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                          Animal Farm Questions
Pre-Chapter 1
1.    Allegory:

2.    Anthropomorphism:

3.    Attributes:

4.    Biography:

5.    Bureaucratic:

6.    Characterization:

7.    Conflict:

8.    Epic:

9.    Irony:

10.   Novel:

11.   Plot:

12.   Satire:

13.   Setting:

14.   Symbolism:

15.   Tenets:

16.   Theme:

                                                              1-Animal Farm
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                              Animal Farm Questions
Chapter 1
1.   Ensconced- (P.____) 

2.   Cynical-(P.____) 

3.   Plaited-(P.____) 

4.   Dissentient-(P.____) 

5.   Enmity-(P.____) 

6.   After reading the first sentence, what impression do you have of Mr. Jones?

7.   How does Old Major describe the life of an animal?

8.   Where does Old Major place the blame for the hard life of the animals?

9.   What does Old Major suggest to the animals?

10. What rules does Old Major suggest for the animals after they take control of the farm?

11. How does Mr. Jones react to the meeting in the barn?

2-Animal Farm
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                             Animal Farm Questions
Chapter 2
1.    Pre-eminent-(P.____) 

2.    Apathy-(P.____) 

3.    Gamboled-(P.____) 

4.    Why were the pigs the ones who began teaching the other animals?

5.    Paraphrase the descriptions of Snowball and Napoleon.

6.    What was Squealer's main talent?

7.    What was the initial reaction of the animals to Animalism?

8.    How is Mollie described?

9.    What trouble did Moses cause the pigs?

10.   How did the animals feel towards Moses?

11.   What animal was the favorite of Mr. Jones? What gives you that impression?

12.   Describe the events that led up to the rebellion.

13.   How did the animals celebrate the victory over Mr. Jones?

14.   What did the animals decide to do with the farmhouse?

15.   What do you think happened to the milk?

16.   List the Seven Commandments.

                                                                             3-Animal Farm
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                             Animal Farm Questions
Chapter 3

1.    Conceived-(P.____) 

2.    Acute-(P.____) 

3.    Cryptic-(P.____) 

4.    Maxim-(P.____) 

5.    Which animals did no physical labor?

6.    What was the job of the animals in question #5?

7.    Who did most of the heavy physical work on the farm?

8.    Did Benjamin's attitude change after the rebellion? Quote Benjamin on this subject.

9.    How were Sundays spent after the rebellion?

10.   Which two animals were usually at the center of Sunday's activities?

11.   What activity displayed the relative intelligence of the different animals?

12.   How did Snowball help the sheep learn the Seven Commandments?

13.   What happened to Jessie and Bluebell's puppies?

14.   How did the pigs justify their monopoly of the milk and apples to the animals?

4-Animal Farm
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                             Animal Farm Questions
Chapter 4

1.    Tractable-(P.____) 

2.    Contemptible-(P.____) 

3.    Flogging-(P.____) 

4.    Irrepressible-(P.____) 

5.    Ignominious-(P.____) 

6.    Impromptu-(P.____) 

7.    What task was given to the pigeons by Snowball and Napoleon?

8.    Why didn't the other farmers help Mr. Jones initially?

9.    What did the other farmers tell their animals about Animal Farm?

10.   Did this cause them to fear Animal Farm? Give examples as proof.

11.   What startling news came to Animal Farm in the fall?

12.   Who was in charge of the defense of Animal Farm?

13.   Who led the successful charge against the men?

14.   Which animal didn't take part in the battle?

15.   Who received medals after the battle?

16.   What is the anniversary date of the Battle of the Cowshed?

                                                                            5-Animal Farm
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                              Animal Farm Questions
Chapter 5
1.    Pretext-(P.____)                             6.      Procured-(P.____) 

2.    Publican-(P.____)                            7.      Restive-(P.____) 

3.    Manifestly-(P.____)                          8.      Articulate-(P.____) 

4.    Liable-(P.____)                              9.      Disinter-(P.____) 

5.    Innovations-(P.____) 

10.   Of what did Clover accuse Mollie?

11.   What then became of Mollie?

12.   What was Snowball's forte? Napoleon's?

13.   How were the sheep used by Napoleon?

14.   Which of the two was more creative, Snowball or Napoleon?

15.   How did Napoleon respond after seeing the plans for the windmill?

16.   With whom did Benjamin side? Why?

17.   How did Napoleon feel about the question of defense? Snowball?

18.   What occurred just prior to the vote on the windmill?

19.   Who controlled the dogs?

20.   What happened when the animals disagreed with Napoleon?

21.   What was Squealer's job?

22.   What argument did Squealer use to silence the animals?

23.   How did Boxer react to the new arrangements?

24.   How did Sunday mornings change on the farm?

25.   How did Squealer explain Napoleon's change of mind concerning the windmill?

26.   Why did the animals accept Squealer's explanation about the windmill?

6-Animal Farm
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                             Animal Farm Questions
Chapter 6

