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									                  Caris Pregnancy Counseling and Resources
                                        Job Description

                                   Chief Operating Officer
Job Summary:
This position will direct, administer, and manage the day-to-day and long-term operational activities of
Caris Pregnancy Counseling & Resources. The Chief Operating Officer (COO), under the direction of
the President and the Board of Directors, will be responsible for directing and managing the internal
organization processes and infrastructure that will allow Caris to continue to grow and fulfill its
mission. The COO is a part of the Caris Senior Leadership Team.

Reports to:

Responsibilities: With a direct staff of four, the COO will lead and manage the following

Operations – 45%
Guide and direct Caris staff in the structural development and administration of Caris including,
but not limited to, operations and day-to-day support. Evaluate the results of the overall
operation of Caris on a regular, systematic basis and report these results to the President and
the Board of Directors.

   Oversee risk management and legal activities: letters of agreement, contracts, leases, and
    other legal documents and agreements
   Business insurance: procurement, monitoring and management
   Information technology: working with contractors, ensure the ongoing maintenance and
    updating of information systems and infrastructure, including hardware, software, and
    donor/financial applications
   Organizational reporting and monitoring: provide guidance and leadership through
    management of the Caris metrics and strategic goal implementation and the measurement
    reporting process
   Office management: oversee administrative functions for all Caris sites, ensuring smooth
    daily operations of buildings, IT, and equipment
   Board of Directors: working with the President, provide staff input and guidance to the Caris
    Board and act as staff liaison at Board meetings

Financial Management and Oversight – 40%
Direct the preparation and execution of short term and long term operations’ plans and budgets
based on Caris’ thematic goal and defining objectives for the fiscal year.

   Working with the Financial Manager and Director of Advancement, manage and oversee all
    financial and business planning activities, including:
        o Direct and administer all financial plans
        o Oversee business policies and accounting practices
        o Review and analyze monthly financial reports
        o Support and advise the President in decision making

       o Lead and support the organizational budgeting process

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   Oversee reporting and monitoring of organizational performance metrics
   Provide overall financial oversight and monitoring of payroll, banking and legal documents
   Lead Caris’ annual financial audit process
   Ensure that relevant financial data is presented to the Senior Leadership Team
   Lead business development to meet long-term strategic goals

Human Resources – 15%
Manage Human Resources and ensure all policies and procedures are consistent with Caris’
values and consistent across all teams at Caris
   Manage and oversee the human resource function for Caris, including:
       o Recruitment, hiring, and compensation
       o Benefits administration and oversight
       o Professional training and development, including new employee orientation
       o Retention strategies
       o Regulatory oversight and legal compliance
   Ensure that the human resource function is properly resourced and represented within the
    Senior Leadership Team.


   Minimum of a BA; MBA with accounting/finance background preferred
   Strong operational experience, including in a “hands on” capacity; ideally has worked in a
    senior management role for 10+ years in a socially responsible organization with
    progressive experience leading to at least three years experience in
    operational/administrative management
   Demonstrated experience in financial planning and analysis with previous experience
    overseeing human resources, information technology, and legal
   Skills should include organizational development, personnel management, budget and
    resource development, and strategic planning; demonstrated success developing,
    implementing and monitoring systems to manage both operational and programmatic work
    that involve high levels of collaboration
   Excellent people skills, with an ability to lead and partner with a dynamic leadership team to
    own, implement and complete the Caris goals
   Flexible and able to multi-task; can work within an dynamic, fast-moving environment, while
    also driving toward clarity and solutions; demonstrated resourcefulness in setting priorities
    and guiding investment in people and systems
   Personal qualities must include integrity, credibility, responsibility and innovation
   Candidate must be committed to the mission of Caris Pregnancy Counseling and Resources
    and be a follower of Jesus Christ.

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