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                     Citizen Kane Movie Notes
Pay close attention to specific lines and scenes from the movie to
answer the following questions, to be turned in for a possible 10

1. What does the sign on the gate say?     What tone does this set?

2. What does the man say as he dies?     What drops from his hand?

3. According to the newsreel, how does “Xanadu” compare to Gatsby’s

4a. What was the man’s full name that died?

        b. What was he famous for?   What was the source of his fortune?

5a. What is public opinion about Kane?

        b. How does this compare to public opinion about Gatsby?

6a. Where does the reporter Mr. Thompson find Susan Alexander Kane?

        b. How is she reacting to his death?

7a. Who is Walter Parks Thatcher?

        b. What is in his memoirs?

8a. Why does Kane start a newspaper, much to the chagrin of

        b. What kind of stories does he publish?

9. fill in the blank: “If I hadn’t been very _____________________,
I might have been a really great man.”

10. Who does the general manager, Mr. Bernstein advise Mr. Thompson
to see? How does Mr. Bernstein describe him?

11a. How does Mr. Carter react to Kane taking over the Inquirer?

        b. What changes did Kane make?

        c. What is in his Declaration of Principles?

12. How does Kane celebrate the increase in circulation?
13. What is the only disease you don’t look forward to being cured
of? What is Leland’s curse?

14a. Why does Kane’s first marriage fall apart?

     b. What does Leland say Kane wanted out of life?

15a. Why does Kane say he is running for governor?

     b. Why does he lose the election?

16a. Why does Kane build an opera house?

     b. What furthers the rift between Kane and Leland?

17. Why does Leland say Kane built Xanadu?

18. What does Leland send Kane after Kane fires him?    What does it

19a. How does Kane treat Susan after her opera debut?   How is it
similar to Tom’s treatment of Myrtle?

     b. How does Susan react?

20a. How does Susan describe the “palace”?

     b. What does she want to do?

     c. What is Susan’s criticism of Kane?

21. Who does Susan tell Mr. Thompson to get in touch with?

22a. What does Kane do when Susan leaves him?

     b. What does he find on her dresser?

23. Explain the significance of Rosebud:

24. Complete the following venn diagram comparing Gatsby and Kane:

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