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					                        ASMC Washington Chapter, P.O. Box 16237, Arlington, VA 22215-1237

                                                     ASMC - Washington Chapter

                                                             A Five Star Chapter

                                                                                                         11 March 2010

                                       NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION PDI
                               RONALD REAGAN BUILDING, WASHINTON DC

                            Sponsored by: National Capital Regional PDI Committee

                                                                     Thank you for your support of the mission of ASMC and
            President’s Message                                      the annual PDI. We have only been able to continue
         ASMC Washington Chapter                                     conducting these world-class events, award scholarships
                                                                     and make charitable donations through your participation
                                                                     and contributions, especially from our corporate
It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to the 2010                sponsors.
National Capital Region Professional Development
Institute (PDI)! As President of the ASMC Washington                 I encourage you to make the best of this day by getting
Chapter, I give my heartfelt greetings to our                        involved, contributing your thoughts, asking your
distinguished guests, attendees, presenters, exhibitors,             questions, joining in the discussions, networking with
corporate sponsors, and volunteers to this premiere                  your colleagues and enjoying the events of the day.
annual training event.
                                                                     Dave McDermott
This year’s PDI theme, “Smartly Modernizing DoD                      President
Financial Management,” addresses the direction of the                ASMC, Washington Chapter
Department as it reaches the 20 year milestone after the
CFO Act and a decade after launching DoD's Business
Transformation. During this time, we have been
impacted by wars and funding issues. Additive priorities
                                                                              Today’s Keynote Addresses
such as in-sourcing, QDR, and ARRA further tax the
system. During the 2010 ASMC National Capital Region
PDI, the Department's Financial Management                                  The Washington Chapter
community "imagines the possibilities around
simplification, standardization, and accountability to                      wishes to thank our very
smartly modernize DoD Financial Management”.                               special keynote speakers:
The PDI Committee has done an astounding job of
developing a program that will prove to be both
                                                                      Opening Keynote -
educational and pertinent to the challenges facing the                   Honorable Robert Hale, USD-C
Department. We are privileged to have key Department
leaders that will provide insight into our financial
challenges. Speakers this year include the Honorable                  Morning Keynote-
Robert Hale, the Under Secretary of Defense                                 RADM Bill Burke, USN
(Comptroller) and Mr. Paul Brinkley, Deputy
Undersecretary of Defense. The program will consist of
                                                                          “QDR: Implications on FM"
several panels and breakout sessions that cover a wide-
array of topics that I am sure will be of interest to you.            Luncheon Keynote –
These topics include Mr. Hale's FM priorities, a
discussion on the Quadrennial Defense Review                                Mr. Paul Brinkley, DUSD
highlighting impacts on the FM community, panel on                       Sustaining the Mission: Iraq and
measuring performance, several sessions on in-theater
financial matters, audit readiness discussions, and a
2010/2011 Budget update.
              UPCOMING EVENTS
DATE              EVENT                                         EXCITING OPPORTUNITY!
                                                                  ASMC ADVERTISING
Monday,           Executive Board Meeting please
March 15,         call 1-888-576-6086 PC                    ASMC Washington Chapter will now permit up
2010 12:30        4209809                             to four corporate advertisements to be included in
PM-2:00 PM                                            our monthly newsletter, which is distributed at our
Monday, April     Executive Board Meeting please      monthly meetings as well as posted on our chapter
12, 2010 9:30     call 1-888-576-6086 PC              website. It is a terrific opportunity for corporations
AM-11:00 AM       4209809                             to "extend their reach" and gain visibility within the
21 April 2010     April Luncheon – USCG               Defense Financial/Resource Management
Monday, May       Executive Board Meeting please      community at large - and do so very economically.
17, 2010 1:00     call 1-888-576-6086 PC                    A full-page color ad is only $100 a month!!! If
PM-2:30 PM.       4209809                             you commit to advertise for the entire year upfront,
                                                      the cost is only $1000!!!
                                                            There is only room for up to four corporate
                                                      advertisements per newsletter - so act now to be
        Next Luncheon 21 April 2010                   included in this timely and effective
                                                      communications channel to your targeted audience!
Speaker: RADM Keith A. Taylor, Assistant                    Please contact Deb Del Mar, ASMC Corporate
Commandant for Resources/Chief Financial Officer,     VP for further information:
United States Coast Guard                    or 703-593-6667
Place: Holiday Inn, 2460 Eisenhower Ave,
Alexandria, VA 22314
Social Time: 1130 hrs    Lunch: 1200 hrs                 ASMC CORPORATE MEMBERS –
Sponsor: United States Coast Guard                         YOUR HELP IS REQUESTED
                                                            We wish to update our records pertaining to
                  Future Events
                                                      our corporate members for our ASMC Washington
                                                      Chapter website and we need your help!
19 May          Army                                        If you are a corporate member – please
14 Jun          Air Force                             provide your current logo, corporate POC (name,
19 Jul          USMC                                  title, email address and phone number) as well as a
July 2010       AGA-ASMC Golf Tournament              corporate link and a 2 sentence overview of your
17 Mar 2011     Regional RDI                          company. Please send this information to Deb
                                                      DelMar at
For the most updated information on future events,
please visit our website at:
                                                                      Did You Know?

