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					338                                                                                                                      FLIGHT international, 2 March 1972

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Kaman's Saver                                                                                                               By H O W A R D         LEVY

                            AMAN AEROSPACE CORPORATION'S entry in the US Naval   restraint cable are cut and the hub springs cone the
K Air Development Centre's Aercab (Aerial escape and
rescue capability) competition has completed its limited
                                                                                 flapping hinges outward and introduce sweep and pitch
                                                                                 to the trailing blades to initiate spin-up. Aerodynamic
flight-test programme, and will next undergo an unmanned                         torque spins up the rotor and centrifugal force extends
air-drop test in its Aercab configuration. The Kaman pro-                        the telescoped blades. Once the unit has reached near-
ject, called Saver (Stowable aircrew vehicle escape roto-                        vertical descent, the stowed engine, tail surfaces and
seat), is a convertible ejection seat intended for use in the                    rotor are transitioned to their flight position; the engine
A-7, F-4 and F-14. It has a deployable rotor, a turbofan                         is started and automatic power and flight controls then
engine, and controls which unfold automatically into a                           head the autogyro on a radio beam to friendly territory.
powered autogyro. In an emergency, the crewman ejects                            Once in a safe landing area, the pilot separates from his
as with the conventional ejection seat and the Saver                             seat and makes a conventional parachute landing.
automatically converts to the flight-vehicle configuration.                         When stowed, Saver measures 18in X 45in X 53in and
The drogue chute js deployed to pull out the rotor so that                       has an empty weight of 2901b. The blades have an 8ft
the blades are in trail position, and the seat rotates to a                      diameter when retracted and 14ft when extended. The
near-horizontal attitude. The hub-latch clamp and tip-                           inboard aerofoil is Naca 0015 of 8in chord, outboard is
                                                                                 Naca 0012 of 7in chord. The two-section telescoping blades
                                                                                 are aluminium-alloy epoxy resin-bonded. The nose spar
                                                                                 and trailing-edge members of both panels are designed to
                                                                                 overlap and stop the outboard panel at full extension
                                                                                 after deployment. Powerplant is a JP5-fuelled Williams
                                                                                 WR-19 turbofan of 4201b thrust at sea level and 2701b

                                                                                 Kaman's chief test pilot F. Andrew Foster is shown in the heading
                                                                                 photograph with the Saver test autogyro. The white section, plus rotor
                                                                                 blades and engine, is Saver in its deployed mode. The seat section is
                                                                                 finalised as shown, although this is a boilerplate model. The rotor
                                                                                 system is the finalised item. Left, a full-scale Saver being deployed at
                                                                                 190 m.p.h. in the Nasa Ames Research Centre 40ft x 80ft wind tunnel.
                                                                                 The rotor system attaches to the seat structure by an A-frame support
                                                                                 mounted at the top of the seat, and the arm pivots nearly 180° to bring
                                                                                 the blades from stowed to flight attitude

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