Misconceptions Of Bipolar Disorder

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					More and more you hear of people having bipolar disorders. For most of us
who have never experienced an individual with a bipolar disorder it can
be hard to understand. Bipolar individuals have mood swings that can
range from ecstatic elation to extremely depressive. Witnesses to this
consider their behaviors very erratic and don't know what to expect when
they walk through the door.      Part of the confusion surrounding
bipolar disorder has to do with the terminology of mania in the disorder.
Mania, in most of the descriptions about bipolar disorder, seems like an
up time or a happy time but yet when this mania manifests in the lives of
those with bipolar disorder for the most part this is a time of rages,
excess, and more wild behaviors and not just an overly happy time as is
seen in much of the literature surrounding the disorder.

  Observations of someone who is bipolar may demonstrate other symptoms
beside the wide variance in mood swings. There may be increased
hyperactivity, inability to control their behaviors, thought process much
like that of a ping pong ball, super ego, and little sleep is required.
Other displays may be spending sprees, angry outbursts, uninhabited
sexual behaviors and lack of impulse control. It appears they have
boundless energy and that it could go on forever.      The ominous signs
of a depressive bipolar individual can be seen in the inability to make
decisions or concentrate, either a increase of loss of appetite,
excessive fatigue where they don't even want to get out of the bed to
horrific thoughts of suicide. Many times during thee periods, the
individual will withdraw from family and friends which is hard for those
who truly care about them. No one knows how longs these episodes can
last. Because of this, bipolar disorder can be difficult to diagnose. For
some these episodes switch rapidly and multiple times a day and others
stay in one state for a longer period of time.      Substance abuse is a
common problem amongst those with this disorder as is suicide. Overall,
getting an accurate diagnosis and the treatment that is needed can help a
person to keep their symptoms under control and begin to live a healthy
and productive life once again. Mental illness can be difficult to
address since the symptoms can be in a constant state of flux but it is
important to realize that help is available for those who are struggling
with this illness.      Visiting Go healthinsurance will give you bunches
of info about coverage. With blue cross health insurance dealing with
bipolar disorder is much easier.

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