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									           “As cold water to a thirsty soul so is good news from a far country.” Proverbs 25:25

              The Good News
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Volume 4, Issue 8                                                                                        August 2007

                            Our Mission
               “We are a Family,
               united     in    the                                           IN August
               Christian Faith,
  bringing people to know Christ, by                                      MONDAY NIGHT WORSHIP
                                                                            August 13, 20, 27 starting at 7:00.
  sharing the Good News of His                                          All Monday Night Services are communion
  unconditional love.”                                                                  services.

                                                                           CELEBRATING 25 YEARS
                                                                                    August 5, 2007
                                                                            8:30 Worship at Prince of Peace
                  Our Purpose                                                       With SS at 9:45
  “To bring people to Jesus and                                         11:00 Worship at John Stiff Park area #10
                                                                                Potluck Picnic to follow
  membership in his family, develop
  them to Christ-like maturity, and                                                      VBS
                                                                               “QUEST FOR TRUTH”
  equip them for their ministry in the                                     August 5-9, 2007 from 6:00-8:30pm
  Church and their life, mission in the                                        VOTERS MEETING
  world in order to magnify God’s                                              August 15, 2007 at 7:00 pm
  name.”                                                                        STAFF RETREAT
                                                                            August 16, 2007 9:00am-2:00pm
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                                                                            JONES FAMILY PICNIC
                                                                               August 26, 2007 at 1:00.
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                                                          Through all the ministries connected to LCMS,
                                                          we work together to share and to proclaim the
                                                          great news of Jesus Christ. We do this by
                                                          seeking to bring glory to God and to be faithful
                                                          witnesses to His Word.         Because of this
                                                          commitment to be faithful to the Word of God,
                                                          there will sometimes be limits on what we can or
    Grace and Peace to You! As you may know,
                                                          will do. Our focus is not on us but on God and
    several church conventions are taking place this
                                                          His Word. Please join me in rejoicing for what
    summer. The LWML had their convention in
                                                          God has done for you in Christ and how God is
    June. The LCMS convention was July 14-19.
                                                          making His love known through our work
    The LLL had their convention at the end of July.
                                                          together in the LCMS, the LWML, and the LLL.
    And the LCMS national youth gathering met in
                                                          I encourage you to learn more about these
    Orlando, FL. This was an exciting summer for
                                                          ministries and join with brothers and sisters in
    many people! The conventions were a time for
                                                          Christ to share in this wonderful work that we
    many to learn and grow and experience new and
                                                          are doing together. To God be the Glory!
    interesting things. It is absolutely amazing how
    God brings people in our church together from
                                                          Yours in Christ,
    all over the country to focus again on being
                                                          Rev. Jeffrey D. Geske
    about His business. Our heavenly Father calls us
    to be about reaching, teaching, sharing, and
    proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. I
    love the words that the angels proclaimed to the
    shepherds: ―Do not be afraid. I bring you good
    news of great joy that will be for all the people.
    Today in the town of David a Savior has been
    born to you; he is Christ the Lord.‖ (Luke 2:10b-
    11 NIV)
    The message that we seek to bring to hearts and
    lives today is the message of the Savior that was
    born for us. This Savior was born so that we
                                                          The song ―Father Welcomes‖ written by Robin
                                                          Mann says:
    may have the certainty of forgiveness and eternal
                                                          ―Father welcomes all his children to his family
    life. This Savior came and made the journey to
                                                          through his Son. Father giving his salvation,
    the cross to give us the victory. Until He comes
                                                          Life forever has been won.‖
    again, we seek to proclaim and to share the Good
    News of God’s love for us. The mission of our
                                                          Isn’t it awesome to know that we serve a God
    congregation is to ―bring people to know Christ.‖
                                                          who has provided all of these wonderful things
    We join with brothers and sister through the
                                                          this world has to offer and thinks enough of us to
    Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod to live the
                                                          give everlasting life? Let’s take some time this
    mission that we share. The mission of our
                                                          year to be like our Father in Heaven and
    church body is, ―In grateful response to God's
                                                          welcome friends to worship here at Prince of
    grace and empowered by the Holy Spirit through
                                                          Peace and share that message of hope.
    Word and Sacraments, the mission of The
    Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod is vigorously
    to make known the love of Christ by word and
                                                          Chris Hegstrom
    deed within our churches, communities, and the