                                                     Individuals attending the ASMC Washington Chapter
                                                     Luncheon receive .5 CPEs.
                                                     All luncheon attendees are entered in a raffle to win
                                                     2 certificates good for a future free luncheon
                                                     admission. One certificate is for the winner's own
                                                     use and the other is for the winner to give to a
                                                     potential new member

                                                     Read the introduction on the main page and
          CONGRATULATIONS                            register as a new user. You will then be able to
                                                     view the video presentations and self certify for
                                                     CPE, or in some cases print a certificate for CPE
                                                     after taking the exam.
                                                                       Check it out!

 The winner of the February Luncheon Raffle was
  Claudia Hickey, CDFM, Office of the Under
Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) Directorate for
   Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness
                                                     PDI 2010 will be held at the Gaylord Opryland
                                                     Hotel and Convention Center in Nashville, TN,
Please submit ASMC Washington Chapter news           June 1-4, with a theme of “Getting in Tune with
items or articles of interest for the monthly
                                                     Professionalism.” Registration for the event
newsletter to Nick Abate, Publicity Chairman at
                                                     and room reservations will open later this
NAbate@WBBINC.COM. Nick may also be
reached at (703)448-6081 extension 274.

           ASMC National News
                                                                       Future PDIs
       PDI Online – Free CPE Credits!
                                                            2011 - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Do you need CPE credits? Are training funds                 2012 - Anaheim, California
scarce? Did you miss attending the 2008 or 2009             2013 - Denver, Colorado
PDIs? You can earn free CPE credits by                      2014 - Seattle, Washington
watching streaming audio and video from PDI                 2015 - New Orleans, Louisiana
2008 or 2009 on your computer.                              2016 - Orlando, Florida
Go to PDI Online                                            2017 - San Diego, California

                                          Member Accomplishments

                                        New CDFMs and CDFM News

         New CDFMs - are you aware that you are entitled to a free lunch during our ASMC Washington
Chapter meeting the month you earn your CDFM certification?
         ASMC Washington Chapter members that pass the Acquisition Specialty module may receive
reimbursement from the chapter for the cost of their new CDFM certificate. Save your receipt and contact your
service representative for reimbursement procedures for the $40 expense.
         Members interested in earning the CDFM with Acquisition Specialty and preparing before taking the
Module 4 - Acquisition course offered by ASMC, may purchase the addendum to the CDFM textbook. To
purchase a copy of the addendum, which sales for $15, send a letter with your personal check to ASMC, ATTN:
EDFMTC Textbook Sales, 415 North Alfred St. Suite 3, Alexandria, VA 22314. Include your full mailing address
for shipment. If using a credit card you may fax your request to ASMC at (703)549-3181. Be sure to include
your credit card number, expiration date, the billing address Postal Zip Code, and your full mailing address for
shipment. For more information on the Acquisition Specialty to the CDFM visit the CDFM Web Page at

     ASMC congratulates all from the Washington Chapter who have passed their required CDFM exams.

                                  An asterisk (*) indicates award in the last 30 days.

