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					                       Executive Summary
                                        This program is the result of GET Entertainment,
                                        Inc.’s efforts over the past five years to develop,
                                        design, and bring to fruition a merit badge series
                                        for the Boy Scouts of America. These efforts
                                        already have yielded the first professional DVD in
                                        this series. This DVD, the Camping title, was
                                        premiered on November 3, 2006, and was
                                        extremely well received with a standing ovation!

GET Entertainment, Inc. and the Boy
Scouts of America have a clear
understanding of the benefits of this
program. These include benefits that
individual scouts will receive through the
use of the media to enhance their
educational opportunities, benefits the Boy
Scouts of America will receive through
ownership of this content and the revenue
it will create to support the organization’s
mission, as well as benefits that BSA’s
retailing partners will receive through sales
of this quality series. They are bringing forth the newest technology in scout learning.

                                      The first title of this series is indicative of the
                                      minimum level of quality that our firm is committed
                                      to delivering for each subsequent title. We have an
                                      aggressive production schedule that will have 5
                                      complete titles that will be delivered this summer in
                                      August at the BSA Centennial 100 year
GET Entertainment, Inc. enjoys a solid history of production success. As a firm, we are
committed to the production of high quality family entertainment and instructional video.
GET Entertainment, Inc. and the Boy Scouts of America believe that the moral and
ethical practices that we jointly share will be evident through all 121+ titles with no
compromising of our standards.

The balance of this document presents
the details of our production, including
benefits, production methodology,
proposed production schedule, and our
licensing production. Just as GET
Entertainment, Inc. and the Boy Scouts
of America have solidified their
relationship, we look forward to a similar
relationship with you our investor.
      GET Entertainment, Inc. & High Standards
GET Entertainment, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Kelly Garrett. Mr. Garrett envisioned a
corporate entertainment entity that would create, develop, produce, and distribute a
variety of entertainment mediums for the domestic and international markets. Moreover,
GET Entertainment specifically would promote family-oriented multimedia. Since its
inception, GET has produced original G- or PG-rated action and comedy motion
pictures, network and cable television programming, home video/ DVD entertainment,
and web programming for the Internet. As such, GET Entertainment is a diversified
entertainment corporation focused on the development, financing, and production of
entertainment content geared for the worldwide family audience.

Kelly Garrett, Founder and CEO of GET Entertainment, began his career in the
entertainment industry during his college years. At college, Mr. Garrett helped produce,
direct, and act in a university-funded feature. This film went on to take first place at the
Tom Selleck Film Festival. From this experience, Mr. Garrett recognized his ability not
only to succeed in entertainment, but to take his talents and achieve prominence within
the industry. Aside from his success in film, Mr. Garrett also started Legendary Concert
Tours, a concert promotions company. At this firm, Mr. Garrett wrote, directed, and
produced music videos, in addition to promoting concerts for up-and-coming artists. Mr.
Garrett continued his entertainment pursuits while branching out into the property
ownership and development industry. He built a hotel, restaurant, and fueling station
among other enterprises. During his years helming these projects, Mr. Garrett promoted
an international horse racing event, and produced a complete video of the event. Upon
release of the video, a motion picture production company retained Mr. Garrett to
produce several feature films. These successes led to Mr. Garrett’s creation of GET
Entertainment, Inc. in 1996, which enables him to manage and operate a motion picture
and teleproduction studios and still make feature films.

GET Entertainment is a full-service entertainment company located in Glendale and
Menifee of Riverside, California. The company encompasses three lines of business,
including 1) film and television development, 2) film and television production and
distribution, and 3) real estate development.

To ensure its success in the entertainment industry, GET Entertainment has secured its
prominent standing in the family-oriented niche market. Currently, GET is focusing on
the creation of low-budget feature-length films for both theatrical and direct-to-DVD
distribution. The BSA Merit Badge Series DVD is just one example of GET’s
achievement in this area. A primary goal of GET Entertainment is to build its value by
creating its own library of wholly owned films and television projects. Its growth strategy
is focused around two aims. The first includes expansion of its existing film and
production business by producing low-budget features for its niche market. The second
aim involves the creation of a distribution division. This division would allow GET not
only to retain the portion of revenue that is lost to third-party distributors, but also launch
new programming into the marketplace without being dependent on third-party
                                Key Personnel
GET Entertainment only hires talent that promotes its vision to be the preeminent family
oriented production studio in the entertainment business. As such, the individuals listed
below have been retained to provide full production support on the BSA Merit Badge
Series DVD.

Kelly Garrett, CEO, Executive Producer, Feature Film Development, Production &

Mr. Garrett satisfactorily completed his Eagle Scout while in Post 656, in Tustin,
California on the date of September 2nd 1980.

