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					                    Piney Grove Elementary School
                        1500 Piney Grove Road                                           Important Contact Information for Parents
                        Kernersville, NC 27284                               Our school phone number is 336-703-4122 and 336-993-0490. The fax
Dear Students and Parents,                                                   number is 336-993-9429. The school website can be located on the
As I begin my sixth year at Piney Grove, I want to welcome each of you       district website at: The school
to the 2010-2011 school year! The staff at Piney Grove is looking            cafeteria phone number is 336-993-8342. Phone calls will not be put
forward to working with each of you throughout the year. It is our hope      through to the classrooms during instructional time. We can put you
that every day at school will be a positive learning experience for you      through to the teachers voicemail and then you the call can be returned
and your child and that our high standards of academic excellence and        during planning time. Help us by honoring the school-wide commitment
achievement will continue. All of us at the school believe it is very        to learning.
important for students, parents, and staff to work together to make the                       Address and Telephone Changes
year a success. Please take an active role in the education of your child    Please let the main office know of changes in address and phone
by keeping in frequent touch with his or her teacher and by encouraging      numbers. We often have to contact parents/guardians; therefore, we
your child to do the very best possible in their schoolwork and behavior.    must have working phone numbers. It is absolutely necessary that at all
Please take a few minutes to read over this handbook with your child, as     times we have current information about you and your child (change of
it will answer many questions for you. There are a number of changes in      address, telephone numbers, cell phone numbers, custody papers, etc.).
some of our procedures, so please read carefully. Refer to it often          When an accident or illness occurs, every effort will be made to contact
throughout the year for important dates and information. If at any time      a parent or guardian. The form entitled “Permission to Secure Medical
you have a question or concern related to the school, feel free to give us   Care” will be given to every parent or guardian so we will have the
a call. Thank you as we work together in the best interest of your child!    necessary permission and information to take care of your child in an
                                         Sincerely,                          extreme emergency.
                                         Dr. Sandy Sikes, Ph.D.                              Absences and State Attendance Policies
                                         Principal                           Attendance is extremely important. State codes list the following as
                                                                             reasons for excused absences: illness or injury, quarantine, death in the
                       Why join Piney Grove PTA?                             immediate family, medical or dental appointments, court or
 The Piney Grove Elementary School PTA mission is to promote                 administrative proceedings, religious observances, and educational
 excellence in education, to encourage good health and to support the        opportunities. The School Improvement Team voted not to excuse
 general welfare of OUR kids at school, at home and in the Piney Grove       family trips as educational opportunities. Educational opportunities
 community! We strive to do this via a unified effort between parents        require prior approval by the Principal to be excused. A “Notice of
 (volunteers), faculty, staff, and the community.                            Excessive Absence” form is sent home when a child has accumulated 3
           1. Our Kids need you (parental involvement)!                      and 6 unexcused absences. A “Conference Letter” will be sent home if a
           2. Our School needs you (Piney Grove Elementary keeps             child accumulates 10 unexcused absences. In Forsyth County, parents
               $2.25 of the $5.00 membership fee)!                           may receive a subpoena to court for a child accumulating more than 10
           3. Our Community needs you (you do not have to be a PTA           unexcused absences.
               committee member to join PTA)!                                    Each student absent from school must bring a signed note to the
 Today more than ever, schools are challenged to provide every child         teacher stating the reason for the absence as soon as the child returns to
 with the best education despite growing limitations (tight budgets and      school. After 3 days, all absences without notes will be counted
 increased governmental requirements). In a nutshell, schools are            unexcused according the to NCDPI policy. The excuse should include
 required to do more with less! Notwithstanding the challenges, more         the child’s name, date(s) absent, and reason for the absence. All
 than 30 years of research has proven that children do better when their     absences require a written note. A parent or guardian has up to 3 days to
 parents are involved both at home and at school. Grades are higher. Test    submit a note for an absence from school.
 scores rise. Self-esteem grows. Schools improve.                                            Accessibility for Parents with Disabilities
There’s a simple way to make these outcomes a consistent reality for         Parents who wish to participate in school programs and who require
Piney Grove: JOIN PTA!!!! Not only will you help to improve our              accessibility modifications in order to participate must contact the
school, you will get connected to other parents, to the teachers, and        school principal seven days prior to the event and describe their need for
know what is going on at the school. You will have access to GREAT           auxiliary aids or services such as a hearing device or large print material.
resources (tips on helping with homework, tips on EOGs, etc) via the         The entire Board Policy 1150 can be read in the school office.
