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									CONTENTS                                                        QN5 FANZINE • ISSUE #2 • OCT.08

3•LETTERS from the editor & fans. 4•THE QNTIMES news update. 7•MY QN5 STORY
the power of QN5. 8•RAP AS AN ART by PackFM. 10•YOU BETTA ASK SOMEBODY
Session speaks up. 12•MF SQUIJEE The real imposter. 14•MR. SOS The doctor’s prognosis
about the upcoming year. 15•PRO.VS.CON thoughts on the General Discussion. 18•STOP THE
PRESSES! Substantial on his way to a grammy? 19•DIRTY ACRES TOUR NYC recap & photos.
                   Angel Navedo Editor-In-Chief Dave Berg-Johnsen Art Director
                       Samiha Rahman Editor / Staff Writer Jason Lee Staff Writer   STAFF
                                                     Dave Williams Staff Writer

                                                                              QN5 FANZINE • OCT. 2008 • 2
                             /words/ FROM THE EDITOR
                            I told you this wasn’t going to be a one-time deal! After wrapping up the first issue, we all
                            took about two to three weeks to bask in our personal glory before getting back to work on
                            the autumn issue of the QN5 Fanzine. That’s not to say we were patting ourselves on the back
                            after a little bit of success, but we knew we were on the verge of something fantastic and had
                            to respond with something even bigger and better.
                            We took a look at what worked and what didn’t, and made changes
                            After the first issue released, I spread the link around to a few
                            friends. Some were familiar with QN5, and some gave me the
                            internet-equivalent of a blank stare. A couple of the friends that
     www.QN5.com            were familiar with the label asked me, “Why are you doing all this
                            work? QN5’s not that good.”
                            There were a few ways I could’ve responded, but I had to accept
                            that musical preference is subjective—and these are my friends I’m
                            talking about.
                            Ultimately, I had to accept that these guys just didn’t understand.
                            What we have here is something no other independent music label
                            has. But it’s not being done just to say that we were first. It’s being done because of passion—
                            because we feel that strongly about QN5’s music, goal, and approach.
                            I dare you to find a fan base more determined than the one QN5 has. You think another label
  www.QN5.com/radio         makes better music? That’s fine. But that music doesn’t inspire the kind of connection with
                            fans that will make them want to take on a task like this. Does that make QN5 better?
                            And the proof is in these pages, from the in-depth commentary to the inside jokes. QN5 is
www.QN5.com/newsletter      not the label to sleep on! Being a fan is an experience that transcends the music. And this
                            Fanzine is just one more way of conveying the impact of QN5’s music, and the strength it
                            inspires in their community.
                            Fuck with me!
                            -Angel Navedo
                                                                                              //FROM THE FANS
                            I just read the entire QN5 Zine and I must say y’all   listen to it. Let me know when we can schedule
                            did a great job. It looks like it must have taken      an interview or something! Cool? -Aaron
www.myspace.com/QN5         a long time and some really creative minds to
                            put all those great ideas together. I loved the
                            graphics and the entire layout. And a special          Looks like someone didn’t read Dave’s article.
                            thanks for bringing us the interview with Tone.        That’s, uh, really not what we do here—at all. But
                            Thanks for creating such a good fanzine for us.        good luck with the rapping.
                            It was truly entertaining and up to its mark.
                            Keep up the good work.                                 This is a little embarrassing, but I need your help.
                                                                                   I have an advanced dandruff condition, and I
                            Thanks,                                                haven’t been able to find Norexall anywhere.
TOUR DATES                  Arushi                                                 I saw the ad in the first issue, and I asked my
                                                                                   doctor about it. He said he’s never heard of it,
CunninLynguists & PackFM    Thank you for the kind words, Arushi. The              but if it works then I should really look into it.
                            objective was to make something the fans
OCT. 31 2008 // 9:00 PM     would be happy to read, and we’re glad to have         Please help!
Cornell University          delivered. It’s only going to get better, so make      Anonymous
Ithaca, NY                  sure to keep reading!
                                                                                   Norexall is in the final stage of FDA approval.
                                                                                   The potential for addiction to crack was a minor
                            I’d like to say you guys did an awesome job with       hump, but Norexall claims to have diluted the
CunninLynguists & PackFM    the first issue. It looked like a real magazine!       chemicals responsible. They were also hindered
NOV. 1 2008 // 09:00 PM     Much respect on representing QN5 so well.              by a small lawsuit, but they’ve made a fantastic
                                                                                   effort in correcting the vision problems their
