Bedtime Bible Lessons by 1WoVXBa


									.he                          BEDTIME BIBLE LESSONS: Part One
.fo Copr. 1986 W. Roane, Jr.               #
                             God Made It All      (Gen 1-2)

   My name is Adam.   God made me.   God made all the animals, too. God made
   the pretty blue sky and the white, fluffy clouds. God made the tall trees
   and the green grass and the bright flowers.    God made the big round moon
   and the shiny stars. God was not born. God was always here.

   On Sunday, God made light. He made light so that it would not be dark any
   more. On Monday, God made the deep blue ocean and the big, wide, sky. God
   made the lakes and the little streams and the big rivers, too. Then God
   made dry land.

   On Tuesday, God made all the fruit trees: the apple tree, the orange tree,
   the peach tree, the pear tree; God even made the tomato plant.    All the
   grass and the little bushes and the big oak trees, God made. On Wednesday,
   God made the big, hot sun and the moon, round and bright.     God made the
   shiny stars, too.

   On Thursday, God made all the fish. The big, long whales, the little tiny
   goldfish, the tuna fish and the salmon, God made. God made birds, too. The
   tall pelican and the little sparrow; the noisy woodpecker and the gentle
   dove, God made.

   On Friday, God made all the rest of the animals.      God made the giraffes
   tall.    The funny monkeys, the pretty deer, and the growling tigers, God
   made.    God made the elephants big.   And God gave the zebra his long, thin
   stripes.    But God did not make me on Friday. You see, I am not an animal.
   I was not around when God made all the clouds and the sky and the animals.
   On Friday, God looked at all the animals.      Then God said "Let's make man
   like Us.    He will not be like all the animals.   He will have a soul." So
   God took some dirt from the ground and made me.    God called me Adam. Adam
   means "man".     God breathed into my nose and I started to breathe! I was
   alive!    God gave me a soul. My soul will never die. Then on Saturday, God
   rested. God made everything good. Everything God made was good.

   What did God   make?
   What is your   favorite animal that God made?
   What did God   not make?
   Why was Adam   different from the animals?
                      God Puts Adam In A Garden    (Gen 2)

God planted a garden to the east. The garden did not get rain. Water came
up from the ground and gave all the plants a drink. God planted many trees
in the garden for me. Bushes and all kinds of flowers were there, too. God
put me in the garden.    Some of the trees had flowers on them and some of
the trees had fruit on them.

God gave me a job.   My job was to keep the trees growing right and to take
care of all the plants there.   I was allowed to eat any of the fruit there
except one. God told me not to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of
good and evil. God told me that if I ate from that tree I would die. I was
very happy in the garden. I liked eating the fruit and I liked taking care
of the garden. But something was wrong. I was lonely.

Where did God put Adam?
What was Adam's job?
What did God tell Adam not to do?

                 God Makes Adam A Helper     (Gen 2)

God saw that I was lonely.   So God brought all the animals to me. I named
all the animals and all the birds.   None of the animals and the birds was
a good helper for me.   So God said "I will make you a helper that is right
for you."

God made me fall into a deep, deep sleep.    God took one of my   ribs out of
me and closed me up.    God made my rib into a woman. Then God    brought the
woman to me. She was very beautiful. I said, "She is made out     of my body.
She is part of me. I will call her woman, because God made her    out of me."
I called my wife "Eve". Eve means life. We were both naked but    we were not

What did God make for Adam?
How did God make the woman?
                     The Devil Tempts Eve      (Gen 3)

My name is Eve.    I am Adam's wife.   I was in the garden resting under a
tree one afternoon and the snake talked to me.   The snake was very tricky.
He said, "God did not really tell you the truth. If you eat from the fruit
of the tree of knowledge you will not die.   You will know what God knows."
I told the snake, "God told us not to eat that fruit or we would die."

But the snake told me, "Look how pretty the fruit is.    Look how juicy and
big that good-tasting fruit is. Just take a bite.     Then you will be just
like God." I wanted to obey God, but the snake was very tricky. I wanted
to see what that fruit tasted like.   I was tired of eating all the other
fruit in the garden.    I wanted some of THIS fruit.    The snake kept on
telling me, "Go on, eat some.    You are not scared of God, are you?     Go
ahead, just a bite!"

So I ate some of the fruit.   It was not as good as the snake said it would
be. I gave some of the fruit to my husband Adam, and he ate some, too. Then
Adam and I knew that we were naked. So we made aprons out of fig leaves to

We knew we had done wrong.   We had not obeyed God.

What did the snake say?
Was the snake telling the truth?
Who did Eve listen to, God or the snake (the devil)?
                     God Punishes Adam and Eve (Gen 3)

Adam and I were hiding from God.   We knew we had eaten the fruit God told
us not to eat.   Every day when it was cool, God walked in the garden. We
used to run out to meet God. We used to walk with God and talk to God. But
not today.

We knew we had disobeyed God.   We did not want to meet God now.  We were
ashamed of what we had done. And we were afraid of what God would do to us
now.   Just then we heard God walking through the garden. Adam and I hoped
God would not find us.

God said, "Where are you, Adam?" Adam said, "I heard You in the garden and
ran and hid.   I hid because I was naked." God said, "Adam, who told you
that you were naked? Have you been eating that fruit I told you not to
eat?"   Adam said, "The woman you gave me for a helper gave me some of the
fruit and I ate it."

God asked me, "Why did you give Adam some of the fruit to eat?"      I was
afraid.   I said, "Well, the snake tricked me and I ate the fruit."     God
told the snake, "Because you have tricked the woman, you will have to crawl
on your belly from now on.    You have no excuse. One day you will not be
able to trick anyone."

God told me, "Life will be hard for you now.     Now you will have pain and
trouble because you did not obey Me." God told my husband Adam, "Now you
will have to work for a living. The ground will grow weeds and thorns now.
You will have to work hard to get anything to grow for you.   Now you will
both have to leave the garden."

So God made us both leave the beautiful garden.   God would not let us eat
from the tree of life.    God put an angel with a flaming sword outside the
garden to keep us away from the tree of life. But God felt sorry for us so
He made some clothes out of animal skins and gave them to us. We were very
sad. Adam and I liked the beautiful garden.     Now we had to work hard to
grow food, all because we did not obey God.

Why did God punish Adam and Eve?
How did God punish them?
What did God make for Adam and Eve?
                        Adam and Eve's Two Boys   (Gen 4)

God gave Adam and me two fine boys.     We named the oldest Cain and the
youngest Abel.    Cain and Abel were different.   Abel kept sheep and goats
and cows.    Abel made butter and cheese from the milk.   But Cain planted
grain and vegetables and was a farmer.

God asked for a present from my two boys.    Both boys brought God their
best.   Cain brought all the best vegetables and grain and gave them to
God. And Abel brought the best sheep and goats and young cows from his
herds to God. God liked Abel's present best.

Cain was very angry.     He was upset because God liked Abel's present
better. God told Cain, "Do not be angry.     You must not sin by being so
angry.  Just obey Me and you will be all right." But Cain did not listen
to God.  Cain was so angry that he killed my other son, Abel. I was very

God asked Cain, "Where is your brother Abel?" Cain said, "I don't know. I
can't keep up with my brother." God asked, "Why did you kill your
brother? Now you will have to work even harder. The ground will have even
more weeds and thorns from now on." God told Cain, "You must wander around
on the earth."   Cain said, "I cannot stand this punishment. Everyone will
hate me and want to kill me. Please help me!" So God put a mark on Cain so
that no one would kill him.      God sent Cain east, and God sent Cain a
wife. Cain and his wife had children. One of Cain's sons built a city. Some
of Cain's great-great-great grandsons made brass and iron tools.   Some of
them even made musical instruments like the harp, flute, and bagpipe.

Adam and I had many more sons and daughters.     One of our     great-great
grandsons, Enoch was a very good man. He walked with God.

What   did   God ask Cain and Abel for?
What   did   Abel offer God?
What   did   Cain offer God?
What   did   Cain do wrong?
                             God Is Sad (Gen 6)

My name is Noah. My family and I worship God. God talks to me and tells me
what to do. Many of the other people do not worship God. They do not even
obey God or care about Him. But our family worships God.

One day God tells me, "Noah, I am very sad to tell you this.    All of the
other people except your family do not obey Me any more. They only want to
do bad things.     They only think bad thoughts.   I am sorry I ever made
them." God told me, "Don't worry, Noah. You love Me and obey Me. I will
take care of you.    I am going to flood the whole earth with water.   Get
ready and build a big boat, an ark." God told me that when He flooded the
earth that me and my family would be safe on the ark.

Why was God sad?
Who did God talk to?
What did God tell Noah?

                          Noah Obeys God (Gen 6-7)

"Noah! Noah!" God was calling me.     God told me, "Noah, build the ark now.
Build it out of gopher wood.    Make it 450 feet long and 150 feet wide and
45 feet tall. Make it with three floors and a big window all around the
top."   So my boys and I built the ark just like God said. We used gopher
wood, not oak or walnut.     We built the ark just the way God said. All the
people laughed at us.   "Look at the silly ark!" they said. "Why, it has
never even rained, and Noah is building a big boat!" But we just kept on
obeying God.    After lots of hard work, we were finally finished with the
ark. What a big job! We had to do everything by hand.