                                                      Sunday School News continued:

                                                      MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW for the
                                                      Sunday School Celebration Day the last Sunday in
                                                      September. This will be a 5th Sunday blended
                                                      worship service, followed by a potluck meal and
                                                      lots of fun activities for all ages. You will want to
I want to thank everyone for the donations to the     be a part of this!
crafts for VBS.       Everything      needed was
donated; this will help each child have a great       SUNDAY SCHOOL OFFERINGS for May
time. The next several months are going to be         through August will be going to Hispanic ministry
busy and here are some upcoming events that are       in San Antonio; we are helping purchase Bibles –
planned: Heroes Unmasked, a fall festival             in English and in Spanish – for their outreach
outreach on Oct. 5th; Parents Night Out Nov. 24th     ministry.
and 29th; A Night in Bethlehem, a Christmas out
reach on Dec. 7th and 8th. All of these events will   CHRISTMAS PLANNING – Looking way
need volunteers from the congregation to help         ahead: the children’s Christmas program/worship
make these events a success but, I don’t want to      service is scheduled for Sunday, December 16.
stretch people out so you don’t have to volunteer
for everything. I encourage you to attend and
enjoy them all!

                       DO       YOU         LOVE
                       CHILDREN? If so, we
                       have a spot for you! We
                       are in need of two persons
                       willing to serve as a team
                       or as teacher/substitute for
                       the pre-school Sunday              VBS starts on Sunday, August 5th and ends
                       school class. Or, if you           Thursday, August 9th . The time will be from
 have a heart for this ministry but don’t feel like
 you would be the right fit for the little ones, we      Dinner will be provided for all volunteers and
 can be flexible and put you with another age                   any family members who are
 group. Please contact Beth Lauterbach at 488-                        actual participants.
 2423 if you are interested – just remember:
 there is no higher calling as a Christian than               We need volunteers for our VBS.
 teaching the little ones about Jesus!                  A Planning Meeting will be held in July. Watch
                                                                your bulletin for date and time.
 walked back to see the bulletin board set up in
 the Sunday school hallway? We have pictures                 TEXAS CEF STAMP PROGRAM
 from the Groom field trip posted. And the Pre-         The program is called ―K.I.D.S.‖ It stands for
 School class has some of their artwork on              Kids Into Discipleship and Stewardship. For
 display. Special thanks to Danny Riley and Pat         more information or for a savings book, please
 Howell for hanging the bulletin board and to           contact the church office. This is a great way to
 Danielle Fehr for making it attractive.                save money and support the work of the Lord.
                                                        Get started today!

                                                          LWML adopts $1.7 million
                                                          mission goal, elects president
                                                          By Paula Schlueter Ross