Vassar College              But I was wondering, just how close you guys           testers experienced. And remember, don’t wear
Poughkeepsie, NY            are with QN5? I’ve attached some songs to this         black without the baby blue!
                            email, and a link to my MySpace. I was hoping              _________________________________
                            you guys could forward it to Tone or something.
...QN5.com for more dates   I think what I do is right in line with what QN5                 Write us: info@qn5zine.com
                            does, and I know they’re going to sign me if they
                                                                                                    QN5 FANZINE • OCT. 2008 • 3
THE QNTIMES                                      This time around, a daily blog of the tour will      PackFM responded to the calls from fans
                                                 be recorded using the Kyte media player, an          in need of new clothes, releasing a new FM
                                                 online live and on-demand digital content            Biohazard t-shirt. It, and other QN5 clothing,
                                                 provider. This media player will allow for live      can be purchased from MooseShirts.com.
                                                 photos, videos and commentary from the               For the collectors out there, PackFM recently
                                                 artists while they’re on the road.                   released a limited pressing of 1,000 copies
by Jason Lee                                                                                          of “The Best of PackFM” CD/DVD. The DVD
                                                 Mr. SOS released a music video for his song,         contains music
Working off the momentum they’ve built           “Arrest the President,” while Tonedeff caught        videos,     live
since the start of 2008, QN5 Music’s big year    the fans by surprise with his re-imagining of        performances,
looks to be closing out with a bang. With more   Kanye West’s single “Love Lockdown.” Tone hit        interviews,
releases, tour dates and projects underway,                                     the fans with         PackFM’s top
QN5’s commitment to pleasing the fan with                                       two versions of       5       favorite
quality material continues to deliver on all                                    “Warden(Love          moments, and
fronts.                                                                         Lockdown              an exclusive
                                                                                RMX),”    both        “Nigga Pass”
While QN5 Music has yet to officially                                           receiving             cartoon.
announce any new albums for the second-                                         mountains of
half of 2008, the whole team made every                                         praise    from
effort to hold onto the attention of their                                      Blue Schoolers.
devoted fans.                                                                                         by Jason Lee
                                                 The QN5 production team was also hard
CunninLynguists are back on the road for         at work as Kno’s beat for Tunji’s (of Inverse)       Being a QN5 fan doesn’t feel right without
the East Coast leg of the Dirty Acres Tour.      track, “Still Rising,” proved to be a fan-pleaser.   some setbacks and hindrances, does it?
Substantial will be accompanying the group,      Domingo stayed busy with his remix of                The highs don’t feel the same without the
with PackFM joining in on select dates.          Amy Winehouse’s song “Stronger than Me.”             occasional lows. The second-half of 2008 has
                                                 The legendary producer also dug into his             provided its fair share of problems for the
                                                 vaults and pulled out an unreleased song he          men in Baby Blue, but the label’s ability to
                                                 produced for Shaquille O’Neal, featuring Fat         rebound is second-to-none.
                                                 Joe and the late Big Pun titled “The Bigger
                                                 They R.”
                                                                                                      Waters Run Deep
                                                 And just because there were no QN5 releases
                                                 did not mean the label’s stamp could not be          As if industry politics weren’t enough of
                                                 found elsewhere. CunninLynguists’ Deacon             an issue for Tonedeff, progress was halted
                                                 the Villain and Kno contributed their talent         for a few weeks when an upstairs neighbor
                                                 to a collaborative project titled, “KYLIENS          accidentally
                                                 Mixtape,” while                                      flooded     the
                                                 Substantial                                          QN5      Manor.
                                                 was featured on                                      The Baby Blue
                                                 “Precious Love,”                                     Kingpin    was
                                                 a track off DJ                                       forced to strip
                                                 D e c k s t re a m’s                                 his studio to
                                                 “Soundtrack 1.5”                                     prevent further
                                                 album.                                               damage, and
                                                                                                      to repair his