Then God told me, "Noah, put food for you and your family on the ark. Put
two of every animal that breathes on board, too. Put seven of some of the
birds and animals on the ark. Put food for the animals inside, too." When
we finished putting all the food and the animals on the ark, God told me,
"Noah, get all your family on the ark."

What did God tell Noah about the ark?
Did Noah obey God?
What did Noah have to put on the ark?
                      God Floods The Earth (Gen 7-8)

God let me and my family stay on the ark for a whole week. Then God let the
rain loose! It had never rained before. The whole ground was covered with
water.   God opened the springs in the ground, too. God let it rain for 40
days and 40 nights!    All the trees were covered with water. Soon, all the
mountains were covered with water, too.      The only people who were alive
were me and my family.

God remembered us people on the ark and kept us safe.   God took care of me
and my family because we obeyed Him.   Finally God made the rain stop. The
water started to go back into the ground, but very slowly.     Five months
after the rain started, we felt the ark bump on the top of some tall
mountains.   The mountains were in Ararat.   The ark rested on top of these
mountains for almost three months.   The tip tops of mountains just seemed
to peek out of the water.

After 40 more days I opened the window and looked around.     I sent out a
raven.   This raven did not come back. It flew around and around. I put a
dove outside and it flew around and around.     The dove came back because
there was not place for it to land.    A week later, I sent out the dove
again and it flew back late in the afternoon with an olive leaf in its
beak.   The next week I sent the dove out again, but this time it did not
come back.

After many weeks, the ground was day. God told me to get my family and all
the animals off the ark.   So we climbed out of the ark.  We were all VERY
glad to walk around on dry land again.

How long did it rain?
Where did the ark land?
What did Noah send out of the ark?
                          The Rainbow    (Gen 8-9)

My name is Japheth.   Noah is my dad.   When we got off the ark, me and my
two brothers Shem and Ham took our wives for a long walk. We looked around
for a good place to live.   When we got back, our dad, Noah had built a big
table made of rock to put presents to God on.   This big table of rock was
called an altar.    You probably know what a barbecue pit is used for: to
cook meat. Whenever somebody wanted to give something to God, they used to
cook their present on an altar.

Well, our dad Noah had just caught some of the birds and animals that we
had seven of and killed them.   He built a big fire on the altar and cooked
the birds and a couple of sheep, goats, and cows right there.     Boy, that
meat sure smelled good to us!    When our dad gave God something he burned
the animal all up so that there was nothing left except ashes.

Just then, we all something strange, bright and big in the sky! There was
a big curved shape of color in the sky.   This big shape had purple, blue,
red, orange, green, blue, and yellow in it. God told our dad Noah that
this was a rainbow.    God liked the way the burnt offering smelled so He
gave us the rainbow.    God told our dad Noah that He would not ever flood
the whole earth again.   God promised us that there would always be day and
night, and summer and winter, as long as the earth was here. We were very
glad to hear this.   We were tired of staying all cooped up on an ark, even
if it was big.

God told us to go and have big families and obey Him.   God let us eat meat
now, too.    God told us that all the animals would be afraid of us.    God
promised to look at the rainbow and remember not to flood the whole earth.

What did Noah give God?
What did God put in the sky?
What did God promise?
                          Noah Gets Drunk (Gen 9)

It's me, Japheth again. My brothers, Shem and Ham, and I started to raise
animals and grow our own food.   Our dad, Noah had a farm, too. He liked
grapes so he planted a vineyard full of them.    He made wine one time and
drank too much of it.   Our dad got so drunk that he did not know where he
was.   He was in his tent and he must have thought he was taking a bath,
because he took off all his clothes!   Ham walked in the tent, and saw our
dad without any clothes on at all!

Ham came running out and yelled, "Shem! Japheth! Guess   what?"    We could not
believe what Ham said. "Dad's drunk and he has taken     off all   his clothes!
What can we do?" So Shem and I took a big jacket and     carried   it into our
dad's tent backwards so we did not see him.     He was   asleep    then so we
covered him up and left as fast as we could.

Our dad woke up and found out he had been drunk and taken off all his
clothes.   He was ashamed. He was even more ashamed that we boys had found
out that he got drunk.    Our dad was really angry with Ham because he saw
him with no clothes on.   "Ham! Shem! Japheth! Get in here!" he yelled. We
ran to see what our dad wanted.

"Ham, your name is not Ham any more. Your name is Canaan now. You will be
a slave to your brothers because you looked at me when I was naked," our
dad said, "Shem and Japheth, God will bless you and your brother will serve
you, because you covered me up and did not look at me when I was drunk."We
boys learned right then what drinking wine can do to you. I hope YOU never
get drunk EVER.

What did Noah do wrong?
Why was Noah angry with Ham?
                            The Tower (Gen 11)

Hello, I lived in Shinar.    My friends and I used to live in one big city
here.   We used to be like one big, happy family. We all talked the same,
walked the same, worked the same, and played the same. We did everything
together. One day one of our men had an idea.

"Let's build a tower up to heaven!" he said.  "That's a good idea!" we all
said.   So we scraped some tar up off of the ground and we made clay into
bricks. We used the bricks to build with and we put tar in between them to
hold them together. We had a pretty good start on our tower, too.

Then God saw what we were doing.   He said, "All the people speak the same
language. They can do whatever they want. Let's make them speak different
languages so that they cannot understand each other." So God made us all
speak different languages. We could not understand each other any more, so
we had to move away from the city.    We never finished the tower, either.
This is why there are different languages now.

What did the people want to do in Shinar?
What did God do to the people? Why?
                         God Calls Abram (Gen 12)

My name is Abram. God called me when I lived in Haran. My family was from
Ur in Chaldea.    My dad wanted to take us to live in Canaan, but we stopped
to rest in Haran.    My dad Terah just stayed in Haran until he died.   When
he died my wife Sarai and I did not know what to do.      My nephew Lot was
with us, but he did not know what to do, either.

God used to talk to the head of each family.    I knew God talked to my dad
Terah, but God had never talked to me before. When God talked to me, I was
surprised. "Abram, Abram!" God called.       "Now go away from your father's
house and leave all your relatives.   I will show you where to go.    I will
make your family into a big nation. I will give them land to live on and I
will make you great.   I will help the people who help you and I will hurt
the people who want to hurt you.    One of your great-great-great grandsons
will help all the people on earth."

I did not know what to say.    God had promised me so much.    I did not
deserve all the good things that God had promised me.   And all God wanted
me to do was obey Him.   I could not tell God "No" because He was so kind
and good. So I promised God that I would obey Him.

"Sarai, Lot, get ready to move!" I told them.     So we got all our clothes
packed and all our animals and our servants together.    I was 75 years old
when we left Haran.   We all made it to the land of Canaan, safe and sound.
There were many people called Canaanites living nearby, but we were not
afraid of them.     God had promised to take care of us.    When we got to
Shechem, there was a huge oak tree called Moreh. God talked to me there at
Shechem, and promised me "I will give your great-great grandchildren this
land." I was very happy, so I built an altar to God and put sacrifices on

Next we moved on to Bethel and we camped between Bethel and Ai. We spent
the night and I built another altar to God here and worshiped God here.
Then we moved south with all our animals and servants.

What did God promise Abram?
What did God ask Abram to do?
                       Abram Goes to Egypt (Gen 12)

There was no rain in the land of Canaan so there was not much food. Someone
told me, "Abram, I hear there is food in Egypt." So I took my family and
all my servants and all my animals and went to Egypt. Before we got there,
I told Sarai, "Look! You are a very nice looking woman. The king of Egypt,
the pharaoh may want to marry you.    So say that you are my sister so that
they will not kill me and marry you."

We got into Egypt and the men there noticed Sarai right away. The Egyptian
men told Pharaoh, "There is a beautiful woman who just got into town!"
Pharaoh said, "Well, don't just stand there! Find out if she is married or
not and find out her name! If she is not married, bring her to me. I need
another good wife or two." So the men asked Sarai, "Are you married? Is
this man your husband?" Sarai said, "No, he's my brother. I am single." So
the men took Sarai and brought her to live in Pharaoh's house.

Pharaoh gave me lots of sheep and goats and cows and donkeys and servants.
But God was not happy that Sarai was living in Pharaoh's house.     God made
all Pharaoh's family and all his servants very sick.    Then Pharaoh figured
out the truth.    Pharaoh called Abram and said, "What do you mean, letting
me almost marry your wife! You did not tell me she was your wife. Now all
my servants and family are sick because you did not tell the truth. Shame
on you, Abram! Now take your wife and all your animals and all of your
servants and all of your things and get out of my sight.    I never want to
see any of you ever again." Pharaoh sent men from his army to make sure we
left the country.    So we left Egypt and walked north, back to Canaan where
we came from.

