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                              DUMFRIES ICE BOWL CURLING ASSOCIATION
                                    ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING :

Present: Graham Sloan, Fiona Hardie, Mike Baird, Robert Sommerville, David Hardie, Ruaraidh Whyte,
John Graham, Jim Hogg, Billy Green, Eleanor Haining, Hazel Wales, Andy McLean, Derek, Archibald,
David Owen, Linda Owen, Alex Dickson, Jim McCormack, Ann Templeton, Stuart Finlay, Mima Telfer,
Brenda Sillars, Nancy Gallagher, Christine Harvie, Linda McKie, Margaret Laurie, Bob Laurie, Heather

Apologies: David Henderson, Ann McCormack, Andrew Whyte, Alex Bryden, Caroline Donaldson, Bill Holland,
Sheila Aird, Allison Hogg

Minutes: Allison Whyte

 Item                                                                                                 Action

 The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed all to the meeting.

    1. Minutes of Previous Meeting
       The EGM was on the 8 February 2011. This was to change constitution which allowed
       the AGM to move from September to May. GS gave the explanation as to the reasons
       for the change with the main reason being to benefit from funds and grants available.
       David Owen proposed the approval of the minutes and Jim Hogg seconded them.

    2. Matters Arising

    3. Chairman’s Report
       I think at this point I should mention that an EGM was held on 8 February 2011 to
       enable changes to the Financial Section of the Constitution. This was necessary to
       enable DIBCA to benefit from funds and grants.

        This has been an eventful and exciting season for curling at Dumfries Ice Bowl. The
        curling season was delayed until the end of October by uncertainty over the opening of
        the new dedicated Ice Pad and the transfer to the new curling rink, which eventually took
        place on December 2010. I am pleased to report that we have been handed a fantastic
        new centre with changing facilities, viewing lounge and a meeting room, which I hope
        will see curling at Dumfries go from strength to strength. It is important to note that we
        have an ongoing issue with the viewing, which we hope will be resolved in part with the
        installation of cameras and monitors. This will enable Dumfries to bid and host major
        competitions in future. Other minor issues to be resolved are winner‟s boards, notice
        boards and blinds in lounge and curling rink and also a trophy cabinet.

        DIB has, this season welcomed a new facilities manager, Derek Archibald who has I
        think been thrown in at the deep end as far as curling is concerned, the curlers had a
        new facility, lots of demands and questions and he has dealt with and taken everything
        in his stride, so thank you Derek.

        Credit must be given to Derek and his staff, the reception staff, the ice staff and leisure
        attendants who have all been very helpful and enthusiastic throughout the season.

        We will receive reports on Coaching and Development, Competitions, Ladies and
        Juniors during the course of this meeting but I would like to mention one of the highlights
        of the year being Dumfries winning the Scottish Under 13‟s National Championship.
        Congratulations to Ross Whyte, Ashleigh Street, Scott Oliver and Shaun Milligan, I hope
        this is the first of many. Dumfries Juniors were represented at the Scottish Junior Finals
        in Aberdeen by Grant Hardie who was playing with Jay McWilliam‟s team. Grant Hardie
        and Ruaraidh Whyte also represented Dumfries in the Scottish Pairs Championship in
Item                                                                                                  Action

       At the RCCC Ladies Branch AGM held in Aberdeen last May (2010) Dumfries Ladies
       Section became a Ladies Centre, which is important in the development of curling at
       Dumfries. The Ladies Section hosted the Canadian Ladies Touring Team who visited
       Dumfries in November, unfortunately the new pad was not ready but they were very
       impressed with what they saw.

       Graham Sloan is now in post as Full Time Development Officer for Dumfries, which is
       partly funded by the association and has been busy setting up new competitions and has
       a few ideas for new competitions and development. Graham has retired as secretary of
       the Association, as from today and I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for
       co-ordinating his role as secretary and dev officer and to wish him and Emma all the
       best for their forthcoming wedding.

       It would be remiss of me not to mention the assistance Andy McLean has given Graham
       and the association in running the curling‟s cool programme and in finding grants and
       funding for development. So thanks to him.

       Many thanks are due to the volunteer coaches without whom the coaching and
       development would not be possible.

       I would also like to thank all our sponsors for their valued support.

       A very big thank you to Kenneth Green who has spent a huge amount of time and effort
       putting together a Sponsorship Package and producing a brochure and is prepared to
       help us further finding sponsors.