23 years of consistent business ownership and operations. Has extensive experience in
producing and financing projects, from feature films to international concert tours to
resort properties. Managed and financed several tour promotions and large venue
operations. Developed and operated numerous successful resort hotels and restaurants.

Possesses extensive knowledge of all the various elements of film and television
development, small and large business ownership, management and operations. Mr.
Garrett has 14 years of entertainment industry experience. Has served as Executive
Producer, Line Producer, Unit Production Manager, Executive Studio Manager, while
handling sales and marketing.

Has successfully managed numerous film and television studios. Has fe  feature film and
television production management experience. Has a thorough knowledge of all aspects
of the entertainment industry, with expertise in operating complex business operations
and executing film and television projects from development through post-production.
Mr. Garrett has produced and directed projects from MTV day time programming,
independent features films shot on location in Utah, Nevada, California, to 121+ episodic
DVD shows for a world wide organization. Mr. Garrett founded GET Entertainment, Inc.
and currently is the president and CEO of the company.
David Harrington, GET Board Member, Producer, Line Producer, Director of Marketing
and Distribution

Mr. Harrington satisfactorily completed his Eagle Scout while in Troop 209, in Chino
Hills, California on the date of June 16th 1992.

David Harrington ran a multi-million-dollar international marketing/distribution company.
He has negotiated with overseas vendors/customers, plans and carries out several
import/export operations. He has managed advertising and has developed several new
and innovating products that have revolutionized various industries.

He has managed the operations of movie theaters on the West and East Coast and has
developed the film experience for the movie theater audience. He has worked directly
with studios to promote their feature films before it is released to the big screen.

He is currently producing four full-length films and a new shopping channel at GET
Entertainment Inc.

Mr. Harrington has assisted GET Entertainment Inc. with casting for the co-host roles on
the Outdoor Shopping Channel, and other upcoming projects with GET Entertainment

Working with fulfillment on the BSA Merit Badge DVD Series Project, he has arranged
site visit tours with investors at the duplication house and works directly with all investor
Brett L. Loefke, GET Board Member, Producer, Director

Mr. Loefke satisfactorily completed his Eagle Scout while in Troop 656, in Escondido,
California on the date of Dec 20th 1973.

Throughout his many years in the entertainment industry, Mr. Loefke has been widely
recognized for his directorial achievements, including his work on feature films, short
films, or music videos. Included below are some of Mr. Loefke’s major credits:

   •   Jenny Craig Advertising campaign utilizing Kirstie Alley and Valerie Bertinelli.

   •   Daytona 500

       Short subject, 70mm film produced for NASCAR.
       Produced by Doug Yellin and IMAX Entertainment

   •   Hollywood Safari
       5-60 min. episodes for PM Entertainment/ Cinemotion 21st
       Starring: Sam Jones, David Preston, and Karen Sullivan

   •   Hollywood Gets MADD
       30 min. Syndicated Special for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, produced by DR
       TV. Featuring: Leeza Gibbons, Patrick Dempsey, James Earl Jones, Gene
       Siskel, and Roger Ebert

   •   Thank You Mother Earth
       60 min. ABC Television Family Special, produced by Caroboard Entertainment.
       Starring: Michael Gillian and Myim Bialik

   •   Raging Angels
       90 min. Special Effects/ Dramatic Feature, produced by Caroboard Entertainment.
       Starring: Michael Paré, Shelley Winters, Diane Ladd, and Sean Patrick Flannery

   •   Mowgli: The New Adventures of The Jungle Boo
       9-30 min. episodes for Fox Network, produced by Wolfcrest and Franklin/ Waterman
       Ent. Starring: Miriam D’Abo, Sean Price-McConnell, and Stephen Furst

       Awards 2 Addys, 2 Clios, 25 Tellys, 2 Cannes Golden Lions
Donna Rooney, Writer

Ms. Rooney is a veteran screenwriter who has worked on such high-profile television
programs as the Star Trek: Enterprise and 24 television series. Ms. Rooney’s extensive
credentials are detailed as follows:


Get Entertainment, Inc.      July 2006 – Present
“Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge Series” (DVD)

• Develop and write one script per merit badge in a series of over 130 badges.

20th Century Fox Television         2005-2006
“24” Season 5 (Fox)

   Script Coordinator
   • Work closely with entire writing staff to track and correct all levels of show

   Writers’ Assistant
   • Assist three Co-Executive Producer level writers.
   • Attend concept and production meetings; take and produce notes for all
      production departments.

