proforma_a by nuhman10


									                                                  Proforma – A

            (For sons/daughters of Govt. of India/ Govt. of India undertaking employees)

This is to certify that Shri./Smt.______________________________________ is an employee in the

capacity of _______________________(Designation) in ___________________________(Name of

organization       and    establishment/Department).     This    organization/Establishment/Department      is

under__________________              Department    of   Govt.    of   India/Govt.    of   India   undertaking.

Shri./Smt.__________________ is transferred to ___________________________ in Gujarat state

vide transfer order No_______ dated ________. He/She has joined duty in Gujarat on

_______________and is currently working in the same post. This certificate is issued for the post for

the      purpose     of    his/her    son/daughter      __________________________’s           admission    to

Degree/Diploma/post graduate degree course.

Date :

Place :                                                                                (Signature)

                                                                                    Name & Designation
                                                                                    of the Head of the

                                              Seal of the office

Note : This proforma is to be accompanied by attested copy of:

14.4. Transfer order

14.5. Joining report

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