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									Alexandria is a full-featured library automation software program. Named after the
Ancient Library of Alexandria, the largest and most famous of the libraries of the ancient
world, it lives up to its name.

Alexandria has proven to be a real time saver in my library operation. I was able to walk
in and use it on the very first day! I utilize it not only for check-in and check-out
materials, but also to organize collections, search for materials for research, or help in
purchasing and printing out numerous reports. Alexandria has helped make our library
user friendly and efficient for both students and teachers.

Not only is the program good, but the staff is too. They are very helpful when called.
Their approach to tech support is unique. You are able to reach a live, knowledgeable,
friendly person 24/7. I like the fact that I can use it all hours even when working late and
get a human to help me! Updates and upgrades are included. I am also beginning to
utilize the “Tip of the Week” located with tutorials on their website. Our district switched
to Alexandria three years ago. We have had very few problems and COMPanion
Corporation always comes through when we do. We use the Mac version.

Before making a decision, we looked at several systems. Alexandria is easy to manage
and very easy for non-technical staff to operate. This has proved to be especially
beneficial this year, since I have had to rely on parent volunteers to help me. From the
circulation window you can do basically everything and get everywhere in about three
clicks. In the command line type in or scan the barcode. Besides checking books in and
out, you can charge a fine, make a payment, forgive a charge, and declare an item lost on
the bottom half of the window. Another nice feature is, if a parent volunteer is helping
and does not know the students, you can directly see a list of the students by homeroom
and just click on their name. You can keep an eye on all activity with the transaction log.
Item management is easy. You can place holds, renew books, change modes, and see how
many patrons have checked out a particular book or who has an item and when it is due.
If I need help and have no time to call, I can email tech support using the email support
tab and they respond immediately.

Cataloging is easy. Alexandria is aligned with the best booksellers in the industry for
quick access to vendors and publishers. You can import records in a few clicks. When
adding items title assistance, which employs marc search, helps find titles that already
exist in the library world. When you receive records from a vendor it is easy to import
them by dropping the file into the circulation window. Then you can check the
transaction log to see the finished import notice.

Alexandria has so many features that I haven’t had time to learn how to use them all yet.
It will be difficult to outgrow this system.

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