          Nick Abate, CDFM-A               Shah Abbas                        Ramni Abdul-Jalaal
          A. Michelle Abell                Freddie Abshire                   Janine Acton
          Jean Adair                       Colleen Adams*                    Irene Adanve-Dalmeida
          Karen Addison                    Omolola Ademola                   Ron Adolphi, CDFM-A
          Kitty Ailes                      Anthony Alascio                   Michael Alfano, CDFM-A
          Abigail Allen                    Rhonda Allen                      Stephen Allenbach
          Raymond Alwine, CDFM-A           Alaleh Amiri                      Celene Anderson
          Gretchen Anderson                Raymond Anderson                  Ernie Andrada
          Cheryl Andres                    Roxanne Anthony, CDFM-A           William Apgar
          Frank Arcari                     Ellen Ardrey                      Taka Ariga
          Judie Armington, CDFM-A          Dianne Armon                      Ednora Armour-Ohanmu
          Tunya Armstead                   Melanie Armstrong                 Jacqualine Arnold
          Kenneth Arrington                Carol Artis                       Michaela Atkin
          Andrea Atkins                    Denise Atkins                     Trung Au
          Edward Augustine                 Jay Ayres                         Chris Babcock, CDFM-A
          Paul Baca                        Helen Bae                         Joseph Baer
          Laurell Baez                     Joshua Bahr                       Joseph Bailey
          Bill Baker                       Danielle Baker                    Kevin Baker
          Rebecca Baker                    Jacobus Bakker, CDFM-A            Candice Baptiste
          Michael Barbino                  Edson Barbosa                     Anne Barnes
          Cortina Barnes                   James Barnes                      Samuel Barnes
          Nicholas Bartoo                  Cecile Batchelor                  Russell Battaglia
          Charlotte Beacham                Mario Beckles                     Sally Beecroft
          Robin Begg, CDFM-A               Eric Bell                         James Bell
          Pamela Bell, CDFM-A              Michael Bennett                   Daniel Benson
          Henry Bentley                    Monica Benton                     Paul Benton
          Edna Bernal                      Jose Bernal                       Edward Bernard
Janet Bernhardt, CDFM-A     Jason Berry                    Galen Bessert
Evelyn Bethea               Henry Bezold                   Mark Biddle
Travis Biggar               Brenda Biggs                   Kevin Bigley
Mike Bilbrey                Steven Birk, CDFM-A            Victor Biteng
Bradley Bittinger           Gregory Bitz                   Elroy Black
Elissa Blackerby, CDFM-A    Scott Blackerby                Veronica Blair
James Blais                 Edward Blakiston               Sandye Blalock
Gordon Blighton             Ken Boerum, CDFM-A             Jerry Bogle
Cynthia Bogner              Vanessa Bolin, CDFM-A          Michael Bollinger
Raymond Bombac              Kathy Bongers                  Carmelo Borges
Brad Botkin                 Deborah Bourgeois, CDFM-A      Stephen Bowdren
Cortney Boyce, CDFM-A       James Boyd                     Terrell Boyd
William Bozo, CDFM-A        Jane Bradley                   Angela Bradshaw
Michael Brandt              Sandra Brassard                Deborah Breckner, CDFM-A
Wesley Breeding             Julie Bricker                  Shafee'ah Brisco
Janice Brissette            Marcelino Brito, CDFM-A        Sanford Brooks
Whitney Brooks              Deborah Brown                  Donell Brown
Donna Brown                 Iretha Brown                   Nancy Brown
Rodney Brown                Valerie Brown                  Jarrod Bruner
Joanne Bryant               Michael Bryant                 Michael Bryant
Sandra Bryant               Stephen Bucher, CDFM-A         Keith Buchholz, CDFM-A
Arvin Bullock               Timothy Burke                  Rosilyn Burrell
Gregory Burris              Rosanne Burrus                 Tony Busillo
Bennie Butler               Kelly Butler                   Marie Butler
Richard Butler              Ricardo Byrdsong               Todd Calderwood
Jessielyn Cameron           Patricia Cameron               Jodie Cancel
Mary Capozzi                Fredrick Carr, CDFM-A          Mary Carr
Cecilia Carroll             Carl Carson                    Bobby Carter
Neil Carter                 Christopher Cascardo, CDFM-A   Christopher Castro, CDFM-A
Harold Cates                Michael Cavey                  Andrew Cawlfield
Patricia Cayon              Carydaniel Cegledi             Sandra Cervantez, CDFM-A
Timothy Ceschin             John Cewe                      John Chadwick
Brenda Chandler             John Chaput*                   Chester Char
Anthony Chavez              Cynthia Chavez                 Karen Cheatwood, CDFM-A
Harry Chelpon               Rita Chico                     Jeff Chilcote
Karen Chipchase             Eric Chism*                    Sherrin Christensen
Alan Christian              Joseph Clark                   Edward Clarke
Migdalia Clemente           Clint Cleveland                Marc Clodfelter
Alec Cloyd, CDFM-A          Amy Coelho                     Kathleen Cohen
Trivia Cole, CDFM-A         Robert Colston                 Tony Colucci