       Last but not least thanks to Robert Sommerville our Treasurer who looks after our
       finances very well and to the committee for their support and help over the past year.
       Fiona Hardie

   4. Treasurer’s Report
      This report is presented to accompany the financial accounts for the period 1
      September 2010 to 31 March 2011. These accounts were examined and found to be
      correct by Ross Fraser, an accounting technician with Dumfries & Galloway Council and
      I wish to thank him for this task.
       Since the financial year now ends on 31 March these accounts cover a period of only 7
       months since the end of the previous financial year at 31 August 2010 but this 7 month
       period does include a full curling season, with far fewer transactions in the „closed

       The main items of expenditure remain similar to previous years, however these accounts
       show a significant change in income. Last year‟s accounts show a deficit of £651 but
       much of that has been recovered. Despite a shortfall in ice levy at the start of the curling
       season caused by the recent building works this was recouped later in the season and
       our total ice levy was greater than last season.

       I would like to thank our competition sponsors, they have given us their continued
       support even when finances may have fallen within their own business sector. We have
       recruited one new sponsor during the past season with others due to be approached for
       the coming season.

       Funds have also been received by the recent sale of advertising space within the new
       ice hall, on walls, scoreboards and stone handles. So far £1200 has been received in
       this way but these amounts are covered by various sponsorship agreements lasting
       between 2 and 5 years so plans must be made to budget the money over the longer

       Grants of £1440 were received during the year and whilst over £1100 has already been
       spent on projects the remainder has been committed to be spent over the next four
Item                                                                                               Action
       months. Another new source of funding has been the introduction of the corporate
       curling sessions which has brought in extra funds for the association.

       I would like to end by giving thanks to the staff at Dumfries Ice Bowl and to the members
       of DIBCA who have helped with the many tasks involved with fund raising and
       organising sponsorship and advertising.
       Accounts Attached
       Robert Sommerville

   5. Competitions Report
      Jim Hogg gave the Competitions report to the meeting.
      Report Attached

   6. DIBCA Rules
      FH told us there will be boards put up in the ice hall and at the ends of the rinks
      informing players of rules and etiquette while playing. There was a debate about how
      many subs you are allowed in the Wednesday Night League. AT thought the RCCC
      rules of only 2 subs should be kept. GS would like the ruling to be more flexible as this
      would allow more people learning to curl a chance to sub in the league which would help
      with the development of curlers. If too many rules were put in place then we would need
      someone to manage the score cards after the games and then enforce the ruling. Who
      would do this? DH thought that local rules were important and more than two
      substitutions would be considered. It was then agreed that the question of can you play
      for more than one team in the league be left for the next committee meeting.

   7. Coaching and Development Report
      At the start of the season the Royal Caledonian Curling Club along with Dumfries Ice
      Bowl and Dumfries Ice Bowl Curling Association produced an Action Plan for the
      Season. The final updated Action Plan with season review is available and if anyone
      would like to request a copy please do so by putting your contact name, number, club
      and email address on following form (circulated form round those present at AGM).

       I would firstly like to thank all the voluntary coaches for their continued hard work and
       dedication to delivering coaching sessions here at the Ice Bowl and travelling with teams
       to outside events. Your support is vital to the success of development at Dumfries Ice
       Bowl and it is very much appreciated.

       It should also be noted that having a dedicated Curling Hall has allowed us to raise the
       standard of coaching sessions and the standard of participants due to much improved
       ice conditions. I look forward to my first full season starting in September and planning
       for that has already commenced.

       Curlings Cool Programme brought in 45 Primary Schools with 715 P6 pupils 2 Curling
       Cool Festival Tournaments were held with 24 and 22 teams entered.

       Curlings Cool Club is running with 50 registered participants. A new programme was
       introduced in January with the Sessions running for 1hr 30mins and held on a Friday as
       well as the original Monday and Wednesday.

       Secondary Programme aimed mainly at Senior Pupils was our biggest success for the
       season. 81 sessions were held over 1hr periods. This included 19 different classes with
       971 attendances throughout the season.

       Skills Awards proved to be very popular again this season with many Juniors reaching
       their skill level. 15 new red awards, 13 white, 5 blue, 9 bronze and 5 silver were

       2 teams travelled to Stirling to compete in the skills Award Challenge Trophy with
       respectable results. The Skills Award Trophy will be hosted at Dumfries Ice Bowl next
       season on 26 November.
Item                                                                                               Action

       2 Junior members will attend the Royal Club Summer Camps this summer.

       Dumfries Ice Bowl hosted the South Funspeil Qualifiers for U13 and U15 levels.
       Dumfries U13 team went on to win National Funspeil Championship held in Aberdeen.