Where did Abram go?
What did Abram tell Sarai to say? Was this right?
What happened because Abram did not tell the truth?
Why should we tell the truth?
                       Lot And Abram Argue   (Gen 13)

My nephew, Lot was angry with me. "Uncle Abram," he said, "There is just
not enough room around here for both of us." I said, "Let's not fight over
land.   You just take the land you want and I will take the rest." So we
walked outside and looked the land over.     Lot wanted the valley of the
Jordan river, near Sodom and Gomorrah. God had not destroyed these cities
yet. Now the men of Sodom were very bad. They did not obey God at all.

So Lot took his animals and his family and moved toward the city of Sodom.
God told me, "Abram, do not worry about the land Lot has. Look at the rest
of the land. I will give this land to your great-great grandchildren. Just
keep on obeying Me. Your family will be very large. You will have so many
great-great-great grandchildren that counting them will be like trying to
count the grains of sand on the beach.   Look the land over, Abram, because
it will belong to your great-great-great grandchildren."

Why was Lot angry?
What did Abram give Lot?
What did God promise Abram?
                       Nine Kings Go To War (Gen 14)

Four kings took their armies out to go to war.    They went to war against
almost the whole land of Canaan.    They won every battle they fought. But
the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah took three other kings and got their armies
together.   The kings of Sodom and Gomorrah were tired of the four kings
always having their way.

Well, I was one of Lot's slaves. When the four kings won the battle, they
captured the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah. They took Lot's family prisoner,
too. I just got away because I was out in the field when the kings came. I
ran and ran to tell Abram what had happened.  I hoped I was not too late.

"Abram, sir! Help, help!" I yelled.      I was so tired from running that I
could hardly talk.   "What is it?" Abram said.   "It's your nephew, Lot," I
said, "The four kings took him prisoner along with the kings of Sodom and
Gomorrah. And I barely got away with my life!"

Abram called all 318 of men.   They were Abram's slaves.   Abram called his
friends, Aner, Eschol, and Mamre to help. They brought their slaves, too.
We rode with Abram all night and chased the four kings all the way past
Damascus to the north of Damascus.    We men fought the four king's men and
won!   So we brought the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah back and Abram brought
Lot and his family back home, too.

On our way back home, we passed the city of Salem, now called Jerusalem.
The king of Salem came out to meet us.         He was named Melchizedek.
Melchizedek brought out bread and wine for Abram. Melchizedek was a priest
of God. "God has blessed you, Abram." Melchizedek said, "God has let you
win the battle against your enemies." Because Melchizedek was God's
priest, Abram gave Melchizedek one tenth of all the money, animals, and
clothes he had taken from the four kings.

Then the king of Sodom told Abram, "Give me my people back and you can keep
the money and the animals and the clothes." "No way," Abram said, "I do
not want you to say 'I made Abram rich. ' Aner, Eschol, and Mamre may take
what they want, but I will not take anything of yours."

What happened to Lot?
Who rescued Lot?
What did Abram give Melchizedek?
                      God Talks to Abram    (Gen 15)

My name is Abram. God talked to me one night.   I was afraid, but God told
me not to be afraid.     God said, "I am your shield.   I will reward you
Abram." I said, "Lord, what are you going to give me?     How can you keep
all your promises to me about my grandchildren? I do not even have a son,
so how can I have any grandchildren? Please give me a son."

God told me, "Don't worry, Abram.     I will make sure you get a son. Look
up, Abram." I looked up at the night sky. "What do you see, Abram?" God
asked me.   I said, "Well, I see stars--lots and lots of stars." God told
me, "Try to count the stars." I could not count them, so God said, "I will
give you many many great-grandchildren.      You will have so many great-
grandchildren that no one will be able to count them." I was very glad to
hear this, because one of my servants, Eliezer, who was born in Damascus
was going to be in charge of the other servants if I did not have a son.

I was glad to hear this promise from God. I was glad God was finally going
to give me a son.   I believe everything God says is going to happen.  God
said, "Remember, Abram, I helped you come into Canaan from Ur. I will give
this land to your great-grandchildren." I said, "Well Lord, how do I know
that You will give us this land?"

God told me, "I'll make a deal with you, Abram. Bring Me a three year old
calf, a three year old female goat and a three year old male goat. Bring me
a dove and a little pigeon." I ran to get the animals.    I killed them and
cut the large animals in half and brought them to God. The birds came down
from the sky and tried to eat the meat of the animals. So I kept yelling
and slapping the birds to keep them away from the meat.   It was morning by
now and I stayed awake all that day and kept chasing the birds away.

That night the birds stopped bothering the meat and I fell asleep.   I was
so tired from all that work. I was really sleeping good when it got so dark
that I could feel it.      I was scared now but God started to talk to me
again. "Abram!" God said, "Your great-grandchildren will be slaves in
another country.   They will be slaves for 430 years.   But don't worry. I
will take care of them.      I will punish the people who will keep them
slaves.   I will make your great-great-great-grandchildren very rich.     I
will bring them out into this land, the land of Canaan.    This will happen
long after you die, Abram." Then I saw a bright fire and a lot of smoke
like a big oven come right in the middle of the meat that I had set out.

God told me, "Abram, now you can believe me. Do you see that flame that I
put in the middle of that meat?       Now you know that I always keep My
promises.   I will give your great-grandchildren's grandchildren this land.
I will give them all the land as far as you can see.   I will give them the
land from the edge of Egypt to the Euphrates river.   I will drive out all
the people who live here so that your great-great grandchildren can live
here. Remember My promise, Abram."

So I woke up.   I was very happy that God made such good promises to me.     I
know that God ALWAYS keeps His promises.

What did God promise Abram?   Does God always keep his promises?   Do you?
                      Abram Marries Hagar    (Gen 16)

My name is Sarai.  I am Abram's wife.   I know God promised Abram and me a
son, but we haven't got one yet.   What can we do? ...... I know! I have
an idea.

"Abram, Abram!" I said.    "What is it, honey?" he answered me. "You know
how God has promised us a son?" I asked. "Well, I've been thinking. Let's
help God out some. You may marry my slave, Hagar. Maybe God will give you
a son faster if you have more than one wife."

Abram said that was all right with him.    So he and Hagar, my servant got
married.   It was my idea, all right. But boy, was I jealous. I wanted to
have a baby, myself. Abram love me, but I did not get as much attention as
I used to.     Pretty soon I couldn't stand to look at Hagar.  So I asked
Abram another favor: "Abram, honey, I need a favor."

He was in a good mood, so he said, "Sure, honey, name it." Now was my
chance. "You know your slave-wife, Hagar?     Well, she has been causing me
trouble lately.   She needs to be taught a lesson or two.   May I teach her
some manners, please?" "Sure, honey," Abram said, "Do whatever you want

So I really made life tough for Hagar. I gave her lots of extra work to do.
I made sure she got only bones and crumbs to eat. I even slapped her a few
times just to let her know that I was Abram's REAL wife.   I sure let Hagar
know I was boss. Hagar got so upset one day that she ran away out into the
desert.   My plan was working out just fine.    I was sure glad to see them
go. I had really wanted to get rid of her ever since Abram married her. Now
maybe Abram would pay more attention to ME.

Well, Hagar did not stay out in the desert for long. God sent His angel to
look for her. God's angel found Hagar by a little water hole in the desert
on the way to Shur, which is to the south, almost to Egypt. God's angel
told Hagar, "Go back home to Sarai, no matter how bad she treats you. God
will give you a son.   Your son will be strong, and his children will live
to the east of their relatives. Name him Ishmael, which means 'God hears
'." So Hagar come back home and had her baby.   She named him Ishmael.   I
was even more jealous than before.

Who was Hagar?
How did Sarai treat Hagar?
Who found Hagar in the wilderness?
                   God Gives Abram a New Name   (Gen 17)

"Abram, Abram!" "Abram, Abram!" God was calling me! God told me, "Abram,
you keep on doing what I tell you to. Keep on obeying Me." God said, "I
will bless you and make your grandchildren into a big big family of

I was 99 years old then, and I was so surprised that I fell down on my face
and God kept on talking to me. "Abram, your family will be SO big that one
day whole countries will call you their father.   Your name is not going to
be Abram any more.   Abram only means great father. Your new name is going
to be Abraham, which means 'father of nations'.       Some of your great
grandchildren will be kings and princes.      I will always be with your
grandchildren if they will obey Me."

Next, God told me what He was going to do for Sarai, my wife. "Abram, your
wife will not be called Sarai any more.     Her name will be Sarah, which
means princess.   Sarah will have a baby boy, and his grandchildren will be
kings." I almost could not believe all the things God was going to do for
me and Sarah.    I even laughed and told God, "How can Sarah and I have a
baby?    She is 90 years old, and I am 100 years old. Please, God, let
Ishmael become the father of kings and many nations."        God told me,
"Believe Me, Abraham, Sarah and you will have a baby boy, just like I told
you.   I will bless Ishmael, too, and 12 of his children will be great
princes.    But Sarah will have as son. Name him Isaac.     Isaac will be
greater than Ishmael." Then God stopped talking to me.

Who laughed at God?
Whose names were changed?   To what?   Why?
                     Three Men Visit Abraham   (Gen 18)

God was talking to me, Abraham, again. It was so hot outside that I could
not walk out into the field.    I was sitting in the shade of the oak trees
in Mamre right by my tent door. It was so hot that the breeze did not even
move the leaves in the oak tree.     I looked up and the bright sun almost
made me blind.   Then I saw them.    Away off on the next hill, I saw three
men walking along alone.    The men did not have any camels or donkeys with
them.   The men got closer.       It was bad manners not to go meet your
visitors, so I ran out to meet the strangers.

