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					                                         VENDOR APPLICATION
                                 BRACEBRIDGE FARMERS’ MARKET
                                          May 19 – October 6, 2012
                              THIS APPLICATION IS DUE MARCH 31, 2012
                            **Only fully completed applications will be accepted**
                      Please Mail completed application to: Bracebridge Farmers Market
                                   P.O. Box 353, Bracebridge, Ont. P1L 1T7
                          Contact info: email:
                              Market Manager: Margaret Smith (705) 645-9592

Primary Applicants Name: ________________________________________________________________________

Farm or Business Name: _________________________________________________________________________

Address (incl. Lot & Conc.): ______________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: as above _____ or _______________________________________________________________

Directions to Farm or Location of Production: ________________________________________________________

___________________________________________________Kilometres to Bracebridge Market __________km.

Telephone: (    ) ____________________ E-Mail: ___________________________________________________

Acreage under production (only for Producers and Producer/ Resellers): ________________________ acres

How many years have you been a member of the Bracebridge Farmers’ Market? _________________ years

Health Unit Inspection: Where applicable, (e.g. Home baking, preserves) a current Inspection by your District
Health Unit must be arranged prior to selling such items at the market and must be clearly displayed at your booth.
Insurance: The Bracebridge Farmers’ Market has an insurance policy that covers the Market. Each vendor is
encouraged to have his/her own insurance. However, each vendor must sign the included waiver. Without this waiver
you will not be allowed to set up at the market.
                                           Please check the following:

                                                                                                Dates Available:
            ___ Guest Rental         1 Stall       10’ x 10’   $20.00/ day          __________________
            ___ Guest Rental         2 Stalls      20’ x 10’   $40.00/ day          __________________
            ___Seasonal Rental       1 Stall       10’ x 10’   $190.00
            ___ Seasonal Rental      2 Stalls      20’ x 10’   $300.00

                     An annual $10.00 membership fee is also required
Are you interested in a full time space? _______       or a guest space? ________

Please note that all fees must be paid in full before July 1, 2012. ½ of fee plus membership is required with
application (postmarked no later than March 31, 2012) A post-dated cheque for other ½ must accompany application
and be postmarked no later than July 1, 2012. Any member not paid in full will not be allowed to attend market.
      Vendor Category: I will attend the market as a vendor in the following category: (Refer to “Categories of Vendors”
      to determine your Category).

      1. _____ Producer                               2. _____ Producer/ Re-seller         3._____ Re-Seller

      4._____ Secondary Producer                      5._____ Artisan/ Crafter

      Produce and Items offered for sale at the Bracebridge Farmers’ Market are produced:
      ____In District of Muskoka ____Within 40km of District of Muskoka ___Outside 40km of District of Muskoka

      Secondary Producers, Re-Sellers and Artisans/ Crafters please list all the products you wish to sell at the
      market: (Attach separate sheet if necessary.)

      Producers and Producer/ Re-Sellers please complete and sign the attached “Bracebridge Farmers’ Market 2012
      Produce List” indicating the produce you wish to sell on the market.

      Categories of Vendors:
1.       Producer: means a farmer who sells only produce, 100% of which he or she has grown or raised his or herself.
         No Producer may sell produce or food items that he or she has purchased for resale.
2.       Producer/ Re-seller: means a farmer who sells produce which he or she has grown or raised his or herself and I
         in addition sells agricultural products grown in Ontario which he or she has purchased for resale.
3.       Re-Seller: a vendor who has purchased items from other companies within Ontario to resell and has not grown,
         produced or made any of it his or herself.
4.       Secondary Producer: means a vendor who sells food items that he or she has personally made. No Secondary
         Producer may sell produce or food items that he or she has purchased for resale.
5.       Artisan/ Crafter: means a person who sells works of art or handcrafted items that he or she has personally
         made. No Artisan/ Crafter may sell items that he or she has purchased for resale unless that item has additional
         creative work done to it by the vendor.

                      Please make cheque payable to: Bracebridge Farmers’ Market and mail to:
                       Bracebridge Farmers’ Market, P.O. Box 353, Bracebridge, ON, P1L 1T7

     The Bracebridge Farmers Market Board of Directors reviews all applications. You will be notified if your
     application is accepted.

     I, _____________________________________, have read and understand the Policy statement for the
     Bracebridge Farmer’s Market and will comply with this policy, and all other applicable Federal, Provincial
     or local regulations. I agree that either my designated helper or I will be present as a vendor at each and
     every market day that my product(s) are for sale. I will forfeit my rights to sell at the Bracebridge
     Farmers’ Market if I am in non-compliance with the aforementioned policy and regulations. I understand
     the acceptance of this application is for the 2012 season only and has no bearing on future seasons.

     __________________________________                      __________________________________
     Vendor Signature                                                Market Official
Must be completed by all Members applying as a Producer or Producer/ Re-seller
Please note: To qualify as a Producer, all items must be 100% grown by you.

Please indicate which Ontario only fruits and vegetables you would like to sell at the market this year. (No produce
from outside Ontario will be allowed.) Place a check mark in either the Purchased for Re-Sale or the Self-Grown
column. Return this form with your application If the board does not agree to one or more of the items you want to
bring to the market, your application will be returned and may be resubmitted with the indicated changes.

