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									    Ector County

Education Association

    proposed May 2008

1                Ector County Education Association Bylaws
2                     Adopted by the membership __________ 2008


5                                       ARTICLE I
6                                        NAME

8    The name of this organization shall be Ector County Education Employees/TSTA/NEA,
9    hereafter known as the Association, affiliated with the Texas State Teachers
10   Association (TSTA) and the National Education Association. (NEA)


13                                      ARTICLE II
14                                      PURPOSE

16   The Association shall:
17      1. in consultation with TSTA develop programs and a program delivery system
18      2. elect officers
19      3. promote membership
20      4. elect delegates to the regional house of delegates, the TSTA House of
21         Delegates, and the Representative Assembly of the NEA
22      5. conduct elections for TSTA when requested
23      6. promote communication, cooperation and leadership development within its
24         membership
25      7. promote instructional improvement and professional development
26      8. work for due process and the welfare of members
27      9. promote consultation with local school boards
28     10. encourage the local chapter of the TFTA (Texas Future Teachers Association),
29          and the TSTA Student Program
30     11. make recommendations to the TSTA President, and
31     12. take any action that is consistent with the purposes and philosophies of
32          TSTA/NEA.

1                                             ARTICLE III
2                                     MEMBERSHIP AND DUES

4    Section 1. Eligibility
5    Membership in this Association shall be open to any educational employee in Ector
6    County ISD and to any officers of the Association eligible for active or ESP
7    membership under TSTA Bylaws, upon payment of the annual dues.

9    Section 2. Membership Categories
10   1. Active Membership shall be open to any person meeting the eligibility
11       requirements for Active Professional or Active ESP membership in TSTA.
12       Active members shall enjoy all rights and privileges of the Association.
13   2. Reserve membership shall be open to any nonsupervisory employee
14      on approved leave.
15   3. Life members of TSTA or NEA eligible for local membership may join the
16      Association by payment of local and regional dues.

18   Section 3. Membership/Fiscal Year
19   The membership and fiscal year shall be from September 1 to August 31.

21   Section 4. Dues
22   1. Annual local and regional dues for Active-Professional and Active-ESP members
23   shall be $55 for the 2008-09 year and may be increased for any subsequent
24   membership year by a vote of members present and voting at an all-member
25   meeting in April or May prior to the beginning of the year.
26   2. Annual dues for Reserve members shall be one-half active dues.

28   Section 5. Affiliate Membership
29   All members of this association shall be members of TSTA and NEA, except as
30   provided otherwise by TSTA Bylaws for certain TSTA Life Members.

                                             ARTICLE IV
1                                       MEMBER MEETINGS

3    There shall be at least three meetings each year for all members. One meeting
4    shall be held no later than March 1 and one business item at that meeting shall
5    be the announcement of the election results of Association delegates to the Regional
6    House of Delegates, the TSTA House of Delegates, and the NEA Representative
7    Assembly.
8         Another meeting shall be held in March, April, or May and one business
9    item at that meeting shall be the approval of dues and the budget for the next year.
10   A second item shall be announcement of election results for officers, Area Board
11   members,or at-large Board members. The Executive Committee shall set the dates
12   for the two meetings specified above as early in the year as possible and, in any
13   case, no later than the holiday break. The Executive Committee shall call at least
     one other meeting prior to November 15 and may call such other, all-member
14   meetings as it deems necessary and practicable.
15      A quorum for an all-member meeting at which the budget is approved or
16   bylaws are to be amended shall be twenty (20) members. A quorum for an
17   all-member meeting at which no elections are to be held shall be ten (10) members.


20                                            ARTICLE V
21                                            OFFICERS

23   The officers of the association shall be the President, Vice President-Professional,
24   Vice President-ESP, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer.
25   All candidates for officer must sign the statement as provided below in
26   Article VIII, Section 2 before they are eligible to receive any votes. The Executive
27   Committee C348shall consist of the elected officers and a past president.
28   All officers shall be elected to two-year terms and shall not serve more than four
29   consecutive years in the same office.