NC PTA website using your member number. You can truly have a                                  Late Arrivals and Early Check Outs
voice when it comes to exchanging ideas and advocating for our               When students arrive at school late or leave early they miss out on the
children. Finally, you can be a good role model for your child.              instructional program. These interruptions in the instructional day also
                                                                             interrupt the teaching and learning for other students in the class. Under
As you can see, I am excited about the 2010-11 academic school year          the law, it is your duty to require your child to attend school for the
and working with you all                                                     entire school day. A child’s late arrival or early departure may only be
Go Pandas,                                                                   excused for the same reasons noted above for absences. Students who
                                                                             arrive late must be checked in at the main office by the parent. The
Avery Hall, Sr                                                               office will issue a tardy slip so the student can be admitted to class. If
                                                                             your child is well, he should be in class the entire day. An absence will
                                                                             be recorded if the child leaves before or arrives after 11:30 AM. Please
                       2007-2008 PTA Officers                                help our child develop a high value for school attendance by allowing
President                                     Avery Hall                     him/her to remain at school all day long except when unavoidable.
Vice President – Fund Raisers                 Geri VanBrunt                      Please send in a note in the AM for students checking out of school
Vice President - Membership                   Michelle Heavener              early. Dismissal time is a very stressful and busy time each day. Staff
Vice President – Programs                     Ashley Fowler                  members work hard to ensure that almost 800 students get to their
Treasurer                                     Michael Beshears               appropriate transportation sites. For this reason, we will not check out
Secretary                                     Anthony Pike                   students at the end of the day between 2:30 PM and 2:50 PM
without prior notice unless it is an emergency. Permission by an                    D.   In the event of a flagrant abuse of this procedure, a principal shall
administrator is required for an emergency student check out.                            have the authority, after notice to the student and to the student’s
                  Make-Up Work for Excused Absences                                      parent, to refuse to provide a voucher meal.
Every effort to provide work for students is made if they are absent.               E.   Parents are encouraged to participate in the pre-paid meal plan as
However, teachers cannot be interrupted during instructional time to                     an alternative to the purchasing of meals on a daily basis.
fulfill a request for work. Therefore, requests for make-up work must                    Information can be obtained about this program on the district
be received in the office prior to 8:30 AM in order to be picked up                      website under the child nutrition department or by calling the
by 2:50 PM the same day. Requests received for make up work after                        Cafeteria Manager (993-8342).
8:30 AM will be available for pick up at 8 AM the following day. When               F.   Parents can also go on line to find out more about the child
a student is absent one day from school, the child will be given needed                  nutrition program, new nutritional standards, and menus at
make-up work on the next day when he/she returns to school. School             
Board policy states that teachers have 2 days to gather assignments for             G.   PTA LUNCH LOAN FUND The Piney Grove PTA has
students with excused absences. Students must return the completed                       established a special loan fund for K-2 students only, who forget
make-up work within two days after receiving the assignments.                            lunch money. A student may request this loan from the teacher. A
                                                                                         student may receive a plate lunch (no dessert) from the PTA fund.
                CONTRACT OF EXPECTATIONS                                                 This is a loan and the parent is asked to pay the PTA back by
Working together as a team we will have a successful year at Piney                       returning the money to the front office the next day. A student
Grove and active parent participation is key. Therefore:                                 may not receive a second loan until the first loan has been
We pledge to:                                                                            repaid. If a student is not eligible for the PTA loan, the school
  Show respect for all students and adults.                                             system voucher meal is available.