                                                                                                                   QN5 FANZINE • OCT. 2008 • 4
                                                                                        OCTOBER 2008 NEWS UPDATE

ceiling, walls, and floors.                         Fans of MF DOOM viewed the letter as a piece      hop group. The album will be titled “Strange
                                                    of unjust criticism from an unsuccessful hater.   Journey” and a music video for the single
But those issues were just          cosmetic.                                   However,      Kno     “Brownie Song” has already been filmed.
The biggest fear was the water damage                                           maintains that he
to Tonedeff’s hard drives. Mountains of                                         did not care about
irreplaceable data were on Tone’s drives, from                                  DOOM’s       antics   Greetings, Farewell
personal files and documents to all of QN5’s                                    until he realized
music, including recording sessions and                                         that such stunts                           The last few months
works-in-progress.                                                              could damage his                           have been ripe with
                                                                                own livelihood as                          additions to QN5,
                                                                                a touring hip-hop                          as artists make the
                                                                                artist.                                    transition to family
                                                                                                                           men. Substantial and
                                                                                                      his wife welcomed a baby girl named Serenity
                                                    Stop Watching Your Back and                       Luna Robinson on September 11.
                                                    Face Forward
While concern for Tonedeff’s data grew, fans                                                          Mr. SOS was recently
were quick to band together; they looked to         The future looks bright                           married,    and     is
donate funds in an effort to help Tone pay          for QN5 fans looking for                          expecting a new
for restoration services. Fortunately, this was     new releases. Speaking                            addition to his family
unnecessary because the water intake to the         with HipHopDX.com,                                in January.
hard drives was not critical. Tonedeff was          Tonedeff announced
once again overwhelmed by the quality of his        he is refocusing his                              QN5       Know-It-All,
fans.                                               energy from producing                             Akolades, is also
                                                    other    QN5     artists’                         preparing to welcome
                                                    albums to his own personal projects. Besides      his daughter to the world in January. He
Kno more Mr. Knice Guy                              “Chico and the Man,” fans can expect to hear      recently began chronicling his experiences
                                                    an all-sung singer/songwriter album from          as an expecting father on his blog. Fans
                              Kno       of    the   Tonedeff in the near future.                      can show their love and support by visiting
                              CunninLynguists                                                         BetterForJoy.com.
                              found his words       While making their way across the states on
                              duplicated       on   their East Coast Tour, the CunninLynguists        Unfortunately, the QN5 team said goodbye
                              nearly every hip-     made a special appearance at Yale, where Kno      to a fan-favorite when Elite announced that
                              hop website this                            was a guest speaker. Kno                          he would be shifting
                              summer after he                             gladly revealed some                              his focus to his work
                              published his “Open                         new details about the                             with Ruff Ryders.
                              Letter to MF DOOM.”                         much anticipated “Chico                           Elite decided to part
                                                                          and the Man” album.                               ways with the label,
Refusing to stay quiet after the accusations                              The album is expected                             but assured the fans
against Daniel Dumile and his shady                 to be highly conceptualized, similar to the                             that he would still
conduct and business practices, Kno was             “A Piece of Strange” album. At this point, Kno                          collaborate      with
on the receiving end of praise and criticism.       says the project is all in Tonedeff’s hand to                           QN5, albeit on a less-
Kno’s letter was not an attempt to spark            finish writing the songs for the album.                                 frequent basis.
controversy, but rather a forum to voice his
displeasure about DOOM’s treatment of his           CunninLynguists fans can expect a “mixtape”
fans and his absences from his own shows.           style album of all new material from the hip-

                                                                                                                  QN5 FANZINE • OCT. 2008 • 5
     The only protection against disease for your sack,
that intervenes with the splash of even the sleaziest snatch.

              For when your little lady’s a total whore.
                      By Cody Brewster (SpottieOttieDopalicious)

                      My most memorable experience as a QN5 fan happened a few days ago. It’s moments like these
                      that make me proud to be a fan of QN5. For a few weeks prior, I was deeply depressed and
                     constantly thought about death. I worried about when I would die and how my family would
                     take my death. The more I worried, the more scared I became. I started to get a heavy feeling in
                      my chest and I couldn’t figure out why I felt so horrible.

                          As the days went on, my spirit kept getting lower and lower. I felt like a completely different
                           person. Things I once loved were no longer enjoyable because I no longer saw the joy in
                            them. The happiness I got from being around people I loved was gone; I would become
                              upset because I thought it was the last time I would ever see them.

                   My life felt so meaningless. After a few weeks, I had had enough. I called my mom and I told her
        that I couldn’t take the feelings anymore without knowing what was wrong. The constant thought of death
would eventually kill me. We decided that the best thing would be to get me checked out again.

Fast-forward to a couple days later. It was a little past midnight. We were in traffic, waiting to make a turn, when
someone hit us. Before this, I had been oblivious to everything going on because I had my headphones on and was
listening to Tonedeff’s “Gathered.” I looked over at my mom just as both of us lurched forward. Luckily we had our
seatbelts on.