1       The President, Academic Vice President, and Recording Secretary shall be
2    elected in odd years, and the ESP Vice President, Treasurer, and Corresponding
3    Secretary shall be elected in even years.
4    No member of a competing organization shall be eligible for office in the Association.

6    Section 1. Duties of the President
7    The President shall:
8       1. be the chief executive officer of the Association
9       2. represent the Association as spokesperson on matters of policy or assign
10         responsibility for such representation
11      3. prepare an agenda for all meetings of the Association
12      4. serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except the hearing
13          committee or appoint a delegate to do so
14      5. with the approval of the Executive Board, appoint a parliamentarian and all
15          committees and task forces by September 1.
16      6. approve all communications sent out in the name of the Association
17      7. ensure compliance with TSTA compliance standards
18      8. be eligible to co-sign on all checks
19      9. enter into contracts on behalf of the Association as approved by the
20         Executive Board
21    10. sign all legal instruments concerned with the business and professional
22         activities of the Association
23     11. serve as delegate to the Regional, State, and National convention
24         (and this shall be noted on the filing form and ballot for the election
25         as President)
26     12. serve as a representative on the TSTA Regional Board of Directors

28   Section 2. Duties of the Vice President-Professional
29   A. The Vice President--Professional shall:
30      1. perform the duties of the president in the absence of the President
31         in cooperation with the Vice President-ESP
32      2. coordinate training for members and association representatives

1       3. serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except the hearing committee
2       4. be eligible to co-sign checks with either the president or the treasurer
3       5. serve as membership recruitment co-chair
4       6. perform other duties as delegated by the President or Executive Board.

6    B. The Vice President-ESP shall:
7       1. perform the duties of the president in the absence of the President
8       2. coordinate training for ESP members
9       3. serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except the hearing
10         committee
11      4. be eligible to co-sign checks with either the president or the treasurer
12      5. serve as membership recruitment co-chair
13      6. perform other duties as delegated by the President or Executive Board.

15   Section 3. Duties of the Recording Secretary
16   The Recording Secretary shall:
17      1. prepare, submit for approval and maintain copies of minutes of all meetings
18         of the Executive Board and Association membership.
19      2. keep complete and permanent records of all meetings and other matters of
20         the Executive Board and Association members and ensure these records
21         are delivered to his or her successor as Recording Secretary.

23   Section 4. Duties of the Corresponding Secretary
24   The Corresponding Secretary shall:
25      1. be responsible for notification to all ARs of the RA meeting dates and
26         locations.
27      2. be responsible for reporting on correspondence received by the Association.
28      3. notify in writing the family of deceased members of the procedure to obtain
29         any benefits accrued through membership in TSTA/NEA
30      4. serve in the absence of the Recording Secretary
31      5. be responsible for forwarding materials and information to ARs for
32         distribution to the members

1         6. assist in the coordination of staff building visits; and
2         7. shall perform such other duties as delegated by the President and/or
3            the Executive Committee.

5      Section 5. Duties of the Treasurer
6      The Treasurer shall:
7         1. be chairperson of the Budget Committee
8         2. keep an accurate account of all receipts and disbursements
9         3. disburse funds only upon authorization of the Executive Board
10        4. be a primary signee of all checks
11        5. present at each Executive Board meeting a list of all checks and expenditures
12           since the last meeting, including the payee, the amount, and the purpose
13           of the expenditure.
14        6. present a current financial report at all Executive Board and Association
15           membership meetings
16        7. cooperate fully with the Audit Committee
17        8. ensure that the President has necessary information and records to meet
18           TSTA compliance standards
19        9. submit all Association financial records to the new Treasurer at the
20           conclusion of the term of office.

22     Section 6. Vacancies
23     An office may be declared vacant by a two-thirds majority of the Executive Board.
24     All vacancies shall be filled by an appointee of the Executive Board to serve the
25     remainder of the term. Vacancies in the office of the President shall be filled by
26     election. A vacancy shall be defined as death, resignation, or failure to perform duties.