       Weekend Ladder Curling was piloted but not well attended January and April. It is
       hoped that more advertising will improve this for next season.

       A Master Class run by the Royal Caledonian Curling Club will be hosted at Dumfries Ice
       Bowl in October 2011 (posters and flyers were distributed).

       5, 1-1, 30mins, Improvers Sessions were delivered. 2 were cue users.

       Adult Coaching sessions were held on Wednesday evenings with a good turn out each
       week. These participants were encouraged to be subs for the Wednesday Night League
       and given information on joining clubs for season 2011.

       4 Try Curl sessions were held throughout the season with 2 being scheduled at a
       weekend slot. 50 new curlers were registered over these sessions.

       A block of 4 sessions were delivered with 5 participants.

       The Assistant Coaches course was held in DG1 September 2010 with 8 local
       participants. 6 out of the 8 have completed the required elements on the course.

       2 local coaches attained the Technical Coaches qualification during the season.

       3 Corporate sessions were held between December and March which were a great
       success and a corporate package has been produced.

       Regional and National Training sessions were held weekly at Dumfries Ice Bowl
       throughout the season.

       Dumfries Ice Bowl has had another good season of Development despite the disruption
       to the start of the season and the change over phase to the new Curling Hall I would like
       to thank all the coaches again, Dumfries Ice Bowl, Dumfries Ice Bowl Curling
       Association and the Royal Club for their support over the season.
       Graham Sloan

   8. Ladies Section Report
      The Ladies Section has had a busy and successful year. We became an RCCC Ladies
      Centre at the start of the year.

       We organised a highly successful pairs day competition. Visited Stranraer twice once
       for a friendly and then again for their President‟s day. Hosted an incoming Canadian
       Tour with bonspiel and lunch. Ran the Barbour‟s bonspiel and President‟s bonspiel.
       Our fun league runs monthly from November through to March it is very popular and well
       supported. We played in both the Walter Carlyle competition and President‟s bonspiel at

       We rounded the year of with a closing funspiel and Ladies AGM.

       Last week Fiona Hardie and I attended the RCCC Ladies Branch AGM at Inverness.
       Fiona was elected Junior Vice President of Ladies Branch. I would like to congratulate
       her and offer our support.
       Anne Templeton
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   9. Junior Section Report
      The junior club is running strong with a healthy number of juniors. There are about 35
      members playing in different competitions within the club. These include:
        The Junior Club League
        Muirfield Pairs
        The Rolling Stones
        Speed Pairs

       The club has also been very successful out with the club in outside competitions. At the
       junior challenge, the club managed to get promoted form Division 2 to Division 1 by
       coming 2 out of 6 different clubs with two teams. We also managed to win the regional
       and national U13s fun spiel, and came 2 in the regional U15s narrowly missing out on
       1 place.

       3 members of the junior club also got into regional training and another member getting
       national status. Members of the junior club played in other competitions around
       Scotland and Internationally helping raise the Dumfries Name. 2 members made it to
       the Scottish finals as well which is a great achievement. A list of other outside
       competitions that have been attended are listed below:
          Dumfries International (2 members winning)
          Lions International (4 members coming 2 )
          Brieryhill Cup (4 members winning)
          Under 13‟s (4 members winning National Status)
          Under 15‟s (4 members coming 2 in Region)

       As you can see from the results above, Dumfries is raising its profile and making itself
       known to hopefully one day have some of the top curlers coming from Dumfries Ice Rink.

   10. RCCC Report
       On behalf of the Royal Club I would like to offer heartiest congratulations to everyone
       involved in the project of bringing a dedicated curling rink to Dumfries. A very
       challenging project had been brought to a successful conclusion by the dedicated efforts
       of all those representing the Council and DIBCA. I believe that we can look forward to
       growing popularity of our sport in the region.
       The papers for the Royal Caledonian Curling Club AGM to be held on 18 June at 2pm
       in the Dewar‟s Centre, Perth will be circulated shortly along with a membership
       questionnaire. Members are encouraged to attend the meeting and to respond to the
       questionnaire as the results will help to provide useful information about the Royal Club‟s
       membership profile to present to potential sponsors.

       Proposed rule changes have been posted on the web site and feed back is requested.
       The objective is to bring the format of the RCCC rules as close to the WCF format as is

       Membership of the RCCC has remained steady this year after several years of decline.
       The junior membership of the RCCC has remained steady this year after several years
       of decline. The Junior membership target has been exceeded and congratulations are
       offered to all Development Officers, Coaches and helpers.

       The RCCC Membership Benefits booklet is now available on the website and will be
       distributed to all members along with the new President‟s letter before the beginning of
       season 2011-2012.