                                                          SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -- Relying on the ―rock-
                                                          solid‖ foundation of their faith in Jesus Christ,
                                                          delegates to the 32nd Biennial Convention of the
    Our quarterly meeting of LWML met at the
                                                          Lutheran Women's Missionary League adopted a
    church July 14, 2007 with a brunch beginning at
                                                          record-setting mission goal of $1.7 million for
    10:00 a.m. Hostesses were LaDonna Adkins,
                                                          the 2007-09 biennium.
    Margie Ammons and Dawn Cash. Beth
    Lauterbach gave the Bible study entitled Fan into     More than 5,000 people attended the 65th
    Flames. Sally Haynie led closing devotions            anniversary convention, held here June 21-24
    entitled G.I.F.T.S.                                   under the theme ―ROCK! Rest On Christ the
                                                          King,‖ from Psalm 31:1-3: ―Secure in Jesus, my
    Our next quarterly meeting will be a program          rock and fortress, I step out in faith to declare
    featuring BSA Hospice with Laura Reyher,              His praise and serve others.‖
    Outreach Manager, as our featured speaker. We
    invite all women of Prince of Peace as well as all    Sioux Falls -- known for its pink quartzite rock,
    the men to attend. We will begin with brunch at       second only to diamonds in strength -- was
    10:00 a.m. There will be a silent auction             mentioned by several speakers as being an apt
    featuring ―Christmas in October‖ with many            location for the convention, with its ―ROCK‖
    items to purchase. We will also take a Love           theme.
    offering and Thrivent will match $500.00 of the
    monies collected. All will benefit BSA                The record mission goal is $75,000 more than
    Hospice/Olivia’s Angels. We hope all of you           the LWML's previous goal for 2005-07.
    will make plans to attend on October 13, 2007 at      Contributions given by the organization's
    10:00 a.m. here at the church. At one time or         250,000 members nationwide over the next two
    another all of our lives have been touched with       years will be used to cover organizational
    the hospice program. They do a wonderful work         expenses and to support 18 mission grants to:
    of making our loved ones and friends’ lives a
    little easier during their last days on earth. We              train deaf-ministry leaders ($50,000).
    need to support this special work.                             provide portable medical clinics in
                                                                    Sudan, East Africa ($70,000).
    On October 14, 2007 we will be celebrating
    LWML Sunday. This year’s theme is Rest On                      build 10 Lutheran churches in India
    Christ the King….R.O.C.K. This was also the                     ($100,000).
    theme for the 2007 LWML National Convention
    in Sioux Falls, SD in June.                                    support a female missionary to Muslim
                                                                    people in Guinea, Africa ($100,000).
    Thank you again for supporting our Muffins for
                                                                   help Lutheran Bible Translators, Aurora,
    Mites program in July. You gave over $35.00 in
                                                                    Ill., provide transportation for
    support of this program. The ladies of LWML
                                                                    missionaries ($60,000).
    have available muffins the 2nd Sunday of each
    month with all monies being sent to the District               open eight Lutheran Blind Mission
    LWML for Missions Grants.

       Outreach Centers nationwide                     service, Wendorf, 56, said she attended her
       ($40,000).                                      first LWML convention in 1983, in Detroit,
                                                       and accepted an invitation to begin serving as a
      provide education to Muslims in                 local officer shortly afterward.            She
       Bangladesh ($75,000).                           encouraged convention-goers to ―be open to
                                                       [LWML] service. If you feel that nudge of the
      support a ―circuit rider‖ pastor in rural
                                                       Holy Spirit … be open to that call.‖
       northwest South Dakota ($65,000).
                                                       She also asked attendees to consider how they
      support an inner-city children's ministry
                                                       will use what they ―have heard, seen, and
       in Minneapolis-St. Paul ($50,000).
                                                       experienced‖ at the convention to support
      send a female human-care missionary             God's mission in their own communities.
       to Africa ($100,000).
                                                       Also elected to four-year terms were:
      support a Christian family counseling
                                                                Sylvia Johnson of New Berlin, Wis.,
       center in St. Petersburg, Russia
                                                                 vice president of Human Care.
                                                                Eloise Kuhlmann of Amarillo, Texas,
      expand mission work in Tanzania,
                                                                 vice president of Servant Resources.
       Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, and Ethiopia,
       Africa ($104,500).                                       Helen Miller of Lake in the Hills, Ill.,
      begin a Lutheran campus ministry at
       Haskell Indian Nations University in                     Rev. Michael J. Mattil of Sherman,
       Lawrence, Kan. ($95,000).                                 Texas, junior pastoral counselor.
      expand Internet streaming capabilities          Newly elected members of the LWML
       at KFUO-AM Radio in St. Louis                   Nominating Committee are Linda Arnold of
       ($50,000).                                      Woodridge, Ill., who will serve as chairman;
                                                       Martha Burke of Clemmons, N.C.; Claire
      support Concordia University Texas,
                                                       Carlson of Hamburg, N.Y.; Judy Lessmann
       Austin, students preparing for child-
                                                       of Scottsboro, Ala.; and Marilyn McClure of
       welfare careers ($80,000).
                                                       Tucson, Ariz.
      assist Lutheran City Ministries in its
                                                       Delegates also chose Des Moines, Iowa, as the
       outreach to homeless and addicted
                                                       site of the 2015 LWML convention. Other
       people in Detroit ($49,000).
                                                       upcoming conventions are planned for
      support a soup kitchen at St. Matthew           Portland, Ore., in 2009; Peoria, Ill., in 2011;
       Lutheran Church in Chicago ($33,000).           and Pittsburgh in 2013.