  Establish classrooms that will best help every child learn.                                                    Cafeteria Prices
  Conference with parents.                                                                    Prices are subject to change. Current prices are:
  Maintain communication with parents through Friday Folders.                                                                Breakfast             Lunch
  Provide parents opportunities for seminars and grade level                                  Student regular price          $1.90                 $2.35
     information sessions.                                                                     Student reduced price          $0.30                 $0.40
  Ask for help from parents and others when needed.                                           Milk                           $0.45                 $0.45
We expect parents to:                                                                          Adult price                               All Ala Carte
  Attend parent conferences.                                                                                   Classroom Visitation
  Support and reinforce student behavior                                           If you are interested in learning more about our instructional program,
   Support and reinforce homework expectations.                                    you may like to visit your child’s classroom. We ask that you make
  Attend at least one school-wide or grade-level program.                          arrangements beforehand with the teacher or an administrator. A notice
We expect students to:                                                              is not necessary to eat lunch with your child. We encourage you to visit
  Show respect for all students and adults.                                        our cafeteria at any time. When you arrive, please stop by the office so
  Demonstrate appropriate behavior.                                                we can greet you properly and issue a visitor’s badge. You can then go
  Complete and return assignments on time.                                         to the cafeteria to meet your child.
                 Before and After School Care Program                               Piney Grove will use many sources for school communications this year.
Imprints Cares operates a child-care program in the Piney Grove School              Parents are encouraged to use each of them to stay informed about their
gym from 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. and from 2:50 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.                     child and events at school. In order to efficiently used resources, we will
Information concerning this program can be obtained by calling the                  not send home paper reminders for each school event. Parents will be
Imprints Cares at 772-6296. Several local day-care programs provide                 notified using the following sources. Please pay close attention so you
morning and afternoon transportation to Piney Grove. A list is available            do not miss any of our activities this year.
in the office with contact information.                                                  Friday Folders are sent home each Friday with important
                                Bus Routes                                                 information and student work. Parents are asked to sign the
Bus routes info is sent home with assignment letters prior to the opening                  enclosed signature sheet and return the folder to the teacher.
of school. Usually five to ten days of school are needed for bus routes                  Students in grades 3 – 5 will daily use school agendas provided by
and times to stabilize at the beginning of school. If you have a concern                   the Piney Grove PTA. Each contains homework assigned and an
about a bus route or stop, call the assistant principal in charge of buses at              opportunity for parents to communicate with the teacher by way of
993-0372 or 993-0490. Any concerns with buses or drivers should be                         written note. You can request a conference with your child’s
referred to transportation at 748-2287.                                                    teacher at any time by writing a note to the teacher or calling
                            Cafeteria Charges                                              the school office. The teacher will be happy to arrange a
Because of the large expense to the school system for unpaid meals, the                    conference with you either before or after school or at a specified
WSFCS Board of Education adopted Administrative Regulation 3542.1                          planning time. If you have concerns, please call the school office.
prohibiting charging of meals. The procedure is as follows:                              Alert Now Messages – Recorded school telephone messages sent
A. There should be no charging of meals                                                    home with special reminders for parents. Please pay close
B. If a student does not bring to school a meal or money to purchase a                     attention to the information shared.
     meal, the student may request a voucher from the cafeteria                          Teacher Email addresses – at times we do have problems with
     manager. The voucher will enable the student to receive a                             receiving emails. If you do not receive a response to an email
     vegetable (other than French fries), two rolls and a half-pint of milk                within a timely fashion, please call to be sure it was received.
     from the school cafeteria.                                                          In addition to the report card, teachers will send written reports for
C. A copy of the voucher shall be sent home to the student’s parent. It                    each student three times each quarter. The report (mid-term) on
     shall notify the parent that the school has provided their child with                 the fifth week will be a bit more detailed. Report cards will be
     a free meal. The voucher also shall notify the parent the value of                    sent about one week after the end of the quarter. School Website
     the meal and shall ask the parent to reimburse the school system for                  and Individual teacher home pages can be found at
     the cost of providing the meal.                                              .

