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									                               2007 ASSE PDC & Exposition
                                    June 25-27, 2007
              International Practice Specialty (IPS) Track Session Planner

           Topic               Session      Day/Time                     Speaker(s)
  Can We Be Both Safe &          508       Monday, 6/25                     Zara L. Hart
    Sorry? When Safety                    10:45-11:45 am      The Industrial Foundation for Accident
 Programs Reach Saturation                                               Prevention (IFAP)
                                                                     Perth, Western Australia
  When the Rubber Hits the       530       Monday, 6/25             Michael Porter, CSP, CIH
    Road: Lessons from                     3:00-4:15 pm                      Goodyear
     Goodyear’s Global                                             Walter Rostykus, CSP, CIH
    Ergonomics Process                                                    Humantech, Inc.
            Global               531       Monday, 6/25       Tanis J. Marquette, CSP, ROHT, CHMM
Industrial Hygiene Programs                3:00-4:15 pm         Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Inc.
        Briefing 2007:           557       Monday, 6/25         Kathy Seabrook, CSP, RSP (UK)
 Global Trends in Workplace                4:30-5:30 pm        President, Global Solutions, Inc./Ltd.
      Safety & Health                                                       Surrey, UK
        Global Safety:           607       Tuesday, 6/26                   Sarah J. Smith
     Emerging Trends &                   10:45 am-12:00 pm               Purdue University
         Challenges                                                         Westville, IN
IPS Key Issues Roundtable:      RT05       Tuesday, 6/26            James Johnston, PE, CSP
 Developing & Implementing                 3:15-4:15 pm               Wyeth Corporate EHS
    Global SH&E Metrics                                             John Kanouse, CSP, ARM
                                                                            Marsh, Inc.
         I-9 Forms,              652       Tuesday, 6/26                 Barry J. Nadell, PI
  Legislation & eSolutions                 4:30-5:30 pm            Infolink Screening Services
                                                                          Chatsworth, CA
 Application of the Process      708     Wednesday, 6/27            Holly C. Elke, CSP, CRSP
Safety Management Standard                7:45-9:00 am             SDS Consulting Corporation
          in Canada                                                         Alberta, CN
  International Professional     741      Wednesday, 6/27    Thomas Butler, Jr., Ph.D., CSP, CHMM
        Certifications                   11:00 am-12:00 pm         Butler Health & Safety, Inc.
   Made in China—Safety          747      Wednesday, 6/27           Henry Smahlik, CSP, CIH
                                         11:00 am-12:00 pm          Hagemeyer North America
                                                                        Linda Sennett, J.D.
                                                                         The Polaris Team
   Planning & Conducting         771     Wednesday, 6/27               Jack Fearing, CPEA
Comprehensive EHS Audits:                 1:45-3:00 pm               Aon Risk Services—GNY
A Critical Component of Your                                       IPS Assistant Administrator
Global Compliance Programs                                                Parsippany, NJ

 The Impact of Globalization     786     Wednesday, 6/27     Lawrence J.H. Schulze, Ph.D., PE, CPE
  on Occupational Safety &                3:15-4:15 pm               University of Houston
          Health                                                         Houston, TX

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