       Should the RCCC AGM in June increase the level of subscriptions the increase will not
       take effect for 2011-2012 subscriptions paid by the due date of 31 October 2011. Any
       increase, if made at the AGM, will take effect from 1 November 2011.

       Over eighty Royal Club coaches from throughout Scotland met in Perth during the
Item                                                                                               Action
       Scottish Championships held in February to exchange views and raise matters during a
       question and answer session. The gathering proved to be quite successful although
       there were a couple of administrative weaknesses which it was hoped would be
       overcome for a similar event to be arranged for next year.

       Bidding documentation for RCCC competitions in season 2012-2013 were distributed to
       ice rinks in April.

       An agreement has been reached between the RCCC, British Curling and Sports
       Scotland that enables UK Sport, the high performance sports agency, to release funds
       for the next Olympic and Para-Olympic campaign.

       Ice Rinks are invited to bid for lesser World Championship events (e.g. Seniors) and can
       seek guidance from the Royal Club.

       The new RCCC Chief Executive, Bruce Crawford, who took up his post in October has
       introduced the first draft of a new Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives and would be
       seeking comments from members before it was finalised. The intention was to put the
       statement on the website in due course.

       The Indoor Grand Match held in Ice Rinks throughout Scotland in October had been
       another success with many favourable comments having been received. It was hoped
       that now that Dumfries had a dedicated curling rink that it could be included as a venue
       next time. The Indoor Grand Match committee is wishing to acquire a suitable trophy for
       the competition but before purchasing one they are asking if any clubs, including the
       Royal Club, having a trophy in their archives that is not now in use but may be suitable.

       The incoming USA 2012 Men‟s Tour team has been selected and the itinerary is now in
       place. Ice has been booked for the tourists to play at Dumfries Ice Bowl on the
       afternoon of Monday 30 January 2012. The Stewartry Province will be liaising with the
       Ice Rink about the details of the visit. Any assistance that could be provided by DIBCA
       would be welcomed.
       David Henderson
       RCCC Area Representative

   11. Council Report
       On the 8 November 2010, the arrival of the new facilities manager coincided with the
       final preparations for the hand-over of the newly re-furbished Ice Bowl. Four weeks later
       on the 6 December, the doors were finally open to the public but without an official
       opening ceremony. The new facility with its dedicated curling hall would now open up
       huge potential for delivering a wide and varied programme of ice based activities across
       the region.
       As time progressed, it was decided to launch an official opening on the 31 March 2011
       on the evening of the club championships, for everyone involved this event was a great

       As the season progressed it became abundantly clear that the decision to convert the
       old indoor bowling hall to purpose built curling hall was reaping huge dividends as the
       reception staff dealt with the ever increasing demands with bookings and general

       The increase in facility usage did however give rise to a number of operational issues
       being placed on the facility management. These included new staffing levels,
       programme development. Extended opening and closing times and maintenance items,
       all coming at a time when the Council were announcing huge departmental and staffing
       cuts, plus a complete re-structuring of how the Council would be operating in the future.

       In the aforementioned issues, I can report that progress is being made on all accounts
       however, due to the 12 month warranty that forms part of the building contracts, all
       maintenance requests must be processed through the architects department and are out
Item                                                                                                  Action
       of the facility manager‟s control. On other requests received from DIBCA, there have
       been discussions on matters which have led to facility management having to clarify
       what the distinction is between Council and Club areas of responsibilities. However I‟m
       confident that as we work in partnership towards providing top class facilities, we can
       resolve them in an amicable manner to mutual benefit.

       I have previously mentioned in this report that bookings and throughput have increased
       however at the time of writing I am waiting for the final budget figures to be announced.
       It is my intention that when I have received these figures, a detailed analysis of the six
       month period October 2010-March 2011 will be conducted and reviewed against the
       period October 2009-March 2010 in areas of income, expenditure, throughput and
       bookings, once completed I will inform the committee at the next available DIBCA
       monthly meeting.
       Derek Archibald

   12. Constitution
       FH said that she had asked Karen Lewis from the Nithsdale Council of Voluntary
       Services for advice on the Constitution. FH explained to Karen Lewis by letter that a
       steering group was set up in 1992 to form the committee. This was to assist the council
       in running the various sports within the facility. The curling Association (DIBCA)
       consisted of curlers, facility staff and two elected councillors from the leisure and sports
       committee. The Constitution has been amended several times over the years mainly to
       deal with financial matters. During the last curling season it has become apparent that
       we needed to update the membership of the constitution to add more curler members
       from 9 to 15 whilst carrying out this consultation prior to our Annual General Meeting it
       was noted that the Constitution stated that two council members had voting rights.
       Originally we thought that this may have been a typing error this led to a discussion with
       an original member of the steering group and Councillor Mr David McKie who suggested
       that we take advice on the matter.

