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					World History II
                        Industrial Revolution Newspaper (80 points)

For this assignment, you will be working in groups to create a newspaper that deals with issues of the
Industrial Revolution. There are four major components to the newspaper. You will be assessed on:
     Historical accuracy
             o Obviously, a lot of the newspaper will contain fictional elements, but they have to be
                 historically plausible
     The incorporation of resources into your stories
             o Did you read your textbook and outside resources before writing the stories? All parts of
                 the newspaper should incorporate the historical evidence found in these sources. Even
                 though a lot might be made up…if someone were to read your newspaper, they should
                 have a little better understanding about parts of the Industrial Revolution
     Word Requirements/Completion
             o Did you do everything you are supposed to do as outlined below?
     Creativity and Effort
     Spelling and Grammar.
You must use Microsoft Publisher to create this newspaper.

Child Labor (200-350 words)
This is your lead story. Your newspaper has secured some very exclusive interviews with articulate
children who are factory/coal mine workers. You interview them to delve deeper into their plight and to
expose the details of life in a factory/coal mine. This can be written as a traditional news story, or you
can write it in a more Q&A type format. In your article, discuss the following:

    1. Why types of jobs did children have in factories/coal mine? Describe exactly what their job
    2. What is a typical day in the life of a child like?
    3. What is their working environment like? Describe the atmosphere of the factories/coal mines.
    4. How were they treated in the factories? How were they compensated for their work?
    5. What impact did this work have on their life and futures?

Listed below are some helpful links to begin your research.

Point | Counterpoint (175-225 words)
This piece will be part of your newspaper’s op-ed section. In this new Industrial Age, there are defenders
and critics of the system. Your newspaper wants to present both sides to the ongoing debate. This can be
written as two separate pieces (one speaking in favor of industrialization, or some aspect of it. The other
World History II
speaking against). Or you can write it as an editorial. Or maybe even a series of letters to the editor,
where different people write in giving their opinion.

Listed below are some helpful links to begin your research.

Living/Working Conditions (150-250 words)
One of your writers has recently visited the slums of London. He/She is back to report what they saw.
This report will include one article on the living conditions OR the factory working conditions, you do not
need to include an article on both.

In your article
    1. Describe the housing/factory.
    2. What were the living conditions/factory conditions like? Who lived in the area you visited/who
        worked in the factory that the author visited?
    3. Discuss any of the problems or concerns that the author has after the visit.
    4. After their experience, how does the author feel about Industrialization?

Listed below are some helpful links to begin your research.

Textile Advertisement
The first major industry that boomed as a result of the Industrial Revolution was the textile industry.
Create an advertisement for the newspaper that features one of the new textile related inventions from
the period, or some of the fashion created using these new machines.

Even though the photos in this link are from the early 20th century, they might be great to feature in your
newspaper alongside one of the stories.

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