Fernando Conde, CDFM-A      Justin Condon                  Robert Conley
Stephen Connair, CDFM-A     Susan Connors                  Thomas Constable
Charles Cook, CDFM-A        Carmen Cooper, CDFM-A          Steven Corbin
Terry Corbin, CDFM-A        Ronald Cordell                 Jason Corrothers
Warren Cottingham, CDFM-A   Cheryl Cotton                  Howard Couch
Claude Coucoules            Eugene Covey                   Blane Cox
Wanda Creech                Michael Creenan, CDFM-A        Luis Crespo
Steve Cristofori, CDFM-A    Veniceza Critton               Stanley Crocker
Filomena Cronin          Lisa Cross                  Annie Crum, CDFM-A
Julita Cruz Aviles       Betsy Cummings              Tom Curran, CDFM-A
Tanna Curtin             Stephen Curtis              Brigitte Custer
Karen Cwiekalo, CDFM-A   Katherine Cyphers           Troy D'Agostino, CDFM-A
Joseph Dailey            Solita Dallas               Aimee Dalton
Mark Danburg             Sharon Danburg              Bernadette Danko
RuthAnne Darling         Donald Darr                 Ronald Dasher, CDFM-A
Ron Davidson, CDFM-A     Kirk Davis                  Richard Davis
Tomoko Davis             Wayne Davis                 Yolanda Dawson
Katherine Day            Barbara De Lisa             William Debardelaben
Benedicta deGuzman       Carrie DeHoyos              Julie Delay
Barbara Denson           James dePrado               Antionette Dertke
Mark DeVries             John Digiorgio              Monique Dilworth
Alex Dixon               Patrice Dixon               Stephanie Dixon, CDFM-A
Sharon Doby              Jeff Doerr                  Rosanna Dolphin
Candy Donaldson          Lucretia Donerson, CDFM-A   Robert Donnelly
Denise Doran             Adam Dorosz, CDFM-A         Robert Douglass
Leroy Dowdle             Greg Downer                 Joseph Doyle
Peter Dragon             Bradley Dreyer              Sharrel Drozda
Gary Drozdowski          Lindsey Dube                Charles Duke
Timothy Dunster          Thomas Dupre                Caryl Durham-Randolff, CDFM-A
Dorotherine Eaddy        Mark Easton                 Wayne Ebenfeld
Roberto Ecarma           Linda Eccles, CDFM-A        Gary Echard
Donna Edsall             Bonita Edwards              Lolita Edwards-Gurley, CDFM-A
Carmen Eldridge          Susan Eldridge              Albert Ellett
Ann Ellis, CDFM-A        Derald Emory, CDFM-A        Mary Engoglia
Marlin Erickson          David Erxleben              Debbie Eschmann
Raquel Escribano         Maris Eshleman, CDFM-A      Adiaha Essien
Ricardo Estrada          Cynthia Eythell             Aya Fadahunsi, CDFM-A
Gregory Fambrough        Cecelia Fancey              Robin Farley, CDFM-A
James Fasano             Joseph Fasching             Frank Faykes
Alberto Figueroa         Courtney Filer              Irma Finocchiaro
Jodie Fisher             Randy Fisher                Denise Flanagan
Drew Flavell             Mario Flores, CDFM-A        Keith Flowers
Patricia Foley, CDFM-A   Cheryl Ford                 Katherine Ford-Isensee
Suellen Foth             Lauren Fournier             David Fragale
Hannah Francis           Patricia Fraser             Jason Freeby
Fred Freeman             Stephen Freeman, CDFM-A     Dennis French
Joseph Friedl            Donald Friend               Sue Fullen
Cindy Fuller             Mitchell Fulton             David Fuqua
Martha Gabriel           Michael Gallant             James Galonsky
David Gardner            Tiffany Gary                Dave Garza
Sulema Gaughran          Corey Gause                 Patricia Gause
Emil Gawaran             Robert Gendreau             Paul Gendrolis
Dewey George             Donald Gerhart              Stephen Giavara
Eric Gibson              Kalinskie Gilliam           Donjette Gilmore
Kevin Glasz              Carolyn Gleason             Joseph Gluth
Regina Goff              Chantal Golden              Luis Gonzalez, CDFM-A
Brenda Goodridge             Stefan Grabas                  Michelle Grace, CDFM-A
Keith Graham                 Christopher Grasmueck          Melinda Graves
Christopher Greaver          Michael Green                  Robin Gregory
Rodney Gregory, CDFM-A       Sandra Ann Gregory             Tonya Gregory
Heather Griffith             Helen Griffith                 Carlee Grodin*
Guy Grundman, CDFM-A         Judith Guenther                Andronico Guerrero
Gus Gustafson                Sandra Haasl                   Benjamin Hackman
Thomas Hafer, CDFM-A         Chad Haferbier, CDFM-A         Sara Hagan
Cheryl Haggard               Tim Haider                     Bob Hale, CDFM-A
Ronda Haley                  Irene Hall                     Mark Hamilton
Linda Hamm                   Kathy Hammer                   Robert Hanahan
Cheyenne Hanna               Yvonne Hannickel               Michael Hanson
Christopher Harden, CDFM-A   Tony Hardin                    Joseph Harding
Ryan Harmon                  Sherry Harrington              Charles Harry
Meredith Hart                Sharon Hart                    Sydney Hart, CDFM-A
Richard Hartley, CDFM-A      Eric Hawkes, CDFM-A            Sidney Heetland
Patricia Heil                Christopher Heinbach, CDFM-A   Veronica Helden
Deborah Heller               Thomas Hellstern*              Scott Henderson
Don Henney, CDFM-A           Jeraldine Herbert              Kathryn Herhusky
Scott Herold                 Laura Herz                     Brenda Hickey
