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									Last year approximately 1.5 million people suffered from brain injury,
with resultant death or disability to both adults and children. Brain
injury lawyers represent victims of moderate to severe brain injury
caused by negligence of a medical professional, and here are some cases
they handle:

  1. Auto accidents Automobile accidents are the leading cause of
traumatic brain injury cases. Injuries to the head can take place due to
collision with a larger vehicle, such as a tractor trailer, where
occupants of the vehicle fail to wear seat belts and get thrown through a
windshield, or when the vehicle rolls over as the result of an impact.
Furthermore, severe brain trauma may also occur when a pedestrian is hit
by a car, truck or bus, or when a motorcyclist is thrown off his bike as
the result of a trauma and his head hits the ground. A brain injury
lawsuit resulting from these automobile accidents usually involves
catastrophic injuries and the attorney representing the victim often sues
for damages for both past and future medical expenses, loss of income and
unfortunately, sometimes wrongful death.      2. Cerebral palsy
Brain injury in infants is often the result of trauma sustained during
labor and delivery. The physicians in charge of the birthing process are
supposed to monitor the mother and the unborn baby through various tests,
such as fetal monitoring or heart rate measurements, to make sure that
any signs of distress are caught in time and addressed. Unfortunately,
some doctors fail to notice problems, such as umbilical cord compressing
on the infant's neck or decreased heart rate. Others use excessive force
when handling forceps or decline to perform c-sections on large babies,
leading to prolonged birthing process, and the fetus suffering from lack
of oxygen. The result can be brain injury resulting in cerebral palsy, a
lifelong and untreatable condition, causing the child to be disabled for
life. A brain injury attorney, experienced in handling medical
malpractice claims against obstetricians will be able to review the
entire medical record of the birth, and in consult with a medical expert,
determine if the physician's mistake caused brain injury to his client.
3. Sports related brain injury      Another traumatic cause of brain
injury in mostly young adults is contact sports. These injuries may
start of as a minor concussion, which often gets ignored. However,
continued exposure to direct hits, as in football, may exacerbate the
condition. One in every five football players suffers from a head injury
in a single football season, ranging from mild to severe. But coaches,
trainers and team members aim to win, and a disability of a key player
may put an entire season in jeopardy, thus some injuries, that may not be
visible, tend to be trivialized and ignored. Sadly, failure to timely
address brain injury may lead to atrophy and other neurological damage.
Brain injury lawyers working closely with neurologists and sports injury
experts will determine if there were symptoms a player exhibited that
should have been addressed, such as confusion, headaches, loss of memory,
and whether the failure to do anything about the player's injury will
result in a negligence lawsuit.      Once you find right brain injury
lawyer, make an appointment for your legal consultation. They will handle
the rest and walk you through the process so that you can finally get the
claim that you deserve.      Medical Malpractice Lawyers at Duffy & Duffy
represent victims of medical negligence in the lawsuits. A brain injury
lawyer with our firm is experienced in handling a variety of such cases,
where brain injury can be caused in either traumatic or non-traumatic

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