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                                                                                                                                               scare at
 Staff   Reporter
    Alexis i s a student at
 Highline during the day. Until
 recently, at night she took her                                                                                                               Donuts
 clothes off for money.
          are different
    There three
 kinds of strippers: the girls who
 do it for fun, the girls who doit
 for drugs and the girls who it  do
 for money. Alexis didit for the                                                                                                                    The D e s Moines   Police
 money.                                                                                                                                                                  W
                                                                                                                                                weren't after donuts on m -
                                                                                                                                                day morning. Instead, they and
    when a stripperperforms on
 stage, she doesn't use her real
                                                                                                                                                the h t of Seattle bomb squad
 chosen  alias called   a stage ,                                                                                                               Highline disarming what they
 name. Alexis is this stripper's                                                                                                                 f d was a bomb.
 stage name, and to protect her                                                                                                                      For almost two hours c p ,
                                                                                                                                                 cones and flashing    lights
 privacy it is the only wayshe is
 referred to, even by the other                                                                                                                  blocked off the entire intersec-
                                                                                                                                                 tion of Pacific Highway and
 employees at Deja Vu.
    Akxis is not your stereotypi-                                                                                                                Kent Des-Moines Road. Cars
                                                                                                                                                 sat idling, pedestrians   were
 cal stripper, and is apparentas
                                                                                                                                                 stopped OR the sidewalks and
 she sits acmss the t b with her
 bouncy blond hair in a ponytail
                                                                                                                                                 everybody held t ct breath.
                                                                                                                                                                     h i
                                                                                                                                                . T h e only movenent w i ath
  and a chubby cbeckcd, dipply .
                                                                                                                                                 2oo-fixk         0f-n        DO-   :
                                                                                                                                              . ~ U W ~ dre'bonrbsqud, cllrt-
                                                                                                                                                        W   S

  come from broken homes. I      ..
'Ton't come from the typical                                                                                                                  :
                                                                                                                                              '-           eoOmish;   i ea
                                                                                                                                                       . I t .seemed lk .
  stripper family," said Akxis.       -                                                                                                     Barbour, ciwncroftk 24-hour                 ti

      Apre#y, -y        lookinggid,
  Alexis speaks very articulately
                                                                                                                                            Dunkin Donuts, cutivcd for              .

  about her experiences. She
                                                                                                                                               wr.    Evetythingwasfdlow-
                                                                                                                                            ing routine u l n i
                                                                                                                                                              ta             c
  seems well educated and clear-
  headed.                                                                                                                                   "
                                                                                                                                            Y             sa#iousbOX~dC
      "Istarted because             I
  could... it was just for       just
                                                                                                                                            the police.         ' .
                                                                                                                                                 B a r b o u r w a s ~ b y
  for kicks," said Alexis, through

                                                                                                                                             tbebox. "Itwassittingmhont
  a mouth-full fiicd rice. "had
                of               I
                                                                                                                                             oftheshop."hesaid. W m d t
  a full-time job during day."
      I t was Alexis's 18th birthday
                                                                                                                                                e.     Ithought it was a bat-
  when she and her 22-year-old
                                                                                                                                             tery or something, but the cop         .
                                                                                                                                             thought it was a big k ,
                                                                                                                                                                    ca  "
            ei d
  friend dc e it would be fun to
  get dressed up and go to the
                                                                                                                                             fmt of the store sometime after
  strip club     to celebrate her
                                                                                                                                             5 am,        wasn'tthere when I
  newfound    adulthood, I t was
                                                                                                                                                    m   "
                                                                                                                                             got h ,he said.
  amateur night at the    Deja Vu in                                                                                                              Barbour      remember
  downtown Seattle.
                                                                                                                                             seeing any suspicious   dumctus
      "We to
           went Southcenter           .
                                                                                                                                             around thestore that morning.
  mall at theRaveandbought
                                                                                                                                             Despitethe faa that the Midway
  cute little matchingbrasand
                                                                                                                                              area is notorious for crime, he is
  thongs," said Alexis. "It's unbe-
                                                                                                                                              not routinely bothered by it.
   lievably fun to  dress up in those
                                                                                                                                              " h is the first time," he said.
  cute little outfits."
                                                                                                                                              "They  don't c o w here... I
       Alexis and her friend were
                                                                                                                                              didn't thinkit would bt a bomb
   both excited to perform. They
                                                                                                     Photo illustration by k a Sokolova m n h f .
                                                                                                                             t                    u d cc    "
   were also IICWOUS. 'We did like
                                                                                                                                                  Despite the owner'slack of
               e ulin
  two shots.oft q ia the park-
  "                         "             soon became mom than Alexis do it SCtiousIy," she said, "He Starting out -       in the stripping . c n en l c lpolice evacuated
                                                                                                                                          -      o c r ,oa
  jng lot'cause we were both so

                                          had bargainedfor, "wm.(ama- offered to pay my p mts...
                                                               I                          for    c i                            -"
  necvous," she said.                     tcur night is a contest) and the and he said Icould stay there
                                                                                                             ""                                        ""               " 7

                                                                                                              see dancer page12 see bomb page 12 .
     One night of rebellious fun          manager&dme if1
                                                                T F
                                                                           rent fiec for a few days."       "."
                                                                                                             "-                               <
                                                                                                                                              ,-            -- - ... -       --


                                 _ . .

            2                         campus life
                                        -       "
                                                                                                                                                    the thunderword

                                      Colloquy communicates Straight
                                      BYJENNIFER       MARSHALL
                                                                                                                                                    As are not
                                      Stuff Reporter

                                          lntcrpcrsonal communication
                                      is a kcy skill whenyou are look-
                                      ing for a job.
                                          Dr. John Stewart, from the                                                                                Stuff Reporter
                                      University of Washington De-
                                                                                                                                                       Scholarships Arcn't for
      Crime Blotter                   partment of Speech Communi-
                                                                                                                                                    Straight A Students is a work-
      for Feb. 7-14                   sonal communicationfor Con-                                                                                   shopcomingup in February.
                                      temporary Voices on Wednes-                                                                                   The workshop i s help   to
                                      day in Building 7.                                                                                            Highline students find money.
    Potholes                              "Communication i s vital to                                                                                  Workingclosely with the
                                      business organizations context,**                                                                             foundation program, Women's
       A Highline student   was                                                                                                                     Programs' Krista Hall will be
                                      said Dr. Stewart.
    walking to her car in the east                                                                                                                            the on
                                                                                                                                                    giving workshop
                                          Companies are looking for
    o                e.
    l tlast 'Ibesday,     6, when
                                      people who can communicate                                                                                    Wednesday, Feb.         28 and
    she stepped in a pothole. T)re                                                                                                                  Wednesday, March 7 from 2-4
                                      well withoh r , work in teams,
                                                     t es
    girl lost her balance and  fell                                                                                                                 p.m. The workshop will also be
                                      and express their ideas clearly.
    on her left side,  straining                                                                                                                    held Monday,
                                                                                                                                                         on               March 12
                                          Companiesneed a bridge e    b
    muscles in her leg and a . rm                                                                                                                   andMonday, March 19 from       4-6
                                      tween their manufacturers and
    HighlinesecuritycbicfRicb                                                                                                                               1
                                                                                                                                                    p.m. A 1 sessions will meet in
                                      their buyers, said Dr. Stewart.
    ard Fisher does not a my                                                                                                                        Building 3, room 102.
                                      They need someone who can
    plansto fix the potbolc at this                                                                                                                    "The basic roleof the work-
                                      communication well with the John Stewart
    time.                             people buying their product      or                                                                           shop is to give students informa-
                                      dealing with the company.                 Also,pple am becoming many jobs that require you to                                    fl
                                                                                                                                                    tion about how to il out schol-
    Lustandliquor                         "Interpersonal communica- more interested in expressing have these skills. For example,                   arships in a way that will make
    don't. mix 1
            .         '
                                      tion i s not just with our fami- their individual identity. e - you nqcd communication for
                                                                                                    I n                                             you a better candidate for the
                                       le , said Dr. Stewart.
                                        i s"                                tity i s the waywe tieinto     nursing, businesses, medicine,           scholarship,'' Hall said.
                                           I t is with everyone that you p c ~ ~ k .said D . Stewart.
                                                                                       ''  r                      e tss
                                                                                                           and d ni t .                                The cost of the workshop
                                      interact with.                            Some p p l e believe that     At the University of Wash-            will be $10. The feecan be
                                          Therearefowpiacesofmm- tbchnologyc8D~veallofour ingtonthmarcsomcnewpro-                                   waiveddepending the
                                      munication that are changing, pmbl&ns but others strongly grams tbat arc being developed                      student'sneeds,      T h e y can
                                      accordingto D. Stewart.               di~Dr.sbrvrt'sdd. with alotofogpotkmiticsinthe
                                                                                                       The                                          waive the fee but the fee is there
                                          The waypeople relate to *.                                       interpersonalcommunication               to have students commit to      at-
                                                                           'humans are tiat
                                      each other, the setting in which                                                  r
                                                                                                           field, said D. Stewart. .                tending," Hall said
                                      we communicate increasing
                                                           the                  Whatyouut~inin-                "Communication is about                 Information on a wide vari-
                                      interestin identity, and the =is-     terp#sonal"~OU                 contact md being'mnnected,"                                     i
                                                                                                                                                    ety of scholarships w avail-
                                       t n ~ ce o a d h o~ "notjust getting yorir d
                                        a # s i n t n ~ n arc.               l                        ie     .
                                                                                                        m suwutsaid.                                able at the workshops. Eligibil-
                                           " h context of speaking has ~~you'rtfigulingoutwhowe The next scheduledspeaker
                                             I t                                                                                                    ity requirements also vary.
                                       chmgedfirronafonnaldngto am to each other,' said D. for Coatcmporary Voices is on                               For mort information about
                                       an informal setting?Dr. Skwart stewaft .                              e.
                                                                                                           F b 24 at 1:IO p.m. I t w be
                                                                                                                                     i              the workshop, contact Krista
                                       said.pbople~b#wmingmae                 m"
                                                                               a                           lield' in Building 7 and the                a
                                                                                                                                                    Hlof the Wopm's Rogram at
                                                     e e.
                                       and mom r l x da                     is not shtinlsing. Thtse ut SpmImisQbermnwmxd                           206-878-3710, ext.3340.

                                                                           Highlineoffice atact. 3537.        and Health Services will have         March 14.inbuilding 8 fiom I 1
                                                                                                              an employee    on          campus     am.- noon.
                                                                           Moonline                           M y s ftorn 9 am.- 1 p.m. in             *Arts Night at Highline will
                                                                                                              the Women's center in Building        be held on Thursday, Fcb. 22.
                                                                               Highline is a part of the Pub- 6.      .                             The Bill Mair Retrospective,
                                                                           lic Schools Emergency Com-              *Student " m t         and In-   featuring the artwork of former
                                                                                . . Sys$cm. 'Ihesysmn tcnratjoaal Clubw hold a Cul-
                                                                           mulllcBdlon                                             il               Highline professor Bill' Mair,
                                                                           is to inform the public of emer- tutal Caft every other lhesday            il
                                                                                                                                                    wl be held from 4-730 p.m. on
                                                                           g~~lannounamentsby                  upstairs in building 8 from 3-4      the fourth floor of the library.
                                       o ny e lh
                                      C u t H at                                                               p.m.                                 Refreshmentswill be provided.
                                                                           posting information on web- a
                                                                           site. The email address is              *The Drop-In ResumeClinic        The performance of Highline
                                         The King County Board of                                              i s available for students who       professor Dr. T.M. Sell's new
                                      Health i s holding a meeting on
                                                                                                               need helpwith an existing re-        play, Pictures at an Inhibition,
                                      Friday, February 16 from 9:30                                            sume, their first rcsumc or gen-     will be at 7:30 p.m. in Building
                                      a.m. to 12~30  p.m. at the King                                         'end questions about    career help                     i
                                                                                                                                                    7. Donations w aceptedat
                                      County Council Chambers.                                                 at Highline. The Clinic will be      the door. Pmcecds will benefit
                                                                               Cathy Pitts' name was held           everyWednesday          until   the Highline Foundation.
                                      Forms available                      mispelled in the February 8 is-
                                                                           sue of the Thunderword.

