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					In their efforts to control infection, hospitals and healthcare centers
are turning to disposable medical equipment and products. Using
disposable medical products ensure safety to staff and patients, besides
ensuring proper infection and disease control. Today, hospital-associated
infections pose a serious problem for the healthcare industry. A study
conducted by The Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)
indicates that, in the US the average number of hospital-associated
infections occurring each year is as high as 1.7 million, resulting in
approximately 100,000 deaths! This is a staggering figure, to say the
least. Thus, it is crucial for medical centers to find an effective way
to fight this growing health-security issue. Disposable medical products
and equipment happens to be the best solution in hand. Before the
introduction of disposable products the usual way of sterilizing medical
equipment was done primarily through autoclaves. With application of heat
and intense pressure, autoclaves sterilize items. The process was
effective and hence, it was customary to use autoclaves in all healthcare
centers for over a century. But, with the introduction of disposable
medical equipment, this practise gradually gave away.   The process of
autoclaving is ,however,not without faults. Without proper training, the
medical products would not be sterilized completely. Besides there are
other problems as well. For example, products made of plastic or rubber
could not be sterilized, as the high temperature necessary for
autoclaving would melt these items. Proper autoclaving although, helps to
destroy most bacteria, virus, and fungi from medical equipment, this
process of sterilization is ineffective against prions, the causative
agent for such fatal ailments like Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) - a
neurodegenerative disorder, Mad Cow disease, among others. In spite of
the fact that autoclaves are still used in hospitals and labs, disposable
medical equipment are safer and easy to use. Another important reason
why disposable medical supplies like 'use-and-throw' syringes, scalpels,
face masks, surgical gloves, catheters are used extensively is because,
there is less risk of contamination from these products. With weakened
immune systems, patients stands a greater risk of falling prey to cross-
contamination. The medical support staff in hospitals are also at a huge
risk of being exposed to disease causing pathogens in the absence of
proper sterilization and safety standards, while attending patients.
Disposable medical equipment are mostly 'single-use' products. After use,
these are broken and destroyed along with other medical wastes. Hence,
using these products reduces the risk of contracting deadly infections.
Every healthcare center need to ensure that the patients as well as the
staff members do not contract infections. Using disposable medical
equipment certainly helps medical facilities to maintain proper safety
and health standards.

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