Watershed Collaborative List by L830s3dw


              Updated:November 12, 2007

Last Name     Full Name         Organization                  Phone             Email                                           Watershed Plan mailings
Aragon        Tricia Aragon     City of Aspen                                   triciaa@ci.aspen.co.us             muncipal
Baker         Tom Baker         Town of Carbondale             963-2733         tbaker@carbondaleco.net            municipal
Ballenger     Larry Ballenger   Town of Carbondale             963-2733         larryb@sopris.net                  municipal
Bartels       Rich Bartels      CSU                                             rbartels@csu.org                                x
Barton        Dawn Barton       West Elks Consulting           (970) 963-5603 westelks@sopris.net                  private
Beaudry       Jeanne Beaudry Alliance for Colorado             (970) 927-1277 jbeaudry@allianceforcolorado.org     non-profit   x
Berg          Catherine Berg    Pitkin County                  (970)429-2790    catherineb@co.pitkin.co.us         county
Bennett       Ray Bennett       CO Division of Water Resources(303) 866-3581 ray.bennett@state.co.us               state
Blakeslee     Bill Blakeslee    CO Division of Water Resources945-1750          bill.blakeslee@state.co.us         state
Broetzman     Gary Broetzman retired                           970 947-9900     gbroetzm@rof.net                   private      x
Campbell      Scott Campbell    CSU                                             scampbell@csu.org                               x
Carey         Jason Carey       River Restoration              970 947-9568     jason.carey@riverrestoration.org   private      x
Carney        John Carney       Colorado Water Trust           720-570-2897     jcarney@coloradowatertrust.org     non-profit
Cassin        Lee Cassin        City of Aspen                                   leec@ci.aspen.co.us                city         x
Chacon        Darren Chacon     CO Division of Wildlife                         Darren.Chacon@state.co.us          state
Clark         Tom Clark                                        (970) 927-4198 tom@clarksmarket.com                 private
Clarke        Sharon Clarke     Roaring Fork Conservancy       963-1791         clarkesha@sopris.net               non-profit   x
Cochran       Martha Cochran Aspen Valley Land Trust           963-8440         marthac@avlt.org                   non-profit   x
Crandall      Kristine Crandall                                (970) 963-5936 birke@sopris.net                     private      x
Curry         Kathleen Curry    Colorado Legislature, HD 61    970-290-5537     kathleencurry@montrose.net         state
D' Autrechy   Barb D'Autrechy Pitkin County                                     barbd@co.pitkin.co.us              county
Davidson      Denis Davidson    NRCS                           945-5494         dennis.davidson@co.usda.gov        federal
Davidson      Irene Davidson                                   (970)
                                USFS/Aspen/Sopris Ranger District 963-2266 idavidson@fs.fed.us                     federal      x
Davies        Mike Davies                                      970-923-4544
                                Blazing Adventures & Colorado Riff Raft         mdavies@sopris.net                 private      x
Dunlop        Tom Dunlop                                       923-4820
                                CO River Water Conservation District            Dunlopenv@aol.com                  regional
Efting        Bill Efting       Town of Basalt                 927-4701         bille@basalt.net                   municipal    x
Ellsperman    Stephen EllspermanCity of Aspen                  1-970-429-2034 sellsperman@comcast.net              municipal    x
Emerick       John Emerick      Stream Health Initiative RFSHI 925-4281         jemerick@sopris.net                non-profit   x
Epstein       Brian Epstein     CO Division of Water Resources(970) 945-5665 brian.epstein@state.co.us             state        x
Fales         Bill Fales                                       (970) 963-2019 wmfales@aol.com                      private
Feinsinger    Mark Feinsinger City of Aspen                    (970) 920-5110 markf@ci.aspen.co.us                 municipal
Fuller        Mark Fuller       Ruedi Water & Power Authority 963-4959          fulcon@comcast.net                 regional     x
Fusaro        Suzanne Fusaro Aspen Valley Land Trust           963-8440         suzanne@avlt.org                   non-profit
Garcelon      Gwen Garcelon     American Leadership Forum      (970) 963-9182 gghighlife@comcast.net               non-profit   x
Gardiner       Devin Gardiner   Design Workshop in Aspen                        DGardiner@designworkshop.com
                                                               970 920-4005, Ext. 5125                             private      x
Garrett       Laurel Garrett    Maroon Creek Productions                        laurelgarrett@mac.com              private      x
Geiger          Chris Geiger      Basalt Water Conservancy District                chrisg@balcombgreen.com         local