I ran out to the men before they got close to my tent.     I bowed down and
said "Welcome, friends!      Please do me the honor to come to my house for
lunch.    It is hot outside.   You should not be walking outside.   Come and
set yourselves down under this tree and rest awhile." The men said, "That
sounds great!" So I brought out water and made the servants wash the men's
feet.    I ran into the tent and yelled, "Sarah, we've got company!" I told
Sarah, "Hurry, fix three big jars of flour and bake your best bread for our
guests."    I ran out back while the men were resting and grabbed a young
calf and gave it to one of my servants: "Here, kill this calf and roast it
over the fire, and hurry up; we've got company." So the servant killed the
calf and roasted it over the fire.    I brought out milk and cottage cheese
for the men to eat with their meat and their fresh baked bread.    The whole
place smelled like fresh bread and barbecue meat.       The servants could
hardly wait until everyone was through eating so they could eat some, too.

The men said, "Where is your wife, Sarah?" I said, "Sirs, she is over
there in the tent." One of the men said, "By the time I come visit you
again next year, she will have a baby boy." Sarah was hiding in the door
of the tent listening.   Sarah laughed to herself and said, "How can I have
a baby when I am so old?" Then God asked Abraham, "Am I a weak God? Do I
make promises I cannot keep?    Your wife Sarah will have a son next year."
Now Sarah was afraid and said, "I didn't laugh." But God said, "You did,
too; I heard you."

Who came to see Abraham?
Why did Sarah laugh?
                      Abraham Talks to God   (Gen 18)

It's me, Abraham. The three men got ready to leave, so I walked with them
a little ways. They were on their way to the city of Sodom, to look at it.
God talked to me again: "Abram, you will become the father of many nations.
One of your great great great grandchildren will be a blessing to the whole
world. Now, Abraham, look down at the city of Sodom. That city is a very
bad place.    The men of Sodom have not obeyed Me at all.    I am very sad
about the people in Sodom. I am going to have to punish them. They are SO
bad, that I am going to have to get rid of the whole city."

I said, "Father in Heaven, please wait! What if there are 50 good people
in Sodom?   Will you destroy the city if 50 good people are there?" God
said, "No, Abraham, I will not destroy the city if 50 good people are

I asked God again, "Father, I know You are good and You always do what is
right.   I know You would not get rid of the city if there are 45 good
people there." God said, "All right, Abraham, I will do what you want. I
will not get rid of Sodom if there are 45 good people living there."

I kept right on asking God, "Well, Lord, what if there are 40 good people
in Sodom? Please do not destroy Sodom if there are 40 good people there!"
"OK, I will not destroy Sodom if I find 40 good people there, " God
promised me.

I asked God again, "Please, Father, do not be angry with me.      I need to
talk to you again.     Please do not get rid of Sodom if there are only 30
good people there." God said, "Abraham, I will not destroy Sodom if there
are 30 good people there."

Then I was afraid, but I kept on talking to God anyway. "Please, Father, I
have prayed to four times today. You have answered me 'Yes' four times
today.   I am praying to You again.   Please listen to me:  Please do not
destroy Sodom if there are 20 good people there." "I will not destroy
Sodom if there are only 20 good people there."

I prayed to God one more time: "Dear Father, please do not be angry with
me. I need to ask you just this one more thing. What if there are 10 good
people in Sodom?" God told me, "Don't worry, Abraham. If there are just 10
good people in Sodom, I will not hurt the city." So Abraham went back to
his tent and thought about what God had said.

What did God say He was going to do?
What did Abraham ask God?
          God Destroys Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 19, II Pet 2:7-8)

My name is Lot.    I am Abraham's nephew. I decided to live in Sodom instead
of with Abraham   out in the field. I liked being in Sodom at first, but then
I found out the   the people were very bad. Finally the people disobeyed God
so much that I    could not stand it.   Even some of my family started acting
like the people   who lived in Sodom. I was very sad.

Late one evening, God sent two angels to Sodom.     I saw them out in the
street.   I knew right away that they were from God. I bowed down in front
of them and said, "Sirs, please come home with me and spend the night. You
can wash your feet and get some rest.   In the morning you can get up early
and keep on traveling." The angels angels said, "No, we will spend the
night out here in the street." I said, "No, please come home with me. I
would feel bad if you had to spend the night out in the street.     So the
angels came home with me. My wife cooked a big dinner for the men and baked
flat bread without salt or yeast.

Now, the angels looked like men. The evil men who lived in Sodom followed
the angels to Lot's house. By the time the angels were finished with
supper, the evil men of Sodom were all around my house. They yelled, "Lot,
Lot!" and banged on my door.    They yelled, "Bring out the two men in your
house.    We will hurt them!" I was afraid, and I walked out the front door
and closed it behind me.    I said, "Please, do not hurt the men that have
come to my house to spend the night." But the evil men did not listen to
me.    The evil men said, "Just do you think you are, telling us what to do?
Who told you you were so big?" The evil men tried to break down my front
door, but the angels made the men of Sodom blind. Even though the evil men
were blind, they still tried to find my door. So the angels reached out and
pulled me inside the house.     The evil men stayed outside all night trying
to break in my house. I was really afraid.

The angels told me, "God is going to destroy this city, because the people
do not obey God." The angels asked me, "Where is your family? You are all
going to have to get out of town.   God is going to destroy Sodom." So I
told my daughters' husbands, "Come on, let's get out of town; God is going
to destroy the city!" But they did not believe me.   By now it almost was
getting light outside, and the angels said, "It's time to go; lets get out
of town before God destroys the city!" But I was so afraid that I could
not move. So the angels grabbed me and my wife and my two daughters by the
hand and pulled us along. "Hurry up, hurry up!" the angels said.

The angels got us outside the city, and they told us, "Run for your life!
Run up into the mountains! Do not look back, or you will die." So we ran up
into the mountains.   And God rained fire and burning sulfur down on Sodom
and Gomorrah and the cities were burned up.     All the people who did not
obey God were burned up.   But my wife did not obey God.   She looked back
to the city and God turned her into a big chunk of salt.    I was very sad.
I was sorry I had ever moved to such a bad city as Sodom.

Who visited Lot?
What did God do to Sodom and Gomorrah?
What happened to Lot's wife? Why?
                       Abraham Tells A Lie (Gen 20)

My name is Abraham.     After God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, I took my
family and moved south to Gerar.   The king of Gerar was Abimelech.   I was
afraid that Abimelech would want to marry Sarah.       I was afraid that
Abimelech   would kill me just to marry Sarah. So I told a lie.     I told
Abimelech:   "Sarah is my sister." I did not think about what happened the
LAST time I told somebody that Sarah was my sister.

Well, Abimelech almost married Sarah.      But God talked to Abimelech in a
dream.    "Abimelech," God said, "You will die if you touch Sarah. She is
married."    Abimelech was afraid, and told God, "I have not touched her;
please do not hurt me or my people! I did not know she was married!
Abraham told me she was his sister!" God said, "Abimelech, I know that you
did not mean to do anything wrong, so I did not let you touch Sarah. Now,
give Abraham back his wife.    Abraham speaks for Me. Abraham will pray for
you and your family will be well again."

So Abimelech gave me my wife Sarah back and told me, "What have you done to
me?   Why did you not tell me that Sarah was your wife?" I was ashamed and
said, "I was afraid. I thought that no one here would obey God, so I told
you that Sarah was my wife.   Besides, Sarah really is my sister; she is my
half-sister."   So Abimelech gave me sheep and cows and servants and 1,000
pieces of silver. Abimelech told Sarah, "Here, I have given your brother
1,000 pieces of silver to show that I have not touched you." So I prayed
to God, and God made Abimelech's family well again.

What did Abraham do wrong?
Should we ever lie?
                          Isaac Is Born      (Gen 21)

My name is Hagar.     I am Ishmael's mother; Abraham's other wife.     When
Sarah's son Isaac was born, all the people were happy. Abraham gave a big
dinner and all the neighbors came. But I was sad. Now my son Ishmael would
not be Abraham's favorite son.   Now Abraham would not pay attention to me
or my son. Ishmael did not like Isaac, either.      He made fun of Isaac in
front of Sarah.   Well, Sarah told Abraham, "Look what that slave woman's
boy is saying about your son! Let's get rid of them both!"

So Sarah threw us out of camp. Abraham was sad, but God told him to let
Sarah throw us out. We only had a jug of water and some bread. We had to
start walking by ourselves out into the desert.  The water was soon, gone
and it was hot. We were close to where Beersheba is today. I did not want
to see my son die of thirst, so I put him under a bush and ran off to cry.

"Don't cry," an angel said, "God has plans for your son. His grandchildren
will be a great nation, too." Then God showed me a water well close by. I
ran and filled up my water jug and gave my boy a drink.    Ishmael and I
lived out in the desert. He grew up, and was very good with a bow and
arrow. So I picked out a wife for him from Egypt and they were married. I
was glad God took care of me and my son.