Claudia Hickey               Keith Hicks                    Patricia Higgins
Shaun Hills                  Belinda Hilton                 Kim Hirth, CDFM-A
Mark Hladky                  Robert Hoffman                 Jodi Hogan
Sharon Holcombe              Ken Holdcraft                  Colleen Holland
Jillian Holt                 Brad Holtz                     Charito Homoroc
Diane Hoover                 Thomas Horlander               Michael Horner, CDFM-A
Anne Horstman                Ross Hosse                     Larry Hottot
Reginald Howard              Nathan Howes                   Kenneth Hubbard
Susan Huffaker, CDFM-A       L. Lisa Hughes                 Ryan Hughes
Tamara Hughes                Craig Humphrey                 Dennis Hunt
Karen Hurley                 Donna Jackson                  Regina Jackson
Richard Jackson              Shannon Jackson                Max Jakeman
Frank James                  Gary Janac                     John Jansen, CDFM-A
Dave Jarvis                  Thelma Jenkins                 Donna Jernigan
Bryant Johnson               Claudette Johnson              Conrad Johnson, CDFM-A
Dianne Johnson               Ed Johnson                     Eugene Johnson
John Johnson                 Kathleen Johnson, CDFM-A       Kenneth Johnson
Patrick Johnson              Peggy Johnson                  Vivian Johnson
William Johnson              Janilyn Johnston               Michael Johnston
Cynthia Jones                Kathleen Jones, CDFM-A         Kristyn Jones
Mark Jones, CDFM-A           Patrice Jones, CDFM-A          Ramona Jones
Stephen Jones                Linda Jordan                   Pamela Jordan
Ray Jordan                   Stephanie Jordan               Tisha Jordan
David Jupiter                Mobola Kadiri                  Karen Kamilakis
Peggy Kammen                 Jill Karayannis                David Karian*
Thomas Kartes                Robert Kassel                  Cole Kathman, CDFM-A
Kate Kaufer                  James Kearney                  Jessica Keen
Mark Kehoe                   Tom Keithly                    Karen Keller-Kappaun
Jacquelyn Kelley                  Christina Kelly              June Kelly
Steve Kennedy                     Jenny Ketchel                Nancy Khaghani
Jane Kiggins                      Tami Kim, CDFM-A             Freda King
Randall Kish                      Douglas Kissell              Ilse Kleiman
Barbara Klein, CDFM-A             Christopher Klipp            Jason Kobylski
Seon Kopiak                       Teresa Kowalczyk             Carl Kreisel
Kip Kruse, CDFM-A                 Wendy Kunc                   Cole Kupec
Mitchell Kuptz                    Elena Kutney                 Charles Kuyk
David Lacasse                     Dwayne LaHaye                Timothy Landvogt, CDFM-A
Joaella Lane                      James Lang                   John Lang
Shelly Lankford                   Eric Lanman                  Presoilo Lapada
Donald Lapham                     Eric Larson                  Jennifer Lasichak
Cheryl Lauer                      William Lauer                Ernest LaVenuta
Jack Law                          Steven Lawhorn               Charlisa Lawrence
Rickey Lawrence                   William Lebo                 Jay Lee, CDFM-A
Nicole Lee                        Peter Lee                    Herman Leeman
James Leenders                    Bruce Lefever                Naomi Leifer
Amanda Lenoci                     Jackie Leonard               Jan Levit
Alihah Lewis                      Bradley Lewis                Erica Lewis
Kirsi Lewis                       William Lewis, CDFM-A        Frederic Lickteig
Hok Lim                           Felicia Lipe                 Junko Littleton
Sorrano Littleton-Jones, CDFM-A   Mark Liu                     Shu-Sheng Liu
Karen Lloyd                       Maritza Lo Grasso            Jorge Loa
Clayton Lohn                      Binh Loi                     Mai Loi
Lisa Lonon                        Frank Lopez-Rodriguez        Andrew Lowe
Erainust Lowery                   Lenell Lucas                 Mike Lueken
Tran Luu                          Thomas Lyden                 David Lyon
Sandy Lyons                       Steven Lyons                 William Ma
Ronald Maccaroni                  Melissa Macias               Sun Madaio
Sam Maheshwari                    Cynthia Manco                Deborah Manner
Diane Manning                     Fritz Manning*               Sara Marchini
Randy Markham                     DeWanda Marlow               Dwight Marsh
Charles Martin                    Dennis Martin                Gregory Martin
William Martin                    Christine Martinez           Eunice Martinez
Stephen Marty                     Denise Mason                 Ron Massengill
Constance Maternick               Mary Matiella                Douglas Matties
Norman Mau                        Eve Mauney                   Kelly Maurer
Yves Mayard                       Judith Mayer, CDFM-A         Beverly Maynard-Sims
James Maynor                      Mary Ann McAfee, CDFM-A      Alan McCain
Jim McCall                        Angela McCargo               Lanier McCaskill
Christina McCloskey               Lisa McColgan*               Quinton McCorvey
Chris McDaniel                    Nancy McDermott              Bradley McDonald
Bill McGaffin                     Setsuko McGinnis             David McGrath