Gerum           A'lissa Gerum     Glenwood Springs Planning      (970) 384-6405 abgerum@ci.glenwood-springs.co.us municipal     x
Gilfillan       Mark Gilfillan    Army Corps of Engineers                          mark.a.gilfillan@usace.army.mil
                                                                 (970) 243-1199 ext 15                             federal
Goodenow        Greg Goodenow BLM                                947-2824          greg_goodenow@co.blm.gov        federal
Graf            David Graf        CO Division of Wildlife        970-255-6142      david.graf@state.co.us          state
Hamby           Kit Hamby         Snowmass Water and Sanitation(970) 923-2056 khamby@swsd.org
Hamilton        Mark Hamilton     Town of Carbondale             945-6067          mehamilton@hollandhart.com      municipal
Hancock         Adam Hancock                                     Studies
                                  Aspen Center for Environmental (970) 925-5756 ahancock@aspennature.org           non-profit
Harris          Bob Harris        Blazing Paddles                (970) 923-4544 bob@blazingadventures.com          private
Hanks           Bill Hanks        Crystal River Caucus           (970) 963-2011 whanks@sopris.net                  private
Hawes           Taylor Hawes                                     (970)
                                  CO River Water Conservation District 945-8522 thawes@crwcd.org                   regional
Hempel          Paul Hempel                                                        paulhempel@hotmail.com          private      x
Henry           Kendall Henry     Roaring Fork Audubon Club                        kendall@sopris.net              non-profit
Hirsch          Christine Hirsch  USFS                           (970) 945-3243 chirsch@fs.fed.us                  federal      x
Holland-Sears                     USFS/White River NF
                Andrea Holland-Sears                             945-3256          ahollandsears@fs.fed.us         federal      x
Hopkins         Brian Hopkins     BLM                                              brian_hopkins@blm.gov           federal
Hopkins         Kay Hopkins       BLM                                              kay_hopkins@co.blm.gov          federal      x
Houben          Cindy Houben      Pitkin County                  920-5097          cindyh@ci.aspen.co.us           county       x
Hykys           Rob Hykys         Garfield County                                  rhykys@garfield-county.com
                                                                 945-1377, ext. 1590                               county
Iseman          Tom Iseman        The Nature Conservancy         720-974-7021      tiseman@tnc.org                 non-profit
Ismert          Peter Ismert      EPA                                              ismert.peter@epamail.epa.gov    federal
Jarman          Fred Jarman       Garfield County                (970) 945-8212 fredjarman@garfield-county.com     county       x
Jenkins         Edwin Jenkins                                                      kentuckyedj@msn.com             private
Jipsen          Wayne Jipsen      NRCS/CO Big County             945-5494 ext. 4 wayne.jipsen@co.usda.gov          federal
Johnson         Bill Johnson      Consultant                     963-1356          hydro@sopris.net                private      x
Kanzer          Dave Kanzer                                      (970)
                                  CO River Water Conservation District 945-8522 dkanzer@crwcd.org                  regional
Katzenberger    John Katzenberger Aspen Global Change Institute                    johnk@agci.org                  non-profit   x
Kelly           Bridgette Kelly   Pitkin County                  (970) 920-5453 bridgett@ci.aspen.co.us            municipal
Ken             Ken Kohlm                                        (303) 231-9115 kkolm@bbl-inc.com                  private
Kinney          Tom Kinney        Town of Basalt                 963-3900          tk@hkwlawfirm.com               municipal
Koenig          Shanna Koenig                                    (970) 468-0295 x117
                                  Northwest Colorado Council of Governments        qqwater@colorado.net            regioanl     x
Kropf           Ramsey Kropf      Patrick, Miller & Kropf, PC    920-1028          kropf@waterlaw.com              private
Lacy            Mark Lacy         USFS/Sopris Ranger District    963-2266          mlacy@fs.fed.us                 federal
Laird           Colin Laird       Healthy Mountain Communities 963-5502            hmclaird@hmcnews.org            non-profit
Leonard         Rebecca Leonard Design Workshop in Aspen         970-925-8354      rleonard@designworkshop.com     private
Logan           Jenn Logan        CO Division of Wildlife                          jenn.logan@state.co.us          state        x
Lofaro          Rick Lofaro       Roaring Fork Conservancy                         rick@roaringfork.org
                                                                 (970) 379-9844 927-1290                           non-profit   x