                                         S&A budget forms are now
                                      available. Leanna
                                      Albrecht at ext. 3255 for more
                                                                           Table will be held   every
                                                                           Wednesday from 12-1 p.m. The
                                      World stories                        purpose of the lunch tableis to
                                                                           enhance global awareness and
                                         Team Highline, Womcn's            create a friendly atmosphere on
                                      Programs, International              campus.
                                      Student Programsi s looking for         *The Department of Social
                                      individuals to share their stories
                                      and experiences from around
                                      the for
                                        world International                    Got bmaking news?
                                      Women's Day on March 7.
                                         If you or anybody else i s in-
                                      terested the Team


                                                                                                                                                          feb. 15,2001

         voice o f t h e s t
                                                                                                                                                               pag        i
        Writing center h e l w students with words
        B Y JOSEPH CsnU,                    of any curriculum. he Wkting                                                                         and havingthem come back and
        Stuff R e W m                       Ccntctisagmtplaccto~ve                                                                                      got A
                                                                                                                                                 say. ‘I an on my paper, I’m
                                            writing feedback from friendly                                                                       havingsuchandeasiertime
            Andy Tbanlus was stuck on o n u n ,said Btett
                                             o s l t”
                                                   t s
                                                    a                Hackctt,                                                                    now, thank you very much,”’
        his*paper, experiencing h l or edwriting consultant.
                                       l    la                                                                                                   said Hackett.
        what is more commonly       known   ’  All students  who am cur-                                                                            Don’t make the mistake of
.e,     as writer’s block. He heard his rently emllad are wtlcomtdto                                                                             going to the Writing Center and
’.. :
 .      writinginstructor, Angi Caster, the Writing Center.                                                                                      expecting the tutors to editor
        talk about getting extra help    in    “We have an old saying in                                                                         proofread yourpaper. The pur-
        the ”btoring Center.                our country, that two minds am                                                                       pose of the Writing Center tois
            “  I to the Writing Center always better than one,” said
               went                                                                                                                              improve   writing      The
        because Ineeded help develop student FaridK n,who con-     i                                                                             center’s motto is to cmatc better
        ing ideas for my paper,” said       sults witha philosophy writing                                                                                            a es
                                                                                                                                                 wies not better p p r .
                                                                                                                                                    r r,
        ’Itvardus.                          d . a  e
                                                   t                                                                                                Sign in fat an appointmentat
            Like many stu&nts,’I\rvafdus       Atotalof 18tutorsworkfot                                                                                               in
                                                                                                                                                 the flrtoring Center Building.
        does not enjoy writing. “ & ’I mt   the Writing Center, 13 consult-                                           photo by jOe   Walker 19, Room 207. Hours are 8
        personally like writing but I ants and five a s c t s Con-
                                                             soi e.
                                                                  a                     -m,~m         .md -dn         w d h-     & at he a.m.-7 Monday
                                                                                                                                 ,                      p.m.        through
        know how important is to usework
                                it          sultants         in the Writing                writins                                               Thursday
                                                                                                                                               and               8 a.m.-noon Fri-
        it; it will help you your
                curtent                                   day. l
                                            Center with a students,
                                   resumes Bring                                                                                                                            assign-
        and later in the worlcplace,” said whertssmitingd work rewards,
                                                                a at                  personally,” nursing,
                                                                                                 said             and      ment
                                                                                                          sociology speech. and                                           to
                                                                                                                                                             be preparedask
        ’1[Lvardus.                         specifically in their own fields.   a-
                                                                               Hc                                 u it very questions.
                                                                                                                    I             be- For
                                                                                                                   find gratirying more    informa-
            “Improving  your        writing     “As an employee, it is a great            soa  ie
                                                                                 Writing asctsam avail-ingabletohelppeopleon                 a tionaboutthe Writing Center
         skills is beneficial for students p k e to w * there arc a l tof able for geology, philosophy, daily basis with their education, call
                                                       o,               o                                                                              206-878-3710. ext. 3444.

         BSU preaches                                     *         .
                                                                                              Snow for a day

                                                                          . ..
                                              Lai Ross, club dvi&.”’
                                                                                 ; : ; e


                                                 “The club is used to bring
                                              unity,” Reader said. ‘Ihere’S~W
               The members of the BlWk much togetherness among the
        . Student Union(BSU) say their Sbn       us
                                                 t t ” r               weneadto
          club allows black students to show off our capabilities be-
          demonsttate unity and focus     on cause a lot of
                                                          , t h e    times black
          uplifting black youth.              studentsatemisunderstood,”
               Highline’s BSU is lookingat Reackrsaid.             .

          a positive transition this year.       The BlackStudent Union at
          Starting off the New Year, the Hi@=           meets weekly, Fridays
          club ~Stnrc-               .        at noon in Building 8. They dis-
          ,by                                 CUSSVarioustopicsthatocatrCm
          electing new                        and off campus regarding black
           officers.                          youth. The club also plans on
           D.J. Howard                        various ways to go help in the
           is the club’s                      community.
           president                              BSU is planning severalu p
           with Ebony                         coming events, which include        a
           Taylor-                            performance. by Ofwanda
           Walker cho-                          acr
                                              D n e s who will dance tradi-
                                                                                                                                                   Photo by Connie Harshman
                         r i n
           sen as vice p s e t
                          ed .                                T
                                                           acs e
                                                          d ne. h y
                                              tional African                   w  l
               The rest of the officers in- alsoholdatalents)rowasanard
           clude Aaron Reader as sccrc-
           m ,Patrice H a n i s as ~ u m , Most colleges in the nation
                                              of the yearproject.
                                                                                               M g nhnce a&es little snowpeople from the light snowfaU on February 8.
           Lashonda Ellis in charge of have a similarorganization.
           publications, and Jmy hp
           as historian.
                                    P i s Highinens its on May
                                         i                 got start
                                               5,1968. The organizationwas
                                                                                           BSU in f lswing for February
                                                                                                  u                                                                         Y

               This quarter the club i s try-  originallydlalthcAho”                                                 der, and global studies, writing finned speakers includeGeorge
           ing to maintain focus and to        can Societyof Highline Com-                                           and lea r .
                                                                                                                          i rt e
                                                                                                                          t u                         Stokes. Building7,11 a.m.- 1
           continue on next quartet    with- munity college.                                                            orher events include:         p.m.
           out losing any of i current                                                      Highline’s Black Student    *Friday,Feb. 16 “Spoken          *Friday, Feb. African
            members, which i s what hap- shall be to encourage                                                                                          a cr i    l
                                                                                         UnionClub is back in full Word i s more powerful than D n eswl be performing, al-
            penad after Fall Quarter.          mote student unde                         swing  with a whole list of written” Poetry Reading. Stu-    ~ati~eprescntets:   StepDm-
              faces,                           ethnic gmupsto COopttlltE with events for Fcbruouy.                   dents, staff, andfaculty will ing.Building 8, Union Bay
            new faces in, old faces out,” the administrationand student                     The first event on
                                                                                                          was                     o ty
                                                                                                                     sham their p er . Building 8, Room, 11 am.- 1 p.m.
            said Howard.                       bodytothecndthatbestsc~ Wednesday in Building 7, UnionBayRoom, 11 am.-]                                    *Wednesday, Feb. 28. The
                ‘ hre
               Te was a time of t m s i - the inte-ts of the college and where speakers shared aspects p.m.                                           members of Black     Student
            tion in leadership. Leaders for community,” according to the of their life stories in honor of              *Friday ni@, Feb 16. The 4 Union will be pedorming skits
            Fall Quarter had to put their      co118titution rdopred    te.
                                                                        hn               BlackHi8toryMonth.          Comers of Hip Hop uContcst and storytelling. Building7,ll
            education first. They’re still        The -up fa& many ob-                      Ihe”wereJesn             Event”-Building 8 upstairs, 7 a.m.4 p.m.
            h v e in the club but a differ- stacles in gaining approval to Huris, anthropobgy teacher, ptm.-midnight.
                                  m                                                                                                                      For further infomation on
                  a ai .
            a t c p cy New OffKXrrshave earn QCCCPtUKX as a club.                        Angi C s rwriting and le -
                                                                                                 at ,e         im
                                                                                                               t        .Wednesday, Feb 21. Con- upcomingBSU events, amtact
            been elected and the chb i s          U e p o ~ e r R c b r a w L h & i n c ~mre instructor, mi Satan tinuationof “n H n rof Black Gum Lai Ross at 206- 878
            lookingforward,” said Gum njbutcd to W s t o ~
                                                                                                                                   I oo                                          -
                                                                                          ,                                              Con-
                                                                                                                     History”-storytelling.            3710, ext. 3184.

                                                                                                                                                                  .   .

feb. IS, 2001                                                  I   ,   ,

Napster under fire;
CD burning up in flames
     The seemingly heaven-sent Internet has now come              with a price
to pay. A debate that has been going on for quite a while over the
legality of downloadingof images and music via Internet is com-
ing to a head. The battle over Napster, a forum for music exchange
via file sharing, is still raging on many fronts.
     There arc those who believe that Napstcr detrimental to artists
and infringes on copyright laws, essentially stealing creations.     their
Others enjoy the convenience Napster in allowingthem a x a s to
such a wide database of music. Another benefit is to sample the
rtcord before you spend the money on          it.
     The ethics and legality Napster have been
                              of                        questioned, and w     l
now be judged in federal court. Whether court findsNapstcrto
be illegal or not, the idea and technology out
                                                     te .
 sharing web sites have already cropped up Napstcr's wake, and
                                                                           Don't be afraid of life, embrace it
                                                                    Other file

 many more will probably ensue.                                                    Life is a funny thing.It is so                                       Nottosayinthelcastthatwhm
     An idealike file sharing is not onethat can be eliminated. Them fleeting andat the same time it                                                    bad things happen they arc a
 are many reasons why the      artists and word companies should           give Seems to go on forever. More                                            punishment, that's just life. If
                                find                         file
 up on fighting Napster and a way to make the sharing phe- accurately, the g d times in life                                                            we didn't havethebadwe
 nomenon work for them, see that it i s working for them already. pass us by in seconds, but the
                              or                                                                                                                        wouldn't be able to recognize
     Quite simply, the people who arc on Napster seeking music. bad times seem to linger and
                                                          arc                                                                                           the good.
 These arc the same diehard fans whowill buy every album that                an seem like they wl never end.
                                                                                                  il                                                        Most of us search for an ex-
 artist puts out their lifetime,as well as most of the commemora-                  When youthink about it life                                          planation forthe wrong thati s
                                                        d ah
 tive greatest hits collections compiled after theirt . These are the is a series of m m n ,some wc
                                                                                                o et  s                                                 done to us or for the bad fortune
 people outfitted both the band T-shirt and hat. If the band sold
                     in                             the                                  and some wevictims                                                  lns
                                                                                                                                                        that ad on us. We look for a
 undergarments boldly emblazoned with their name, fans would of. Most of them (ut over                                                                   person to blame or blame our-
 stand in line overnight order to get a pair.
                           in                       These 81rt not the people quickly, and we are left with the negative emotion. In my opin- stlvts.
 that an artistor a record label wants to alienate.                                e oy
                                                                                mm r. But how this memory ion it i s as' natural a thing to cry             We get angry 'and sometimes
      File sharing is also agreat opportunity to grab the attention a affectsthertstofoutlifeisthe when you arc sad, as it is to we push away the people that
 wider audience. This can cause an artist's popularity to increase, pbint.'                        :;
                                                                                                   >e   . .:I .I . sidle'when ,' happy. i n - am there to help. All of those

