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									Branding Your Business: Tips for Success from the Ground Up
Perhaps your business is brand new. Perhaps you just acquired it. It may even be a business you
have built from the ground up. If it does not have a brand as of right now, your business could be
losing out overall. Many small businesses struggle to develop a brand because it is not something
that is easy to learn and do. In other words, unless you have put forth the effort to building a
brand, it is likely not something you thought of doing. However, your brand is what people know
about you and it could be a tool you use to increase your revenue.

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Brand Example

Are you unsure what a brand has to do with managing your business and growing revenue? If so,
consider a company that you likely know that has taken a very simple task, the act of buying
coffee, and crafted it into one of the biggest businesses today. All of this, the company
accomplished by building a successful brand. You likely have heard of Starbucks, and it is the
prime example of what a brand image can do for a business. Coffee is no longer just coffee. You
go there not only to get coffee, but also because it is a welcoming atmosphere and a good place
to meet people you may know. If you can apply the type of brand image this company created
into your own company, imagine the success you could have within your own business model.

Following three tips will help you to get on the right track towards building a successful brand:

   1. Build an Image
   2. Help People Learn About You
   3. Meet Your Customer’s Needs

Build an Image for Successful Branding

One of the key aspects of building a brand image is to force people to do something they are not
used to doing. In other words, you need to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone and
to buy from you. You need to create a brand image that is powerful enough to encourage that to

To start the process, choose the right name for your company. The name of your business says a
lot about what your business is. Any name can be memorable if it is in front of the customer
enough to create a brand image. Think about the name of a nationwide toy store, for example, or
perhaps that national coffee chain. Their names may be unique, but you know exactly what they
offer whenever someone says them. To create a powerful name that customers remember, be
creative and be sure to choose something that offers a lasting emotional connection for your
customers. If you want customer to think of the business as a family business, use a family name.
If you want people to know it is cheap to buy there, incorporate that into the name.

Help People Learn About Your Brand
The next step in building a brand is to get known. It is not easy but you can do so by using the
power of the dollar and social media, too. Social media has become one of the best ways to build
a successful business because you need nothing but an Internet connection to get started. It used
to be that it would take businesses years to build up a reputation and they often had to use stages
such as advertising campaigns, trade shows and direct marketing to do it. Now, social media cuts
out the monetary factor altogether.

       Get online through various social media sites including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and
       Listen to what other people are saying about your business. Interact with them. Ask them
       When using social media engage others. Ask people their opinion or for information,
       avoid telling them. Be interesting, unique and creative. Be sure to say thank you and to
       engage in conversations.

All of this helps to build your business’s success in the truest form. The key is to get into the
public’s eye by making a name for yourself in areas where it matters most. Remember that your
business does not have to have a huge marketing budget to build a successful brand. You do not
need to be featured in the Super Bowl ads to be known by customers. Using free social media is
an excellent way for small to media sizes business to establish themselves. In order to be
successful, though, you need to be active and play a positive role in the social networking world.

Meet Your Customer’s Needs for Successful Brand Association

The next aspect of successful management of a business’s brand is actually giving customers
what they want. The statement sounds easy enough but it really is more than a basic process. If
you are launching your marketing campaign to build your business, for example, be sure to give
customers what they came to you for in the first place. But, what does the customer want when
they come to you?

       What would make the perception of your brand bigger and stronger?
       Just how happy are customers with competitor’s brands?
       What will your brand do to use emotional connections with consumers who are not in the
       market to encourage them to become customers?

In some situations, it is a good idea for you to invest in professionally conducted market research
to learn the answers to questions like this. If you want to succeed within the industry, you need to
know what to do to hit the target for your customers and to do that, you need to better understand
your customer’s particular needs.

Build your brand image one step at a time. It is not a process that will happen overnight (unless
you use some type of marketing tactic to get your business’s name out there in a negative light.)
However, building a brand image is something to make a park of your marketing plan. It could
even be the best thing you do for your business. Ask yourself, what do you want your customers
to know about your business? What do you want your business to be known for? If you can
answer that, and mold it into a business brand image, you are already working towards success in
this area.

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