Paramount Pictures           2002-2005
“Star-Trek: Enterprise” Seasons 2, 3, and 4 (UPN)

   Production Associate
   • Assist Executive Producer/showrunner in any way needed to facilitate his work
      and the work of production.\Heavily involved in staffing processes: creating
      database to track progress of hundreds of scripts submitted for staffing; provide
      coverage of scripts; direct contact for all agency calls, schedule meetings, make
      follow-up calls regarding outcome of meetings.
   • All responsibilities from previous title.
James Green, Editor, Internal IT, 2nd Editor, Web Designer

Mr. Green satisfactorily completed his Eagle Scout while in Troop 533, in Corona, California on
the date of March 16th 1995.

Mr. Green has done music composition for over 25 years. He plays the Piano, Organ, Drums,
Guitar, Bass Guitar and Trumpet. Mr. Green has developed and enhanced several college
musical groups’ performances in Southern California.

After starting his college education at Cal State Fullerton he completed his Bachelors degree in
Business with an emphasis in information systems in July of 2007.

Mr. Green has worked as a freelance camera operator, video editor, web designer and network
administrator for over 7 years. Mr. Green is an accomplished videographer and information
systems specialist. Starting off filming weddings he has done company videos, musical
performances, plays, award assemblies, property development promo reels and interviews.

Mr. Green has extensive skills in graphic design and advertising layouts. He has designed
company catalogs, advertisements, brochures, DVD covers, DVD inserts and several company
logos for new companies. Mr. Green has worked with GET Entertainment Inc. for over 3 years.
                         Company Management
GET Entertainment Inc.’s purpose is to produce all 121+ Merit Badges into DVD format
with digital downloads, for domestic distribution, utilizing all portals currently in place
with GET Entertainment, Inc. as well as the Boy Scouts of America’s distribution portals.
Each DVD will replace all of the old outdated black and white pamphlets, which have
been in use since 1960. The idea is to motivate the youth of today to complete each
needed merit badge to reach the rank of Eagle Scout. Our young men of today are
computer literate and will enjoy the interactive process of fulfilling the requirements
through this visual concept of learning.

Total Company capitalization for the BSA Merit Badge Series DVDs shall be $4,840,000
to complete production for all 121+ DVD titles at a cost of $40,000 each USD. Proceeds
will be utilized for the development, overhead, and expenses for pre-production,
production and post production of all the “Merit Badge Series DVDs”, 1-100 as funds
becomes available and approved.

Use of Proceeds
The company's proceeds will be used exclusively for pre-production, retention of
production services, retention of featured talent and post-production for each project. All
other expenses will be relative to the assurance of distribution for each DVD.

Revenues to the Company
Revenues to the company will come from, (1) Daily sales generated by the current
accounts held in the council offices and stores throughout the United States. (2) By
multiple portals of distribution listed herewithin under tab (please refer to pie chart).

Allocation of Revenues
All revenues received by company will be allocated first to Preferred Members (100%)
until Preferred Members have recouped original investment, and thereafter divided
proportionately among other members.

Management of Projects
All creative decisions with respect to the company's affairs and its property will be
managed by Managing Members. All Preferred Members will not have rights to
participate in the creative management of this venture, unless agreed upon by Managing

                     Feature Film produced by
                     GET Entertainment, Inc.
GET Entertainment, Inc. produced a low budget LDS niche film called
“Sons of Provo” A comedy mockumentary about the hit pop group
"boy band" called "Everclean", consisting of 3 Latter-day Saint
returned missionaries from Provo, Utah; starring Kirby Heyborn and
Will Swenson (the lead male actors from "The Singles Ward" and "The
R.M."), co-starring newcomer Danny Taresevich; also featuring
numerous other well known Mormon actors.

"Sons of Provo" was directed by Will Swenson, and a co-production
with Fresh-Mex Productions; The movie soundtrack CD is already on
sale and distributed by HaleStorm Entertainment. The feature had a
meager $250,000 budget; shot on 24P Digital Video
throughout Utah. Below are many of the festival awards GET won with
the movie;

                               Awards to Date

• Sacramento Film Festival: Jury Award                    Best Feature Film
• Big Bear Film Festival: Digital Bearfest Award          Best Feature Film
• Temecula Fim Festival: Audience Choice Award            Best Feature Film
• Idaho International Film Festival                       Best Comedy
• Farmington Funny Film Fest: Audience Award              Best Feature Film
• Wyoming Spud fest: Audience Award-                      Best Comedy Film
• Scottsdale Film Festival:                               Best Screenplay
                                                          Best Ensemble Acting
• New York Film Festival:                                 Best Comedy Film

The film "Sons of Provo" was released theatrically in February

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