 thereby causing an increase the marketabilityof the artist. In fact,
                                 in                                                 It's funny howamtradicmy       order to embrace everyaspect of are natural reactions to tragic
                                                                a e
 it can be seen slightly similar to little inventionc l d the radio.
                  as                     a                                      our views and spproaches to life life you must embrace the emo- and stressful events.
 Turn it on, listen to music, pay nothing.                                              e
                                                                                can b . When you arc happy tion thatgoes along withit.                      But to hold on to that anger,
      Record companies went through the same panic when eight- you want to hold to that mo-        on                  I t is too easy to cut one's self and find thatisolationmore
                                      t e.
 tracks were replaced by cassettep s The fear was that people now ment as long as possible. But off from the world, at least the comforting than friendship i s
 had the technology to record the songs they loved directlyoff the when you arc sad the advice is feeling partof it. I t can be too not natural. In fact that can be
 radio or their friends would buy the and let 14 pcople record it. not to dwell oir i ,move past and safe to make ones heart stop more detrimental than the
                                           tape                                                  t                                                                                     loss
  So the record companies were losing out on essentiallyindividual forget abouti .             t                   feeling the    pain, but at the same you've experienced. It's impor-
  sales.                                                                            Sometimesitiswsoeasyto time you may stop feeling to tant to remember that human             as
       Again in the late 199Os, the technology was developed to make just get over it. Sometimes it happiness. But what i s even beings we are not built to be
  it possible for the general public to record entire onto a blank takes being unbelievably sad,                   more difficult i s to let a light alone, we need companionship
  CD. Again, the fear was that record sales would decline and the depressed and lonely. Maybe shine into the dark placesof a and understanding.
  music industry would takea huge hit to the pocket book. But that              the best thing forsome p p l e to heart that was dark and cold for We miss so muchby just
  was not the case.The music industry remains one the most highly do is to be alone and cry and                     so long.                             trudging through thissea that
  profitable industriesin the world.                                             feel every ounceof pain thatis        The times that challenge us we call life,     never looking up to
       Artists will not suffer financially from the proliferationNapster flowing through them.                      in life arethetimesthatwe            acknowledge the people and
  and its cohorts, as they might like you to believe. We will not be                The natural reaction to pain should remember andbe fully events that shape that              life.
  secing 'N Sync on street corners holding up cardboard "Will work or sadness is to flinch, or with-                aware of as they are happening.         Sometimes it's easier to live
  for food" signs at any time in the near future.                                draw or cry. But many people The good times arc a =ward and without, than to lose the thing
       The issue here that there is a lot money on the line. Whether think it unnaturaltoshowa
                        is                  of                                                                      a reprieve from the bad ones. that you wanted badly.   so
  it i s an amount large enough to put artists out of work is the ques-
  tion. An enormous amountof money is generated by music.                While
  it i s conceivable that some money may be lost,        is the changeso sig-
  nificant that it's worth this kind fight?
       The factis that the record companies andartists need to.rtcognize                                                                                    life are free.
  that at least for now, Napsteris reality. I t will do no good to fight a
  battle that cannotbe won and anger fansin the process.                                                ..............
                                                                                  E d i t o ~ ~ ~ ~ e f.Evan Keck nifer Marshall, Selam Mengstab,Di-
       Record executives needn't worry too much. a coupleof years,
                                                         In                       ManagingEditorAtachele Corella ego Revelo, Joy Rothwell, Rob
  another crisis    will come up that                           fly
                                       will require them to into a panic News Editor.     ...........
                                                                                                               .Rachelle Flynn Scheider, J o Bo Sim, Jenny Taylor,
  about their huge salaries taking a small cut.                                   SportsEditor..............Bry& Sharick              Janae Webb, Aaron Williams, Nina
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                                                                                                                                        d i e .. ......,............ T.M. Sell
                                                                                                                                      A vs r.....                  .Dr.
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 to Thunderword@ deliver to Building room
                               or                  10,                      ward Johnson, CalJean Lloyd, Jen-
                                                                                                                         -        "
                                                                                                     A                                            feb. 15,2001

                                                                                                     Acting instructor Box
 Magic Maan                                                 I   :

                                                                I .
                                                                                                     doing what she loves
                                                       Whik Boars won't talk about his how he
                                                    pcrfimnshismyictricks,beisopendeqger                Dawn Box is a character on
                                                    totalkabouttheproccssofstage-hyposis.            and off the stage.                                                          .,

     An aspiring hypnotist and magician,  Joe                            yl
                                                       "Ibeonly thing it d is, is a foarsing of         Skr conducts her Acting 121
  Boarsisnotaboringpetsorr. Boarsisasapho-          yourownmind,tbpawrrirhysinamtroI.                                      k
                                                                                                     class at times almost l eayoga
  more majoring in clinical psychology and                          mk
                                                    When yousee p p do funny things up on            session, students circled onthe
  hopes leave Highline at the end of Winter         stagc,thcyrrtjustsofocwedandinaQeun              stage practicing breathing   and
  Quarter.                                          statcthattheyf~llilretheycandoanything,          body-loosening exercises that
     Born in Seattle 26 years ago, he moved to        u e rc tl n b de m e r
                                                         d         ib
                                                    b t r yr sl w d y r id d d-    r                 wouldmakethecasual~y
  Carnation . atthe                                                               icsv"he~           gawk in wondet. Quirky soeclcs
  age of 7. At 19 he                                                                 He says         and activities meant to propel
  decided to join the.                                                            that there is      unsuspectingactingstudents           DawnBarv
  Marine Corps and                                                                no such thing          their
                                                                                                     fmm comfort               zones,
  went to boot camp                                                               as hypnosis        coupled with insightful direc-      ested me in theater," Box re-
  at camp pnen    l
                  o                                                               withah-            tion, make Box's acting class       marks. "The idea of choosing
  in Southern Cali-                                                               tist, all the      the place to go to improveskills    what plays I want to produce
  fmia I t was when                                                               hypnotist is,        nb n a
                                                                                                     ade tt .    eed  r i                and really making happen. So
  he was stationed in                                                             i s a person           Stepping in as a new drama      the whole idea     i s thisplay
  Hawaii that he dis-                                                             who
                                                                                    shows            i
                                                                                                     -n              winter playdircc-   wouldn't happinif Iwasn*t in-
  covered how to do                                                               the volunteer                i l ,
                                                                                                               gi n
                                                                                                     tar at H h eBox i s enjoying                     ie
                                                                                                                                         volved. The dathat my fiends
  magic,                                                                          howdo
                                                                                     to              worlringwiththeactingstudcnts       and Iam putting this play on,
     " am pretty
       I                                                                          self-hypnosis.                           w e b making it happen, we're
  much self-taught,"                                                                 "Iheream                      growing
                                                                                                             Despite     up           in creatingsomethingfromthe
  he said.                                                                        -YtypesOf
                                                                                                         Pueblo, Colo., Box considers ground up.,'
     To begin his                                                                 inductions.            herself a native Seattleite. ""I Box, a member of the "he-
  journey of becom-                                                               TheoneIuse                                       I
                                                                                                         first got into acting when was  atft of Puget Sound, came to
   ingan amateur ma-                                                              thcmoetisthc           about 7 or 8," Box reminisces, Highline in response to a job
                                                                                                         "I   went to a showand Ijust opming for teachingpto ,
                                                                                                                                                       a            ii n
                                                                                                         thought it was really funny. I and also a directing position.

                                                                                                         used to want to be a Wlenna         ,"I~liedandIWasdly
                                                                                                         dancer, Ijust didn't have the excited because Id y wanted
   gicians on televi-                                                                                    paticnceorthcfocustodobal- to teach at the collegc level,"
   sion. I t was when he started talking to other   parts of your body," he said.                        kt,especially at age 8."         she said.
   magicians and learning how the tricks     weft     Bcrarsdescribeditasabgsicoountdownto                    "So Igot into acting. Idid     Box i s goingatbe
   done that he started to formulate hisown d s
                                             iq                    l
                                                    being totallyexdand under hypnotic sug-
                                                                  rae                                                           i dt
                                                                                                         this play, and Id l y l e i ,I Highline for only
                                                                                                                                k                           Winter Quar-
   and creating his   own style.                                                                         hadagrcattimc,"Sheddad.          ter, highlighting herstay with
      After a three-year tour in Hawaii, he w6s        His skits w vary l emovie r t g ,fiom
                                                                   l       k
                                                                           i          an s
                                                                                        i                     A-hiS&WpUB&UatthC           the production of the musical
   sent to Oicinawa, Japan and it was there where   a 0 rating to R and then he has really wild          University of Wdington, Box comedy "Man Equals M n            a"
   he I      dhow todo hypnosis.                    showsthatcangetcrazy.                                 i s now an active part of the whichbeginsonMarch1witha
      "There was a magiciap in my unit and he          "sometimes11 t l them to become exotic
                                                                     '1 e  l                              EmpySpsct'IlmatminSerctk. preview on F b 23,  e.
   had been doing magic gnd hypnosis for 1      0   dancers or I'llt l them Smurfs ate attacking
                                                                    e l                                   She  re-conncctcd with local        Box i s making Highline a
   years and he took me under his wing and          them,arthcrcisanalienundettheirchairthat              friends involved there 'dter a stop on the roBd to accomplish-
   taught me his tricks the trade," he said.
                         of                         they can talk to and they'll p lit'upand start
                                                                                  u                                                                 g e "
                                                                                                                                                  a r r m.
                                                                                                          shorttimeoflivingasanactress ing her lr e d a s my ulti-
                                                                                                          inNewYork,andwasexcikdto mate dream wouldbe to build
      It was at this time, B as i e he wanted
                             ot' zd                             "-               -"                       take part in the company that thetheatercompanyupsothatit
   to bacome the greatest stage hypnotist to ever    see hypnotist page 7                .

                                                                                                          encompasses a laqe variety of becomes a somewhat       viable      .