I began having a full-blown panic attack. I couldn’t breathe; my heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest. To
calm myself down, I opened the window and put my iPod back on. I restarted “Gathered” from the beginning. After
having gone through what I just experienced, I was overwhelmed by the song’s lyrics.

The lyrics felt like a reflection of my thoughts. “Walking on the line, I know you’re here with me...” It was as if Tone was
talking about me and my mom; I was an inch away from death but she was right there with me, ready to go through
whatever was necessary to make sure I was alright. I could not hold back the tears. It was the first time music had
ever affected me in such a way where I couldn’t help but cry. This moment made me truly appreciate life. Thanks to
Tone, I will never forget that there is always one person who will be there for me.

                                                   Thank you to all who entered!
                      If you’re interested in reading the runner-up articles, please visit www.QN5zine.com

                                                                                                      QN5 FANZINE • OCT. 2008 • 7
  was in an art gallery...”- PackFM
“If rap music
                   Taken from the QN5 BLOG, on June 17, 2008

                                           QN5 FANZINE • OCT. 2008 • 8
Exhibit A                                                              and he said “I dont’ want to be seen as a rapper, I want to be
                                                                       seen as an artist.” I’m starting to think that people have lost so
                                              This piece has
                                              nobody around it.        much respect for the actual art of being an MC that they almost
                                              It’s very well done.     try to NOT focus on the craft of it all. I’m all for the progression
                                              Flawless execution.      of rap music, but if you neglect the amount of talent that goes
                                              That’s the problem,      into Exhibit A & B, then Exhibit C will soon turn to:
                                              it’s too technical. It
                                              seems as if anyone       Exhibit D
                                              can be taught
                                              to paint like this.
                                              There’s no question
                                              that it’s good, but
                                              not much else to
say about it after that. Very little appreciation is shown for the
insane amount of details.

                                                  Exhibit B
A few people may stop
and look at it as they
walk by. They admire
the creativity while the
artists keeps tradition
in tact. They make a few
comments, and keep it
moving.                                                                     Man…I F*cking Hate Rappers
                                                                                                     - FM

Exhibit C
                           This is the piece that everyone is
                            crowded around. It looks like it might
                            have been done by a 12 year old. Yet
                            somehow it’s here in the midst of all
                            this fine art. The audacity of it. What
                            is it about this piece. Hundreds of
                            people are talking about it, debating
                            the techniques and symbolism.

                        Thats how it is with music and most
                        other forms of entertainment. You
                        put a beautiful picture perfect model
                        on the runway and people don’t
                        think twice. But put one with a huge
                        gap between her teeth or man-like
features and everyone will be talking for weeks.

So when people hear a good song, they think it’s supposed to
be good, big deal. But then throw something like Shawty-Lo
on and people think “How did something that awful make it
THIS far”. It’s almost commendable. People start to debate its
flaws and search for it’s good points.

“I don’t like what he’s saying, but the beat is hot”

I was watching some purple wearing rapper in an interview
                                                                                                            QN5 FANZINE • OCT. 2008 • 9
     It’s been over two years since Session announced to the world that he was worth millions.
             The “New Money” mixtape hit the streets as the Bronx MC loaded his trunk up and
                                                              sold copies around the country.
With the release of Session’s long-anticipated debut, “Spicasso,” closer than ever, the Poh Rican
                               took some time away from finalizing his album to talk to the fans.
                          With the liquor flowing, Session talked about the past and the future,
                                                        all the while managing to stay coherent.
                                                                             Amen: What’s going on, Session?!

                                             Session: I’m druuuuunk! I’m in North Philly! The slums, number
                                                        one murder rate in the nation. Place where little kids
                                                                              blast you in the face for sport.

                                           Amen: Not a safe to place to be walking around drunk then, huh?

                                                                                          Session: Blasaaahhh!

                                            Amen: So I need to know—“Spicasso” is right around the corner.
                                                            What kind of features are we looking at? Will we
                                                                            see a video? Tell me everything.

                                            Session: I’m a greedy dude. I haven’t collaborated with anybody
                                                                                              for the album.

                                                But yeah, there is going to be a video. . It’s for a record called
                                                   “Black Friday.” That shit is gonna be dope. Tone wrote the
                                                    treatment for it. We’re going to shoot this joint ourselves.
                                                  There’s not going to be any big locations or anything. It’s a
                                                 street video for a street-themed record. But it’s going to be
                                                                                     done well—the QN5 way.

