How To Remove The Text From Desktop Icons

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					How To Remove The Text From Desktop Icons
Considering that every character has an ASCII code, and with this code is stored in the
PC, you can remove the text from the icons on the desktop by simply adding a space
instead of text. This is kind of nice as long as you don't have many icons on the desktop,
case when the text under the icon is very valuable. So let's see how this can be done:

1. Select an icon from the desktop, right click on it and choose Rename.
2. Delete all the text from that icon.
3. Now to enter the ASCII code. Check to see if Numlock is on. If not turn it on. After
that press and hold the Alt key and type in 0 1 6 0 using the keys on the numpad.
4. When you have finished typing, let go of the Alt key and the blank space will be
inserted. Press Enter to complete the action.
5. However, you can't have more icons with the same name, and even if there is no text
the space is still a name. To get passed this instead of one ASCII code for the space enter
two codes and so on.

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