                                                                                                          playsdadars. .                                       hn
                                                                                                                                           source of income, t e I   '
                                                                                              .                                                       l
                                                                                                               That's what always inter- just do it a the t e she s i
                                                                                                                                                           i ,          ad

Dating game wins over crowd i Building 8
BYSARAHEWAIUS.                         The excited conversatian     of m                      s
                                                                                w "'I'd be M &                     be-
Staff R   e m                       t h e d ~ w a s h u s h e d w h e n 'cause I wouldn't melt in your
                                    Kit " 3 , T a Highline mouth I'd melt in your am .
                                                       em                                                     r s  "
    Raise your handif you were      member in chargeof the event,          During the sco~nd               rorind,two
dateless on the most romantic       started the Dating Game.'            male contestants were asked                to
day of the year. Well, at least        The DatingGame is exactly sing a love song the single girl to
three couples won'tbe raising             s
                                    like i teleyision predccessot theyweretryingtoimpress.
theirhands. 'Iheywcrcmatchcd        The Dating Gume and much B O t h i l l C n p V d t o b C t a n e d e a f ,
with a mate at the DatingGame.      like M T V ' s spin off S-ed         and neither could remember                the
    Usually a crowded hangout       Out, in which a bachetgr :or exact wordsto a oouple of well-
for su ns upstairs in Building
     t & t,                           ahl e ot   e
                                    bc e rt asks questions of kncwn songs.
8 'was transformed into             three suitors whohe or she are          When aiked what his major
matchmaking central yesterday.      not allowed see.
                                                   to                    was, one of the d e contestants
    A black stage illuminated by                    were
                                        Contestants asked                in the third said    round
white icicle lights anda small      questions about their favorite "Pimpology 101.                     "        Oddly
string of red lights sat against    movies, whatcolor would best m g h he Was the winner of that
the west wallof the mom.            describethemandwhy,and               round.
    Sitting on the stage were
                '                   mine were evenasked to show             Unfottunately,there was time
 three black chairs with plump,     off their best dance moves.          fotonly t h r e t . r o u n d s , as opposed
 red, heart-shaped balloons at-         In the first round, one of the to the four roundsthat were pre-                                                hUT0byPR"A
 tachad to them. These chairs sat    female contestants   'was asked dicted to take place TheDating
 separated, by a folding shade,     *what candyshe would be and O w e "went really well, better A match made in Highline, the couple from round twlo of
 from a fourth chair.                why. With blushingclpksihe than Iexpctcd:' said 'Tlmeus.                          Thursday's Dating Game embrace.

 feb. IS, 2001
        6                                    dl LS
                                                                                                                                               the thunderword

court   Innovative gallery displays
rules   lesser=knownartists
             0          I
                                                                                             .   *

                                   BYP m SOKOLOVA                                                                                             i s also the lecturc coordinator.
                                   Staff Reportcr                                                                                                Background, educationor Icxa-
Napster                                   I f a picture i s worth a thou-
                                                                                                                                                 tion of rhc artists do not apply
                                                                                                                                                 whcn the dccision is madc, but
                                     sand words, this placc a rcally
                                                                is                                                                               thc artistsarc rcquitcd to send  in
BYAARON WILLIAMS                     good novcl. Hidden hcncath a                                                                                a resumeandahout 10-20 slides 6 ,
Staff Rcportzr                       viaduct Scattlc's
                                                by          Pionecr                                                                              of their work.                            idae
                                     Square, fully rcflccting the                                                                                     Onc of thc that
    The on-linc MY3 trading fo-      downtown     atmosphere,         lies                                                                       FotoCirclc annuallyputsto-
rum known as Napstcr may hc FotoCircle, a gallcry that's a                                                                                       gcthcr i s called Pushpin. As a
on the vcrgc ol'a shutdown.          must-scc for any art fan.                                                                                   non-profit
    On Monday theNinth Circuit            Its mission i s to providc thc                                                                         FotoCircle naturally faces the
Court of Appcals rulcd against       Scattlc arca with nan-commer-                                                                               difliculty of finding adequate   fi-
Napstcr's cffort to stay online      cia1 art.                                                                                                   nancing, and Pushpin i s one of
and promotc pccr-to-pcer Iilc             Established in 1994, with an                                                                           the ways the gallery can collect
sharing. Thc court that said         cmphasis more on its philoso-                                                                               some    money. .At the     event,
whatNapstcrwasdoingwas               phy dedication
                                           and              thanon                                                                                         are to
                                                                                                                                                 people able purchase
promoting copyright infringe- spaces and material resources,                                                                                     pushpins for $IO to hang one
ment and that thcy nceded more       FotoCircle honors the true idea One of the photos on display at the btocircle gallery.                      piece of unframed art.
information beforethcy could of art. As a non-profit gallery,it                                                                                         Now in its sixth season,
make a tinal ruling.                 offers to the public exposure      of get along good. I think when teers who are willing to spenda Pushpin not only serves as                  a
     "Napster i s not shut down,     the lesser known and emerging you have a passion like this, it number of hours of their spare fundraiser, but offers tare col-       a
hut under this decisioni t could artists.                                   brings people together," said        time as personnel. .             lection of various art creations.
b , said Napster in an official
   e"                                     Monthly exhibits,     annual      Karen Howard,one of the mem- .          As for the privileges of the With a wide range of media,
rcleasc on thcir web sitc.           evcnts, fundraisers and the over- b r .  es                                 long-term members,
                                                                                                               also      they                     da,
                                                                                                                                                  i e s and forms, Pushpin brings
     Thc court ruling came shortly all general run the galleryarc
                                                        of                       Another 14 or I5 volunteers act as the     committee who         together a diversity of raw t la-
after Napstcr announccd thatit organized by its sevenmem-                   help out with the gallery sit-       chooses thework that will oc-    ent.
was going toh o m e a subscrip- bers, ranging in age from 35 to tings.                                          +upy this small innovative gal-        All aspiring artists, photog-
tion-bascd scrvice. The plan is 60. All members are in some                      In thesimplehierarchy,thelery        each month.                 raphers and art fans are encour-
to usc thc money from the sub-       way involvedin the at , but it% difference between a member-
                                                               rs                                                   "We've had a wide range of aged to come visitthis amazing
scription to pay record compa- not necessarily their daily job. volunteer and acasual volunteer art here. But generally we are gallery, butbe careful, you may
nics and artists royaltics for thc         "We represent       a diverse    is made by the length of'theit looking for non-commercial, Ieave.     never
                                                                                                                                                    want                          m        t
usc of thcir songs.                  group of backgrounds and opin- commitment. This creates the photo-based, exploring art,"                          Any further information on
     "We've hccn dcvcloping a ions; we don't always necessar- biggest threat to FotoCircle's said Laura Hulscher, oneof the FotoCirclecan be found at their
 Napstcr scrvicc that  otl'crs addi-  ily agree with each other, but we future, which is finding volun- seven-member committee, who website at
tional hcncfits to members of
thc community and, impor-
tantly- makes payments to art-
 ist," said
         Fanning in a formal
                                     'Half Life' add-on proves successtul
 statcment to Napster users.          B Y ] O SIM
                                             O N
                                      Stuff Reporter                        p p l e to join in their groups.     or running with a gun.            to stick togetherwith your team
     Napstcr hopcd that this plan
                                                                                 A leader of the Legend team,        You control movement with and protect yourself and your
 would stop pcnding copyright
                                                                             Keun Park said, 'The word Leg- a keyboard and adjust your aim friends from the enemy.
 inliingcmcnt lawsuits, but thus           Fans of the smash hit com-
                                                                            end was just running around my with a mouse. The best idea is'             Counter Strike i s much like
 Ihr only a fcw major record la-      puter   game      Huff Life have
                                                                             head, so I chose it as my ID. to check every corner on the            war in the real world, laid out
 hcls have dropped their suits.       somcthing to cheer about with
                                      the rclcase of Counter Strike.
                                                                             I'm getting better and better on stage so as to not to killed by with intense action and reality.
     But to all thoseusersout
                                                                             Counter Strike,   and &me of my enemies. You should do every-         It's a suggested download for   all
 therewhoarc afraid Napster           Courrter Strikeis an add-on ver-
                                                                             friends wanted to makea team thing you can to keep your char-         garners.
 will be shut down, or just don't sion of HulfLife, but it is more
                                                                             with my ID."                         acter and team alive.                  You can download the add-
 want to pay whenit docs go to a popular than the original game.
                                                                                 Counter Strike i s a multi-                                       on,
                                                                                                                     The most important strategy Counter             Strike         at
 pay scrvicc. never fear because           Counter Strike uses intense
                                                                             player game that allows you to to use when playing Counter, if you                 .
 thcrc arc alternatives. Lots of action and advanced technology
                                                                             play with up to people at the Strike is to team up. You need          already haveHugLife.
 other peento-peer tile sharing to create a frighteningly realistic
                                                                             same time ona network. Unlike
 sites that allow the to user         world whereplayersneedto
                                                                             other games, you can have your
 download MP3s are still operat-      think smart in order to survive.
  ing, including Audiognome,                                                .ownteam, talk to each member,
                                           The counter terrorist and the
  BcarSharc, Aimstcr, Toadnodc, terrorist lead the game, and you and makea plan.
  Filetopia, MyNapstcr (which                                                    Widespread stages are laid
                                  is  objective is to kill your enemies
                                                                             out in 3D on the screen. The
 different than Napster), iMesh,      before they kill you first. While
 and CuteMX.                           it is very gory and violent, the
                                                                             stages consist of a castle, train
     Thesesiteswerefound          in game has many addictive quali- station, warehouse, and office
                                                                             building, etc. You can only see
 just a couple minutes scarch-
                         of            ties that ouiweigh the negatives.
                                                                             a hand anda gun on the screen,
  ing and there arc still dozens           In Fedcral Way, at the Game
                                                                             so you feel like you are walking
  morc out there. For thcmost          Revolution,' people     can     use
  part thcsc service providerssic computers with Internet connec-
  slowerand less uscr-fricndly tion, andCounter Strike'spopu-
  than Napstcr. But with the high larity is still booming. About95
  volumc of uscrsthatmay hc pcrccnt of the players                  play
  kickcd off of Napster, or will       Counter Strike     through thc local
 just rcfusc to pay for their ser-     nctwork and on the net.
  vices, thcsc sites arc surc to gct        All thc players concentrate
  bcttcr.                              on the game, andtry to survive.
      Hank Barry,CEO of Napstcr These players'arc not playing
  added that cvcn i f Napstcr i s just for fun, they are playing the
  shut down. thcy will do what-        gamc with grecdforvictory.
  cvcr they can within limits to Thcy their team
                                              have own
  provide its 50 million uscrs ac-               and to more
                                       names, try get
  cess to music.
              voice of the students                                                                                        - arts
                                                                                                                             -                                 "   .. ..   "