      PANDA PATTER, a newsletter from the school staff, will be sent                 rules and regulations are developed and enforced with this thought and
       home bi-monthly during the school year.                                        student safety in mind. School rules apply at bus stops, on the school
      The PTA monthly newsletter gives important info for every parent.              grounds, and at any event where our school is represented regardless of
       Parents who have email are encouraged to share email addresses                 location. Students who are able to keep the few simple rules that are
       with teachers and the main office. The principal maintains a Parent            established will be the ones who will enjoy school and will be
       Group Email used to send home special announcements                            considered good school citizens.
       concerning inclement weather as well as other important                                                      Dress Code Policy
       information throughout the year. You can register your email with                  Board policy 5131 applies to all students, K –12. It requires the
       the principal by sending an email with “Parent Email Group                     school to monitor student dress to insure it is not inappropriate,
       written in the subject line to the following email address:                    disruptive, or unclean. Examples of prohibited dress or appearance .                                                      include, but are not limited to, those listed below.
      Teachers are always available for parent conferences. Please                   At a minimum, the following dress or appearance is prohibited:
       contact your child’s teacher to set up a conference anytime                          Clothing that contains advertisements for tobacco, alcohol or
       you have a concern you would like to discuss.                                          drugs; pictures or graphics of nudity; words that are profane,
                                                                                              lewd, vulgar, or indecent;
                                                                                            Halter or bare midriff tops, or bare midriffs;
                         Daily School Routines                                              Spaghetti straps or tank tops;
1.    The school day for students is from 8:20 AM to 2:50 PM.                               Strapless shirts or tube tops;
2.    School Board Policy 6112 limits the length of the school day.                         Bare feet;
      Students should not arrive on campus and be dropped off                               Short shorts or skirts;
      before 7:50 AM. There is no supervision for students until 7:50                       Pants, slacks or jeans that sag below waist; and
      AM and therefore it is unsafe to drop students off before 7:50 AM.                    Hats, caps, or bandanas1.
      A bell will ring at 7:50 AM for students to report to the cafeteria.                  Underpants or bras showing or worn as outerwear;
      At 8 AM the first bell rings to send students to class. School begins                 Provocative, revealing attire that exposes cleavage; and
      at 8:20 AM. All students who are not in the class room when the                       Any symbols, styles or attire frequently associated with gangs,
      8:20 AM bell rings will be counted tardy.                                               intimidation, violence or violent groups about which students at a
3.    According to WSFCS Board Policy 6112, students at PGE may                               particular school have been notified.
      not enter the building before 7:50 a.m. with the exception of                    Our interpretation is shoulders must be covered. If a student stands up
      students participating in the Before/After School program, Imprints             straight with arms hanging to the side, with fingers extended, the tip of
      Cares, in the gym. Students may not go to the classrooms before                 the fingers must touch fabric. If not, the shorts or skirt are too short. If
      8:00 a.m. Students must leave the school grounds by 3:05 p.m.                   there is a religious or medical reason for a particular dress, that would be
      unless participating in the after school Imprints Cares program or a            a consideration. I will be happy to discuss this with you.
      school sponsored program. Students dropped off early or left late                                             General Conduct
      may be subject to a charge for child care. No staff supervision is              The following behavior is not in the best interest of the school and
      available for students before 7:50 or after 3:10 PM.                            cannot be allowed as stated in the WSFCS Code of Conduct:
4.    Car riders are encouraged to arrive on campus by 8 AM at the                    A. Fighting or inciting to fight.
      latest. The car rider traffic often backs up after 8 AM. Students who           B. Constant refusal to prepare assignments or to enter into classroom
      are late to class due to sitting in traffic unfortunately will receive an             activities within the student’s capabilities.
      unexcused tardy.                                                                C. Open defiance of teacher, school authorities or other school
5.    The breakfast program is available from 7:50 AM to 8:15 AM.                           employees.
      Students should be in their class by 8:20 AM.                                   D. Threats, profanity, name calling or other verbally threatening action
6.    If a child is late, the parent must come into the office to sign yout                 toward students or adults.
      child in. All tardies are unexcused unless the child has a doctor’s             E. Bullying including hurtful acts such as name-calling, teasing, or
      excuse. The child will be given an admission slip to take to the                      intimidating other students.
      teacher. It is not necessary for parents to accompany children to               F. Possession of any type of weapon that is capable of causing a
      their classroom since school has started.                                             serious bodily injury.
7.    Morning announcements will be made at 8:20 AM. All students                     G. Possession and use of a “toy” or “look-alike” weapon.
      and staff are asked to give focus and attention during this time.               H. Possession of tobacco or intoxicant.