                                                   Amen: That’s the only way to do it. Out of sheer curiosity,
                                                                     what happened to “An A&R’s Dream?”

                                                   Session: It’s still in the works but it changed to “I’m Worth
                                            Million$.” I’m just waiting to attach a host. It was supposed to be
                                                                 Big Mike or Statik Selektah, but we lost touch.

                                            Amen: I’ve come to the realization that the majority of new QN5
                                             fans don’t fully understand, or appreciate, what you do on the
                                                   mic. How do you feel when a fan tries to dismiss you as a
                                                                               run-of-the-mill street rapper?

                                             Session: I really don’t blame them. You have to show and prove,
                                                 and I really haven’t given them a reason to think otherwise.
                                                       I do have some songs that hint to what I’m capable of,
                                                                                   but no full-length project.

                                                                                 QN5 FANZINE • OCT. 2008 • 10
Plus, the majority of QN5 fans were attracted to the label
because of a few of our other acts whose approach is a little
different to mine. It’s a sound they associate with the QN5
brand, and what they expect to hear from us.

I’m not going to try and give them more of what they’ve
come to expect from their favorite artist. I have my own lane
and my own group of people I have to target. Even with those
that do like my brand of music, I still feel like I have to prove
to them what I can really do.

Amen: I hear you. I guess there were some expectations
given the direction of “Happy F*ck You Songs.” Do you think
your decision to stop participating in future E-F@mm projects
contributed to some of the negativity?

Session: Man… YES!

The direction of that E-F@mm album gave a lot of QN5 fans
expectations of me. I feel like I’ve squashed all of those with
the type of music I’ve been releasing since then.

Amen: Damn. So has the variety of songs you’ve released
over the last few years provided the kind of separation you
were aiming for?

Session: It wasn’t separation I was really aiming for. I just
wanted to establish firmly exactly who Session was and is. I
never wanted to run into any situation where I would make           Don’t worry, though. E-F@mm won’t be a street album—just a
a club song and people would say, “Session was underground          lot less corny.
and now all of a sudden he’s doing this? Sell out!”
                                                                    Amen: That’s great news! An E-F@mm album wouldn’t sound
Amen: You’ve never had any problems with flipping your              right without the four of you together.
                                                                    Session: But we’re unfocused as fuck. It’s mad annoying.
Session: Nah—look at my resume! I got records like “Chea!”
Shit I even re-made “Diamond Girl.”                                 Amen: Damn! Okay then. So you’ve managed to establish
                                                                    yourself as someone who thrives when he’s on the grind. If you
To this day, Tonedeff HATES that record. He says I shouldn’t        weren’t an MC, what would your hustle be?
have made it because it ruined the track record I had
established with the fans I’ve made over the years. To me           Session: Haha! I’d be a businessman—always gettin’ shit
though, THAT’S selling out. I do what I want when I want to         poppin’!
do it. Nobody dictates what I do. I do what I do because I like
it.                                                                 I’m actually going down that path right now. I’m working on a
                                                                    business idea with a crazy twist to it. Shhh!
I can pump out all types of records! From mixtape and album
tracks to group projects—I can adapt easily. I’m mad under-         Amen: Shhh? So I can’t print that?
utilized. I’m fucking LeBron James sitting on the bench.
                                                                    Session: Yeah, you can.
                                    Amen: So why were
                                    there creative differences      Amen: Aight cool. So two years ago you told me how much
                                    for another E-F@mm              you loved life on the road—should fans expect to see more
                                    project?                        shows when the album drops?

                                     Session: In regards to         Session: I hope so. I’m going to be on the road every single day
                                     E-F@mm, we’ve recently         when the album drops. And I mean that literally. It’s part of the
                                     discussed me coming            business plan.
                                    back for the follow-up LP.
                                    Some of the conversations       Amen: I’m looking forward to
                                    involved me receiving           seeing how the plans unfold. As fans, we just want to have the
                                    assurances that we would        music playing. Enjoy yourself out there, Sesh.
                                    make stuff that I’d approve
                                    of as well.                     Session: No doubt! Niggas out here are playing freestyle music
                                                                    in the streets. Tone don’t understand that. “Diamond Girl” is
                                                                    HOT! Fuck that! Hahaha!