Dan McGreal                       Lawrence McIlhenny           Eddie McKinney
William McKinney, CDFM-A          Susan McMahon                Jennifer McNamara
Colleen McNeill                   Jennifer McPherson, CDFM-A   Arie McSherry
Ruth McWilliams                   Rhonda Meade                 Linda Meadows
Jacqueline Melton                 Claretta Merkey              Brian Merrick
Mad Dog Merritt             Jason Michaels           Dan Mickle, CDFM-A
Laurette Miech              Regina Mike              Stephen Mikolaski, CDFM-A
Dan Milano                  Candace Milbry           Christine Millard
Kevin Miller                Michael Miller, CDFM-A   Tina Miller, CDFM-A
Wesley Miller               Robert Millmann          Michael Minnehan
Gregory Mister              Charles Mitchell         William Mizerak
Adam Moeller                Michael Monson           Sharnell Montgomery
Chris Mooney                Bruce Moore              Timothy Moore
Reinaldo Morales            Frankie Moran            Debbie Morgan
Jennifer Morgan, CDFM-A     Courtney Morris          Lauryne Morris
Eddie Morton                Valerie Muck             Tessa Muehllehner
Victoria Mundt              Barbara Munro            Frank Murphy
Nina Murphy                 Timothy Murphy           Lester Murray
Timothy Murtha, CDFM-A      Keith Muschalek          Brian Myers, CDFM-A
Michael Myers               Janet Mysliwiec          Lidet Negash
Audrea Nelson               Claire Nelson            Phillip Nethery
Jonathan Newell             Lydia Newsom             Andrea Newsome
Dallas Newsome, CDFM-A      Elise Newton             Anderson Nguetta*
Peter Nguyen                Robin Nicholas           Robert Nicholson
David Nielsen               Betty Nieset             Elias Nimmer
Leean Nimmer                Andrew Nordin            Jacquelin Norell
Brent Norris                Carolyn North, CDFM-A    Mark Novitski
Ramona Novitski             Sally O'Brien, Esq.      Miae O'Connor
Thomas O'Connor             Kimberly O'Keefe         Kellie O'Mara
Dwight Oakley               Ronald Oberbillig        Debra Ogledzinski
James Oglesby, CDFM-A       Jean E. Oh               Tai Okwesa
Royce Olsen                 Dana Omo                 Jason Onorato
Christopher Orfe            Antonio Oropeza          Martha Ortiz, CDFM-A
Thomas Osterhoudt, CDFM-A   Hubert Ouattara          Wesley Padilla
Edgar Pagan                 John Pagan               Robert Palmer
Maria Pangelinan            Abraham Pappan           Dominic Paris
Richard Parke*              Jeffrey Parker           Joel Parker
Eileen Parks                Cheryl Partee, CDFM-A    Karl Payne
Carmen Pearlstein           Linda Pena               Rebecca Pennington
Sidney Pennington           Marcia Peoples, CDFM-A   Johnny Perez
Tonya Perkins               Christine Perritt        Dennis Perry
Constance Peterson          Linda Pettit, CDFM-A     Peter Pham
Hang Pham-Swami             Robert Phillips          James Pimpedly
Deborah Pinkerton           Thurman Pittman          Michael Plaisted
Laura Pletcher, CDFM-A      Joseph Pollock           Larry Poole
Laura Pormann               Dave Potts, CDFM-A       E. Steven Potts
Gary Powe, CDFM-A           Michael Powers           Kimberly Prendergast
James Pressley, CDFM-A      Lynda Prestarri          Craig Prestenbach, CDFM-A
Tom W. Preston, CDFM-A      Margaret Prior           Sandra Proctor
Donna Pruitt, CDFM-A        Jeanna Pryor             Stefanie Pryor
Ethel Pulliam               James Pulliam, CDFM-A    Mary Pulliam, CDFM-A
Christopher Purvis          Leslie Queen             Joseph Quinn, CDFM-A
Ramona Quinn                Manny Quinones, CDFM-A   Sandra Quinones
Michael Quirk                John Raisigel                  Mary Rametta
Michael Ramsey, CDFM-A       Anita Randall                  Bryan Randall
Diane Randon                 David Rapp                     John Ratcliffe
Barbara Rauch                Pamela Rayman, CDFM-A          Richard Reagan
Anthony Reardon              Paula Rebar                    Joseph Rechtermann
Scott Redeker                Dick Reed, CDFM-A              Craig Reineck
Patricia Remington           Frank Rendon                   Beverly Rexrode
Christina Reynolds           Jillian Rice                   Margaret (Peggy) Rice
Michael Richards             Deborah Richardson             Linda Ricketts
Alisa Ricks                  Joel Ridenour                  John Riedel-Alvarez, CDFM-A
Mark Rife                    Mary Ann Riner                 Catherine Rinker
De Ritchie                   Michael Rizzo                  Duk Ro
Jane Roberts, CDFM-A*        Barbara Robertson              David Robinson
Gwendolyn Robinson, CDFM-A   Martha Robinson                Richard Robinson
Robin Robinson               Vicki Robinson                 Angelita Rodriguez, CDFM-A
Jose Rodriguez               Joseph Roj                     Evelyn Roll, CDFM-A
George Rollins               Gregory Romerosa*              Ellen Romines
Joseph Romito                Eric Roos                      Liliana Rosario
Christopher Rose             Todd Rose                      Thomas Roselius
Ross Rosengren, CDFM-A       Julie Ross                     Jonathan Rost
Gary Rotsch                  Jessi Rozman                   Mary Jo Rubino
Thomas Ruckdaschel           Linda Rucker, CDFM-A           Walt Ruggles, CDFM-A
Beverly Runolfson            Holly Russell                  Augusta Rutledge
