Clearance Transmittal by xiuliliaofz


									Form OS-329 (8-11)

                                                             CLEARANCE TRANSMITTAL                                         Date Sent:             8/12/2011

                                                                                   M-11-004                                   Date Due:           9/16/2011
     Send to Organization            Coordinated with
      Checked Below                 Checked Below                   Step 1 Internal                     Step 1 External                         Step 2
    Secretary of Transportation
     Comptroller's Office                                    FROM:     Charles C. Goodhart, Director, Bureau of Maintenance and Operations
     Office of Chief Counsel                                      ATTACHED MATERIAL IS SUBMITTED FOR YOUR REVIEW AND COMMENTS. UNLESS ADVISED
     Office of Legislative Affairs                                 OTHERWISE, WE WILL CONSIDER MATERIAL APPROVED IF NOT RETURNED BY DUE DATE.
     Press Office
    Deputy Secretary for Administration                      TITLE:        Thin-Lift Hot Mix Overlay (3/4" to 1 ¼") Use Guidelines,
     Bureau of Equal Opportunity                                           Thin-Lift Hot Mix Overlay (3/4" to 1 ¼") Special Provision, and
     Bureau of Fiscal Management                                           Bituminous Tack Coat for Use with Thin-Lift 6.3 MM HMA Wearing Course.
     Bureau of Human Resources
     Bureau of Information Systems
     Bureau of Office Services                               REMARKS:
     Center for Performance Excellence                          New proposed Special Provisions and Guidelines for the use of Thin-Lift Hot Mix Overlay.
    Deputy Secretary for Aviation                               Please submit comments in the Excel Spreadsheet provided in the link below along with a
     Bureau of Aviation                                         Signed and Dated copy of this form. Thanks.
     Bureau of Rail Freight, Ports, and Waterways
    Deputy Secretary for Highway Administration
     Chief Engineer
     Bureau of Construction and Materials
     Bureau of Design
     Bureau of Highway Safety and Traffic Engineering
     Bureau of Maintenance and Operations
     Engineering District 1-0
     Engineering District 2-0
     Engineering District 3-0
     Engineering District 4-0
     Engineering District 5-0
     Engineering District 6-0
     Engineering District 8-0
     Engineering District 9-0
     Engineering District 10-0
     Engineering District 11-0
     Engineering District 12-0
    Deputy Secretary for Local and Area Transportation
     Bureau of Public Transportation
    Deputy Secretary for Planning
     Bureau of Municipal Services
     Bureau of Planning and Research
                                                             ORIGINATOR:         Scott T. Nazar, Chief, Pavement Materials Section
     Center for Program Development
    Deputy Secretary for Safety Administration               YOUR COMMENTS
     Bureau of Driver and Vehicle Program Services
                                                                                  APPROVED                DISAPPROVED                     MODIFIED
     Bureau of Driver Licensing                                             If disapproved or modified give reason WHY (Use Reverse Side if Necessary).
     Bureau of Motor Vehicles
     Office of Information and Fiscal Services
     Office of Risk Management
    Federal Highway Administration
    Pennsylvania Asphalt Pavement Association
    Association of Pennsylvania Contractors                                              Name (Print)                                       Phone Number
    PD-District PMEs

                                                                                        Organization                                            Date

                                                                                            CHECK THIS BLOCK FOR RETURN TO:
                                                             NAME                                                      BUREAU

                                                             Scott Nazar                                                        Maintenance and Operations
                                                             DIVISION / SECTION               BUILDING / ROOM NO.                PHONE / E-MAIL
                                                             Roadway Management/                                                          (717) 425-7640
                                                                                               Keystone Building/ 6th Floor     
                                                             Pavement Materials
Form OS-329 (8-11)
   1. Fill in DATE SENT and DATE DUE. Allow a reasonable length of time such as 15 working days between
   2. Enter Clearance Transmittal Number below form heading. (Example: D-09-121; where the D = originating
      Bureau, 09 = originating year, 121 = a consecutive number generated by the originating Bureau’s
      Specifications Coordinator)
      Originating Bureau Key:
      D = Bureau of Design, C = Bureau of Construction and Materials, M = Bureau of Maintenance and
      Operations, T = Bureau of Highway Safety and Traffic Engineering
   3. Place a check mark in the box to the left of the Bureau title to indicate to whom the material is being sent.
   4. Place check marks in the boxes to the right of the Bureaus with which the material is being coordinated.
   5. Insert your own bureau’s name after the word FROM.
   6. Insert the title of the material after the word PUBLICATION.
   7. List the action to be taken or any instructions under REMARKS.
   8. Fill in the information under RETURN.
   1. Place a check mark in 1 of the 3 boxes under YOUR COMMENTS.
   2. If disapproved or modification is indicated give reason WHY changes should be made.
   3. Sign and date in space provided.
   4. Place a check mark in the block after RETURN to have the material returned to its originator.

                                        YOUR COMMENTS (Continued)

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