8.    If the child is usually a car rider and must ride a bus, he/she must            I. Gambling
      bring a permission slip from home. Any notes requesting a change                J. Cheating
      with regard to riding a bus must be signed by the assistant principal           K. Taking or attempting to take immoral or indecent liberties with
      or his designee. The note can then be shown to the bus driver when                    another student.
      loading the bus.                                                                L. Possession of portable radios, tape recorders, or other similar
9.    A student needs a written note any time there is a change in the                      electronic equipment (except as approved by the principal).
      after school transportation. We will not be able to accept the word             M. Buying, selling, or trading items (including food) by students.
      of the student that a change in transportation is necessary. Without            N. Damaging property of school or others.
      a note, a child will not be allowed to deviate from his/her                     O. In all areas students should always walk carefully keeping hands
      established form of transportation. Please understand this is for the                 and feet to one’s self. Talking should be appropriate to the location
      safety and security of your child.                                                    of the student (i.e. no talking in the hall, talk quietly in the
                            Discipline Plan
The school provides each student with the maximum opportunity to
acquire an education. No student has the right to interfere with this                 1
opportunity by his actions, poor manners, or lack of consideration. All                Unless the headwear is worn based on a sincerely held religious
                                                                                      belief or practice.

Students are under the supervision of several teachers during the day.              more than an hour, please discuss this with the teachers to see what
Each will have his/her own requirements and students learn these and                modifications may need to be made.
abide by them.                                                                                           Money and Personal Belongings
Cafeteria                                                                           Children are not to bring excessive amounts of cash to school. Money
A. Do not get out of seat without permission.                                       brought to school by a child is the child’s responsibility. Students may
B. Students may not go back through the serving line.                               not buy, sell, or trade items at school with other students. Students also
C. Keep tables and floor free of trash and food.                                    may not ask other students for money.
D. No throwing of food or any other objects.                                           Do not bring toys, electronic equipment (i.e. game boys), cell phones,
Restrooms                                                                           trading cards, or expensive jewelry to school. Trading cards, electronic
A. Do not write on walls (or any other school property).                            equipment and other inappropriate items will be taken by your teacher
B. Flush toilets after use. Wash hands with soap and water each visit               and kept by the administrators in the office until picked up by a parent.
     to the restroom.                                                                                       Media Center Procedures
C. Use the facilities properly and leave the bathroom immediately –                 Fees will be charged for lost and damaged media center materials. Any
     NO PLAYING!                                                                    material is considered lost when it is not returned after a period of 30
D. Place paper towels and other trash in trashcans.                                 school days after it was due, or by the end of the school year, whichever
                               Health Room                                          comes first. Additional materials may not be checked out by students
The Health Room will be staffed by parent volunteers and office                     who have overdue books or who have not paid their fees for lost or
personnel. Only basic first-aid and tender loving care can be given. If a           damaged materials.
child is sick or injured, the parent will be called to determine if the child                             Parent Teacher Conferences
should be picked up. No medications or chemical first aid treatments                Parents are encouraged to arrange for a conference with their
may be administered in the health room. If you child has a temperature              child’s teacher at any time there is a concern. Teachers are free for
of 100 or above, you will be asked to pick up your child from school.               conferences after 3:00 PM preferably on Wednesday or Thursday.
This is an indication that your child may be contagious and should not              Monday and Tuesday are staff meeting days and generally not available
be at school.                                                                       for parent conferences.
                           Medications at School                                        Parents should not try to speak with teachers in the morning
The administration of medicine at school is discouraged. No medication              when dropping off their child, unless it is for a scheduled appointment.
may be administered by school personnel to students without written                 Teachers are trying to get the day started. They begin supervision of
authorization from the physician and a student’s parent or guardian.                students at 8:00 AM. An impromptu conference is often rushed and less
Please assist us as we attempt to take proper care of your child.                   than productive because the teacher cannot give undivided attention to
Medication consists of any substance considered to have medicinal                   the issue at hand. Please email the teacher, or leave a message in the
value, prescribed or non-prescribed. This includes aspirin, Tylenol,                main office at 993-0372/993-0490 to schedule a conference with a
cough drops, etc. A note from the physician must accompany all                      teacher. The weekly folder also provides an opportunity to request a
medications. A form for medication can be picked up in the office. We               conference. If you have a pressing issue that needs immediate attention,
must keep a log of all medication administered. No medications will be              please discuss any concerns with an administrator or School Counselor.
