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           Mark Romeo
            Sr. System Engineer

      AppWorx Corporation

 Who is AppWorx?
 AppWorx Value.
 AppWorx SCT Banner Solution
 Architecture.
  Who is AppWorx Corporation?
 Enterprise Scheduling and Application
  Automation Solutions Leader
 SCT certified Product Solution
   Founded  in 1990
   HQ in Bellevue, WA
   500+ customers worldwide
   100+ SCT / Banner customers
      AppWorx - SCT Customers

George Washington University       San Diego State
Wayne State University             William and Mary
Montana State University           University Of Chicago
Kennesaw State University          Georgia State
Lansing Community College          University of Maryland
University of Illinois             Ft Lewis College
University of Texas, San Antonio   Dartmouth University
Eastern Michigan University        Rensselaer Polytech Institute
McGill University                  Western Washington University
                Customer Quote
“We were searching for a single job scheduler that could
manage batch processes associated with existing
distributed applications and integrate with our new SCT
Banner solution. We determined that the AppWorx
solution provided us everything we needed to achieve our
long-term goals and still be able to grow and add new
applications within our IT environment."

Mary Ellen Gaughan, Director Ops Support Svcs.
University of Illinois
                Customer Quote
"AppWorx has allowed us to empower our users by
putting control of job automation, output viewing, printing
and downloading directly into their hands. Its ease of use
allows directors and clerical personnel alike to take
control of their processes. In a large part, this is due to the
sophistication of the error checking that we are able to
build into the deployed processes. We have come to
depend on it to simplify our jobs."
Mark Sullivan
Associate Director of Integrated Admin Computing Solutions
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
       AppWorx Value Proposition
Through application automation and efficient workload
balancing, the AppWorx scheduling solution will
significantly reduce your IT operating expenses and
greatly improve your IT operating efficiencies. Like most
customers, you will see an immediate ROI within 3
months after going “live” with AppWorx.

 It’s more than just a scheduler………………..
     How AppWorx adds Value
 AppWorx  Enterprise Scheduler automates and
 integrates SCT Banner application processing.

   Schedules   SCT Banner processes.
   Control and monitor SCT Banner processes.
   Enables event-based conditional logic.
   Reduce processing time and errors by
    eliminating manual job submissions.
   Simplify output management and distribution
    of SCT Banner reports.
   Integrate SCT Banner with the enterprise.
        Schedule SCT Banner Processes
                         Run every WEEKDAY
   Banner 1
                         but not on HOLIDAYS

    Start these             SQR 2
    jobs when
    Job 1 finishes          Crystal 3
    but only run
    two at a time                   Banner 4

                                                          Start after operator responds “Yes”
         Banner Job 5                                     to “Are the tapes ready for backup?”

                            Banner 6               Start when Tape 1 is available
           Start after
           file is
           created                  Banner Job 7

Job 8                JOB 8               JOB 8                  JOB 8                   JOB 8
    Manage SCT Processes
 Manages   dependent SCT Banner jobs.
 Subsequent processes can be blocked if the
  preceding job does not complete successfully
 Ensures the appropriate job submission order
  of SCT Banner jobs
 Eliminates the need to rerun SCT Banner jobs
 Easily create complex dependencies and job
  threading to ensure successful completion of a
  job before execution of the next
Submit and Monitor SCT Banner
                                   SCT Banner
                               Banner Business Process
                      Step 1   Step 2   Step 3       Step 4   Step 5

    Banner jobs                                  .
    submitted by
    AppWorx are
    viewable from the
    Banner Application.

                                                 Jobs submitted in
                                                 the Banner
                                                 Interface are
                                                 viewable from
      SCT Job Management
 AppWorx   provides the ability to capture “on-
  line” SCT Banner jobs submitted via Job
 Data center can better control the batch
  workload generation by the SCT Banner
 Shortens production cycle by efficient use of
  computing resources
 Eliminates resource utilization spikes
 Assists IT in meeting application performance
Manage SCT Banner Processes
                            SCT Banner
                       Submitted Banner Processes
             Ban 1     Ban 2     Ban 3     Ban 4   Ban 5

        AppWorx On-line
        captures Banner            Queue A    Queue B   Queue C
        submitted jobs.            Ban 1       Ban 3       Ban 6

        AppWorx Queues             Ban 2       Ban 4
        control total number
        of job executing and                   Ban 5
        priority of execution.
     SCT Output Management
   View SCT Banner reports & logs online
   Print SCT Banner reports & logs to single or multiple
    printers automatically
   FTP, rename, and/or email SCT Banner output files
   Distribute SCT Banner reports & logs electronically
   Full Integration with SCT ePrint application and the
    Ability to Automatically Transfer Output files to the
    ePrint Server
   Full Integration with EVisions Form-Fusion and
AppWorx Streamlines SCT Banner Job Flow
    Improving Overall Performance
AppWorx / Banner Solutions
   Transcript Generation
       Individual Request
       Batch Processing
   Admission Application Fees Requirement
   Letter Generation
       Students
       Alumni
   Government Financial Aid File Processing
   Payroll Check Processing
   Student Billing
SCT Banner Enterprise Integration
          Enterprise Architecture                               Help Desk
                                                                                               Systems Management
       Printer      Pager         Fax          EMAIL

                                UNIX                                                         UNIX
                              Production                                                  Development
                            AppWorx Master                                               AppWorx Master
                            AppWorx Agent                                                AppWorx Agent

                                                 Oracle                      Oracle
                                                DataBase                    DataBase
AppWorx Client
Command Line                                     AppWorx                       AppWorx
                                                  Import                        Export

        AppWorx Agent       AppWorx Agent                      UNIX
            NT 4.0           Windows 2000                  AppWorx Agent
          FTP Server        Reporting Server                SCT Banner
               Chains and Modules
                                         Chain Header: GLDYV5

    Cyclical                 2. FTP_GRANT               1. FTP_STUDENT            Before Conditions:
    On Demand                                                                      Check File
    Calendar                            3. COMBINE_AR_PAY                          Check History
    SQL Based                                                                      Current Time
    API                                                                            Module Running
                                          4. ABORT_MODULE
                                                                                    uvariable value

                   5. SCHED_DW_GL_LOAD                          6. BANNER_FINAID
 Order                                                                                 During Conditions:
                                                                                         Time Since
 Threading              1. SQL_LOADER                             1. FA_DATE             Request
 Abort Blocking                                                                         Run Time
 Script             2. DW_TRANSFORM                               2. RPEDISB
                                                                                         uvariable value
                                                                                      After Conditions:
                          3. DW_LOAD                              3. RPBDDRV           Status
                                                                                       Return Code
                                                                                       uvariable value
 Input Parameters:                                                 4. RPELIST
                                                                                       E-MAIL, PAGE
  Character, Date,
                                             7. FINAL_REPORT
  List of database                                                                 Output Management:
                                                                                     Print
   values                                                                            E-mail
                                          8. CRYSTAL_REPORT
  Referential list of                                                               Fax
   values                                                                            On-line viewing
  uvariable

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