Vegetables       Purchased                                      Fruits         Purchased
                 For Re-Sale             Self-Grown                            For Re-Sale            Self-Grown
Asparagus        (    )                  (     )                Apples         (    )                 (     )
Beans            (    )                  (     )                Apricots       (    )                 (     )
Beets            (    )                  (     )                Blueberries
Broccoli         (    )                  (     )                -cultivated    (     )                (    )
Cabbage          (    )                  (     )                -wild          (     )
Carrots          (    )                  (     )                Cherries       (     )                (    )
Cauliflower      (    )                  (     )                Cranberries (        )                (    )
Celery           (    )                  (     )                Currents       (     )                (    )
Chard            (    )                  (     )                Gooseberries (       )                (    )
Corn             (    )                  (     )                Grapes         (     )                (    )
Cucumbers        (    )                  (     )                Melons         (     )                (    )
Eggplant         (    )                  (     )                Nectarines     (     )                (    )
Garlic           (    )                  (     )                Peaches        (     )                (    )
Herbs            (    )                  (     )                Pears          (     )                (    )
Leeks            (    )                  (     )                Plums          (     )                (    )
Lettuce          (    )                  (     )                Raspberries (        )                (    )
Mushrooms        (    )                  (     )                Strawberries (       )                (    )
Onions           (    )                  (     )                Thimbleberries(      )                (    )
Parsnips         (    )                  (     )                Blackberries (       )                (    )
Peas             (    )                  (     )                Rhubarb        (     )                (    )
Peppers          (    )                  (     )                Other (specify)
Potatoes         (    )                  (     )                ____________(        )                (    )
Pumpkins         (    )                  (     )                ____________(        )                (    )
Radishes         (    )                  (     )                ____________(        )                (    )
Spinach          (    )                  (     )
Squash           (    )                  (     )                Flowers
Tomatoes         (    )                  (     )                Bedding Plants(      )                (    )
Turnip/ Rutabaga (    )                  (     )                Other (specify)
Zucchini         (    )                  (     )                ____________(        )                (    )
Other (specify)                                                 ____________(        )                (    )
____________     (    )                  (     )
____________     (    )                  (     )
____________     (    )                  (     )

Name of Applicant:________________________Signature:__________________________Date:______________
(Please print)

Market Official Signature:_____________________________________ Date: ______________________
                                  Bracebridge Farmers’ Market
                                     Policy Statement 2012

1. It is required you be a member of the association to sell at the market. There is a $10.00
   membership fee for the season.
2. No person may sell at the market until an application to sell has been accepted by the Board.
3. New vendors applying after the spring meeting will be granted a quest spot at the discretion of
   the market manager and the executive for a fee of $20.00/day.
4. The stalls are approximately 10 feet wide by 10 feet deep.
5. Season stall fees should be paid in advance. Installment payment of seasonal fees will be at the
   discretion of the market manager.
6. Location of the stall will be determined by the market manager.
7. Market manager must be notified the day prior to market day if not attending. This is a courtesy
   to the market and manager so that empty spaces may be filled.
8. Vendors are responsible for their own stalls and any equipment needed to sell their product. They
   are also responsible for the clean up of their stalls at the end of each market day. All garbage is to
   be taken home with the vendor.
9. The market carries comprehensive liability insurance; however, all vendors are urged to advise
   their own insurers of involvement with the market.
10.The following goods are considered to be eligible for selling at the market subject to any
   federal, provincial or local regulations which may apply:
   vegetables                              honey and maple syrup
   fruit and berries                       meat, fish, poultry
   home baking and preserves               firewood
   flowers, plants and shrubs              crafts
   eggs (must be graded)
11.Where applicable (home baking for example), a certificate of inspection by Muskoka District
   Health Unit should be displayed.
12.All growers must produce 70% of their product. For produce, this is to maintain the farm fresh
   nature of the market while permitting vendors to offer their customers out of season produce.
   Requests for exemptions must be made 3 days in advance.
13.Only produce grown in Muskoka may be marked with the Muskoka Fresh logo.
14.The market will have the right to deny access to any vendor who does no meet these requirements
   or any regulations imposed by the federal, provincial, or local bodies.
15.The market management will be responsible for the placement of advertisement.
16.Individual prices must be posted on all items.
17.All products must be Ontario grown or produced.
18.No vendor is allowed to have any personal pets at their stalls during market hours.
                     Bracebridge Farmers’ Market

                              Liability Waiver
                        for the 2012 Market Season

Please read and sign the following and submit with your membership application.

By signing this form you agree that your business, farm, club or organization will be
responsible for its own security at all times while at Memorial Park as part of the
Bracebridge Farmers’ Market. This includes set-up, teardown, and regular market
hours. You indemnify and hold harmless the Bracebridge Farmers’ Market, its Board
of Directors and representatives, and the Town of Bracebridge and its representatives,
from any damage, loss or theft to you, your representatives or your property, which
might occur during your participation at the Bracebridge Farmers’ Market.

Signature:                                        Date:

(Authorized representative of business, farm, club or organization)

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