What happened to Hagar and Ishmael?   Why?
Did God take care of Ishmael?
                        God Tests Abraham   (Gen 22)

My name is Isaac.    For as long as I can remember, my dad, Abraham has
always believed God.  He has obeyed God, too, most of the time.     My dad
loved God very much. One day, God wanted to find out how much my dad loved
Him. So God told my dad to take me up on a mountain and offer me to God on
an altar.

My dad called me, "Isaac, Isaac!" "Yes, dad?" I said. "Come on, son, we're
going someplace.   So my dad took a donkey and two servants and got packed.
My dad even split some wood and loaded it onto the donkey. So the servants
and the donkey went with my dad and I.   We started walking. We walked for
three days!   Well, we finally got to the bottom of a mountain. So my dad
told the servants, "Stay here with the donkey, while we go to worship God."

My dad took the wood and put it on my back. It was very hard to walk up the
mountain with wood on my back.   But I loved my dad so much that I would do
anything for him.     "Dad, " I asked, "I have been wondering about
something." "What's that, son?" "Well, dad, you know that whenever we go
to worship God, we always bring a lamb with us. This time we did not bring
a lamb, did we?" My dad almost could not talk, he was so sad. "Son, God
will give a lamb for us to give to Him."

When we got to the top of the mountain, my dad built an altar out of   rocks.
Then he put the wood on top of the rocks. Next, my dad tied me up.     Then I
knew: I was going to be offered to God.    I was afraid, but I loved   my dad
so much that I lay still on top of the rocks.    My dad took out his    knife
and was about to kill me, but an angel called, "Abraham, Abraham!"     My dad
said, "Here I am, sir." The angel said, "Do not hurt your son.         I know
that you love God, because you were willing to give up your son."        Then
my dad looked around, and he saw a ram (male lamb) caught in a bush.    So we
offered that lamb to God.   My dad was very glad that he got to keep   me. I
was very glad that my dad loved God so much.

What did God tell Abraham to do?
What did Isaac ask Abraham?
                            Sarah Dies (Gen 23)

My name is Ephron. I live in the city called Hebron. I own some good land
near town and I raise sheep and goats.    I also grow some food like wheat
and barley. The other day a very rich man came to town. He had many sheep
and goats and many, many servants.     His name was Abraham, and he was a
Hebrew.   All my relatives and all the people in Hebron knew Abraham. They
all respected Abraham.   The older men in Hebron listened carefully to what
Abraham had to say. I was sitting by the gate of the city listening to the
older men, too.

Abraham told them, "My wife Sarah was 127 years old, but she died
yesterday.   I do not own a grave to bury her in." The men of Hebron said,
"Sir, we are so sad to hear about your wife dying. We want to make things
easier for you.     We will let you have any of our family graves that you
want." But Abraham said, "Thank you for your kind words. I want my wife
Sarah to be buried in the field Ephron owns. There is a cave in that field
called Machpelah. Please ask Ephron to sell me the field."

I looked around at the older men. I told Abraham, "Sir, you are a great
man.    I want you to bury your wife in my field. I will give you the field
free."    Abraham bowed to the older men and said to me, "Please listen to
me.    Thank you for being so kind to me.   I know you want me to be happy.
But I want to pay you for the field." I said to Abraham, "Sir, the land is
worth 400 pieces of silver, but that is not worth arguing about. Take the
land as my present to you." But Abraham paid me the 400 silver pieces
anyway.    This is the kind of man Abraham was.     He was always fair and
honest. So I gave Abraham the deed to the land, and he buried his wife
Sarah in the cave in the field.

Who came to Hebron?
What did he want?
Why did Abraham not take the land free?
                         A Wife For Isaac (Gen 24)

I am Abraham's oldest servant. I am in charge of everything Abraham has.
One day Abraham called me in. He said to me, "Put your hand under my leg
and swear to me that you will obey me." "Yes, sir," I said, "I will do
whatever you ask me to do."

Abraham told me, "Now my son Isaac is almost 40 years old and I am a very
old man.   Isaac needs a wife. I do not want him marrying any of the women
from around here. The women around here in the land of Canaan do not
worship God.   I want Isaac to marry a woman who worships God. So you must
go back east to my relatives and find a wife there for Isaac."

"Sir," I said, "What happens if the woman I choose does not want to marry
Isaac? Should I bring Isaac back east to live?" "NO!" Abraham shouted. "Do
NOT take my son Isaac back east to live.     Trust God to show you a good
woman for Isaac to marry. God will send His angel to help you find Isaac a
good wife." Abraham said, "Now, if the woman you choose does not want to
marry Isaac, you may come back here; but do not even THINK about bringing
Isaac back east." So I put my hand under Abraham's leg and swore that I
would do what he told me to do.

I took 10 camels and loaded them down with all kinds of good food and gold
and silver. I took a few other servants with me, too. We rode east to the
city called Nahor, where Abraham used to live. It was hot and dry and dusty
all the way there. All the camels and the men were very tired and thirsty.
We stopped outside the city beside the well.   It was getting dark, and it
was almost time for the women to come out of the city to get water.

I prayed to God.   I asked God to help me find the right woman for Isaac to
marry.   I asked God to show me the right woman for Isaac. I asked God to
let the woman God had chosen to give all the men and the camels enough
water to drink. Just then, I saw a beautiful young woman coming out of the
city with a jar on her shoulder. After she had filled her jar, I ran out to
meet her and said, "Please give me a drink." She said, "Drink, sir."      I
took a big drink of water, and she said, "I will bring water for your
camels until they have had enough water." So she brought jar after jar of
water. All the camels finally were full and she stopped getting water.

So I gave the young lady a gold ring and two gold bracelets. I asked, "Who
are you?    Who is your family?" She told me that she was Abraham's great
niece (brother's granddaughter).   She said, "Sir, we have plenty of food
for your camels and a place for you and your men to stay. Please come home
with us." So she ran home and told her brother, Laban, what had happened.
Laban took one look at the gold ring and the gold bracelets and he ran out
to the well to meet me. Laban told me, "Come in, sir! God has blessed me
today."   So we went to Rebekah's house and our camels ate while we washed
our feet off.

"Well, what do you want?" Laban said. I explained how God had shown me
Rebekah.   I told him how Abraham wanted Isaac to marry a woman who
worshiped God.   Laban said, "It is all right for Rebekah to marry Isaac,
but let her stay at least ten more days." But I said, "God has blessed me,
so please let me hurry home to Abraham and Isaac." So in the morning I
took the camels and men and Rebekah and started for home.
              Isaac and Rebekah Have Twins (Gen 24:61-25:34)

My name is Rebekah.     When I left my brother Laban's house, I took some
servants with me. When we got close to where Isaac was, I saw a man out in
the field.   It was almost evening, and Isaac was taking a walk out in the
field, praying to God.    I asked Abraham's servant, "Who is that man?" He
said, "He is Isaac." So I put my veil on before he could see me.      Isaac
and I were married that day, and we were very happy.

Isaac and I had two fine boys, named Jacob and Esau. Esau was the oldest;
he was red and hairy when he was born.   Jacob was smooth when he was born.
When the boys were born, Jacob grabbed Esau's foot.     Both boys grew up.
Esau was a good hunter, and liked to be outside all the time. But Jacob
liked to stay at home and raise sheep and goats.

Esau and Jacob did not get along very well. They were always arguing about
something.   Jacob was jealous of Esau because Esau was such a good hunter.
And Esau did not care for Jacob because he thought Jacob was really a
"sissy".   One day, Esau was out hunting.    He came in, tired and hungry,
like he always did.   So Jacob decided to get even with Esau. Jacob made a
big pot of red stew near the place where Esau would pass on his way home.
That stew REALLY smelled good.

Just then, Esau came stumbling along. "Give me some stew, " he said. Jacob
said, "First sell me your birthright and you can have all the stew." Now,
the birthright meant that the oldest son would be in charge when his father
died. Esau did not care about becoming the head of the family; he wanted to
eat, so he said, "All right, Jacob, you can have my birthright. Now,
where's that stew." "First swear to me that you mean it, " Jacob said, so
Esau swore to Jacob that he could have his birthright. So Jacob gave Esau
the stew. Esau did not care very much about his birthright.

What is a birthright?
Did Jacob and Esau get along well?
                        Isaac Tells A Lie (Gen 26)

My name is Abimelech.    I am king of the Philistines in Gerar.   Isaac was
going to go to Egypt to find food, because there was no more food in the
land of Canaan.   But God told Isaac not to go to Egypt, that He would take
care of Isaac. So Isaac came to live near me in Gerar. My men asked about
Rebekah, "Who is this woman?" Isaac did not want to tell them that she was
his wife. He was afraid that they would kill him and marry her. So he lied
and told the men that Rebekah was his sister.

Isaac lived near me for a long time. One day, I was looking out the window
of my palace.   I saw Isaac hugging Rebekah. I could tell that Rebekah was
Isaac's wife.   So I called Isaac inside, "Come here, man!      What are you
doing to us? Rebekah is really your wife, but you told my men that she was
your sister! Shame on you, Isaac!" Isaac said, "Sir, I was afraid that
someone would kill me and take Rebekah if I said she was my wife." I said,
"You are wrong, Isaac. People around here respect marriage. You just have
to be honest with us and let us know you are married." I told all my men,
"Stay away from Isaac and his wife, or I will have you killed."