1.    Arable-(P.____) 

2.    Malignity-(P.____) 

3.    Why didn't the animals resent working as hard as they did?

4.    Describe the "voluntary" work.

5.    Who supplied most of the strength in building the windmill?

6.    Why wasn't it necessary to take the time to build and repair fences on the farm?

7.    Why were the animals uneasy about trading with other farms?

8.    How were the animals that protested silenced?

9.    How did Squealer explain trade with other farms?

10.   What made the animals proud when Mr. Whymper visited the farm?

11.   What showed that the humans were beginning to accept Animal Farm?

12.   Describe the rumors about Napoleon and Frederick and Pilkington.

13.   What change in the Seven Commandments let the pigs move into the house?

14.   How did Squealer justify the pigs sleeping in the beds?

15.   How did Napoleon escape the blame for the windmill collapsing?

                                                                                 7-Animal Farm
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                             Animal Farm Questions
Chapter 7

1.    Capitulated-(P.____) 

2.    Attribute-(P.____) 

3.    Graphically-(P.____) 

4.    Categorically-(P.____) 

5.    Countenance-(P.____) 

6.    Incited-(P.____) 

7.    Retribution-(P.____) 

8.    What did the humans say about the collapse of the windmill?

9.    How did Napoleon pay for the grain needed by the animals?

10.   How did the hens react? What was their fate?

11.   Name some things that were blamed on Snowball.

12.   How do you know that he wasn't at fault?

13.   Why didn't the other animals believe Squealer's report on Snowball?

14.   How did Squealer persuade them to accept the explanation?

15.   What happened four days later?

16.   What happened to the animals that followed Snowball?

17.   How was Animal Farm different from Clover's early ideas?

18.   Why was the song "Beasts of England" forbidden?

8-Animal Farm
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                               Animal Farm Questions
Chapter 8

1.    Skulking-(P.____)                              5.      Conciliatory-(P.____) 

2.    Rash-(P.____)                                  6.      Unscathed-(P.____) 

3.    Machinations-(P.____)                          7.      Contrived-(P.____) 

4.    Censured-(P.____) 

8.    How had the sixth commandment changed?

9.    Why did the animals see no reason to disbelieve Squealer?

10.   How had the treatment of Napoleon changed?

11.   What was the task of Pinkeye the pig?

12.   Why did the animals wish to attack Frederick?

13.   How had the pigeon's duties changed?

14.   Why were the pigs in ecstasy over the deal with Frederick?

15.   Why was Frederick hated by Napoleon after the deal?

16.   Describe the main points in the battle between Frederick and the animals.

17.   Where did Napoleon spend the battle?

18.   Who received the 'Order of the Green Banner' after the battle?

19.   What event startled the animals a few days later?

20.   What did Napoleon say about alcohol the next day?

21.   Did he change his mind? Prove your point.

22.   Describe the latter incident.

23.   Why did Benjamin nod his muzzle?

                                                                                     9-Animal Farm
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                            Animal Farm Questions
Chapter 9

1.    Superannuated-(P.____) 

2.    Complicity-(P.____) 

3.    Demeanor-(P.____) 

4.    What had the animals originally decided on the topic of retirement?

5.    How did Squealer justify the cutting of rations for everyone except the pigs and dogs?

6.    What did the animals remember about Mr. Jones?

7.    How had the equality of the animals changed on p.116?

8.    What was ironic about the spontaneous demonstrations?

9.    How did the government change in April?

10.   How was the story of the rebellion battle changed even further?

11.   What logical argument was used by Moses to prove the existence of Sugarcandy

12.   Why did the pigs allow Moses to stay?

13.   What happened to Boxer while putting in extra work?

14.   What was Boxer's fate?

15.   How did Squealer explain Boxer leaving in the Knacker's van?

10-Animal Farm
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                             Animal Farm Questions
Chapter 10

1.    Inebriate-(P.____)

2.    Morose-(P.____) 

3.    Taciturn-(P.____) 

4.    Subsisted-(P.____) 

5.    Which animal remained the most unchanged?

6.    How was the windmill used?

7.    What happened to Snowball's ideas for the future of Animal Farm?

8.    How was the standard of living different for the pigs and dogs?

9.    Why did the animals believe the lists of figures presented by Squealer?

10.   How did the animals feel towards Animal Farm?

11.   What major change took place in the behavior of the pigs?

12.   How had the Seven Commandments changed?

13.   What view of Animal Farm did the surrounding farms share?

14.   What future plans did Napoleon have for Animal farm?

15.   Copy and explain the last sentence in the book in relation to the history of Russia.

                                                                                 11-Animal Farm

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