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					Teen health, college health, and teen fitness are now a greater concern
in America and worldwide. Consuming junk foods and drinking in college
life gives rise to lots of health issues like being overweight, Type II
Diabetes, and many other health related diseases. Well, lot of problems
can be solved just if all the McDonald's counter could be closed and
college students could give up smoking and drinking, which is not
possible in reality. But with small changes teen health and fitness can
be improved so that the world becomes assured of a better future.To start
with the teens, look for a better option in the vending machine. Pretzels
and baked chips may not look and taste very yummy as a packet of M&Ms and
HoHo Twinkle but they are certainly more a healthy choice available in
the vending machine. You can save hundreds of calories per days with
these snacks.Modern teens are quite conscious about their physic so the
next way to teen health and fitness will sound good to them. A workout at
least three days a week can improve health and fitness at a considerable
rate.Liquor is the worst spoiler of the modern teens. Collage teens are
most susceptible to it. While they enjoy their glass of bear bragging, it
fills their body with lots of calories that plays with their health.
Liquid calories also damage the liver irrevocably before you know about
it.With one small change you can improve your situation. For the first
switch to diet soda and light beer which sometimes sounds to teens better
option than cutting down alcohol completely from their life style. It
also cut down lots of calories from your body while you enjoy your drink.

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