28 `   Section 7. Suspension of Term Limits
29     The provision of this article that limits officers to no more than four consecutive
30     years in the same office may be suspended at the regularly scheduled
31     all-member meeting immediately preceding the election for the office in question
32     by two-thirds of those

1    present and voting. Any such suspension shall come only on a motion to suspend
2    the limit for a specific office to allow an additional term for a specific person.


5                                              ARTICLE VI
6                                       AREA BOARD MEMBERS

8    Initially, there shall be one Area Board Member from a high school, one from
9    a Junior High/middle school, one from an elementary school, one from ESP
10   personnel, and one supervisory member. Beginning in the spring of 2008, and
11   each spring thereafter, theBoard of Directors additional Area Board members will
12   be elected to provide proportional representation in their respective areas.


15                                             ARTICLE VII
16                                      BOARD OF DIRECTORS

18   Section 1. Composition
19   The Board of Directors, (hereafter known as the BOD) shall be composed of the
20   Executive Committee and area board members.

22   Section 2. Terms
23   All terms shall be for two years. Incumbents are eligible to seek re-election for one
24   additional term. No area board member may serve for more than four
25   consecutive years as an area board member. No at large member may
26   serve more than four consecutive years as an at-large member. Executive
27   Board members shall take office on June 1.

29   Section 3. Duties
30   The Board of Directors shall:
31      1. be responsible to the membership in all matters
32      2. carry out the policies of the Association

1       3. attend to the business of the Association between meetings of the members
2       4. serve as liaison to committees as assigned by the President
3       5. have care of any real property owned by the Association
4       6. receive all reports submitted by or requested from committees
5       7. set election dates and member meeting dates

7       8. approve or reject contracts presented by the President
8       9. act on an annual budget and present that budget to the April or May
9           membership meeting for approval
10    10. annually review the Association bylaws and present any proposed
11         amendments to an all-member meeting for approval
12     11. establish Association Policy and share it with the members; any Association
13         policy can be changed by the members voting at a meeting of the membership.

15   Section 4. Quorum
16   A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the Board of Directors.

18   Section 5. Meetings
19   The BOD shall meet at least six times a year. Special meetings may be called by the
20   President or a majority of the BOD. The dates of the BOD meetings shall be set
21   at the first meeting held after June 1 or as soon as possible thereafter.

23   Section 6. Minutes and Agenda
24   The agenda shall be set by the President, with members having the opportunity to
25   add items when the agenda is presented for adoption. The minutes shall be printed
26   for distribution to BOD and Association Representatives.

28   Section 7. Rights of Members
29   Any member of this Association shall have the right to attend meetings of the
30   BOD and shall have the right to address the BOD with its approval.

1    Section 8. Vacancies
2    Vacancies in the office of Area Board Members shall be filled by the BOD at the
3    first BOD meeting after the vacancy occurs. Replacements shall serve until the
4    next regularly scheduled election membership meeting. Vacancies shall be defined
5    as death, resignation, or failure to perform duties.

7    Section 9. Removal from Office
8    A member of the BOD may be removed from office for malfeasance, misfeasance,
9    nonfeasance, or for being a member of a competing organization. No member may
10   be removed from office without due process.


13                                            ARTICLE VIII
14                                            ELECTIONS

16   Section 1. Eligible Voters
17   All active members are eligible to vote in Association elections.

19   Section 2. Filing for Elected Position
20   Filing forms must either be sent to all members of the Association or printed in an
21   all-member publication. Any qualifications for office must be printed on the
22   form. The forms may be sent electronically. Filing forms also shall be available
23   at the meeting before the deadline for filing. The filing form for each office shall
24   contain a statement that the person filing understands the duties of the position
25   and is willing and able to fulfill those duties. The candidate must sign this statement
26   before he or she is considered nominated. No name shall be placed on a ballot or
27   counted unless the person has signed the required statement.