      support a cross-cultural urban ministry         To Read and Lean more visit the LCMS
       in Ohio ($32,500).                              Website at or visit with Pastor
The 600-plus delegates also elected a new
president to lead the organization over the next
four years -- Janice (Jan) Wendorf of
Grafton, Wis.
Addressing the convention during the closing

    From the LCMS Convention                               with the Lutheran Foundation of Texas, first as
                                                           director of development (1986-88) and then as
    Kieschnick, Diekelman re-elected
                                                           executive director (1988-91). He also has
    HOUSTON – Delegates to the 63rd Regular                served as pastor of three congregations, one in
    Convention of The Lutheran Church—Missouri             Mississippi and two in Texas. Between 1998
    Synod today (July 15) elected Dr. Gerald B.            and 2001, he served as chairman of the LCMS
    Kieschnick to his third three-year term as president   Commission on Theology and Church
    of the 2.5 million-member church body.                 Relations.
    The convention also re-elected Dr. William             Diekelman previously served as pastor of
    Diekelman to his second term as Synod first vice       Faith, Owasso, and as LCMS Oklahoma
    president.                                             District president. He and his wife, Carol, have
                                                           six children.
    Kieschnick, 64, was elected on the first ballot on
    the opening day of the convention, receiving 644
    votes (52.3 percent).
                                                           More from the LCMS
    Other nominees for the presidency were Rev. John
    W. Wohlrabe Jr., of Virginia Beach, Va., who           Delegates declare fellowship with AALC
    received 514 votes (41.8 percent); Rev. Wallace R.
    Schulz of Augusta, Mo., 27 votes (2.2 percent);        HOUSTON – Delegates to the 63rd Regular
    Rev. Daniel Preus, St. Louis, Mo., 23 votes (1.9       Convention declared July 16 that The Lutheran
    percent); and Dr. William R. Diekelman of              Church—Missouri Synod is in church
    Ballwin, Mo. 23 votes (1.9 percent).                   fellowship with the American Association of
                                                           Lutheran Churches (AALC).
    Diekelman, 60, was elected to his second term as
    first vice president on the third ballot. Other        With headquarters in Minnesota and 78 U.S.
    candidates for first vice president were Wohlrabe,     congregations, the AALC becomes the 30th
    Schulz, Preus, and Charles Mueller Jr. of              partner church of the LCMS and the only one
    Bloomingdale, Ill.                                     based in the United States. Delegates approved
                                                           the declaration of church fellowship by a vote
    In remarks following his re-election (view video),     of 846 to 345.
    Kieschnick acknowledged the support of the
    Council of Presidents; other officers of the Synod;    The declaration recognizes agreement in
    and his family, including his wife, Terry, who         doctrine and practice between the two church
    joined him briefly on the podium. He also              bodies and permits the members of each to
    recognized Dr. Robert King, who served the Synod       commune at the other's altars and for their
    as a vice president for 21 years and has decided not   pastors to exchange pulpits.
    to stand for election this year.                       ―By the action you have just taken, and by that
    Kieschnick is a graduate of Concordia Theological      taken by the AALC in convention last month,
    Seminary (then located in Springfield, Ill., now in    we have just declared fellowship with one
    Fort Wayne, Ind.) and received an honorary doctor      another in those sacred gifts given by our Lord
    of laws degree in 1996 from Concordia University,      himself to us, which He bestows upon us
    Austin, Texas. He and Terry have two grown             through His Holy Word and sacrament,‖ said
    children. Before becoming LCMS president in            Rev. Thomas Aadland, AALC presiding
    2001, Kieschnick served 10 years as president of       pastor. ―This is truly a joyful and an awesome
    the LCMS Texas District. Previously, he worked         thing -– that the unity we have in Christ has
                                                           now been so expressed because of mutually
                                                           recognized concord in faith and life.‖
                                                          Aadland spoke about the differences between
                                                   Newsletter two church bodies, citing size for one. ―I
6                                                         the
                                                          make it out that LCMS is twice as large as the
                                                          AALC — you reckon the number of your
Frequently                            Asked            body and blood of Christ.