                  Shakespeare comes to life at Seattle Repertory Theatre
                         HARSHMAN PaulTazcwcll did a fabulous
                  BYCONNIE                                                                                                                                     faint resemblance of the Mad
                  Stuff R e m e r                       job creating and designingcos-                                                                         Hattcr from Alice in Wondcr-
                                                        tumes for the cast.  ent&                                                                              land on acid. H i s costumc cwn-
                    The Seattle Rcpertory The- Lysander, played by Matthew                                                                                     sistcd of a big purplc top hat
                atre does right in their produc- Tmyer, and Dcmettiuo, played                                                                                  with purplc y suit an3 jackct
                tion of Shakespeare's A Mid-             by JeffriesThaiss, the two men                                                                        with onc slwvc and half whitc
                summer Night's Dmutrr. Sharon who fight for the                   love      of                                                                 and purplc hair.
                Ott, director,                           Hernia, wore elegant and con-                                                                                   to
                                                                                                                                                                   Tickcts      A Mihwrttncr
                Shakespeare's famous comedy              trasting costumes.                                                                                    Nighr 5. Dwutn rmgc from$ I 5
                and sets i t in modcrn saiety.                To represent    DCmetljus*s                                                                      to $29 on Wcdne.days through
6,   ,e              For thc classically illiterate strait-laced and pampered             per-                                                                 SunJays; $ I 5 to $39 for tcgulur
                people, the premiseof A Mid- sona, he wore a very elegant                                                                                      pcrformanccs Sunday. Tucsday
                summer Night'sDream is abut              businesssuitethatcriedout                                                                             through Thursdays and Mali-
                four young lovers who escape money, while Lysander looks
                                                  to                                                                                                            nccs. $15 to $42 for rcgularpcr-
                a mystical forest and get caught like the kid from the wrong si&                 O e o (Harris)nt c Puck (Donohue) to find an aph-
                                                                                                   br n               ms
                                                                                                                    is t                                        fonnanccs on Friday and Satur-
                in the middle a battle between of the tracks with a black
                                of                                                     leather rodisiac in the forest.       .                                  days.
                the king and queen the fairies jacket, pants and p i e d
                                      of                                               tars.                                                                       Anyonc undcr 25 may pur-
                and a mischievous fairy named                 The most visually beautiful as Oberon, the King of the fair- with a brcast platc that pull's out chaw tickcts for$ I O for cvccy
         .             the
                 Puck, result   beipgan         odd scents were in the forest wherc ies and Theseus, the Duke of. his chest and a long feathcrcd, pcrl'ormuncc of cvcry prduc-
                 romantic pairing that makes for the story gets a more supematu- Athens.                                        sequined cape.                  tion and discounted tickcts for
                 an unforgettable night.                  tal andsurrealtheme.          Hugh                               per-
                                                                                                    His costumes rivaled his      Suzanne Bouchard portmys groups o f 2 0 or morc may bc
                     While the acting and block- Landwehr, the set designer, was formance. AsTheseus, he wore Hippolyta with thc clcganccor purcha.scd by calling 206-443-
                 ing were   great, what stood out in clever for creating a believablea simple but very elegant tux- Grace Kelly puts the sexinessof             2210, cxt. 1046.
                 the play were the elaborate    sce-      forest BrentHarris gave a, bril- edo, but it was his costumc for Michelle Pleiffer into    '15tania.     For tickct rescrvutions call
                 nic and costume designs.               s
                                                          liant ocdormance in dudroles Oberon that stoob.outthe most.              The performancc that stood thc Scattle Repertory Thcatrc
                                                                                                    Harrishasachisekdfaoeand out  was Dan Donohuc's por- hox officc at 206-443-2222 or
                                                                                                 a superman build that was
                                                                                                                    ac-.        trayal of Puck, King Obcron's visit thc   sitc
                                                                                                                                                                        wcb                 . at

                         .hypnotist     - "               they put One guy the middle
                                                          of the toom     and f r e a circle
                                                                               om d
                                                                                                 centuatedbyatightbodysuit      fairy servant. He gavc off thc www.~ttlcrcp.oqg.
                                                          around him and siarted s t r i p
                  continued from page 6
                                                              "It is one of the underlining                                Crossword 101
                                                          things in my personality. When
              . talking to it in an alien lan-
              '                                           I help some one else it heals
                  guage," Boats said.                     something inside *of me," he .. .
rn   \
                     Some examples of Boars' said, " y n sscan help people
                  wild shows involi& exotic'd&nc- stop'$&ng,
                                                      '                ~ * " " ' * i

                  em,, he won't let them take their phobiasand relivecertain types * -
                  clothes off, and he will let the of pain."
              .   guystake of their shirts, but                Boars is going to schoolat
               ' won't let the women. "That        is      Highline untilhis stage career
           .      usually bail taste," he said.            takes on.
                      Boars has a new skit, called             "I just                to
                                                                           beginning' pro-
                  Superman,that will be inte- mote myselfas a stage hypno-
          .       grated his
                        into petformances.                 tist. Iam putting my package
                      The skit involves a dummy togetherandinamonthortwo1
                  doll as well as some volunteers hope to be submitting mypack-
                  acting as Lex Luther and    Super- age to clubs and casinos," he
                  man. When the villain music said.
                  comes on, the villain will grab              I f his career does suddenly
                  the doll andrunaroundthe                 take an interesting turn,Boars
                  stage. And when thehemmusic hopes to                first tour around Wash-
             . comeson,Superman will chase                  ington and if he gets populai
                  the villain.                                      and
                                                           enough business               starts,
                      Boar's most vivid  memory of Wming, then IEwill set out on
                  performing stage hypnosis i s tour and'csscntiaIIy conquer the
                   when he hypn0tized.a. handful rest of the United States.
                  of marines and to14 them they                    I
                                                               "want to haveo many gigs
                  wereexoticdancers. He de- that Idon't have to                    support my-
                   scribes it as one of the 'funniest self in any other way," Boars

                  experiences of his stage career, said.

                         Solution to last week's puzzle

    feb. 15,2001

    --                          -

    Cross Country
    needs money
                                         Champions to clash in Minnesota

          SHARICK                        BYEVAN
                                              KECK                                                        CARu)GAt"Y                         133
    Staff Repotter                       Stuff Reporter
                                                                                                             Carlos Adamy is a freshman from                     col .
                                                                                                                                                Moses Lake High S h o He was a
       It's the timeof year again for        At Highline, heavyweight                                     state finalist twotimes and astate champion once. Adamy placed second
    the Services and Activites Bud- wrestler Anthony Hamilton a           is                              in the Region IV tournament.
    get committee to decide who         big guy. But stepping off the
    will get what money and how         plane in Rochester, Minn. he is
    much.    Something has
                        that         a now just another wrestler.
    large question mark front of it          The NJCAA men's national
    is the T-Birdcross country team. wrestling championships brings
        With Highline having the in the someof the best wrestlers
                                                                                                          H D ~ lU
                                                                                                         S A L EI m                         141
    only cross country team on the in the countryat the community
    West Sideof the mountains,be-       and junior college level.                                           Lierley is a returningsophomore from Chuglak, Alaska. Lierley was a
    sides Bellevue's brand spanking          At the  tournament,  many                                   state championand a state finalist four times. He is also a NJCAA Nationa
    new team, i t would be a thor-      wrestlersareachampion               of                           1 Qualifier as well as an Academic All-American. Lierley placed secondin
    oughly bad idea to get of the some s r. Hamiltonis a return
                               rid                ot                                                     Region N tournament.
    program.                            ing All-American, placing sev-
                -&                      enth in the tournamentlast year.
                                        He willface other All-Ameri-
                                        cans, regional champions and                                      STEVEGW                           149
                                        national ranked     opponents.
                                        There are a total nine regions                                      Grimm is a freshman   fmm Port Townsend. He was astate place Winner
                                         in the countrys , there couldbe
                                                           o                                              and a league champion  while in high school. Grimm.finishedfourth in the
                                         up to nine regional champions                                    Region I V tournament.
                                         in each weight class. Only the
                                         top threeof each weight class      in
                                        each region will make it to the
        Since that Highline hasan        national tournament.
    cstahlished cross country team           The entire experience at na-                                 BENBAIU~N                          157
     Highline should be getting the tionals is a huge event each    for
    cream of the crop for runners on     competitor, fromthe time you                                     . .-brficshmanfmmqrting,            Whikhewastherehewasthestate
     thc West Side of the state. The     step off the planeuntil you art                                            wc .
                                                                                                          champion t i e Barlcley placed second in the Region I V tournamnet.
     team has elso improved from on your way home.
     '99 when Highline finished              "It's like a  dream,"       said
     eighth at the NWAACC to '00 heavyweight                     . Anthony
     when the team finished fifth. Hamilton.                 "You're like
     Keeping the cross country team shocked. Everything i s on a
     not only strengthens the college level that's higher."
     athletically, but i t would also        The action i s non-stop; al-                                N
                                                                                                         "                                   174
     bring more students Highline. most every match on every mat
         One idea that has been tossed has a     statc championor national
                                                                                                                                                                 co.   l
                                                                                                             Olson is a mturningsophomom from Lake Stevens High Sh o He is
     around is tomakethecross            contender. Many of the winners
     country team a club. Now this of the tournamentcan be           offered
                                                                                                          .astate champimand also one of the captainsof the    ta .
                                                                                                                                                             Olson got sccond
                                                                                                          place in the Region I V toumamcnt.
     sounds all fine and dandy until scholarships tofwr-year univer-
     you realize that if the team is a sities.
     club, then it cannot run in the         "It's      kind of crazy.
     NWAACC Championships. Everybody's good," Hamilton
     This would be hard the run- said. College scoutsnewspa-
     ners to swallow after training pers magazines
                                    all        and            such as                                      TREV~ORSMITH                      197
     year.                                USA Wrestling are all there
         I f the college madecross        looking for the brightest tostars                                    Smith is a freshmanfiom bn@iew where he'won a high school   state
     country a club, then fewer dis- be immortalized.                                                      champiomhip. He posted a 17-10 record this season. Smith placed third'
     tance runners would come here           Highlineis sendingoff seven                                   at the RegionN tournament.
     to go to school because there            t
                                          of is best wrestlers to compete
     wouldn't a be cross country          for a national title.
      teamand i t would ultimately            With such high competition
      lead to the demiseof the track many of the wrestlers arejust
      and field program. The track hoping for a           good showing.
      program depends on the cross            "I'm petty content with what
      country program for distance        I've done this season," said Ben
      runners.                            Barkley, who is competing at                                                               -
                                                                                                                                     l mr n  c
                                                                                                            Hamilton is a awningAA ei a placingseventhat the nationaltour-
         Distance runners don't go out 157 pounds. "(If I lose early),                                    nament atyear. He is also an Academic All-American. Hamiltonis head-
      for track because they like to it's not like I'm going tobe bro-                                    ing into the tournatdentwith a third place finish the Region N qualify-
        around        in circles until ken upabut it."                                                    ing tournament. Rebard 20-1 3.
      they're dizzy. As much as the           Others, like Shad Lierly,                                                                                    e   .

      runners like that diwy-high, dis-   know what to expect from the
      tance runners run track to stay tournament know
                                     in                 and what
      shape for cross country.             level the competition is. "Every      or lost.                             coliseum. The finalistswere        looks like Highline's best
         Also the administration has match i s like a         state     finals       The second day, if you made      driven out to mats'by Min- chance in years.
      to hire a coachwhodoesn't            match," said the 141-pounder.         it, i s considered theelite eight.   nesota Vikings cheerleaders           "We have potential finalists,
      mind working a part-time job            Hamilton recalls thespec-          On Saturday, if you win one          with spotlights following their we haven't had that in a few
      for little pay. The only othcr rc- tacle last year. The first day 12       match,you will receive AII-          every move.                        years," said Head Coach Todd
      quirement is that the new coach to 16 mats were running. There             American status. Just to make i t       "It's really, really fun," said Owens. "We have some       kids
      has to be willing to also hang were 24 to 28 guys in each                  to Saturday is hard enough.          Hamilton. "Even if you don't       that are going to place. It's a
      around for a year or two.            weight class.Awrestlerhad                 In the finals, the gala really   do well, it's fun?                 scary d a It's the biacst tour-
          Bryall can run cross country, anywhere from two matches to             exploded. The All-Americans             Tht T-Birds have never had a nament they have been Theyin.
      but only by CUI:                     eight depending he won early
                                                              if                 were given a parade into the                                   this
                                                                                                                      national champion, but year can't have that fear."

        voice of the students sports    9                                                                                       “