29   Section 3. Elections
30   All elections shall be conducted by printed ballot. Officers andArea Board Members
31   shall be elected in February. Notice of the election shall be sent to all members
32   electronically and posted on the Association website, bulletin boards in all work

1    sites where available, where there are TSTA members and at least 14 days before
2    the date of the election. Elections shall be conducted by the Elections Committee
3    appointed by the President and approved by the BOD.

5    Section 4. Election Guidelines
6    All candidates shall be permitted to address the members at a January meeting.
7    The BOD shall establish any other necessary guidelines for elections, consistent
8    with these bylaws. Candidates may not serve on the elections committee nor be
9    involved in the elections process.

11   Section 5. Secret Ballot
12   Elections shall be conducted by secret ballot.

14   Section 6. Majority Vote
15   Officers and Area Board members must be elected by majority vote. Any run off
16   election required to meet this section shall be held between the two candidates with
17   the highest vote totals. Delegate positions shall be elected by a plurality vote.

19   Section 7. Results of the Election
20   The Election Committee shall tally the votes and announce the results of all
21   elections at the next all-member meeting. Results will also be sent to members
22   electronically seven (7) days before the meeting where the results are to be
23   announced.

25   Section 8. Other Elections
26   Elections for Delegates to the Regional House of Delegates, the TSTA House of
27   Delegates, and the NEA Representative Assembly shall be held at the same time
28   as officer elections. All such elections shall be conducted with open filing and
29   secret ballots and in accordance with all appropriate TSTA and NEA bylaws and
30   policies. TSTA or NEA will inform the Association of the number of delegates to
31   be elected to the various meetings, but elections may be held before the exact
32   number of delegates is known. All those receiving votes, including write-ins, but

1    not declared elected as delegates, shall be alternates to the appropriate House
2    of Delegates or Representative Assembly, in the order of votes received.

4    Section 9. Challenges
5    Any challenges to an election shall be filed, in writing, with the Election Committee
6    or president before the adjournment of the meeting where the election results were
7    announced. The decision of the Election Committee on any challenge shall be put
8    in writing and given to the challenger and Executive Committee. Consistent with the
9    TSTA Bylaws regarding local affiliates, any member shall have the right to appeal
10   the decision of the Election Committee to the TSTA Executive Director within ten
11   calendar days after receiving the written decision of the Election Committee.


14                                            ARTICLE IX
15                          BUILDING/WORK SITE REPRESENTATIVES

17   Section 1. Duties
18   The Building/Work Site Representative shall:
19      1. serve as the representative of the Association in the building/area
20      2. listen to members in the building/area and articulate their concerns to the BOD
21      3. be knowledgeable about the Association and its activities and keep members
22         informed about Association actions and concerns;
23      4. promote membership in the Association under the direction of the Membership
24         Committee
25      5. maintain an accurate list of members in the building/area, and keep the
26         treasurer informed of any changes in addresses or membership status
27      6. meet at least once per semester with members in the building or work site
28      7. keep members informed about the TSTA Help Center and the process for
29        solving problems, including grievances and MAT (Member Advocacy Team)
30      8. transmit records to the Association
31      9. ensure that every potential member in the building/area is invited to join
32         and has a membership form

1      10. attend Building/Work Site Representative trainings and meetings
2      11. sign an agreement committing to do the above.

4    Section 2. Representation
5    The President shall, with the approval of the BOD, appoint at least one Building/
6    Work Site Representive (hereafter known as BWS Rep) in each building. To the
7    extent possible, one additional BWS Rep shall be appointed for each 10 members,
8    or the major fraction thereof.

10   Section 3. Meetings and Training
11   BWS Reps shall meet together at least two (2) times during the membership year.
12   The President shall arrange for training for all BWS Reps during at least one of
13   these meetings. An additional training shall be provided for BWS Reps
14   serving in their first year.