Isaac stayed for a year or so and planted grain and became very rich.    I
told him, "Isaac, you are too rich to stay here with me.       My men are
jealous of you.    So move away and take your animals with you." So Isaac
moved a little way off. His servants and my servants kept arguing over the
which water belonged to who. Abraham, Isaac's father had dug wells, but my
men had stopped them up with dirt.      So Isaac had his men dig them out
again.   Isaac named the wells the same names that Abraham named them.
Every time Isaac's servants would dig a well, MY servants would say THEY
owned it. Then Isaac's men would dig another well, and my servants would
say THEY owned it.    Digging wells was hard work, but Isaac made his men
keep digging wells until my servants did not argue about the water.

Finally, Isaac moved to Beersheba.    God talked to Isaac there, and said,
"Isaac, I will bless you. Your great-grandchildren will be a great nation.
I will give you the blessings that I promised your father, Abraham." I went
to visit Isaac at Beersheba but I brought the general of my army along.
Isaac said, "Why have you come to visit me? Don't you hate me?" I said, "I
do not hate you, Isaac.     I know that God blesses you, so let's make an
agreement.   You promise not to hurt me or my men, and we will promise not
to hurt you or your men."

Isaac said, "That sounds good to me." Then Isaac had his servants cook a
big dinner there for me and my men.   We had a good time, and we spent the
night there.   We got up in the morning and were ready to go.   I promised
Isaac that I would not hurt him or his men, and Isaac promised me that he
would not hurt me or my men.    So we left and went home.   Just after we
left, we heard the news that Isaac's men had finished digging another well.
Isaac called the well Shibnah. It is near the city of Beersheba.

What did Isaac tell Abimelech and his men?
Why did Abimelech want Isaac to leave?
What did Abimelech and Isaac promise?
               Jacob Gets Esau's Blessing (Gen 26:34-27:45)

"My name is Jacob.  I am still very jealous of Esau.   I am worried.   Our
dad, Isaac is getting old. He is going to bless Esau, and I might lose my
birthright, too.   Now our dad is telling Esau to go out and hunt deer for
my dad to eat. My dad loves deer meat. I will ask my mother what to do."

"Mom, what do I do? Dad told Esau to go hunt for deer meat for him. I am
afraid that Esau will get the blessing instead of me." My mother, Rebekah,
said, "Don't worry, son. Just do what I tell you to. Your dad cannot see
very well any more.   So get me two young goats from the flock." I brought
her two young goats. My mother took the goats and cooked them so that they
tasted just like tender deer meat.

"But Mother, " I said, "I am not hairy like Esau. When dad touches my arm,
he will know it I am not Esau." My mother said, "Here, put the skins of
the goats on your arms and neck, and wear some of your brother's best
clothes. Do what I say, and don't worry about what might happen."

So I took the tender goat meat and wore Esau's clothes and the goat skins.
I went to my dad, Isaac's tent. "Dad?" I said. "Who is it?" my dad said.
"I'm Esau, your oldest boy," I said.    I lied to my dad.   I said, "Please
get up, and eat the food I brought for you, and bless me." My dad asked
me, "Why are you back so soon? Deer hunting takes a long time, especially
this time of year." I said, "God helped me find the deer soon." My dad
said, "Come closer, so I can touch you. I want to make sure you are really
Esau." I let my dad touch my hands and my neck. I was afraid that he might
find out that I was not really Esau. But he believed me.    He said, "You
sound like Jacob, but you feel like Esau." So he ate the tender goat meat
and asked, "Are you REALLY Esau?" "I sure am!" I said.    So my dad blessed
me and told me this:

"You are like a good field that God has blessed.     May God give you many
good things.   May your land always grow lots of food. Other families will
obey your family and your brothers will serve you.    God will bless those
who are good to you, and punish those who hurt you."

I ran outside as soon as I could, and I saw Esau coming in with his deer
meat. Esau came and told dad, "Here I am, dad. Please eat this deer meat
and bless me." Then dad said, "Who are you?" Esau said, "I'm Esau, your
oldest boy." Then our dad said, "Who just came and brought me food?     I
just blessed someone else!    And I only have one blessing to give!" Then
Esau said, "Please bless me, too!" So our dad said, "I cannot give you
much, but I can tell you this:"

"You will live a hard life in the desert.    You will always be at war and
you will have to obey your brother.   One day, you will be stronger than he
is, and you will not have to obey him any more."

Esau was very sad and cried and cried. He hated me because I got our dad's
blessing and birthright.   In fact, Esau planned to kill me right after our
dad died. So I was very afraid of Esau.

What did Isaac ask Esau to get for him?
How did Isaac bless Jacob?
                        Jacob Has a Dream (Gen 28)

My name is Jacob.    My brother Esau is angry with me. He wants to kill me.
I had to run away back east.    So my dad Isaac called me and told me, "Son,
do not marry a woman from Canaan.      Go back east and marry a woman who
worships God.     You should go to your uncle's house and marry one of his
relatives. God will bless you and make your grandchildren into a great
nation. May God give you the blessings of Abraham." So I ran off toward
the east.

One evening, when it was almost dark, I stopped near a town called Luz. I
spent the night there and used a rock for my pillow.     I was soon fast
asleep.   Suddenly I had a dream. I saw a big ladder on the earth. It was
so tall, that its top reached all the way up to heaven! I saw God's angels
climbing up and down on it.    I was afraid.   God even talked to me. God
said, "I am your God. Abraham and Isaac worshiped me.      I own the whole
world.   I will give the land of Canaan to your great-great grandchildren.
You will have many, many great-great grandchildren.    They will be a very
strong nation.    One of your great-great-great-great grandchildren will
bless the whole world." God told me, "I will take care of you, and help
you, and I will bring you and your family back to this land. I always keep
My promises."

Then I woke up and I was very afraid.    I thought, "I did not know God was
here!   This is God's house, and I almost saw into heaven last night!"     I
took the rock that I had used for a pillow and set it up as an altar.      I
poured oil on the rock as a gift to God.    I named the place Bethel, which
means house of God.    I promised God that if He would take care of me and
give me food and clothing and bring me back home, I would give God 10% of
everything and I would worship God always." So I kept on walking east.     I
kept thinking about what God had told me.    I was glad God always keeps His

What did Jacob dream?
What did God promise Jacob?
What did Jacob promise God?
                        Jacob Meets Rachel (Gen 29)

My name is Rachel.   Laban is my father.   Laban is Rebekah's brother. One
day I was out in the field taking care of the sheep.    It was hot and the
sheep were very thirsty.   There was a well there, with a big rock on top.
Every day the men would roll the rock away and let the water out for the
animals to drink. And when the animals were done drinking, they would roll
the rock back on the well.   Now, all the sheep were ready for a drink, but
the rock was still on the well. I sure wished someone would come along and
roll the rock away early for a change. The sheep were thirsty NOW.

The other shepherds were boys.   They did not roll the rock away for me and
my father's sheep.   I just did not know what to do.   Then, I saw a man a
long way off, walking from the west.    He was strong and handsome, and he
was very dusty from walking in the desert. His skin was burned dark from
being out in the sun.    This young man saw the well and the sheep there.
Then he saw me. He asked the shepherd boys, "Where do you live?" They told
him, "We live in Haran." The young man asked, "Do you know Laban, Nahor's
son." The boys answered, "We sure do, and Laban's daughter Rachel is right
here with the sheep." The young man said, "Look, it is hot out here in the
sun.   Why don't you give the sheep some water and let them out into the
fields to eat grass?" The boys said, "We cannot get any water for the
sheep until the men come and moved the rock away from the well." I just HAD
to get a closer look at this young man.   I walked slowly over to him, and
as soon as the young man saw me, he walked right up and rolled the rock off
of the well.   The water flowed out, clear and cool, and all my sheep got a
drink first, before any of the other sheep.

Then the young man kissed me and cried out loud, because he was so glad to
see me. "I am one of your relatives," he told me, "my name is Jacob. I am
Rebekah's son."    I was so glad to hear that he was a relative that I ran
home to tell my dad, Laban.    My dad, ran out almost before the words were
out of my mouth.

When did the sheep get water?
Who rolled the rock away? Why?
                       Laban Tricks Jacob   (Gen 29)

My name is Leah. My dad, Laban, told Jacob, "Come, come, my boy! You are a
hard worker and besides, I like you.   You have been working for me for a
month now. What do you want me to pay you? Silver, gold, sheep, land-- you
name it, and it's yours." Jacob thought for just a moment. He said, "Uncle
Laban, I like you. And I REALLY like your daughter, Rachel. I'll tell you
what.   I'll work for you for seven years if you will let me marry Rachel,
your youngest daughter."

"Good choice!" my dad said. "Rachel will make you a fine wife. I will be
glad to have such a hard-working young man in my family." Now, I was older
than Rachel, and Jacob did not even MENTION me. Just because I had an eye
problem, why did Jacob have to like my little sister? It sure seemed that
the baby sister always gets what she wants.