Questions                                              So "real" is this participation in Christ's body and
                                                       blood, in fact, that (according to Paul) those who
  From    the                            LCMS          partake of the bread and wine "in an unworthy
Website                                                manner" are actually guilty of "profaning the
                                                       body and blood of the Lord" (1 Cor. 11:27).
                                                       (Partaking of the Lord's Supper "in a worthy
Q. What verses in Scripture can be cited that          manner," of course, is not something that we
teach "that BOTH bread and wine AND                    "do" or "accomplish" on the basis of
Christ's true body and blood are present in the        our "personal holiness" or "good works." It
Lord's Supper?                                         means receiving God's free and gracious gifts of
                                                       life and forgiveness offered in the Lord's Supper
A. All three accounts of the institution of the
                                                       in true repentance produced by the work of the
Lord's Supper in the Gospels (Matthew 26:26-
                                                       Spirit through God's Law and in true faith in
29; Mark 14:22-25; Luke 22:14-23) explicitly
                                                       Christ and his promises produced by God's Spirit
state that Jesus took BREAD, blessed it, broke it,
                                                       through the Gospel).
and gave it to his disciples saying, "Take, eat;
this [i.e., this BREAD, which I have just blessed      Q. My Lutheran (not LCMS) Bible study leader
and broken and am now giving to you] is my             said that the purpose of communion is to
body." Jesus uses similar language in referring        remember Jesus. This startled and confused
to "the cup" (of wine) as "his blood." A plain         me. I grew up and was confirmed in the LCMS.
and straightforward reading of these words leads       Communion, as far as I am aware, is a means
to the conclusion that BOTH bread AND                  of grace. A sacrament instituted by Christ so
body, BOTH wine AND blood are present in the           that we may see and participate in this
consecrated elements of the Lord's Supper.             forgiveness. The only part that throws me off
                                                       theologically, is the words of institution where
Perhaps the most explicit expression of this truth,    we say "this do in remembrance of me."
however, is found in 1 Cor. 10:16-17, where            Perhaps you can shed some light on my
Paul writes: "The cup of blessing that we bless,       confusion.
is it not a participation in the blood of Christ?
                                                       A. Question 294 of our synodical Catechism
The bread that we break, is it not a participation
                                                       (1986) asks, "What does Christ command when
in the body of Christ? Because there is one
                                                       He says, `This do in remembrance of Me'?" The
bread, we who are many are one body, for we all
                                                       Catechism responds: "Christ commands in these
partake of the one bread." Paul clearly says here
                                                       words that His Sacrament be celebrated in the
that we all "partake" of "BREAD" when we
                                                       church till the end of time as a living
receive the Lord's Supper--even as we also
                                                       proclamation and distribution of His saving
partake of and "participate in" the true body of
                                                       death and all its blessings." Likewise, the
Christ. And he says that we all "partake" of the
                                                       Augsburg Confession states:
wine (the cup), even as we also partake of the
true blood of Christ. Similarly, in 1 Cor. 11:26,      Christ commands us to do this in remembrance
Paul says: "For as often as you eat this bread         of him. Therefore the Mass was instituted that
and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord's death       faith on the part of those who use the sacrament
until he comes." Paul expressly states here that       should remember what benefits are received
when we receive the Lord's Supper we are               through Christ and should cheer and comfort
"eating bread" and "drinking the cup" (wine), but      anxious consciences.
he goes on to say that those who eat this bread
and drink this cup are also partaking of the true      For to remember Christ is to remember his
                                                       benefits and realize that they are truly offered to
                                                       us; and it is not enough to remember the history, 7
                                                       for the Jews and the ungodly can also remember
                                                       this. (AC XXIV, 30-32).
                                                          From the LCMS
                                                          We are in what many people refer to as the ―dog
                                                          days of August.‖ Some people would have you
                                                          think that if you could just zip past August and
                                                          get into September it would be a good thing. But
                   August 2007                            we as God’s maturing stewards can have a
                                                          different take on the days of August as well as
    August 5                                              every day of the year. Each day is a gift from
                                                          God and provides us with the opportunity to be
    "Real Riches"                                         instruments in the hands of our Lord that He can
    Speaker: Rev. Dr. Ken Klaus                           use to touch the lives of others in a way that
    There's nothing wrong with having lots of money       makes an eternal difference.
    and stuff, so long as these things do not displace
    God from your heart. Earthly riches are no            That’s what our Christian stewardship is all
    substitute for having a rich relationship with your   about—fitting in with God’s purposes. Time is
    Savior.                                               different from money in a number of ways.
    (Luke 12:15)                                          When it comes to money we can earn it, give it,
                                                          spend it, save it or bequeath it. And each of
    August 12                                             these uses does challenge us as God’s
                                                          stewardship to seek a healthy, spiritual balance
    "Picking Your Priorities"                             so that we do not become workaholics, over
    Speaker: Rev. Dr. Ken Klaus                           spenders, misers, or self-centered people. Time,
    Some things are important; some are not. Today’s      on the other hand, is something that we cannot
    message on ―The Lutheran Hour‖ speaks to how          earn, save or bequeath. It is truly a gift and what
    Scripture wants us to pick our priorities.            we do with this gift says much about our
    (Luke 12:33-34)                                       maturity as stewards.

