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					If you think your child needs to see an orthodontist to get braces, you
are probably intent on finding the best one possible. Your kid will
hopefully have his teeth for a very long time, and will need some help
getting them straight and keeping them healthy during that time, so this
is an important decision. Fortunately, there are a few things to look for
when choosing a practitioner for the job.Most orthodontists are kid-
friendly since they deal with children's teeth most of the day.
Therefore, most will have offices that appeal to many kids. However, you
should make sure that the office appeals to your child in particular,
meaning that the decor and things to do in the waiting room should be
age-appropriate. For example, an office with tons of magazines focused on
managing a business is likely to be tailored toward adults, while those
with nothing but books for small children is probably best for younger
kids. If your child is a teen, make sure there are some popular books and
magazines in his or her age group so that boredom doesn't set in when
waiting for appointments.The last thing you want is for your child to be
insulted by an orthodontist who treats all kids like babies, as teens are
particularly sensitive to condescending treatment. Of course, you also
want the practitioner to be able to explain the procedure in terms that
teens understand, so finding one who uses words and lingo that only
adults understand is also not a good move. Therefore, find an
orthodontist who is comfortable around teenagers, as they need to be able
to handle patients who may act disinterested or bored. While few people
look forward to their orthodontic appointments, patients who do not think
their doctor understands their needs or how to talk to them are
especially likely to dread visits.Finally, you should look into
orthodontists who have a few ways in particular to connect to teens. For
example, some have rewards programs where they offer patients prizes for
getting there on time, referring friends, or keeping their teeth or
braces in good shape. Some also uses social media sites that are popular
among younger patients, as this is a way to reach out to them on their
level so that they can understand and get a little more excited about
orthodontics.Your search may take some time since you are likely
determined to find the best orthodontist in your city. Fortunately, you
can find out whether nearby orthodontists have these traits by either
checking their website or asking current and past patients. Plus, you can
usually go to an initial consultation to find out this information since
many doctors will encourage you to have an a brief meeting to determine
your teen's orthodontic needs, such as whether they need braces and which
kind would be best. Consider taking your teen, as you can figure out
during this appointment whether the orthodontist in question is the best
choice for your family.

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