                                                                                                       QN5 FANZINE • OCT. 2008 • 11
QN5 FANZINE • OCT. 2008 • 12
Given how long Mr. SOS’ debut album, “Dr. Strangelove,” has been in the works, the anticipation
and excitement have grown to unparalleled heights. Now that the album is slated to drop this
          fall, QN5 decided to ask fans exactly why they were looking forward to it.

 “SOS has always been one of my favorite artists and ‘The Pre-Op’ left me hungry for more. Not to mention
                ‘Southernunderground’ was my favorite CL release and ‘SOS for President’ is in my
                               Top 5 favorite albums/mixtapes.” (The Obvious)

 “I’ve wanted to hear an album from SOS since ‘Ain’t No Way’ and before the album was called ‘Dr. Strangelove’ on
                           Freshchest (peace to track 27 on Sloppy Seconds).” (Dr_Gonzo)

                “S.O.S. - no question. Dude already has numerous classics like ‘Rain’ and ‘Nasty, Filthy.’
                                He should be able to shine even more solo.” (Allegory)

 “Simply because the anticipation has heightened to a ridiculous degree. I’ve been waiting for this album since
 ‘Archetype’ by Tonedeff. All the hype from his later songs (and of course the classic ‘Can’t Help Myself’) has shown
 a hungry talent that needs recognition. His aggressive passion laced over high-powered beats with his political
 wittiness and soulful display has made him a fucking unique and classy individual. This year has led to me becoming
 obsessed with the album and everything about it, to the point I’m checking QN5/Myspace every day just for an
                                update on what’s happening. I’m overly excited.” (Osiris)

 “SOS has been one of my favorite QN5 artists ever since I heard him on “SouthernUnderground’ and ‘SOS for President
      2: Inauguration.’ Then again, I’m a dirty hippie liberal and ‘Arrest the President’ melted my cold black heart
                                          so maybe I am biased.” (PretendGirl)

 “When SOS left CL, it hurt big time. I’m waiting for that big comeback that will make a lot of noise. I want the ‘Dr.
 Strangelove’ LP to kill so badly for him, and I guess that anticipation is exhilarating... I definitely don’t want people
 to remember SOS as ‘the guy who was nice on SU and then fell off.’ Lastly, in an election year like this and with all the
      political turmoil that exists on planet Earth, dude’s voice and message is mad relevant right now.” (Kags)
                           Quotes taken from the QN5 Forum: http://www.qn5.com/forums
                                                                                              QN5 FANZINE • OCT. 2008 • 14
       Photo: Matt Hobbs (VitalFilms.net)
More great photos @ www.flickr.com/QN5
                          A GENERAL DISCUSSION DEBATE
                                    By Angel Navedo & Dave Williams

Long time Blue Schoolers know that General Discussion was a thorn in the sides of QN5 artists for a long time.

With over 11,000 forums posts between them, Amen and DWilli explore what life on the QN5 Message Board
 has been like since the closing of the forum. Both members examine what the overall effect has been on the
community throughout 2008 without it, and try and determine whether or not change would be appropriate.

                                                                                         QN5 FANZINE • OCT. 2008 •16
Amen: Closing the General Discussion Board was the best thing QN5            regards to excessive nonsense. That’s life—90% of the world around
Music could have done for their community. The Internet is filled with       us is bullshit!
enough nonsense as is; all of it didn’t need to be consolidated to a
specific forum on the QN5 boards.                                            Amen: Networking opportunities are all around us, so I can’t allow that
                                                                             as an example. The QN5 Forum should not serve as a medium to help
If someone is going to register to a music label’s message board, they       those who can’t find comfort elsewhere. If networking is important,
should be there to discuss the music! Any other content is unnecessary       put your MySpace link in your signature, and contact information in
as it only serves to detract from the label’s mission!                       your profile!