    August 19                                             God teaches us to number our days so we may
                                                          apply our hearts unto wisdom (Psalm 90:12) and
    "Grasping the Obvious"                                to make the most of every opportunity
    Speaker: Rev. Dr. Ken Klaus                           (Ephesians 5:10). As God’s stewards it is good
    Some things seem to be so obvious that we’re          to wake up each morning to a new day by
    amazed anyone could miss them. Today’s message        thanking God for it and then using our waking
    on ―The Lutheran Hour‖ speaks to the obvious          hours to make a positive difference in the lives of
    clues God gives for recognizing the Christ.           those around us. Then, when the day is ended, it
    (Luke 12:54b-56)                                      is good to be able to reflect on time well spent
                                                          and thank God again for the blessing of another
    August 26                                             day.

    "To be announced"                                     As God’s redeemed people we affirm that
                                                          Christian stewardship is the free and joyous
                                                          activity of the child of God and God’s family,
                                                          the church, in managing all of life and life’s
                                                          resources for God’s purposes.        Maturing
                                                          stewards manage time in a wise way that honors
                                                          God and blesses others.
8                                                            give thanks to God for the ―dog days of
                                                          August‖ and make the best use of each day.
      Prayers Are Important
If you have an occasion to request a prayer, please call
the church office. If you would like your request to be on
our prayer chain, please call the church office.
Please Inform the Church Office. . .
*when a member of your family is ill or hospitalized.
*when your address changes.
*when a new baby arrives.
*when a family member marries or leaves home for              Jones Family Picnic is August 26, 2007. We
college.                                                     leave the church at 1:00 pm to serve under a
*when planning a wedding to be conducted at Prince of        bridge downtown. If you would like to join this
Peace.                                                       great ministry, call Corinne Thron at 355-4486
*when a new family moves into your neighborhood.             or show up at 1:00 pm Sunday.
*when you are planning to be out of town.
*when a brother or sister in Christ needs a visit from

                       August          August 15
                       8               Bobby
                       Amanda          Gollihugh
                                       August 16
                       August          Geiger
      August           13              Darryl Pratt
      3                Tom                                                August 10
      LaDonna          Tiedemann       August 20                  Kevin and Danielle Fehr
      Adkins                           Brad Moore
                       August                                             August 14
      August           14              August 23                       Steve and Belinda
      4                                Jaed                                 Hallett
      Kelly            Allen           Martinez
      Bernhardt        Brandi          Leslie                             August 26
      Lillie           Knoll           Theiss                       Mark and Cindy Miller
      Kelley           Larry                                         Bruce and Tina Smith
      Michael          Lyles           August 24
      Minner           August          Larry Rodin
      Riley            28
                                       August 25
                                    Michael            August 5 –Early Service: M/M Kevin Fehr
      August         Bill           Mestas                         Late Service: Glenda Fassauer and
      5              Oliver         Natasha                                       Family
      Kelly          Clayton        Smith              August 12- Early Service: M/M David Haynie
      Adkins         Stukey                                        Late Service: M/M Clifford Stukey
     Usher Leaders: Carl Ackerman, Dean Sain           August 19 – Early Service: M/M John Brister
                     Kelly Adkins, Ken Wampler                     Late Service: M/M Ken Wampler
      August           August                          August 26- Early Service: M/M Steve Hallett
     Early Service     30     Late Service                         Late Service: M/M Jon Renken
     John Ames      David  Fred Haller                      If you are unable to serve during your
       Hallett      Haynie Steve Porter                scheduled greeting time please ask someone to
     Pat Howell                                         trade and contact the office with the change.
     Matthew Howell        Larry Lyles
     Joe Smith
                       Brett Meil