Charles Ryan, CDFM-A         Chuck Ryan                     Kelly Ryan
Juliana Sacilotto            Karen Saddoris                 James Salvati
Candace Sampere              Denise Sampson                 Kary Sanders
Jennifer Santos              Jacqulyn Santullo              Sharon Sasser
Garry Sauner                 Dennis Savage, CDFM-A          David Savold
Thomas Scanlon               Glenda Scheiner                David Schenkoske
Troy Schilling               Joel Schmick                   Joseph Schreier
Mark Schroedl, CDFM-A        Jack Schuler                   Carl Schulz
Edward Schupbach             Mark Schwartz*                 Marcus Seitz
David Shade                  Kent Shaw                      Charles Shea
Marcia Shell                 Margo Sheridan                 Joshua Shiley
Brian Shockley               James Short                    Thomas Short
Judy Shuler                  Denise Shuster                 Nia Simmons, CDFM-A
David Simprini*              Claudia Simpson                Gregory Simpson
Max Sisson                   Ralph Sittig, CDFM-A           Jana Sjoquist
Nikita Skribner              Timothy Slusarczyk             Andrew Smelko
Cindy Smith                  Hettie Smith                   Joseph Smith
Lisa Smith                   Sharon Smith                   Terry Smith
Timothy Smith                William Smith                  William Smith
William Smith                Cheryl Smith-Johnson, CDFM-A   Samuel Smithers*
Steven Sninsky               Ana Victoria Solano            Bennett Solberg
Patrice Solorzano            Jed Sondike                    Theresa Sorenson
Caral Spangler               Norman Spaulding               Robert Speer
Ron Speer                    Deborah Spencer                Teri Spoutz
Rick Stafford                Blake Stamler                  Tish Steele
William Stefan            Elsie Steffany          Thomas Steffens
Bettie Stephens           Carol Stevenson         Danita Stewart
Vance Stewart             Lonnie Stith            Shawn Stith
Sherry Stone              Richard Strasser        William Stringer
Sherylyn Strong           Yolanda Strong          Eric Sulfaro, CDFM-A
Donna Sullivan            Patrick Sullivan        Deborah Swedberg*
Patrick Sweeney, CDFM-A   Mary Swords             Julia Szymkowiak
Emil Tabakov              Theresa Tameris         Amira Tann
Lorraine Tanner           Samuel Tate             Catherine Taxdal
Clarence Taylor           Geneva Taylor           Michael Taylor
Sean Temple               Linda Terres, CDFM-A    Barry Tesser*
Katherine Teter           Carolyn Thomas          Karen Thomas
Nicole Thomas             Peter Thomas            Aaron Thomasy
Darlene Thompson          Harry Thompson          Katherine Thompson
Lashonda Thompson         Mark Thompson           Milford Thompson
Sheree Thompson           Thomas Thompson         Mary Thoms
Ann Thrasher              Helen Tierney           Walter Tinling, CDFM-A
Nathaniel Todd            Jennifer Tomaschow      Donna Torche
Miho Torres               Mark Towne              Nelson Toye
Judy Tsakonas             Alvin Tucker, CDFM-A    Bonnie Tudor
Jenise Tuitt              B Turner                Cassandra Turner
John Turner               Randy Turner, CDFM-A    John Turonis
Josh Underwood*           John Untersee           John Uperti
Travis Upton              Cynthia Uyhelyi         Orlando Valcarcel
Rick Valentine            Rod Valentine           Anthony Vallone
Mary Vasaio               Emily Vasquez           Vicki Vaughan
Lisa Vaughn               Laurie Ventrone         Janet Vernon
Patricia Vestal           Mary Villiva            Matthew Voithofer
Kevin Wade                Mark Wagner             James Wais
Beatrice Wallace          John Wallace            William Wallenhorst
Eric Walters              Connie Ward             Joseph Ward
Richard Warde             Robert Warden           Lori Ware, CDFM-A
Wayne Washington          Tracey Watkins          Charlotte Watson
Michael Watson            Nancy Watson            Marlene Weaver
Tory Weaver               Regina Webb             Rachel Weber
Dave Weinberg             David Weiner            Deborah Weir
Jerry Welsh, CDFM-A       Donald Werner, CDFM-A   Ronald Werner
Gary Westfall             Bill Wharton, CDFM-A    Carmela Wharton
Brooke White              Edward White            Robert White, CDFM-A
Robin White, CDFM-A       BJ White-Olson          Jeanette Whiten, CDFM-A
Wayne Whiten, CDFM-A      Renea Whitmore          Duane Whitt
Samuel Wickline           Christine Wiegand       Cherry Wilcoxon, CDFM-A
Connie Williams           Gregory Williams        Holly Williams
James Williams            John Williams           Marc Williams
Mark Williams             Robert Williams         Tammy Williams, CDFM-A
Thomas Williams, CDFM-A   Tomeka Williams         Treven Williams
Daniel Wilson             Dora Wilson             Larry Wilson, CDFM-A
Henry Wilson, Jr.         Joseph Windham          Rohini Winters
            Thomas Wisener                Curt Woller                   Julie Wong
            Charles Woodside              Mary Woolworth, CDFM-A        Derrick Wright
            James Wroten                  Amber Wurz, CDFM-A            Michael Yates
            Henry Yoo                     Erica Young                   Robert Young
            Scott Young                   Patricia Zarodkiewicz         Carolyn Zavadil
            William Zeh                   Scott Zion