       Karen Lewis responded with “the query as to whether Councillors can be on your
       Committee. Basically your governance is whatever your governing
       document/constitution states. In that respect they are full members as per your existing
       constitution. It may well be that this isn‟t correct in terms of D&G Council policy for its
       Councillors but this doesn‟t mean your constitution or how you have run the association
       to date is incorrect. You have been acting within the bounds of your constitution. This
       situation does mean that some funders may deem your organisation not truly a voluntary
       one i.e. you have statutory bodies in a governance role. This is also the case for the
       D&G Council staff you appear to have on your Committee representing sections of a
       statutory body and who currently have full voting rights.

       The above will be correct by your actions to amend your constitution and hopefully all of
       them will support the changes and vote accordingly to enable you to amend the

       FH proposed Karen Lewis‟s suggestions and Jim Hogg seconded them.

       Constitution attached.

       Jim McCormack asked what it meant and GS said that it was to help get funding from
       other bodies so wording had to be correct.

   13. Election of Committee Memebers
                             1                              2nd
       Allison Whyte         Fiona Hardie                  Billy Green
       Robert Sommerville    Fiona Hardie                  Billy Green
       Billy Green           David Hardie                  Robert Sommerville
       Jim Hogg              David Hardie                  John Graham
       Caroline Donaldson    Robert Sommerville            Mike Baird
       Hazel Wales           Fiona Hardie                  Jim Hogg
Item                                                                                                Action
    14. AOCB
        MB proposed a vote of thanks for the retiring chairman FH and thanked her for all her
        hard work both in front of the scenes and behind.
        Mima Telfer asked about the catering facilities. DA responded with the manager of the
        café DG had informed him that it would only be opening for events but he said that they
        can‟t just shut the café/bar. He is waiting for them to come back with their decision. DA
        suggested that we could look at other options i.e. DIBCA could run their own bar.
        Nancy Gallagher asked about how we could get food at the café. DA said that café DG
        said that it can be booked for events. Monday to Friday the café is reported to make
        little money. Talks are still ongoing.
        Mima Telfer asked if there was to be an opening bonspiel how would they go about
        organising food. DA said that Lynn @ café DG would be the person to contact, it had
        nothing to do with the ice bowl but they would tell Lynn what was happening that week at
        the ice rink.
        Jim McCormack asked what was considered to be a group as a corporate event could
        consist of 8 people. DA was still talking to them to get more information.
        FH asked what the opening hours would be in September for the café/bar. DA was
        hoping for confirmation from café DG for proper opening hours.
        JG suggested that if the café/bar was not going to be open as often then why should
        they have the sole monopoly on the vending machines still giving them income when
        they were shut. DA was going to look into this.

        GS invited FH to present the prizes to the winners of the ladder competition.
              Junior:     Heather Laurie
              Ladies:     Margaret Laurie
              Gents:      Stuart Finlay
              Seniors:    Jim McCormack
              Overall:    Heather Laurie and Stuart Finlay

        GS told us about a data base he has been working on. This is to help new curlers to find
        a club to join once they have finished their coaching. Contact details will be taken from
        the new members (telephone/email) and will be sent to club secretaries. Club details will
        be given to new members.
                                                                                          th   th
        GS told us the date for the new competition – Open Speed Pairs – February 10 ,11
        and 12 .
        FH informed us that Colin Freeman had sent out a letter asking for interested parties to
        bid for the Ice Bowl shop. Experienced parties are requested. The lease is for 3 years
        and the tender has to be put in by 30 June.
        GS asked about what competitions to bid for from RCCC. Do we wait for outcome of
        cameras before biding? FH pointed out that if we miss a competition we might have to
        wait another three years until it is up for tender again. AT and FH pointed out that the
        Ladies competition unders and overs were desperate for a venue.
        Linda Owen asked if a voucher scheme could be put in place as this would save time
        when trying to get organised to play. DA said he remembered that this had been
        suggested before when he first came to work here. He would look into it. RS said that
        Colin Freeman said it didn‟t help the facilities and therefore wouldn‟t happen but
        members said it would help the customers which in turn would help the facility.
        DA told us about the new cancellation policy. Cancelled for reasons such as weather.
        The fee is still to be paid but no fee will be charged for the rearranged game.

        The meeting closed at 8.30pm.
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