Well, I must admit, Jacob was a hard worker. He loved my sister, Rachel SO
much that the seven years he worked only seemed like a few days to him.
But the seven years seemed like forever to me.     I was going to be an "old
maid".   I would have no husband, and my sister would be married to the
handsome young man from out west.       I was REALLY jealous of my sister,
Rachel.   I tried and tried, every way I knew how, to get Jacob to notice
me, but he did not even LOOK at me.     Jacob only looked at Rachel.   I was
hurt, but I was kind of happy for Rachel. At least ONE of us was going to
marry a good-looking, strong young man.

It was almost time for Jacob to marry my sister, Rachel.    My dad, Laban,
said, "Leah, come over here for a minute." I wondered what he could want.
"Can you keep a secret?" he asked me. I really wondered what was going on,
because my dad never told me anything secret. He said, "How would you like
to mary Jacob?" I said, "What do you mean, dad? Rachel is going to marry
Jacob, not me." He said, "My daughter,      you and I are going to play a
little joke on Jacob.      When he gets married, he can't look under the
bride's veil until AFTER he is married.      He will not know who he is
marrying until it is too late. And besides, it will be dark, and he will
not be able to see whether he is marrying you or Rachel.    So when he gets
married, all you have to do is get into the wedding dress instead of
Rachel. What do you say?" I thought this plan was crazy, and that it could
never work.   Jacob was too smart to be fooled by a little extra makeup and
a veil.   But the plan worked.   Jacob was so excited about getting married
that he did not notice that I was in the wedding dress instead of Rachel.

Well, the next morning, Jacob got a good look at me. Jacob ran out yelling
to my dad, "What have you done to me? Look! I worked hard for you for seven
years, and you gave me the wrong wife! Just what do you mean by that?" My
dad told him, "By the way, I forgot to tell you, that around here, the
oldest daughter always gets married first.   Now settle down, son. You can
marry Rachel, too, if you promise to work for me for another seven years."
So Jacob worked another seven years for Rachel. All this time, I was sad.
Sure, I got to marry Jacob, but he loved Rachel more than he loved me. I
had five boys, but Jacob still loved Rachel more than me.    Why did I ever
listen to my dad's plan?

What did Laban promise Jacob?
What did Laban do to trick Jacob?
                         Jacob Gets Rich (Gen 30)

My name is Laban. I am Leah's and Rachel's father. I am really glad to have
Jacob around.    He and his sons do a lot of work for me out in the field.
They take care of all my animals and do all the hard work. One day, Jacob
came up to me and he said, "You know, I am getting tired of you.      I am
getting ready to go home.    I want to take my wives and my children and go
back west to my father, Isaac." I knew that Jacob was good to have around.
I had to talk him into staying. Then I had an idea.

"Jacob, my boy, come here." I said, "Life here is not so bad, after all, is
it?   You have two lovely wives and a fine family. What more could you ask
for?" He said, "I want something else. I do not want to work for nothing,
you know." I said, "Son, just name your price. You are a good worker. I
do not want to lose you." Jacob said, "I'll stay for a while, but only if
you give me all the black and spotted and striped sheep and goats.     That
way you will know that I do not have any of your animals. You will be able
to look at the sheep and keep all the animals that are not spotted or
striped or black." I said, "All right." I thought that this was a pretty
good deal.   After all, I was getting to keep all the nicest looking sheep
and goats. I figured Jacob was getting the short end of the deal.

Well, God must have been looking out for Jacob. Jacob took all the striped
and spotted and black sheep and goats and gave them to his sons. They took
them away so far from Laban's animals that you had to walk three days just
to get there!   That was fine with me!   I wanted all MY sheep and goats to
look nice.    Pretty soon, Jacob had more sheep and goats than Laban did.
This was because God was taking care of Jacob.

What did Jacob want from Laban?
What did Jacob get to keep?
                       Jacob Runs Away (Gen 31:1-21)

My name is Leah.   All my dad's servants are angry with my husband, Jacob.
They say Jacob cheated my dad out of his sheep and goats.    Even if Jacob
loves Rachel more, I am still tired of living here.      I want to go to
Jacob's father's house out west.    I am tired of my dad's servants making
fun of me and my children.

One night, God told Jacob to leave. God told Jacob to go back to the land
of Canaan where he was born.   Jacob told me and Rachel and our children to
get ready to go. He said, "You know that your dad, Laban has tried to cheat
me.   But God took care of me, and I am rich now.    Do you want to go west
with me, or stay here?" Rachel and I said, "Lets leave. No one around here
cares for us anyway. We love you most, Jacob." So we got ready and ran away
with all our animals.    We rode on camels and got far away before our dad,
Laban even knew we were gone. When he found out that we were gone, we were
almost in the land of Canaan.

Who wanted to go home?
What did Rachel and Leah say about this?
                     The Pile of Rocks (Gen 31:22-55)

By the time my dad, Laban figured out where we had gone, we were already   to
Gilead, on the east side of the Jordan river.     It took him three days   to
find out we were gone, and a week's travel to catch us. I had stolen       my
dad's statues that he worshiped.    I did not tell Leah or Jacob or any    of
the children.

God told my dad, Laban, "Do not tell Jacob anything good or bad."     Laban
asked Jacob, "What do you mean, running off with my daughters and my
grandchildren and my animals? Why did you leave without letting me at least
kissing them 'goodbye '?" Jacob said, "Well, I was afraid that you would
not let me leave." Laban said, "I COULD hurt you, but God told me to leave
you alone.   But why did you have to take my idols with you?   I know that
you do not believe in worshiping idols.   So give them back, and I'll leave

Jacob did not know that I had stolen the idols and had hidden them.  So he
said, "Well, look through all my things. Whoever has stolen your statues
will be killed on the spot." I had put the statues into my camel's saddle,
and was sitting on the saddle.   So Laban, my dad, looked all over for his
statues, but did not find them in Leah's tent, or Jacob's tent. Next, he
came to my tent. "Rachel," he asked, "Do YOU have my statues? I want them,
you know." I said, "I am not feeling well, so please forgive me if I do
not stand up."     So my dad looked all over my tent and did not find the

"See, you went to all that trouble, and did not even find your statues,"
Jacob said, "And you called me a liar and a thief.    I worked hard for you
for 20 years and this is all the thanks I get! I paid you back when animals
ate your sheep or goats, and I never ate any of your meat without asking
permission first.    I worked outside in the cold of winter and when it was
so hot that I almost baked.   You tried to cheat me, and now you won't even
let me go home in peace. I am glad God has helped me. If you had your way,
I would be going home without even the clothes on my back."

My dad, Laban, said, "Now, don't get so upset. Let's promise each other
that we will leave each other alone.    You must not marry any other women
besides my daughters.     I must stay at home and not hurt you or your
family." Jacob said, "Let's build a pile of rocks to show we are friends."
So we all picked up as many big rocks as we could, and put them into a big
pile.   Jacob called the pile of rocks Galeed.   So Jacob offered an animal
to God, and our whole family ate and spent the night there.       The next
morning, Laban, our dad, got up and kissed us goodbye. Then he went home
and we stayed with Jacob.

Who followed Jacob?
What did Rachel steal?
Why was Jacob angry?
                       Jacob Meets an Angel (Gen 32)

I am one of Jacob's servants.    Jacob was getting ready to meet Esau, his
brother.   He was afraid that Esau would still be angry with him.     After
all, Jacob had bought Esau's birthright for a bowl of stew. Jacob told us
that Esau was coming with 400 men! So Jacob told some of us to take half of
the animals, and the rest of us had to take the other half of the animals.
Jacob started to pray to God.    Jacob asked God to keep him safe from his
brother, Esau.

Jacob gave us servants 200 female and 20 male goats, 200 female and 20 male
sheep, 30 mother camels with their baby camels, 40 cows, 10 bulls, 20
female and 10 male donkeys. Jacob told us, "Take these animals on ahead to
Esau.    If he asks what they are, say 'A present for Esau '.    Tell Esau,
'Your servant, Jacob, is right behind us '." So we went on ahead with the

Next, Jacob sent his wives and children on ahead.   He stayed alone by the
small river called Jabbok. Jacob met an angel there, and Jacob started to
wrestle with him. The angel was winning, but Jacob would not let go. The
angel even put Jacob's hip out of joint, but Jacob said, "I will not let
you go unless you bless me." So the angel asked Jacob, "What is you name?"
Jacob told him. The angel said, "From now on, your name is Israel, because
you have wrestled with God and men, and have won." Still Jacob was not
happy.   He asked the angel, "Tell me your name!" But the angel said, "Why
do you want to know that?" Then the angel blessed Jacob and disappeared
just as the sun was coming up.     Jacob's new name, Israel, means "He
wrestles with God."

Who was Jacob afraid to meet?
Who did Jacob wrestle with?
What new name did Jacob receive?
                      Jacob Meets Esau Again (Gen 33)

My name is Esau.   I heard my brother was coming, so I went out to see him.
I saw all the animals my brother, Jacob gave me. But I did not want to see
the animals.   I wanted to see Jacob. I had not seen him in over 20 years.
I saw Jacob's lovely wives and children.   But they all seemed to be afraid
of me.   Just then, Jacob came up and bowed down to the ground seven times.
I was so glad to see him that we hugged each other and cried out loud.

