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					Articles on teen health in the 90's may have been quite misleading. To
many variables to look into. A lot of the articles on teen health in the
90's mainly focused on STDs. Which unfortunately is a big concern among
parents with sexually active teens. However the problem with this is the
fact that not all teens are willing to give information about their sex
lives knowing that many should not even be involved in the acts.Many of
the articles on teen health in the 90's that you find may consist of the
following:- STDs
- Mono
- Cancer
- Pregnancy
- Depression
- Eating Disorders
- SexualityThat's just to name a few. Researching articles on teen health
in the 90's may be a little tricky and take some time. But many sites
such as news related websites will allow you to research such
information. This helps parents compare teen health today compared to the
90s. In turn this gives parents a better understanding of what is out
there right now and what was worse back then.When researching articles on
teen health in the 90's you may find that there is a lot of information
on simple illnesses such as Mono. However this was also the popular time
of drug usage also resulting in teens depression. Also you will find
some, but not a lot, information on piercings and tattoos on teens. You
will notice that the statistics of depressed teens has gone up as the
years have progressed. This seems to come from unhappy families which
stem from money issues. Sadly the death rate among teens has also raised
because of drug over dose and suicide.You can go to any regular library
and look up these articles on microfiche or the internet. Some good books
to look into that are available are:- The Watts Teen Health Dictionary
- Addiction
- How Sex Works: A Clear, Comprehensive Guide for Teenagers to Emotional,
Physical and Sexual Maturity
- The Teen Health Book
- Adolescent Depression: A Guide for Parents
- When Food's a Foe: How to Confront and Conquer Eating Disorders
- The Journey Out: A Guide for and About Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual
TeensThese books are great for both parents and teens. Many of these
books were written in the 90s giving an idea to teen health then. Some
were written in early 2000, however all are quite the page turner and
full of useful and very important information everyone should know about
disorders, sex, depression, addiction and so much more.Definitely well
worth the time to read through as a parent or teen. However I highly
encourage parent teen interaction with the books in case the teen has any
questions regarding the text, as teens question everything its best to be
on guard and ready to help with anything possible.

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