Lorah           Bill Lorah        Wright Water Engineers                           blorah@wrightwater.com          private
Lowsky          Jonathan Lowsky Wildlife & Wetland Solutions     (970) 927-4549 jlowsky@sopris.net                 private
Lusk            Kevin Lusk        CSU                                              klusk@csu.org                                x
Lynne           Sheree Lynne      UCCS                           719-447-8809      lynn.sheree@gmail.com           student
Malone          Dee Malone        Stream Health Initiative       319-9498          deliamalone@earthlink.net       non-profit   x
Martellaro      Alan Martellaro                                                    a
                                  CO Division of Water Resources945-5665, ext. 5014lan.martellaro@state.co.us      state
Martin       Jon Martin          Garfield County-commisioner                       jmartin@garfieldcounty.com        county
Martin       Bill Martin                                         (303) 866-3763 william.martin@state.co.us
                                 Colorado State Board of Land Commissioners                                          state
Matherly     Bruce Matherly      Aspen Consolidated Sanitation Dist.                                                 local
McFlynn      Tim McFlynn         Aspen Dispute Resolution        925-2445          mcflynn@aspendisputeresolution.comnon-profit
McGregor     Andrew McGregor     City of Glenwood Springs        (970) 384-6429 andrewm@ci.glenwood-springs.co.usmunicipal
McKenzie     Lisa McKenzie       EarthTech                       303-804-2380      lisa.mckenzie@earthtech.com       private
McSwain      Frank McSwain       Roaring Fork Leadership Group                     fmcswain@vvh.org                  non-profit
Merritt      Dave Merritt                                        945-8522
                                 CO River Water Conservation District              dmerritt@crwcd.gov                regional     x
Merry        Ray Merry           Eagle County-Env. Health        970-328-8757      ray.merry@eaglecounty.us          county       x
Meyer        Don Meyer                                           (970)
                                 CO River Water Conservation District 945-8522 dmeyer@crwcd.org                      regional
Meyer        Louis Meyer                                         945-1004
                                 SMG Engineers/Roaring Fork Leadership             louism@sgm-inc.com                private      x
Millette     Bob Millette        Roaring Fork Sierra Club                          peregrine@rof.net                 non-profit   x
Mullen       Steve Mullen        Community VIZ                   303 442-8800      smullun@communityviz.com          private
Neubecker    Ken Neubecker       Trout Unlimited                 970-963-3051      eagleriver@sopris.net             non-profit   x
Nichols      Peter Nichols                                       (303) 339-5825
                                 Trout, Raley, Montano, Witmer, & Freeman, P.C. pnichols@troutlaw.com                private      x
Ochs         Allison Ochs        Eagle County                                      allison.ochs@eaglecounty.us       county
Ohara        Bud O'hara          Pueblo Water                                      BOhara@pueblowater.org                         x
O'Keefe      Tim O'Keefe         Roaring Fork Conservancy        927-1290          tim@roaringfork.org               non-profit   x
O'meara      Mark O'meara        Town of Carbondale                                momeara@carbondaleco.net          municipal
Overeynder   Phil Overeynder                                     920-5111
                                 City of Aspen, Water Dept. Director               philo@ci.aspen.co.us              municipal
Pearce       Jim Pearce          Canyon Water Resources          970.379.6918      jim@canyonwater.net               private
Pelletier    Mike Pelletier      Gunnison County, Colorado                         mpelletier@co.gunnison.co.us      county
Pesnichak    David Pesnichak     Garfield County                 (970) 945-8212 dpesnichak@garfield-county.com       county       x
Philp        Susan Philp         Town of Basalt                  927-4701          susanp@basalt.net                 municipal
Poschman     Greg Poschman       Maroon Creek Productions                          gregposchman@mac.com              private      x
Pokrandt     Jim Pokrandt                                        945-8522
                                 CO River Water Conservation District              jpokrandt@crwcd.org               regional     x
Ransford     Ken Ransford        Aspen Dispute Resolution        (970) 927-1200 kenransford@comcast.net              local
Reetz        Gene Reetz          EPA                             303-312-6850      Reetz.Gene@epamail.epa.gov        federal
Richardson   Dan Richardson      SMG Engineers
Rider        Warren Rider        Pitkin County                   (970) 429-2033 warrenr@co.pitkin.co.us              county       x