I said, "Brother, there was no need to give me all these animals. I have
enough already. Keep them." But my brother, Jacob, would not keep them.
Then I said, "Come on, come with me. My men will protect you." "You know
that the animals cannot travel fast," Jacob said, "So let me stay here and
live." So Jacob was very glad to see me.   I had forgiven Jacob a long time
ago. After all, brothers are supposed to get along.

Was Esau glad to see Jacob?
Did Jacob go with Esau?
                        Jacob's Favorite Son (Gen 37)

My name is Joseph. I have 11 brothers. Boy, am I lucky! My dad likes me more
than all my brothers.     Why, my dad even gave me a special robe with lots
of colors in it. Do I ever look nice in my fancy coat! My brothers are REALLY
jealous now. Why, just last week I told my dad that they were not taking care
of the sheep right.

Last night I had a dream.      I dreamed that I was out in the field with my
brothers putting wheat into bundles. Well, my brothers' bundles bowed down to
my bundle.   My brothers said, "Does this mean we are going to serve you? You
are nearly the baby of our family! How are we going to bow down to you?" No,
my brothers did not like to hear about my dream at all. They hated me because
of my dreams and because my dad loves me more than he loves them.    I don't
care. I am just going to enjoy being the favorite.

Wow, I just had another dream! I dreamed that the sun, moon, and 11 stars were
bowing down to me. My dad said, "Joseph, do you really think your mother and I
and your brothers are going to bow down to you?" My brothers hated me even
more, but my dad thought about my dream.

One day my brothers were out in the field.   They saw me coming and decided to
get even.   They grabbed me and tore off my robe and threw me into a deep hole
in the ground. Then one of them saw some slave traders coming. Judah, one of
my brothers, said, "Hey, let's not kill Joseph. Let's make a little money
here. Let's sell Joseph to the slave traders." So my brothers dragged me up
out of the pit and sold me to the men.   They were on their way to Egypt.   My
brothers got 20 pieces of silver for me.    Then my brothers took my beautiful
robe and put goat's blood on it.     They showed the robe to my dad, and he
thought I was dead. But I was not really dead. Thanks to my greedy brothers,
I was a slave in Egypt.

Who did Joseph's dad like the best?
Why were Joseph's brothers jealous?
What did Joseph's brothers do to him?
                          Joseph In Jail (Gen 39-40)

Here I am again; you know, Joseph! Yes, I'm the one whose brothers sold him to
a gang of slave traders.    Well, those slave traders sold me to a man called
Potiphar.   Potiphar was a local big shot in charge of the king's best
soldiers.   Now, don't get me wrong. Potiphar was a good man. He kept giving
me more work to do. When I finished a job, Potiphar saw I did it right. So
Potiphar found out pretty fast that he could trust me.       And so Potiphar
trusted me SO much that he put me in charge of everything he had.    Even the
rest of Potiphar's slaves had to do what I said.

One day, Potiphar's wife got jealous. She wanted me to disobey God. Now, you
know I could not disobey God. I might be a slave, but no one could make me do
something wrong. I only wanted to obey God's rules. But Potiphar's wife kept
on nagging me and nagging me to disobey God's rules.     "Just once, it won't
hurt," she said. She nagged and nagged. "God will never know," she said. One
day I got tired of her nagging and so I ran away from her.     Potiphar's wife
made up a wild story about me and told Potiphar.    And Potiphar believed his
wife's made-up story and Potiphar had me thrown in jail.

When I was in the dark, damp jail, I still believed in God. I knew I did not
belong in jail.     I had not done anything wrong. Still, when we obey God,
sometimes people hurt us. People might hurt us or put us in jail just because
we are doing what God says.   So I tried to be good in jail, too.   The head
guard, the jailer, noticed me, and gave me work to do. When I did a good job,
the jailer gave me more work to do. Pretty soon, I was in charge of the whole
jail except I could not go outside, of course.       I took care of all the
prisoners in the jail.

One day, Pharaoh, king of Egypt, put two of his best men in jail. He had his
baker and his butler (servant) thrown in jail.    The baker and the butler were
both very sad.   They did not want to be in jail.    One night, both of the men
had a dream.   The butler dreamed about a grape vine with three branches.    He
dreamed he took some of the grapes and squeezed the juice into Pharaoh's cup.
The baker dreamed he had three baskets of bread on his head and that birds
were eating the bread out of the top basket.    Both men wanted to know what
their dreams meant.

So Joseph told them, "God knows what your dreams mean." Joseph said to the
butler, "Your dream means that in three days you get out of jail. You will
serve Pharaoh's juice to him like you used to.   Please remember me when you
get out of jail.   I should not be in this jail.   I have not done anything

The baker said, "Tell me about my dream, too!" Joseph said, "The three baskets
mean that in three days Pharaoh will let you out of jail and have you killed."
And sure enough, in three days, Pharaoh let the butler go back to his old
job, and he had the baker killed, just like Joseph said would happen. The
butler did not remember about Joseph, so Joseph had to stay in jail another
two years.

Why was Joseph put in jail?
What did the two men dream?
What did the dreams mean?
                       Pharaoh Has Dreams, Too (Gen 41)

King Pharaoh had a dream.    And no one could tell him what it meant. Pharaoh
dreamed about seven skinny cows eating up seven fat cows.     He dreamed that
seven thin ears of corn ate up seven fat ears of corn. And king Pharaoh woke
up all upset. "Get my wise men in here!" he roared. "Have them tell me what my
dreams mean, and be quick about it!" Not one of Pharaoh's wise men could tell
him about his dream.

Then the butler told the king, "Sir, I am so sorry! I have forgotten about
Joseph, the man who told me my dream in jail. And my dream came true, just
like Joseph said." So Pharaoh sent some men to get Joseph out of jail. "Come
on, Joseph, you are going to see the king!" they said. So Joseph hurried and
changed his clothes and shaved and went to see king Pharaoh.    Pharaoh told
Joseph about his dreams about the cows and the ears of corn.    Joseph said,
"God will tell you about your dream." Joseph said, "Both your dreams mean the
same thing. The seven fat ears of corn and the seven fat cows both mean seven
good years.    The seven thin ears of corn and the seven thin cows both mean
seven years when no food will grow." Joseph kept on, "Sir, there will be
seven good years when a lot of food will grow. Then there will be seven years
when nothing will grow. I would suggest that you start gathering up all the
food you can in the good years so that there will be food in the seven bad
years. Sir, you need to put a good man in charge of this."

King Pharaoh said, "You are just the man we need, Joseph. You have got
yourself a job.     Now take this ring and these fine clothes.   Ride in this
chariot and everybody except me will have to do what you say."    And Pharaoh
let Joseph marry one of the priest's daughters.     And Joseph put food into
barns in the seven good years. And when the seven bad years ran out, the people
had to come to Joseph for food.

What did Pharaoh dream?
What did his dreams mean?
What did king Pharaoh do for Joseph? Why?
                    Joseph's Dreams Come True (Gen 42-45)

Well, I never thought it would happen. My brothers sold me into Egypt as a
slave, and now I am in charge of the whole country, except the king. I had to
sell food to all the people. The seven years were so bad that people came from
all over the world to buy food in Egypt.   And guess what? My brothers and dad
ran out of food and they had to come to Egypt, to me.

Now, I was 13 years older and dressed in Egyptian clothes.    My brothers came
and bowed down to me, and they did not know who I was. The dream I had about
my brothers bowing down to me came true!       I sold my brothers food. My
brothers went home and came back. When my brothers came back the second time,
I had a servant put their money back in their bags with the food.   Then I had
my servant put a silver cup in Benjamin's bag.   Then I had the servant chase
them looking for the silver cup. The servant found the cup in Benjamin's bag.
"Come on, you're going with me," the servant said. My other brothers did not
dare go home without Benjamin, because our dad loved him so much.      My dad
could not live without Benjamin. My brother Judah said, "See, this what we get
for not obeying God.    We deserve to be punished because we sold Joseph as a

So all my brothers came back to Egypt. They were very sad.   Then I had my
servants fix a big dinner and I made all my brothers come. I had my servants
seat my brothers in order, from the oldest to the youngest. And I sent my
brothers food from my table. I sent Benjamin five times as much food as my
other brothers.

Finally I could not stand it any more.    I had to let my brothers know who I
was.   I made all the Egyptians leave the room. I told my brothers, "I am
Joseph, your brother!" They could not believe it. They thought I was dead. I
told them all about being in jail, and how I was in charge of Egypt now.     I
cried and my brothers cried.   We were happy to be back together again." Then
king Pharaoh heard about me and my brothers and he said, "Joseph, bring your
dad to live in Egypt, too. You and your brothers and their families can live
here.   There are still five more bad years, so bring them down here to live."
So I did what Pharaoh said.     That is how the children of Joseph, or the
children of Israel got to live in Egypt.

Who came to visit Joseph?
Did Joseph's dream come true? How?

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