I       Johnson puts the ‘fan’ in fanatic
                                         she also i s 8 huge faa of the                                                                volunteeredher time to help out
        Johnson                          Thunderbj&.
                                            “Knowing the players per-
                                                                                                        “Knowing the                   at basketball games, working
                                                                                                                                       the front door along withhelp
        never misses                     sadly and w a b i n g how had                                players personally               ing outat the golf tournaments.
                                         thCYworlr,lqrlres~WntaLibC                                   and watching how                 And last year Johnson got the
        a Thunderbird                    them and cheer them on,”
                                                                                                      hard they work,
                                                                                                                                       opportunity to be the assistant
                                                   a d
                                         Johrwnr s i .                                                                                 coach fot the women’s basket-
        athletics event                     Jobnsorr stays vcy t m y ev-                              makes me want to                 ball team, which she enjoyed
                                                   Ui o g l
                                                      r H i
                                         eryday. O t e f i h eshen                                                                     very much.
    !                                    irapmnttobtrtccaqpdaugh-                                     be there and cheer                   Along with all of the other
                                         terKrbmI.                                                    them on,”                        duties Johnson has to cover in
                                                          u br
                                          “Kristen is my N m t one                                                                                                  eg e
                                                                                                                                       her days, she also is the ds nri
                                       priority~Johnaonrrid .                                                -CONNIE      JOHNSON for Highline athletic web          page.
                                          She also is working on h r
                                                                   e                                                                   “I’mnotverycreative,           M) it
           It doesn’t matter whatsport bacheWsbeg#inkrsi#sras                                           The following year, Johnson gives me a chance to use some
        you attend, home or away, if a part-time student at Central      Johnson has been involved b#.amesacretrvyforthep~             of my limited creativity,”
        youtakalookupinthestands, Washington                             i i I s e
                                                                         t gi n
                                                                         h n
                                                         University’s W H h ei o 1986. Start- managerof theTttleIGrant, a Johnson said.
        90 percent of the time Connie     e’ c.
                                         s tk -                       ing out as a student, Johnson’s fderal program that fundeda          In the f t r ,Johnson would
        Johnson w be them cheering        kmatHghlimJohmonis goaiwastotcmh#atsociateof number of improvementson                         like to continue to work on a
        for H h e
               i l .
                 n                                                          e re
                                       the dministdve assistant for arts d ge . After mciving her campus-                              college campus environment or
           Johnson attends a lot of V pitsiclentof Administra- A.A.,Johnsonbegantoworkon
                                         ia                                                              After fiveyears in that role, with people, and       f a l s very
        gums and r t ( s just be- tionDr.1-ru+r!hun&rsmdit c pas an office assistant in she went to work for
                    mcI ,c not                                         a
                                                                       m                                                       sw e .
                                                                                                                               ar r
                                                                                                                                 ds     comfortable hem at Highline.
        ~sbeistheassistantathletic currently the assistant athletic   thcCkntcrfor~ng&mcc-               Before becoming the    assis-     “Highline CommunityC l       o -
        director here at Highline, but dhctmfortbcdlege.              tims.                           tant athletic director, Johnson lege is my life,” Johnson said.

        Women’s T-Birds run off nth league wn in a row
        BY BRYAN   SHMUCK                                                                                                                   double-doluble with I S poiints
        Swff Reporter                                                                                                                       and 11 rebmnds in nearly 26
           The Lady T-Birds pickecLup                                                                                                          “think W
                                                                                                                                                  I          -
                                                                                                                                                           s went w211.
        twomolle~Winslast~                                                                                                                  We playedGreen River bcfore
        TheT-Birds puthmRiver                                                                                                               a d ithink we’dida better ji d .
        Oatots to sleep104-50and then                                                                                                       We just haveto work hard-and
        sunktheSouthPugetSound                                                                                                              work as a team,” said Pye.
        Clippers 71-60, After week,
                               last                                                                                                            The game against the    Clip-
        Highline’s overall record is 21-                                                                                                                 out
                                                                                                                                            pers started the
        2 and their league rccocd is 11-                                                                                                    Thunderbirds stumbling in the
        0.                                                                                                                                  first half to give South Puget
           The Thunderbirds    also had a                                                                                                   Sound a 39-3 1 half time lead.
        game Wednesday,Feb,             14                                                                                                  The Clippers seemed to play
        against Pierce, but the results                                                                                                     above their potential while the
        were unavailable at press e  i
                                    tm .                                                                                                    T-Birds didn’t play the caliber
           Thegamestarted off last                                                                                                          game T-Birds fans have E-
        weekwiththeThunderbirds                                                                                                             customed to seeing.
        winningtheopening tip and                                                                                                               “We struggled a bit in the
        thenproceedingtoholdthe                                                                                                             first half,” said Olson.
        Gators scoreless for first six
                             the                                                                                                                “Even though we were down
        minutesof the game.                                                                                                                 byeightwewere still pretty
           “Out shooting was on, but                                                                                                        confidentat half time,”said
        our defense  wasn’t strong,” said                                                                                                   sophomore Kristin Zompcui.
        Chandra Rathke.                                                                                                                         In the second half, though,
                                 H l
           At the intermission, i h e  n                                                                                                    the %Birds picked upthe slack
        cruised into the locker morn                                                                                                        by outscoring the Clippers   40-
        with a comfortable 50-22 l a .                                                                                                      21.
           “In the second half, we need                                                                                                         “‘We picked up our defense in
        to get out on the shooters a little                                                                                                  the second half,” said Olson.
        bit. They have some kids who                                                                                                            The Lady T-Birds again shot
                      h yr
        can shoot if t e ’e open,” +d.                                                                                                       well, hitting45.8 percent, while
        Head CoachDentlis Olson.                                                                                                             the Clippers could only manage
            Chandra Rathke the
                           was                                                                                                               30.4 percent.
        leading scorer at half with 12                                                                                                          “We earned that win,” said
        points in a little mort than 11                                                                                                      we*
         minutes of play.                                                                                                                       In the. game there were two
            “Hopefully we’ll keep the                                                                                                        double-doubles forthe T-Birds.
        good shooting unlikelast week                                                                                                        Cal-Jean Lloyd had 15 points
         when we hada let down against                                                                                                       and 13 rebounds while tauryn
        Tacoma,,” said Olson.                                                                                                                Jones had 12 points and 1 re-
            The %Birds also shot 44.7                                                                                                        bounds,
         percent from the floor in the                                                                                                          The leadingsumr was Lisa
         first half.                                                                                               Photo b Joe Walker
                                                                                                                           y                 Milne with19points. Milne
            The Lady T-Birds  came out NikkiWhite goes up b r aj m e white KrirdnZompetti g u a d her at aT-BirQ practice.
                                                                        u pr                                                                 alsoshotfour     of ninefrom
         after the break on fire again                                                                                                       downtown.
         shooting47.8 percentin the 8cc- just in too deep.                 oor defense wasn’t strong? said game.                                 Thunderbirds
                                                                                                                                                The        next
         ond half.                           RathkeLcadthewayfotthe          t
                                                                           Rhc                                “we made our shots, butwe      games arc in Thunderdome on
            TheOatMstriedtofighttheir Thunderbirds with pints on
                                                             24               Lisa Milne also 16
                                                                                               had         played kind of raggedy at the                 k.
                                                                                                                                             Saturday, F b 17 againstLower
         way back out the h k they’d
                       of    o            11 of 18 shootingfrom the field. p i t ,eigbt &ud, and end,” said i e
                                                                               n ’
                                                                             o s                                     M .l
                                                                                                                        n                         Centralia
         dug themselves, but they were       “Ourshooting was on,   but                         e ne
                                                                           seven assists &a w- udd
                                                                                                 ro           Cal-Jean Lloyd had another     Wadnesday, Feb.21  .

  feb. 15,200l

         10                . . ..   ,       .
                                            . .- ".   "
                                                                                                                                                      the thunderword