                                                              A Measure of Your
                       DEADLINES                                 Stewardship
        All bulletin announcements need to be
        phoned, e-mailed, mailed or put into the                  07/01/2007 - $3,198.25
                                                                  07/08/2007 - $3,398.28
        secretaries’ box by Wednesday noon.
                                                                  07/15/2007 - $3,980.00
        The newsletter deadline is the 18th of                    07/22/2007 - $2,608.26
        the month.                                                07/29/2007 - $2,527.15

Who do you call?                          Prince of Peace Elders
                                                        And their liaison ministries
SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS:                            Joe Smith             Clifford Stukey
                                                Elder Chairman           Board Secretary
Pre- school (age 3)                              and Education         Evangelism, Prayer
Kindergarten-          Beth Lauterbach                                 Chain and Treasurer
                                                      John Cash
First and Second                                   LLL, Stewardship,      Jim Woodroffe
Grade-                  Susan Nebhut                  and Youth                LWML,
                        Danielle Fehr                                    Lectern Ministry
Third and Fourth                                   Mitch Carry           and Hospitality
Grade-                  Anita Smith                 Music,
                        Laura Geske                 and Ushers            Larry Lyles
(substitute)                                                              Evangelism
Fifth and Sixth                                      Larry Rodin           and Nursery
Grade-                  Jaylene Parsley             Trustee, Altar
                        Greg Heffner       Guild, and Record Preservation
Class-                  Pastor Geske                        Church Council
                                          President-     Steven Bernhardt
High School-            Norma Riley                    (2007 and 2008, 1st term)
                        Amy Howell        Vice President- Kelly Adkins
(substitute)                                           (2006 and 2007, 1st term)
                                          Recording Secretary- Glenda Young
Thank you for your time on Sundays as                  (2007 and 2008, 2nd term)
well as the time you spend preparing      Treasurer- John Colville
your lessons.                             Financial Secretary- Pat Lyles
                                                        (2006 and 2007, 1st term)
                                          Board of Education Chairperson- Kim Carry
       Care Ministries                                  (2007 and 2008, 1st term)
                                          Board of Evangelism- David and Sally Haynie
               Prayer Chain                               (2007 and 2008, 1st term)
               Office 359-7700
                                          Board of Stewardship Chairperson- Beth Lauterbach
         Jones Family Picnic                            (2006 and 2007, 1st term)
           Corinne Thron                  Board of Trustee Chairman- Gary Nebhut
            Call 355-4468                               (2006 and 2007, 1st term)
                                          Board of Youth Chairperson- Norma Riley
               Hospitality                               (2006 and 2007, 1st term)
               Dee Renken
               Call 622-0866

        Bereavement Team                               Thrivent Committee Members
    Pastor Geske, Glenda Young                             Dan Fisher 355-5035
          And Dawn Cash                                    Laura Geske 355-0048
           Call 359-7700                                  Susan Nebhut 383-6811

                                                                    Sneak a Peek at
                                                                      August 5, 2007
                                                                   ―25 Years- For What?‖
                                                                     Matthew 7: 24-27
                                               August 5, 2007
                                        Early: John Brister          August 12, 2007
                                        Late: David Dunham         ―Where is Your Faith?‖
                                              August 12, 2007        Hebrews 11:1-16
                                        Early: Stephen Bernhardt
                                        Late: Ray Lauterbach          August 19, 2007
               Volunteers                     August 19, 2007        ―Faith That Lasts‖
                                                                       Luke 12:49-56
                                        Early: Norma Riley
                 for the                Late: Larry Rodin            August 26, 2007
                Summer                        August 26, 2007      ―Faith that Holds On‖
                                        Early: Ginny Brister         Hebrews 12:4-24
                                        Late: Linda Vilardell

                                       THANK YOU
                             MITCH CARRY and KEN WAMPLER
                        The communion rails look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
     6900 Hillside Road
     Amarillo, TX 79109

     Address Correction Requested

     Sunday Morning Schedule
      8:30- Worship Service         Jesus died for:
      9:45- Sunday School
      9:45- Bible Class
     11:00- Worship Service


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