17                                           ARTICLE X
18                                    COMMITTEES/TASK FORCES

20   Section 1. General Provisions
21      1. Standing committees and task forces shall be appointed by the President
22          and be composed of the number of members determined by the Executive
23          Committee and the BOD.
24      2. Terms for task forces and ad hoc committees shall be designated by the
25          Executive Committee.
26      3. All committee/task force reports shall be submitted in writing to the BOD
27          prior to submission to the member meeting.
28      4. A quorum of a standing committee shal be a majority of committee members.

30   Section 2. Responsibilites of Committee/Task Force Chairs
31   The Chair of a committee or Task Force shall:
32      1. schedule meetings

1       2. notify all members of meetings
2       3. advise the President of Committee activities
3       4. recommend committee members to the Executive Committee
 4      5. make regular committee reports to the BOD
 5      6. ensure that the committee operates within its budget
 6      7. recommend programs and policies to the BOD
 7      8. at the request of the Executive Board, prepare and present a report to an
 8         all-member meeting.

10   Section 3. Standing Committees
11   The following Standing Committes are hereby established with the charges, duties ,
12   and responsibilities traditionally held by such committees. The BOD may add to
13   the charges for any committee.
14      1. Membership Committee
15      2. Budget Committee (which shall be chaired by the Vice-Presidents)
16      3. Legislative/Political Action Committee
17      4. Audit Committee
18      5. Election Committee
19      6. Hearing Committee
20      7. Member Advocacy Team (MAT)

22   Section 4. Audit Committee
23   The Audit Committee shall consist of three members appointed by the President
24   and approved by the BOD who shall submit an audit report covering all receipts
25   and disbursements beginning September 1 and ending August 31 of the current
26   year to TSTA by October 31. No member of the Executive Board may serve on the
27   Audit Committee. The Audit Committee shall audit the books upon a vacancy in the
28   position of Treasurer, prior to assumption of that office by an incoming Treasurer.

30   Section 5. Hearing Committee
31   The Hearing Committee shall be appointed only if charges are filed requiring the
32   hearing committee to act. Within five days after receiving charges, the president

1    shall appoint a Hearing Committee consisting of a chair and four other members.
2    The committee shall hear charges against the officers, Area Board members, or
3    individual members of the Association. No member of the Executive Committee may
4    be on the Hearing Committee. If the charges are against the President, then the
5    charges shall be filed with a Vice President. The Vice President shall then appoint
6    the committee. The hearing committee shall follow appropriate procedures as
7    set forth in board policy.

9    Section 6. Removal
10   Any committee member having excessive absences shall be removed from the
11   committee. Any committee member may be removed by the President with the
12   concurrence of the BOD.


15                                           ARTICLE XI
16                                         DUE PROCESS

18   The Association shall guarantee that no member will be censored, suspended, or
19   expelled without a due process procedure which shall include an appellate
20   procedure. The Association shall guarantee that no member of the BOD shall be
21   impeached and removed from office without a due process procedure which shall
22   include an appellate procedure. The BOD shall approve rules and procedures to
23   implement these due process guarantees; except that any such rules and
24   procedures may be amended by the vote of an all-member meeting.


27                                          ARTICLE XII
28                                PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY

30   Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall be the authority on all questions of
31   procedure not specified in these Bylaws.

1                                            ARTICLE XIII
2                                   AMENDMENTS PROCEDURE

4    Amendments to these Bylaws may be proposed by any Association member at any
5    meeting of the BOD. The proposed amendment shall be drafted by the proponent
6    and submitted to the BOD. The BOD, or a subcommittee of the Board named for
7    this purpose, shall ensure the proper wording and prepare the amendment(s), send
8    them to all members at least two (2) weeks prior to voting. A printed ballot shall be
9    sent to every member. Proposed amendment(s) shall be approved by two-thirds
10   vote of the returned ballots. Amendments shall be effective immediately unless
11   otherwise stated in the amendment.


14                                           ARTICLE XIV
15                                  LIMITATION OF AUTHORITY

17   Any act either by the BOD or all-member meeting in conflict with the
18   Bylaws or policies of TSTA or NEA shall be null and void.


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