 scoreboard T-Bird men eye second place inWest
     Women's Basketball                                                     but Highline's bench came in
         . . . eagueSeasonL             BYROBSCHEIDER                              the
                                                                            during second           half and
         lvlslon W 1 , W                Staff Reporter                      slcpped i t up, increasing lead
 Whatcom          66
                19 1                                                        by 1 points. Most notablewas
 Peninsula        9 2
                 1 4 9                      After winning bothof their Nick M c h who scored nine
 Skagit           8 3    13 8           games in a decisive fashion   last  points injust under 11 minutes.
 Everett          7 4 12 11             week, the Highline men's bas-       Leading the FBirds were start-
 Shoreline        6 4    1010           ketball team is now sitting s l ing center
                                                                       o  -              Jason Reed who
 Edmonds          5
                516                     idly in second placein the West- scored 19 pointsandhauled
 Bellevue      4 1368                   ern Division.                       down I O boards and YusefAziz
 Seattle          1
              317 9                         They hosted Green River on who had 17 points.
 Olympic          011    2 19           Feb. 7, stomping them 86-62.           This win was nice after the
           ...                              They traveled to Olympia to heart-wrenchingloss toTatoma
 Eastern DlVISlOr\                                                      I
                                        play South Puget Sound Feb. O last week.
 Wenatchee       8    0    22 3
                                        and dashed past Clippers98-                                    n,
                                                                               "Any time you drop oeit's
 Big Bend        5    3    1310
    Walla        4    3    15 7         75 after starting slow.             always good to win the next
 Columbia Basin 4     4    1310             Highline traveled to Lake-      one," said center Adam Aziz.
      Valley     3    4    16 7         wood to take on Pierce Feb.    14, With this win comes knowl-
 Spokane         3    5    1311         but results were not available atedge that they can play to their
 Blue            0    8     1 22        press time.                         potential andwin big    games.
                                            Lower Columbiai s just one          "We just have to play above
                                        spot behind Highline in the the level our competition
                                                                                       of                 and
       11         0 21 2                Western standings, but Highline we'll come out on top," said
 Clark            1 20 3                can pull away and gain some center David King.
 Centralia     8 2
               1 4 5                    breathing room with a victory           Three days later, they trav-
 SP Sound      6 51 3 9                 this weekend.                       eledto Olympia totakeon
 Tacoma       16 45 7                       "If we win out, then we'll get South Puget Sound and after a
 Grays Harbor 2 8     7 15              thesecondseed,"saidHead             slow start they got in a groove
 Columbia      3 8    8 14              Coach Jeff Albrecht,                and finished strongly against  the
 Pierce        2 9    418                   Highline's defense was solid Clippers. "After the first half
 Green         0 10   1 20              againstGreen River holding went by we regrouped and fin-
            ...                         them to a mere62 points over- ished strong," said Adam Aziz.
  Southern DIVISIQ~                     all. On            the
                                                  offense, T-Birds          The T-Birds were only up by
  Chemeketa     9 1        18 5          were unselfish dishing out32 nine points halfbut came out,
  Clackamas     8 2        19 6         assists while  attackingthe         but came out and     played better   Y d Aziz goes up for a bucket against the Gators.
  Umpqua        6 2        17 6         Gators weakness by going in- in the seccmd half.                                               . '           . .
  SWOregon      6 4        11 13         side with the ball. The bench         ~"Wetookcamofthebalhnd               . s
                                                                                                                 26:a o Reedhad a big game
                                                                                                                      ln                             take the second seed,". said
  Linn-Benton   5 5        16 8          played a big role in the win.       startedsharingwhichledtoessy        witb 16 points and 1 rebounds
                                                                                                                                      0              Adam A i  zz
  Lane          2 8        1213         They camem and increasedthe bMkets,".said Albmht. "We                    and. Adam Aziz added .nine           . ..The:Thunderbirds    : host
Hood            1 9        5 19          lead dominating
                                            while           the             cameoutflat,butwecameback            boards of his own.                  bwer.Columbia this Saturday,
  Portland      1 9         6 18         game.                               with a good run."                                                       Feb. 17 in a rematchthat could
                                                                                                                    Withjust five games remain-
                                            "We continued to move the           The leading scorers in the       ing in the regular. season the      be interesting after losing to
        Men's Basketball                 ball offensively," said Albrccht. rout were Yusef Aziz with 28          Thunderbirdse optimistic. .         them b a r k this season. The
          . . . LeagueL W L,
      Dlvrsron     W
                                            The game was never close         points and Darnell Lyons with          "we're trying to'winout and      tpof=always, is at 8 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                      i - f;
  Edmonds          9 2 2 0 3
  Shoreline        7 3 1 2 9
  Whatcom          6 4 1 5 6            Highline freshman i s deadly from three-point-range
  Seattle          6 4 1 4 8
      Valley       6 5 9 13                                                                                      homework than Ihad to do in         come to Highline,so Idid," he
  Bellevue         5 612 11                     LLOYD
                                        BYCALIJEAN                                                               high sh o said Nicholson.
                                                                                                                       co"   ,
                                                                                                                             l                       said. "also already knew about
  Olympic          4 7 815              Stuff Regorter                                                              N"sdbcisiantocome                Highline's top quality    a.
                                                                                                                                                                            mr "
                                                                                                                                                                            p gm
  Peninsula        3 8 815                                                                                       to Highline was heavily influ-         If there was ever a regret
  Everett          2 9 318                  I t may have been cold out-                                          enced bythe c o d i n g staiT and   about Nicholson's decision to
           ...                          side of Highline's gymnasium,                                            theteam reputation."Coach           come to    Highlint, all were
  Eastern Dlvrslon                      butyoung  freshmen Austin                                                Alhcchthadalortodowithmy                   away the
                                                                                                                                                     washed at game
       Valley        7    0 16 5        Nicholson was on fire from the                                           decision. He told me to come        against Clark, as his third three-
    Walla            5    216 7         three point line inside the gym.                                         and watch a game and that it        pointer went  through the net and
 Bend                5    317 6             The Thunderdome wase    fl d
                                                                    il                                           wooldbeagrcatmoveformeto                             in
                                                                                                                                                     cheers went up the crowd.
  Columbia Basin     5    3 13 11       with all of the energy and ex-
  Wenatchee          3    5 714         citcmmt that comes    with a close
  Spokane            2    6 11 12       basketball game. The score i s
  BlueMountain       0    8 12 12       very close in what i s supposed
                                        to be a nail-biterall the way to                          in the
                                                                             played a positive role suc-
  Tacoma             11 0 23 1
                                        the end. No one i s truly sure
                                        who's going to win thisone.
                                                                                       ta .
                                                                             cess of his
  HIGHLINE            0 3 1 7 6                                                           however,
                                        Someone on the men's basket-         Nicholson i s workingharder
  L. Coumbia          7 3 16 7
                                        ball team had an answer to this      than he's ever had to before.
  Pierce              6 5 1210
                                        question.                            "Classes am harder and Ihave
  Clark               6 5 1310
  Grays Harbor        5 6 13 9              Within a four to  five minute            o
                                                                             to do a l t more sho o and
                                                                                               cowrl k
  Centralia           2 8 515           time span, a very and com-
  SP Sound             2 9 417          posed Nicholson hit three out   of
  Green River         1 9 1 17          four three-pointers to help put
                                        his team up for good in the scc-
  Southern DIVISIO~\                    ond half. If the Highline men's
  Lane      1 8 69 1                    basketball team continues tore-
  Clackamas      82
                 213                              top
                                        cruit freshmen                like
  Chemeketa      7 3        15 8        Nicholson,         planning
  Umpqua         5 5        1013         having a good program far a
  Mt. Hood       5 5        11 13        long time.                               (253) 833-7336
  Linn-Benton    2 8        3 20             Nicholson was recruited for          1-866-220-3011
  SWOmgm         2 8        7 16         good reason. He graduated in
  Portland       2 8         618         2000 fmm Lindbcrgh High and
voice o f the students mews                                                                                                                                       I1

Taxes can be easy for you                                                                                                                    Tax break
                                                                                                                                                a             m

BYJOY ROTHWELL                                                                                                                               gives hope
Staff Reporter .
                                                                                                                                             to students

     Believe it or not, theIScan
be your friend. You still have to
file taxes, but you may be able                                                                                                                      G~
                                                                                                                                             BYD ~ EREVELO
to receive tax credit for going     to                                                                                                       Staff Reporter
     The Hope Credit. can be                                                                                                                      Students at Highline can take
worth as much ils $1.500 per eli-                                                                                                             advantage of the Hope Credit
gible studentper year. In order                                                                                                               tax breaks to get some money
to qualify, you must pay p s t -                                                                                                              back from the government.
secondary tuition and fces      ywr-                                                                                                              "Thanks to the Taxpayer     Re-
self and not be convicted of a                                                                                                                lief Act of 1997, middle income
felony drug offense. Most stu-                                                                                                                taxpayers can   take advantage of
dents at Highlineshould at least                                                                                                              the two year credit for college
qualify for the      latter.                                                                                                                  expenses," explains Gary Klott
     Anyone paying for student                                                                                                                from
loans may want to check the                                                                                                                       The H o p Credit is a tax IC-
Publication 970 as well. You                                                                                                                  lief calculated by the amount    of
may be able to deduct up to                                                                                                                   money that a student spends on
$2,000 in the interest you've                                                                                                                 tuition and fces excluding     book
paid and you do not need to                                                                                                                   and other fees, such as parking.
itemize your deductions on your                                                                                                                   With the Hope Credit you
tax return.                                                                                                                                   can report up to$2,000 of tu-
     The tax return form youwill                                                                                                              ition expenses that allow you    or
 most likely use is the oO z lo E,                                                                           GraBhic bv Sam Abraham your parents to get up $1,500
This form i s for people with                                                                                                                 back per studentenrolled in
 simple tax returns, who am fl      i- of filing your taxes a relatively
                                                                       come tax credit incorrectly.        thesooneryour       refund will their first two yearsof college.
 ing as single or married, and painless        experience.Shawn             Last,butnot)tast,remember      come in the mail.                      "rhe Hope Credit among
claim no dependcnto. You also Geotgc, Internal RevenueSer-             to sign your name before you           "By filing elcctnmically, you the most valuable of the new tax
 must havea taxable income          of vice MediaRa n Sfialist,
                                                     et s
                                                       lo              mail in the rtr.
                                                                                   eun                                           in
                                                                                                           can get your refund 10 days breaks created .by 1997 law,"
 less than$SO,O00 and have no pointed out common blunders                   "People should go over their to two weeks," George said.           says Klott.
 more taxable       interest            mk
                                 than p p make.                        form   beforeturning        it in,"    If you still n#d to get your        For households whose par-
 $400.00. The majorityof stu-             'The No. 1 mistakeis putting George said.                        hands on tax form, you can go ents claim jointly, and report
 dents qualify forthe J ( # O E Z . . the wrong dlsecurity num-
                                                     a                 . -.If p ' m wanting some.extta toyourlocallitmuy,getomoff over:S100,000 in income, the

      In addition to knowing how & nthe form," Goargc said.
                                         o                             cash, it's a good idea to get this 0ftheIRswebpage'arcallthe Hope Credit is not available.
 t h e . I R s can help you, thene arc    Another mistake often matic  chore done and out of the way. IRSat1-80(1TAxPORM(829- Unmarried p p l e who claim
 ways to help make the process occurs in figuring earned in-           The sooner you file your taxes, 3676).                                  $50,000 or more arc also ex-
                                                                                                                                               cluded fromthis tax break.
                                                                                                                                                   If students receive tax-free
SM'committee concludes first round                                                                                                             scholarships for tuition, they
                                                                                                                                               have to subtract the amount of
                                                                                                                                               the scholarship from the total of
B Y EDJOHNSON                        said Thayer.                      operating costs. Evan Keck, change would help defer of the eligible expenses.
Wff Reporter                                                                                     arp,l
                                          If the cross country team editor-in-chief of the p e d off-campus printingand bring
                                                                                                       e                                           Klott said that students only
                                     doesmtgcttbefunda,thcitpm the presentation.                                           dkt s
                                                                                                                          w r ;i .
                                                                                                            work to student            It wi need to be part-time to qualify.
   Highline's      CCDW   ananw      g mY =l
                                        n - b -"                            Fred      Capestany, . the help other programs funded by Students who attend only one
twn*wmtstolreepnmning,but                "iscumatlyfunb                MulticulturalStudent program S&A save money by having quarter
                                                                                                                                  not                                    to
                                                                                                                                                        are still able get
the atbbtic director says it wl
                              i      ing . b o t h men's. and women's adviser, asked the Budget      Cam- to go off campus to print mate- money back for tuition spent for
ts'lte rime money, -.                track apd mtn's and women's mittee for$7,900 for clubsand rial,Lcanna Albcacht Student that quartet's eligible expense.
    The first founds of po##nt.-        x6 mt .
                                     4 0 s a ny     t                  organizations, up fmm $5,500 Rograms said.                                  The information that   students
tionsfOttbeStIMjentandAetivi-             "As it is strwtudy we-        last y*.                              The Tbtoring Center ask- need was mailed out to them
tics Budget Committee. have                                ta s
                                     not3upport four em said      ,
                                                                  "         TheEthnicandculturalp ing for a substantial increase Jan, 26. Students should have
concluded. I meetings on             Athl~tic i " m D n .
                                                 D               un     grams request was presentedby funds from last year. Resented gotten form 109%-T               containing
MoWY, 12 Md Wedne8-
           Rb.                            ~CorChWhitB~guc-              Chandra Brown of . Team by tutor student
                                                                                                             math and                          their Hope Scholarship informa-
day, F b 14, six. different
         e.                          sated his case for the track Highline. The funds would go Asanka Dewaraja, the center re- tion for calendar year 2000.
p u p s pleaded their case for       budgetonw*y.                       to support activitiesduringMar- quested an increase from Students                can      find out the
funds in 2001.                            'We cannot possibly sde ei- tin Luther King Jr. week and $12,500 to $20,000.                          amountthattheyareableto
    ' b o more presentationscs-      ther the track and cross country Unity through Diversity       Week.      Theamountwouldbeusedto claim by going to the Highline
sions have been scheduledfor         teamssuccecd if part of the            Erin Blakeney, student pta- increase the number of tutors.          web siteor using the Kiosk ma-
March 5 and 7. The committee         track budget has to fund cross grams adviser, asked for money' The Honors Colloquy pro- chines located in Buildings 6
wl hammer out a budget
   il                       some-    country," Baker said.              to help produce student hand- gram            out same
                                                                                                                sought the                      and 8 to access their informa-
time in May.                               Baker, along with the cross                                                                                     a
                                                                        books. The estimated price for $1,500 as last year to cover ex- tion. Or c l 206-878-37 10, ext.
    S&A funds come from activ-                   tma
                                     country e ,believes that the the 1,500 books about     runs            penses for rcfrcshments during      3326 for more information.
ity fees all Highline students        two budgets should be separate. $6,000. They go to freshman speeches held at Highline.                       "Students will also need form
pay as part of tuition.                    Dunn also went before the    students in the fall.                  "If youdon't give usthe          8863 to file their tax along with
    The cross country team peti-      committee to request a total  of       In Wednesday's   presenta-     money, it can't happen," said       1040 or 1MOA to their  do
tioned the S&A Budget Com-            $173,082. The money goes for       tions, Blakeney spoke before       Barbara Clinton, instructor for taxes," said Robert Smith from
mittee for funds to run the  team     everything from volleyball and the    committee        to ask..for Honors Colloquy.                       H&R Block in FederalWay.
 separately from the track pro-       basketballtoathleticgrants,        $1 23,257 for student programs        Sharon Hashimotoproposed Smith also advises that students
gram. Currently the budget to         supplements,    uniforms,and       administrative expenses. The       an increase in funding to cover should not use telefile (the      IRS'
 run cross
    the     country team              championship travel. Although money covets salaries and         ben- the cost of mattrid and promo- new file-by-phone system) to
comes from the track budget.          most of the sports budgets arc efits forthree student programs tion of the Arctum. The annual file for Hope Scholarship since
 Led by runner Shawn Thayer,          the sameas last year, Dunn also staffm. The reguestis up more publication combinesart, pho- there is no way to claim thetax
 the crosscountryteam  pre-           requested    $1O,O00 work
                                                           for           than $5,000 from last year, as a tography, poems, short stories break.
 sented its position on why the       grants previously
                                              that           came        result of staff members moving and other writings.                         More information i s avail-
 committee should provide    some      from other college funds,         up the college's  salary scale.       "It addresses the entire  com-           Tx
                                                                                                                                                able in a Publication 970, a   Tx
 $6,0oOin funds.                          .,The Thunderword requested        A increase in funds was re- munity," said Hashimoto. She           Benefits for Higher Education,
     "we can't be a good   L    if     more funds for 2001 to cover quested to support onqampus asked             for    $6,000, up   from      which will spell out students'
 we are not able to compete,"          theminimumwageinmaseand           help in'graphics'soPp6rt. -The $4,750.                                 options. .
              12                       ’“   --   ”
                                                     -   ”_
                                                              -   ”
                                                                                                                                                             the                                                       thunderword

