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									The launch of Tablet devices, has seen Apple take 85% of the market in
2010. Their flagship product is the iPad. Many other Tablets, have now
begun to compete with them. In particular Tablets operated by the Android
system are on the rise. They currently now have 20% of the customers
share and it is increasing.      The great thing about Tablets operated
on the Android system, is that you have a range of different
manufacturers using it. As the Android operating system is open source,
many manufactures are allowed to develop it as they like to get the best
from it. Here are some top Tablets to look at:

  Android HTC Flyer      The HTC Flyer, suffers from being a very
expensive Tablet. Although it has a huge pricetag, it is a very portable
device, which may be its saving grace. There are a great number of
functions on the Tablet also that you will notice. It has a pen, that can
be used to take notes if you wish, and draw pictures. You can also take
pictures with its five megapixel camera. It also features the latest
version of Adobe Flash.      Androids Motorola Xoom        This is another
expensive Tablet, which lets it down to some degree. Although, you will
most likely be impressed by the battery life, that you can get from this
model. This means that you will not have to spend as much time with the
charger. As it uses the honeycomb operating system by Android it is
operated completely with the use of touch. The fact that it is slightly
bulky, may put some people off.       Androids Acer Iconia Tab A500
The Acer, Tablet is also operated with the use of Androids new honeycomb.
The pricetag, on this Tablet is much more affordable than some of the
others which makes it quite appealing. You can also benefit from the
higher response rate, which makes it a good candidate for gamers. The
design is also pretty nice.      Androids Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
In order to knock the Apple iPad off the top spot, a manufacturer needed
to come out with something impressive. The Galaxy tab has definitely
caught the eye of most people. It has a superior screen quality and is
great for watching TV on. The price is also similar to the Ipad. Many
people prefer the open source technology compared to Apple's proprietary
technology.      Androids Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101       This Tablet
is great for those that enjoy using netbooks. They will benefit as this
is much lighter and less bulky. You can also attach a keyboard to it if
you need to type. Another benefit of this Tablet is the fact that it is
very affordable, at just above $500.       For good android based tablet
pc you can find one an information at

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