lakes and aquatic systems become acidic?
      How does acidic water systems affect us?
      Are the aquatic systems in our area being affected by acid rain? If
       yes, to what extent?
      What are the danger signs of the effect of acid rain on aquatic


      How does acid rain affect humans?
      What are some of the direct effects of acid rain on humans? Are
       there any health problems associated with acid rain?
      What are some of the indirect effects of acid rain on humans? Does
       acid rain affect our sources of food, water, and air.
      What are the consequences of the effects of acid rain on people?


      Does acid rain affect building materials?
      Does acid rain have an effect on architecture?
      What does acid rain do to our roads, highways, and bridges?
      What is the effect of acid rain on things made from metal such as
       automobiles, trains, buses, and other means of transportation?
      What does the effect of acid rain cost us in terms of money?
      What are the economic consequences of acid rain on fisheries,
       forestry, and agriculture?


      Should we push for legislations that reduces acid rain?
      Does acid rain originate outside our borders?
      Should we work with governments of neighboring countries to get
       them to pass legislation related to acid rain?
      Will acid rain legislation on industries affect the price consumers pay
       for goods produced by these industries?
      If we pass legislation on industries, how flexible can we be on
       timelines for their compliance?

Feel free to investigate other questions associated with these roles that are of
interest to you.

Project submission:

In your group of 3, you are to each choose one of the above roles for
investigation, as well as investigate a fourth role as a group.
Your final product for submission will consist of 2 parts.

Part 1 – Report
While you collect research in the 4 areas you have chosen, it is expected that
you will be making notes, summarizing information, and recording where you
found the information. You will have to submit this information in some sort of
binding (duotang, spiral binding, etc). Your submission should be broken up into
5 sections – 1 for each area of research, and a works cited sections. This must
be completed in the APA format.
At the beginning of your report, you must also include a log indicating when your
group met (perhaps as a calendar), who research which individual roles, and who
contribute what information to the group research.

Part 2 – Presentation of your choice!
For the area that you researched as a group, you will create a detailed
presentation on Acid Rain from that point of view. This can be in the form of a
presentation (PowerPoint, commercial, skit) information display board, brochure,
or another form approved by your teacher. The presentation should contain
pictures, graphs/charts and/or a video to keep the presentation interesting and
captivating. Each presentation should include an explanation of how the topic is
related to acid rain.

Sources of Information:
Sources of information may include libraries, newspapers and magazines,
internet, television and documentary videos, and interviews or written materials
obtained from local utilities or industries. Check out Environment Canada and the
Department of Environment and Public Safety for more information on the topic.

There will be an individual as well as a group mark associated for each project.
                                         SNC 2D                                                                                                       Group member
                                         CHEM Culminating – Acid Rain Research Project
                                         This rubric is subject to minor changes at the                                   Knowledge/Understanding
                                         teacher’s discretion!
                                                          Criteria                      Remedial                  Level 1                 Level 2                            Level 3                                 Level 4
                                          A1.3 – Identify and locate print,          Nothing              1 source is used       Less than three types of       Three types of sources are        Three or more types of sources are used.
                                          electronic and human sources that          submitted            for all the            sources are used.              used. Less than two examples      For 3 of those types, there are 2 examples
                                          are relevant to research questions                              information.                                          of each are used                  of each.
                                          A1.7 – Select, organize and record         Nothing              Information is         A proper works cited is        A proper works cited is           A proper works cited is submitted for each

                                          relevant information on research           submitted            referenced, but it     submitted for most of the      submitted for each source of      source of information. It is in APA format

                                          topics from various sources,                                    lacks organization     sources of information.        information.
                                          including electronic, prim, and/or                              or form
                                          human sources, using recommended
                                          formats and an accepted form of
                                          academic documentation
                                          A1.11 – Communicate ideas, plans,          The presentation     The presentation       The presentation was not       The presentation was              The presentation was GREAT. It included a
                                          procedures, results, and conclusions       was not done         was too brief,         very engaging. It involved     interesting. It included          wide variety of means to get the information
                                          orally, in writing, and/or in electronic                        seemed to lack         some reading off papers.       diagrams, people speaking and     across
                                          presentations, using appropriate                                preparation                                           information in other formats
                                          language and a variety of formats
                                          C1.1 – Analyze, on the basis of            The presentation     The presentation       The presentation               A lot of good information is      The presentation was very informative and
                                          research, various safety and               was not done         seriously lacked       addressed information in a     presented regarding the topic     captivating.

                                          environmental issues associated with                            information            superficial manner. It         of Acid Rain and its effects on
                                          chemical reactions and their                                                           lacked detail                  the environment
                                          reactants and/or products
                                          C2.1 – Use appropriate terminology         The presentation     Key terminology        Key terminology related to     Key terminology related to acid   Key terminology related to acid rain was
                                          related to chemical reactions              was not done         related to acid rain   acid rain was rarely used      rain was often used correctly     always used correctly

                                                                                                          was never used
                                          C2.2 – Construct molecular models          There is no          The presentation       The presentation included      The presentation included a       The presentation included some diagrams

                                          to illustrate the structure of molecules   diagram of a         included a diagram     a diagram of a molecule        diagram of a molecule found in    of molecules found in acid rain
                                          in simple chemical reactions and           molecule in the      of a molecule          found in acid rain, but it     acid rain
                                          produce diagrams of these models           presentation         found in acid rain,    contains errors or is a poor
                                                                                                          but it contains        diagram
                                                                                                          errors and is a
                                                                                                          poor diagram
                                          C3.3 – Describe the types of               The effects of       The effects of acid    The effects of acid rain are   The effects of acid rain are      The effects of acid rain are discussed in
                                          evidence that indicate chemical            acid rain are not    rain are mentioned     discussed                      discussed in depth                depth, and are shown through chemical
                                          change                                     mentioned                                                                                                    changes
                                          C3.4 – Write word equations and            Word and             Word and/or            Word and/or balanced           Word and balanced chemical        More than one word and balanced chemical
                                          balanced chemical equations for            balanced             balanced chemical      chemical equations             equations appear in the           equations appears in the presentation
                                          simple chemical reactions                  chemical             equations appear       appear in the presentation     presentation
                                                                                     equations do not     in the presentation

                                                                                     appear in the        but are incorrect
                                          C3.7 – Describe how the pH scale is        The use of the       The use of the pH      The use of the pH scale is     The use of the pH scale is        The use of the pH scale is discussed in
                                          used to classify solutions as acidic,      pH scale is not      scale is mentioned     discussed in their             discussed in their presentation   their presentation in depth
                                          basic, or neutral                          discussed in their   in their               presentation superficially
                                                                                     presentation         presentation

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