                                                                                                                                                             box was onlytools. I t appcard
                                                                                                                                                             as though someone had been
             continued from page 1                                                                                                                           using it as a toolbox.
                                  ~~        ~~
                                                                                                                                                                When al was safe, the police
                                                                                                                                                             mmo~dd CD(tdbl0CkSdal-
             the arca and investigated the                                                                                                                   lowed the busy intersection to
             “suspicious package.**I t was an                                                                                                                oomc back tolife. The Androse
             old, metal military ammo box                                                                                                                    6 robor was r l dback intothe
             and after i t was X-rayed, the                                                                                                                  dark, squm bomb squad truck.
             police wcre still suspicious.                                                                                                                      The cops and firefighters all
                 “Wc don’t know if there is a                                                                                                                       around
                                                                                                                                                             gathered leisurely,
             bomb,” said John O’Lcary, op-                                                                                                                   laughing and joking in a re-
             crations commander for the e sD                                                                                                                 lieved manner,as if smiling
             Moincs Police. “We couldn’t                                                                                                                     would osnthe tense muscles
             tcll cxactly what was in there.”                                                                                                                                          aae
                                                                                                                                                             in their faces after such s t .                   !
                 ThcPort of ScattlcBomb                                                                                                                          As all was dying down and
             Squad uscd an Andros-6 robot                                                                                                                    the city vehicles were driving
    .~                 the
             to disarm bomb.        There was                                                                                                                away, a police began to turn
             an ccric silcnce for a normally                                                                                                                   onto
                                                                                                                                                             outthe                     with         ’

             busy intersection as everyone                                                                                                                   someone’s briefcase and cell-
              stood around on the streets, or                                                                                                                                          of
                                                                                                                                                             phone sitting on the top the
              sat in their cars waiting. Sud-                                                                                                                Cat,
             denly there was a loud ‘crack“                                                                                                                     Police officersin uniforms
              like a gunshot, startling the quiet                                                                    Photo by Joe Walker                     and cityofficials in suits all be-
              air.                              Bomb s memberswork look o e the m lsof the robot’s wmk.
                                                        qd                        vr        ut                                                               gan to yell and run, chasing   the
                 The bystanders didn’t know                                                                                                                  cardownthestreettocatchthe
              what the noise was. “They shot mm, one of the  bystanders.     the Des Moines
                                                                                          Police.                                       r-
                                                                                                                  investigators to look i i
                                                                                                            d e for                                          belongings, bringinga slightly
              it with a gun at the end of the     ‘ h t wasjustthewater can-
                                                   T a                          The watercannondisarmedside     the box.                                     comical end to a potentially  s c - ’

              robot, it was pretty cool,” said  nondischarge,”said 0   -
                                                                      ’ of the suspected bombandmade it       What theyfoundinsidethe                        rious event.

             ””     dancer        -“
                                                     “I told guys that Iused my the beginning. “It was awcsomt to the h s ia”
                                                 money for tuition,” said Alexis. for like a    mtmth and a half,”said
                                                                                                                                   op l t.
                                                                                                                              Strippers weren’t the on?y
              continued from page 3 “It really went to a lot of Alexis.                                                                  odd
                                                                                                                           ones getting l a e . The girls                 il
                                                                                                                                                             did try to kl myself because of
                                                 clothes, stereostuff, fancy din-       The g-l            facade e m - realizedthat drunk guys will tip     it,” she said with the with-.
                                                 ners, drugs,etc.                                                            e,e
                                                                      Anything I W l y faded into a harsh reality b t tbut alcoho) isn’t allowed             drawn, tired tone of an old
             businesscanbe expensive. couldspendmoneyon,”she                         for Alexis. “It just wasn’t fbp in clubs -ding             to law. To   widow.      *
             Strippers must get a license said.
                              first                                                  anymote,” she said. “Along amtp&atcthestripperswould
             beforetheycanwork.          Tht li-                                                                                                                Alexis learntd perhaps too
                                                     For some girls the money        withthefiactthaamyfrmilydis- keep grllons of alcohol in,thc             much about li&.for an 18-year-
             cense costs$ I50.                   from stripping. wasn’t enough. ~vcdanddisormodme,my back room and s d it. into                              old girl. “lost a lot of confi-
                 To strip atM iVu you must Pcostitution was common the boyfriend hated it . I t d l y @ys’ drinks. “You’d
             alsopayrent daily for using club. “Girls wouldgohome
                                                                              at                                                                   spend     dence in men, Ijust don’t trust
                                                                                     cuts down on yours elf"^ maybe $30, but you’d make like
             their stage and their couches, with guys,“saidAlexis.                                                                                           ‘em,” she confessed. ’“1saw
                                                                                 “If    Being thin :io: vital. when $150 backIbecsoscufit,’“soid
             which ranges from$50 to $90, anybody- saw you leave with you’re a stripper. “My eating Alexis. . .                                              mahied men go home with
                         on shift
             depending the you                                                                                                                               girls.”    .
                                                 someone then it was prostitu- disorder went through roof        the          Today Alexis i s no longer
             work.                               tion, which it was.**               when I was them. I only stripping. ”It was firn until Igot                  Despite all that she exptri-
                 For Alexis, winning amateur         Guys will pay a tof money weighed like 98 pounds,” said into drugs.
                                                                     lo                                                                   * ’
                                                                                                                                                             e n d , Alexis daesn’t deny the
             night was an invitationto a little too. .“I’ve had guys offer me Alexis. “You didn’t w h t to eat                y s oo e o t h l
                                                                                                                               t t t t pi we
                                                                                                                                j gth n
                                                                                                                                u                        e   possibility of dping it again one .
             girl’sdream of glamourand           like $500,” she said.               because it wouldmakeyour              r had lostso much becauseof       day. “How could you not miss
             fame. “It was entertaining,” she        Not all of the guys just sit stomach pooch, and then you’d that said    job,”           Alexis
                                                                                                                                                  with a     k
                                                                                                                                                             i               She   ak.
             said. “To be up on stage and        back in awe;    sometimes   the     do drugs so that you wouldn’t
             have all those guys scream and guys will be violent with the want e t,       ‘   t a:o

             want you, i t was a total power strippers. “Then you get the re-           Even for the girls who stattcd
                 She the
             trip.”     at
                   giggles                       ally drunk,belligemt guys who stripping just, for fun, the envi-
             memory of it.                       really think you want .them,”       ronment*cywere            in would
                 Alexis received special atten- said Alexis. “Then the b ; m c eventually bring them drugs.
                                                                             rn c r                             to
             tion from people outside the has to take them outside and               “Everybody drank,” she said.
             club also. “I  could get into any beat them up.”                        “And drugsw m *everywhere
                                                                                                                 .   ..
              bar just because I was a strip-
              per,” she said.
                                                     The bouncers just don’t    beat . everywhere.”
                                                  up any drunk guy, “He would           I n the  back mom people
                 People could tell she was a have to do something to                                le
                                                                              really were doingn sof cocaine and
              stripper because of whatshe         threaten my safety,” she said.      smoking         pt.
                                                                                                       In the bathroom
              wore, who shewas with and the          Alexis hhd an encounterwith stalls people would shoot up
              way presented herself.              one of these guys. While she heroin.
              “You change the way you walk, was dancing he reached up and                ‘Them was this one girl there
              the way you talk,” said Alexis. grabbed her crotch area. “His who didso much heroin had
                  A stripper will commonly finger actually went inside         me,” to wear those big long gloves
              cany herself with more grace- said Alexis, for the Atst time that go up to your elbow hide

                                                                                                                                   Only at Evergreen.                                ..                  I *

              ful and sexy poise, appearing       lookingdownatherlap             in the track marks,” said Alexis.
              confident,            her
                         swaying hips             shame.                                 Though Alexis had’ prcvi-
              when she walks. Strippers often        When Alexis screamed, the ously.experimentcd with              drugs,
              wear high heels. On stage they guy calledher a dirty whore and shehadneverpicked up the
              may be seen wearing only heels, ‘refusedto pay her for the d n e habit until started stripping.
                                                                               a c.                she
              in public they wear heels too. He told the bouncer that “she “They (dNgs) WE mom (uxcs-
              love wearingheels, they’re          was ‘askingfor it” and that “she sible hr,ana it was more fun
                                                                                           te   e
              fun,” said Alexis.                   wanted him to.**                   todothemwithallthoscbouncy
                  Stripping isn’t just about fun      After numerous threats and girls,” she said.
              and games;       it’s alsoabout      warnings, the guy still d k d to      Ecstasy was a popular drug
               money. “Having the power was pay. The bouncer had to take choice amongthe strippers. “A
         +     whatmademe start, themoney          him outside and beat him to a l t of E, a l tof E!” said Alexis,
                                                                                       o           o
               was what made me stay,” said        pulp and “teachhim alesson,” raising her eyebrows to empha-
               Alexis. “The most Iever made she said. “It was entertaining. I size the point.
               in one night was a little over went outside too.”                         “I dropping like seven to
               $I,200 or $1,300, but average          Living the nightlife, being 1 I pills a night.    .There was one
               take-home (after rent was paid) desiredandbeingpampered
               was $500-$700.**
                                                                                      night that Itook like 17 Ithink                        VR EN
                                                   was all good fun and gamesin that’s the night Iactually went

                                                                                                                                   .   .


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