DWilli: Sure, the internet is full of nonsense. But outside of the           QN5 Music already faces an uphill battle in this market. There are a
occasional nonsense topic, the general discussion gave people an             plenty of Hip-Hop forums for these members to congregate on. And
opportunity to strengthen the community aspect of the forums!                since QN5 isn’t a staple for conversation on those other boards, it’s
                                                                             unfair to divert attention away from the artists in their own home!
We can only talk about QN5-related topics so many times until it
becomes redundant. Why not allow the regular users the chance to             Can you imagine their aggravation when they would return to the
connect more efficiently with like-minded people?                            forums and see no new posts in their specific sections, but multiple
                                                                             replies in the general discussion board?
Amen: And that’s a problem! Members preferred to upload their
most recent pictures five times a month, and ignored QN5 music               DWilli: While I can’t argue against giving the artists they attention
discussions!                                                                 they deserve, I can’t bear to imagine what might happen the next
                                                                             time a famous celebrity dies. Where will I go to express my sadness
Those connections only worked for so long. Once members                      over the passing of Fisher Stevens? I want to be able to confer with
discovered what they agreed and disagreed upon, the forum turned             my fellow Blue Schoolers, and be consoled that the pre-production
into a location for the fans to distract themselves from what was            status on Short Circuit 3 will never change.
                                                                             While there is a problem with people not discussing the music, this
DWilli: Closing the forums has done nothing to change that! Even still       situation can be handled with moderation. Maybe only allow GD on
today, there seems to be a populous of people that ignore discussion         weekends, or during Lent?
specific to QN5 Music.
                                                                             Activity on the GD can be a good barometer of the actual size of the
Forgive my George Orwell, but the General Discussion could thrive            community, instead of speculating based upon the amount of guests
under a police state. If we allow the most loyal fans, the ones who can      online at a certain time.
be trusted, to rule with an iron fist and not allow there to be animosity,
nonsense, etc. then the forums would have an opportunity to truly            Tone, if you’re reading this, there are
succeed.                                                                     plenty of capable, trustworthy people
                                                                             who I can’t imagine would turn down
Amen: When there’s a theme and focus to a topic on the GD board,             the opportunity to delete posts from
then conversation can thrive. But that policing you reference would          unruly 14 year olds.
only fuel confrontation and disputes with forum regulars usually
looking to embarrass those guilty of bad posting.                            Amen: Somehow niches for off-
                                                                             topic discussion were developed on
DWilli: Okay, so without the General Discussion board we don’t feel          the forums for specific artists. Topics
the need to police the forums as much anymore. And there’s still the         that would be acceptable as General
occasional fuck up that feels the need to pour out his heart and soul        Discussion already had a home on the
about his unrequited love for MF DOOM. Eventually their novelty              boards. Given that, demanding a General
fades into obscurity, anyway.                                                Board is just greedy.

However, it shouldn’t be a cause for concern in the happenstance             Tonedeff’s forum was once regarded
of an unknown forum member looking to talk about SoFly’s art and             as a safe-haven for pornographic
wheatpaste.                                                                  conversation and images. Then politics
                                                                             could be discussed with Kno and
Amen: This is kind of my point. The closing of the board has allowed         sneaker conversations always had a
for half-assed fans to be filtered from this community, and I believe        home with Session. Topics involving
we’re better for it!                                                         graffiti and random AIM conversations
                                                                             gravitate towards PackFM’s forum. And
Many of us have posted for years, and have wasted hours away on              the Plague, with all of their affiliations,
that forum. And only now, months after its’ closing, we have come            allows plenty of opportunity to discuss
together to create something productive. This QN5 Fanzine may                Hip-Hop unrelated to QN5.
have happened sooner had the general board not stifled our creative
energy.                                                                      I don’t believe that the intention of
                                                                             the label was ever to discourage fan
Cam’ron: Y’all need more parent-teacher conferences.                         interactions. But they should never be
                                                                             secondary on their own forums.
DWilli: But we’re in an era of networking! There are people who thrive
within online communities. Is it really fair to stifle that?                 What do you think? Shoot an e-mail to info@qn5zine.com and sound
                                                                             off with your thoughts about the closing of the General Discussion
The only negative argument you’ve really presented has been in               board.                                                           17
                                                                                                                    QN5 FANZINE • OCT. 2008 • 17
          STOP THE

Is Substantial Grammy-bound?
by Angel Navedo

Small budget, heavy online promotion, and the better part of a decade given to the creation of Sacrifice,
and every minute we spent waiting for it has been absolutely worth it.

When the video for “It’s You (I Think),” made it to television screens across the nation, QN5 fans were
astonished. Let’s be honest—it restored our faith in MTV, and made us question all the hatred we’ve held
for the machine.

Maybe they do have a commitment to quality, we wondered.

Refusing to stop there, the rest of the country continued to take notice of Substan, and now he’s being
considered for the most prestigious award a professional musician could ever attain. That’s right! Substantial
is one round away from having his name called as an official Grammy nominee.

QN5 broke the news in late October when Substantial made it to the second round of voting in three different
categories, with three different songs. “My Favorite Things,” “It’s You (I Think),” and “Sign Language,” all give
the Maryland mastermind three opportunities to have his name mentioned among the most respected
artists in the world.

