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                  Sample Criminal Justice Portal Scope

Scope: The ICJI Steering Committee is proposing a Criminal Justice Web Portal to
provide a single point of access for multiple agency data through a secure Web browser.
This would eliminate the need to conduct separate searches across various systems to
access information for a specific person. The Portal, as currently envisioned, would
provide the functionality to query the original data source rather than a periodic file
extract, repository or data warehouse.

The Portal should be designed with the roles-based security concept in mind, as well as
field level access control. For Phase I, “Proof of Concept” we would like to implement
two roles: Sworn Officers and Other Criminal Justice Personnel. Along with the highest
degree of security and authentication, the system will not allow the same user id to be
logged in at two different locations simultaneously. Also, a timeout feature will
automatically log users off the system when a set amount of time without activity is
reached. Portal access must also conform to DPPA requirements.

Phase I of this project will allow „read-only‟ access to specific data that the following
agencies have agreed to share. The agencies involved are: Department of Safety (DOS),
Department of Correction (DOC), Board of Probation and Parole (BOPP) and Tennessee
Bureau of Investigation (TBI).

NIC will be responsible for developing and maintaining the User Administration
Function and Portal application that will allow access to this data via the Web. Each
agency will designate a local Administrator that will be responsible for receiving,
validating, approving and forwarding user access requests to NIC for processing. The
Project Team or designated agency will be responsible for maintaining the list of
authorized local Administrators (This may be accomplished via back door log-in function
to a database residing on the Portal). In conjunction with each criminal justice agency
above except TBI, OIR will be responsible for the backend processing of the data

ALL information exchanges must comply with the national standard Global Justice
XML Data Model (Global JXDM v3.0.2)
This capability is necessary to support the national initiatives for standardization of
projects such as rap sheet, driver‟s license, as well as many future criminal justice
integration projects.

                                             File: 8c003d59-40f9-4e87-a6f0-f88c624debbb.doc

The following data sources will be implemented for Phase I of the Criminal Justice

          DOS‟s Driver License
              - Demographic information including photograph
          DOS‟s Title and Registration
              - Vehicle Identification Number, Tag, Title and Registration
          DOC‟s and BOPP‟s Tennessee Offenders Management Information System
              - Inmate, Parolee and Probationer demographics
              - Mug Shots
          TBI‟s Sex Offender Registry
              - Demographic information including photograph

The initial audience for this portal will be Criminal Investigators from the following
agencies/departments: TBI, Sheriff, Police, and Highway Patrol including individuals
with similar roles in DOC, BOPP, Public Defender and District Attorney.

Number of Users: The Portal project must include users from East, Middle and West
Tennessee. This will involve users from large, mid-sized and small municipalities and
counties throughout the state. We estimate the number of users that will utilize the
system during Phase I of this project to be: 1700 - 5000. The Pilot (1000 users) will take
place between January 2006 through March 2006. After this time period access requests
will be available to all law enforcement and criminal justice agencies throughout the

Pilot Volume: Will be managed by the planning and control of user additions with
maximum levels set at certain increments for the purpose of measurements, throughput
and capacity planning. The initial rollout of 100 users is to take place in early January
2006. Following weekly increments will be adjusted depending on monitoring results
and impact to existing hardware and systems.

Future Phases of this project might include access to:
      - Add Driver License Historical Photos (beyond current photo)
      - Administrative Office of the Courts‟ (AOC) Felony Judgment Database
      - AOC‟s TnCIS Case Information
      - District Attorney‟s Criminal Activities Intelligence Network (CAIN) Data
         Repository or equivalent
      - TBI‟s Tennessee Criminal History Repository
      - TBI‟s Hot Files that includes Wanted Persons, Missing Children, Protection
      - Tennessee‟s Department of Homeland Security Database
      - FBI‟s National Crime Intelligence Center (NCIC)
      - Geographic Information System (GIS)
      - Incident based system
                                              File: 8c003d59-40f9-4e87-a6f0-f88c624debbb.doc

       -   Juvenile Offenders
       -   Commerce and Insurance (Fire Prevention Unit – Bomb Squad)
       -   TennCare
       -   Commercial Driver License (CDL)
       -   Truck and Trailer Registrations
       -   Dealer Tags

Project Schedule:

Phase / Milestone                        Start Date                 End Date
Vendor Design/Construction               8/15/05           -        11/11/05
Vendor Integration/System Testing        10/20/05          -        11/11/05
User Acceptance Testing                  11/14/05          -        12/9/05
System Delivery                          12/14/05
Soft Roll out (50 users)                 12/14/05          -        12/30/05

Pilot (1000 users)                       1/3/06            -        3/31/06
Initial Roll out (100 users)             1/3/06            -        1/6/06
Subsequent increments of weekly          1/9/06            -        3/31/06
roll out is dependant on DB2 Connect
monitoring results

Access requests become available to      4/3/06
all law enforcement & criminal justice
agencies throughout the state

                                         File: 8c003d59-40f9-4e87-a6f0-f88c624debbb.doc


                                                                                                                                                                                                                File: 8c003d59-40f9-4e87-a6f0-f88c624debbb.doc
                Internet Login
                                                R                                                                                                                                              Driver License
Investigator                                        ea
                                                         l- t                                                                                                                                  System
PC, Laptop or                                                   im
Handheld                                                                 Q
Device                                                                       r     y
                                                l   -ti
                                                           e                                                                                                                                   SAFETY
                                                                   ta                                                                                                                          Title
                                                                               s   po                                                                                                          & Registration
                                                                                     ns                                                                   Criminal
                                                                                                                                                                        Real-time Query

                                                                                                                                                                     Real-time data response
                                                                                                                            s   e
                                                      y                                                                 sp
                                                 r                                                                 re
                                              ue                                                           t   a
                                             Q                                                          da
                                    im                                                         im
                             l- t                                                        l-t
                        ea                                                          ea                                                                                                         CORRECTION/
                    R                                                          R
                  Internet Login
  Law Enforcement
  Wireless Laptop or                                                                                                                                                                           TBI
  Handheld Device                                                                                                                                                                              Sex Offender

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