   Careers in Financial Management?

   At ASMC’s National website, you will find Career Central. Career Central specializes in providing services,
   resources, and a networking community for DoD FM’ ers. In the online job board, you’ll find a large bank of
   job postings and resumes, career resources, career coaching and advice services, and so much more! Plus,
   Career Central offers anonymous resume posting for job seekers and a pay-per resume program for employers!
   Check us out at under the Career Central tab, and please pass along the site to other
   chapter members.

   ASMC Membership - Apply Online

   Prospective members of ASMC may apply for membership online at the ASMC website. This method
   decreases the processing time by up to a week, so please encourage anyone you may be recruiting to apply
   online. In addition, current members may renew online and update member information (new e-mail, address,
   job title, etc). Please read the instructions at ASMC Online Renewal on how to determine your default username and

                                    Washington Chapter Officers for 2009- 2010
            Name                     Title                             E-Mail                     Phone
Mr. David McDermott        President                     (703) 607-5040
Dawn Coulter               Secretary                        (703) 602-4933
Sam Carter                 Treasurer                       (703) 607-5129
Roxie Anthony              OSD Vice President              (703) 882-0825
Demaryl D. Singleton       OSD Ass't Secretary           (703) 882-2251
Vacant                     DFAS Vice President
Jacquelyn Kelley           DFAS Ass't Secretary            (703) 604-2143
Lillian D. Jones           Army Vice President          (703) 692-9257
Nicol Martin               Army Ass't Secretary             (703) 693-2586
Rainy Lowery               Navy Vice President                (703) 602-3156
Veronica Trent             Navy Ass't Secretary              (703) 693-0833
Annie Crum                 USMC Vice President                  (703) 692-5745
Myra Ragan                 USMC Ass't Secretary                  (703) 692-5266
Capt Rene Rodriguez        Air Force Vice President       (202) 767-1946
Tina Miller                Air Force Ass't Secretary          (571) 256-0190
Vacant                     USCG Vice President
Vacant                     USCG Ass't Secretary
Joe Fasching               DIA Vice President              (703) 695-7646
Steve Bucher               DIA Ass't Secretary               (202) 231-8820
Debra Delmar               Corporate/Retiree VP        (703) 593-6667
Kristin Hilbert            Corp/Ret. Ass’t Secretary               (703) 473-8848
Amy Anda                   Corporate Ass't Secretary                    (703) 325-6123


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