Ringle       Allen Ringle        Twin Lakes Reservoir and Canal Company            aringle@rural-com.com             private      x
Ronca        Carlie Ronca        Bureau of Reclamation                             cronca@gp.usbr.gov                federal
Rosapepe     John Rosapepe       Trout Unlimited                 720-470-7132      jrosapepe@tu.org                  non-profit
Ross         Kendall Ross        Kendall.Ross@state.co.us        970.947.2924      CO Division of Wildlife           state        x
Rozaklis     Lee Rozaklis        Hydrosphere Consulting          303-443-7839      ltr@hydrosphere.com               private
Rudow        Chad Rudow          Roaring Fork Conservancy        927-1290          chad@roaringfork.org              non-profit
Ruppel       James Ruppel        EPA                             303-312-6846      Ruppel.James@epamail.epa.gov      federal      x
Sassano      Ellen Sassano       Pitkin County                                     ellens@co.pitkin.co.us            county
Schendler    Auden Schendler     Aspen Skiing Company            923-8628          aschendler@aspensnowmass.com private
Simley       Jeff Simley         USGS                            303-202-4131      jdsimley@usgs.gov                 federal
Simonton     Clifford Simonton   Eagle County Planning           (970) 328-8751 clifford.simonton@eaglecounty.us     county
Slabe        Tom Slabe           US EPA, Intern - sustainable water issues         slabe.thomas@epa.gov              federal
Slap         Albert Slap         The Nature Conservancy                            aslap@tnc.org
                                                                 970-710-9553 (office/cell), 970-544-3388            non-profit   x
Smith          Don Smith                                          963-0860
                                 Mt Sopris Conservation District and NRCS           chainsaw@sopris.net               local
Smith          Joel Smith        Stratus Consulting               303-381-8218      jsmith@stratusconsulting.com      private
Stude          Ted Stude                                          (970) 963-1492 studect@comcast.net                  private
Sturgeon       Matt Sturgeon     City of Rifle                                      matt@rifleco.org                  municipal
Sturges        Dave Sturges      City of Glenwood Springs         945-1520          sturge@rof.net                    municipal
Suiter         Gary Suiter       Individual Consultant            963-6106          garysuiter@comcast.net            private
Sullivan       Rose Ann Sullivan Pitkin County                    (970) 920-5073 roseanns@co.pitkin.co.us             municipal   x
Sundeen        Kerry Sundeen     Grand River Consulting           945-2237          ksundeen@grandriver.us            private
Tasker         Lisa Tasker       EM Ecological, LLC               (970) 704-1520 lisatasker@earthlink.net             private     x
Thomas         Jude Thomas       U.S. Geological Survey           (970) 245-5257 x17juthomas@usgs.gov                 federal     x
Thompson       Larry Thompson Town of Basalt                                        lthompson@basalt.net              municipal   x
Thorsteinson                                                      (970) 393-3939 sthorsteinson@coloradorealtors.com
               Sarah ThorsteinsonGlenwood Springs Association of Realtors                                             private
Treese         Chris Treese      CO River Water Conservation District               970 945-8522                      regional
Udall          Randy Udall                                        (970) 963-5657 rudall@aol.com
                                 Community Office for Resource Efficiency                                             local
von Guerard    Paul von Guerard USGS                                                  14
                                                                  970-245-5257, ext.pbvongue@usgs.gov                 federal
Walker         Hunt Walker       Town of Snowmass Village         923-5110          hwalker@TOSV.com                  municipal
Wear           George H. Wear private                                               ghwater@sopris.net                            x
Weinhold       Mark Weinhold     USFS/Sopris Ranger District      963-2266          mweinhold@fs.fed.us               federal
Will           Dale Will         Pitkin County Open Space & Trails920-5203          dalew@ci.aspen.co.us              municipal
Wood           Kelly Wood        CO Division of Wildlife          970-963-6523      Kelly.Wood@state.co.us            state       x
Wyatt          Lane Wyatt                                                             116
                                 NW CO Council of Governments970-468-0295, ext.qqlane@colorado.net                    regional    x
Wynn           Kirby H. Wynn     USGS                                                 23
                                                                  970-245-5257, ext.khwynn@usgs.gov                   federal     x

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