Men Mind Your Health by anamaulida


									June is Men's Health Month and, in that spirit, it's important to take a
look at your lifestyle and what you are doing right and where you could
make some improvements. Men as a whole tend to live a somewhat unhealthy
lifestyle. They tend to smoke cigarettes and drink more, and have a
tendency to avoid regular medical check-ups. Just being male is
considered a risk factor for a number of different health conditions
Heart disease, and
Prostate and colon cancerSo what can be done to prevent these problems
from starting or keep them from getting worse?Step One - Visit your
doctorIt's crucial to get a full physical every year. Your blood pressure
should be monitored and blood work done to check your cholesterol. Other
screening tests need to be done as well, especially if you are over age
50, to check for prostate disease or colon cancer. According to a study
done in 2001 by the Centers for Disease Control, women are 100 percent
more likely than men to get their regular yearly physicals. As unpleasant
as these tests may be, your family relies on you and it's important to
know where you stand when it comes to your health.Step Two - Get regular
exerciseThis doesn't necessary meaning shelling out a fortune to make
yourself miserable on a treadmill at the gym. Walk the dog, play with the
kids, enjoy a game of touch football with the guys. There are also some
great activities available through your game console. Most systems like
Wii and PlayStation feature exercise-based games that are fun and get
your heart pumping.Step Three - Eat rightYou've always heard about the
food pyramid and it's still sound advice. Make whole fruits and veggies
the base of each meal, followed by whole grains, lean protein like
chicken or fish, two to three servings of dairy, and fats and sweets in
moderation. For a healthy and great-tasting weeknight meal, fire up the
grill and prepare salmon on a cedar plank. Serve alongside stir-fried
veggies like snow peas and mushrooms cooked in a little bit of olive oil,
and brown rice.Step Four - Get enough restStudies have continuously shown
that a good night's sleep can make a huge difference when it comes to
your health. Links have been discovered between poor sleeping habits and
health problems like obesity, heart disease and mental health concerns.
Not to mention, your attention and satisfaction with life can suffer
immensely when sleeping is a problem. Many times sleeping problems can be
caused by a sleep disorder. If you snore or stop breathing during the
night or find yourself waking frequently, make an appointment with your
doctor to talk about screening for a sleep disorder.Before making huge
changes to your diet or starting an exercise program, make an appointment
to see your doctor. Actually, make an appointment anyway - it's your
first step on the road to better health!

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