administered by school personnel without written authorization from the                                         Parties at School
parent/guardian and the physician. Administration of medications at                 The room representatives will provide two parties each year one in
school must meet the following procedures:                                          December and the annual spring picnic in June. Birthdays may not be
     1. Written permission from the parent or guardian and a note                   celebrated in the classroom. Parents may provide a class treat to be
           from the physician for the administration.                               served at the end of lunch in honor of a student birthday in the class.
     2. Medication is provided to the office personnel in the original              Class snacks are not to be used for this purpose. Parent cannot provide a
           packaging and/or container.                                              catered lunch for the class as a celebration of a child’s birthday. For
     3. Medication is delivered by parent or designated adult to the                Health and Safety Regulations, no home made food may be served
           office. Under no circumstances should medication to be                   to students. Approved treats must be prepackaged or professionally
           transported to school with a child. Allowing a child to                  prepared in order to serve them to the students.
           transport medications can be dangerous and therefore we                  Personal invitations for students to attend parties away from school
           cannot accommodate the parent in this way.                               cannot be delivered in the classroom unless all the children are provided
     4. Medications will not be returned by a child for use at home.                with an invitation to the event. This is to reduce the risk of hurt feelings
           Please keep doses needed for home administration at home.                and decreased self esteem of those not invited.

                      Flower / Balloon Deliveries                                                               Returned Checks
Please do not have flowers, balloons, etc. delivered to the school for              Upon the receipt of a returned check, parents will be called and given an
Birthdays, Valentines, etc. The front office will not accept deliveries             opportunity to make the check good before the school system initiates a
for students at school. Since none of these items can be taken on a bus,            collection procedure. If the check writer does not immediately correct
cannot be taken to the classroom, as well as an increasing number of                the problem, a formal written notice will be sent to the check writer by
allergies associated with flowers, we ask that parents, friends and                 Certified Mail informing him/her of his/her obligation and of the right of
families have such special surprises delivered to the student’s home.               the School District to file a civil action. This action can result in civil
                               Homework                                             damages of three times the amount of the check (with a minimum
Homework is assigned nightly Monday through Thursday. Unless                        damage of $100 and a maximum damage of $500) for the alleged giving
designated, most assignments can be completed independently by the                  of a worthless check in violation of N.C. Law G.S. & 6-21.3, in addition
student. The parent’s main responsibility is to provide a space and a               to the amount of the check a $25.00 Processing Fee, and the bank
time for the child to work undisturbed. An occasional spot check for                service fees authorized by law. If a parent does not satisfy the bad check
neatness and accuracy is often helpful. This is perhaps the most                    or pay a debt within 30 days, the School District will notify the Credit
effective method of learning about your child’s progress. Grades 1-2                Bureau. In addition, the School System will maintain a list of those
can expect 0-30 minutes daily; grades 3- 4 from 30-45 minutes daily,                persons who have issued a bad check. We will no longer accept a check
grade 5 from 45-75 minutes daily. All parents should read with their                for the payment of any fees from persons who have written a bad check
child for 20 minutes each evening. If your child’s homework is taking

and not satisfied the obligation to the school. The school also cannot                                      Student Performances
receive any checks for activities at school after May 1st.                         We believe that students benefit from various experiences. Participation
                       School Guidance Opportunities                               in on-stage performances gives a student the opportunity to grow in
We are committed to helping each student develop his/her social skills             communication skills, creativity, and self-confidence. During the six
and the character traits of respect, responsibility, honesty and caring.           years a student is at Piney Grove, at least two opportunities for
Research has shown that emotional intelligence is a better predictor of            participation in on-stage performances will be given. The upper grade
life-long success than academic intelligence. In addition to classroom             will be in December. The lower grade will be in the spring.
guidance, your child may participate in individual or small group                             2010-2011          K and 3rd Grades
counseling, peer mediation, or character education activities. If a parent                    2011-2012          2nd and 5th Grades
would like to discuss a particular issue regarding his/he child, please feel                  2012-2013          1st and 4th Grades
free to call our guidance department to schedule an appointment.