To know that Substantial has the ears, and respect, of some of the most influential mediums in mainstream
music is the kind of recognition we’ve hoped this label would always receive. QN5 is on somebody’s radar.

The reception Substantial’s masterpiece received has been unprecedented—not just for QN5 Music, but
for the entire independent Hip-Hop scene. He’s set the new standard, and established a new height of
possibility for every independently funded album that will come after it.

Being recognized at that level is a victory in itself. And it couldn’t have happened to a better man.

Congratulations, Substantial!
                                                                                       QN5 FANZINE • OCT. 2008 • 18
                                                                                                                   Photo: flickr.com/bizman_1

          15 shows, 17 days, 12 states, 2 countries, 1100 miles.
          And finally, one family reunion.
          by Samiha Rahman
          CunninLynguists, Substantial, PackFM, and DJ FlipFlop brought the
2008 Dirty Acres East Coast tour to QN5’s home base of New York City for a
mini-megashow on October 16. The concert, which marked the first major
QN5 performance in NYC this year, also featured Tonedeff, and QN5 affiliates
Mecca, iCON the Mic King, and Steph.
          The special guests shared the stage with the headliners; microphones
were passed around as artists took turns providing back up support for one
another and delivering their own verses. Steph harmonized throughout
Substantial’s set, while Mecca gathered items from the crowd for PackFM’s
freestyle game but also rapped alongside PackFM and Substantial during a
reunion for their group Dominion. Extended F@mm also reunited on stage, as
Tonedeff joined PackFM and Substantial for a rare medley of songs from the
group’s debut album. iCON the Mic King first did a solo set, then stormed the
stage with Tonedeff and Mecca for PackFM’s “Stomp.” Tonedeff reappeared
later, trading lines with Deacon the Villain during the CunninLynguists’ set.
          Off-stage, the family reunion continued. The artists caught up with one another, making the most of their rare opportunity to be
in the same room with each other. Substantial showed off pictures of his newborn daughter, exhibiting equal parts pride and excitement
as he explained how the entire length of her body was equivalent to his forearm. Meanwhile, Substantial’s business manager eagerly
shared stories about the duo’s tour of Japan, reminiscing about the Japanese slang words Substantial learned and later forgot. Mecca
ventured further down memory lane, trying to figure out how long he and PackFM had known Pumpkinhead, and whether they ever
called him by his government name.
          The low-key, comfortable atmosphere in NYC provided a brief break from the bustle, stress, and demands of non-stop touring.
During the tour, CunninLynguists, Substantial, PackFM, and DJ FlipFlop were accustomed to driving between three and seven hours from
one show to another, pausing only for the occasional gas station pit stop. DJ FlipFlop’s equipment was stolen along the way, forcing him
and CunninLynguists to entirely revamp their sets. Midway through the tour, Substantial strained his vocal chords because he was pulling
double duties as a performer and a tour manager, or the main communication line between the artists and promoters. Following the
Boston show, the crew drove PackFM straight to his day job, after which he switched back into artist mode and headed directly to the
NYC concert.
          Despite these hardships, the artists persevered. DJ FlipFlop managed to construct impressive DJ sets with borrowed records and
equipment. Substantial still played normal set lengths with his hoarse voice. Even though he had no time to rest between jobs, PackFM
continued to deliver high-energy performances.
          But before the artists could show signs of fatigue, the NYC date rejuvenated them. As the place that birthed QN5, but also as the
place with so many familiar faces, NYC served as a reminder of the new hip-hop movement CunninLynguists, Substantial, PackFM, and DJ
FlipFlop were working towards bringing about. And judging by the energy, enthusiasm, and love that the audience showed, the artists’
heard work was paying off; the night truly felt like a family reunion.
                                                                                                            QN5 FANZINE • OCT. 2008 • 19
     Photo: flickr.com/bizman_1

QN5 FANZINE • OCT. 2008 • 20
     Photo: flickr.com/bizman_1

QN5 FANZINE • OCT. 2008 • 21
     Photo: flickr.com/bizman_1

QN5 FANZINE • OCT. 2008 • 22
        Photos: Samiha Rahman

QN5 FANZINE • OCT. 2008 • 23
        Photos: Samiha Rahman

QN5 FANZINE • OCT. 2008 • 24
     Photo: flickr.com/bizman_1

QN5 FANZINE • OCT. 2008 • 25
    Photos: flickr.com/bizman_1

QN5 FANZINE • OCT. 2008 • 27
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