                                    Security                                                                  Volunteer Program
We are committed to providing a safe environment for your child. All               Volunteers are essential to the success of our instructional program.
exterior doors are kept locked during the student day, with the exception          Everyone benefits from voluntarism. Piney Grove has a very strong
of the front door. Once entering the front lobby, all visitors must enter          volunteer program. Sharing your talents, time, and knowledge can
the school through the main office. We must identify all visitors in the           continue this tradition. You do not need to be a trained teacher to
building so our staff can quickly identify unauthorized people in the              volunteer. Parents, grandparents, senior citizens, neighbors – anyone
building. This includes all visitors, substitute teachers, and maintenance         who has a genuine interest in and love for children is an outstanding
workers. A visitor’s pass can be obtained in the front office to visit             volunteer candidate. Volunteers are scheduled at a time convenient to
anywhere in the building. Please sign in using the computer in the main            both the volunteer and the school. We hope you will consider becoming
office. Once your name and destination is typed in, click on “Print Name           a volunteer this year. Sharon Landreth, our Home School Coordinator is
Tag” and a name tag will be printed to identify you as a visitor in our            our staff volunteer coordinator.
building. Name tags can be discarded when you leave the building as
they are only good for one day.                                                      Piney Grove Master Calendar for 2009-2010 School Year
                                     Snacks                                           Can easily be found this year on the new school website
Students may bring a snack to eat if the teacher includes a time for
                                                                                                        under Calendar !
snacks in the schedule. Fruit or vegetable snacks with water or juice are
preferred since we encourage good nutrition in light of the new Wellness
Policy for WSFCS. Please do not send in soft drinks as a snack. Students                   Special Nights for Piney Grove Elementary
may have a special birthday snack served to the class at lunch. Please              Help PGE raise money to improve technology in our school.
notify the teacher in advance and remember all foods must be
professionally prepared or prepackaged, no homemade foods are                              McDonald’s Nights are Bi-Monthly on the 1st Tuesday
allowed. Be sensitive to students with food allergies. With the large                                Sept, / Nov./ Jan. / March / May
number of peanut allergies in the school, we discourage the use of                         Cici’s Pizza – 2nd Tuesday of each Month (ex.
snacks with nuts. The teacher will be able to share food allergies for                      Sept/Dec.)
students in the classroom.                                                                 Chick Fil A Nights are the 3rd Thursday of each Month
                Snow and Inclement Weather Procedures
Sometimes snow or other severe weather conditions require that we
close school for the safety of our children. Parents and students can help                            Piney Grove Skate Nights
during these times by following these suggestions:                                 Skate Night is on the 2nd Monday of each month this year and
   Listen to Channel 2 (WSFCS TV access channel), one of the local                hope to make it our best year yet as we go for the attendance
     radio or TV stations, or check the school system website. If school is        record.
     closed for the day, an announcement will be made by 6:30 AM. If
     there is no announcement, school will be open as usual. Please do
     not call the school for this information.
   If conditions exist that may result in school being dismissed early,
     please listen to Channel 2 (school system TV access channel), one
     of the local radio or TV stations, or check the school system website
     for any decision to dismiss school early.
   A Parent Email Group distributes early dismissal announcements.
   Once the decision to close is announced, schools will follow the
     prearranged plans listed by parents for a child’s after-school
   The Imprints Cares students must be picked up. The Imprints Cares
     program does not operate at the school on inclement weather days.
   Do not call the school for this information. During inclement
     weather days, the phone lines stay jammed and it is very difficult for
     phone calls of a more critical nature to be handled in a timely

                           Student Insurance
Student accident insurance is available. Enrollment forms are sent home
at the beginning of the year of a one time enrollment opportunity each
year. If a parent chooses not to purchase this insurance for their child,
there is no other insurance available to students for accidental injuries at
school, personal medical insurance only will apply.


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