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									                          DC/TW Area 79ers
                                            February 2008
                                                Omnes Viri News

                DATABASE                             tailgater are being planned. Start saving
                                                     up...it will be a weekend not to be missed!
I was asked to put this up front for this            We will be in the Class of 1953 Pavilion
newsletter.                                          inside the stadium again.
                                                     HOTEL INFORMATION:
JUST A REMINDER, some info is years
old. If you now it’s out of date, please send        The new Annapolis Westin will serve as the
me updated info. Thanks!                             30th Reunion headquarters.

               30th REUNION                          A personalized Web site for USNA Class
                                                     OF 1979 occurring September 24, 2009 -
Reunion registration will be open by the end         September 27, 2009 has been created.
of April.
                                                     Guests can access the site to learn more
(same as last month)                                 about the event and to book, modify, or
From our Reunion Coordinator, Valerie                cancel a reservation until September 28,
Gerheiser: Please check the Class of '79             2009.
web site, www.usna79.com, for all 30th
Reunion updates. The link to reserve rooms           Below you will find the appropriate link(s)
at the hotel headquarters, Annapolis Westin,         for your participants to access the site:
for block rates is now available on the site.
A tentative schedule of reunion events is            Attendee
also available for your planning.
                                                     USNA CLASS OF 1979 (copy and paste the
Additional good information from previous            following link into a web browser)
newsletters:                                         http://www.starwoodmeeting.com/StarGrou
                                                     Stan Clark also passed on the following:
The 30th Reunion Committee has begun the             “On 1 Nov I will be adding a link to the
planning process for the next big reunion to         page
be held September 24-27, 2009. Be sure to
save the date now! The new Annapolis                 http://www.usna79.com/Class_Information/
Westin will be the class headquarters hotel.         Events/30th_Reunion/30th_Reunion_main.h
Information about reservations are provided          tm for reservations at the Annapolis Westin.
below. A golf outing, crab feast, class              It is a link made specifically for our class.
dinner, memorial service and the big

                   PREZ SEZ                         “Army plays Navy at Annapolis on 21 Feb,
                                                    1pm. After Army beat Navy at home today,
Greetings 79ers,                                    Navy will be looking for a little revenge.

With the Reunion rapidly approaching                Navy 79 will be there in force and we may
(don’t kid yourself, September will be here         meet at the local pub for a mixer. We are
before you know it!), I am happy to report          still sorting out details.”
that people are taking my advise and getting
their rooms booked at the Westin Annapolis.         Anyone interested from our side?
We are already over the half-way point for
bookings with over 100 classmates planning                     ARTHRITIS WALK 2009
to stay at the headquarters hotel. There are
only 200 rooms total allotted to us, so don’t       Friends,
get shut out – book your room as soon as
possible.                                           It is that time of year again. Emily and
                                                    Sophie Smith, as captains of our Walk
I also asked people to plan on arriving             Team, have asked me to request a donation
Thursday and it looks like a majority of            from you for their Arthritis Walk Team.
people are planning to do just that! The lure       The Smith Family is again walking to raise
of golf, shopping, and a crab feast Thursday        funds for a cure. Emily is 17 (next week)
night are pulling folks in. Right now, by           and enjoying her junior year. She is thinking
almost two-to-one, most people booking              about college and enjoying being a member
rooms plan to arrive Thursday. I also asked         of the High School Indoor Track team as a
everyone to consider staying through Sunday         pole vaulter. She is on a new medication
and checking out Monday or later. Almost            and doing very well. A new medication that
20 percent of those booked have planned to          has been developed with the help of
do that. With this kind of support, we are          generous donations like yours over the years.
looking at the best Reunion ever!                   Please click on the link below and make a
                                                    donation. You are also welcome to join our
Over the next few months I hope to have             team and walk with on the 25th of April. It
some time to run reports and find out which         will be greatly appreciated.
of our classmates are still on the “Missing”
list. We will update the class website with         https://www.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donor
that information when I have it available.          Pledge.asp?ievent=278717&lis=1&kntae278
Please take some time to help find missing          717=9287660E57E643E49E560BE99D62D
classmates. How great will it be to have            894&supId=193854213
most of the class return for our 30th?              If you would like more info about the Walk
                                                    please click below:
O/V, Sean
            ARMY-NAVY BB
                                                    And for more info about the Arthritis
Carl Cecil (Army ’79) info’d me on his e-           Foundation go to www.arthritis.org
mail to his Army class with the following:
                                                    Please feel free to share this information
                                                    with anyone you know who may be
                                                    interested in donating or joining us.

Thank you very much.                                 and Navy Classes of 1979! If you can,
                                                     please contribute.
Steve Smith
                                                     Thanks, Kirk Michealson
Now here’s a note from Emily, herself:
                                                        TRI-SERVICE ACADEMY GOLF
Hello 79ers!
It's that time of the year again, and Sophie         Here’s some info from this year’s
and I have started our fundraising efforts for       coordinator, Chuck Shaw (USMA 79 and
the 2009 Arthritis Walk. I'm sure all of you         professor at NPS – so he’s joint!):
have encountered arthritis at some time in
your life, as it is the number one cause of          Chuck Shaw here from USMA 1979. Jerry
disability in America. Thanks to funds from          Butler and I are giving Rick Hyde a breather
events like the walk, research has been able         wrt the Academy 1979 Golf Tournament this
to provide patients with many new and                year, actually we're looking to set up a
improved medications. These medicines                rotation in the future between myself here at
have allowed me to lead the life of a normal         Stonewall Jackson, Jeff Stonerock at Army-
17 year old.                                         Navy, Rick at Piedmont, etc..

 Sophie and I have resurrected the Flying            Jerry and I are members here at Stonewall
Pigs for a fifth time and we ask you to              Jackson and I've already talked with the
consider joining us for the Arthritis Walk. It       Director, Gary, as well as the Golf Pro,
will be held on 25 April in Fairfax at               Brian, about arranging a tourney for the
Robinson Secondary School. You can join              group. I've also been checking the calendar
the Flying Pigs or form your own team; if            for various events/ conflicts to come up with
you cannot be there with us please consider          a date soon since time is creeping up on us.
making a donation to the Arthritis
Foundation via the link below to the                  I wanted your input/ thoughts wrt date,
webpage Sophie and I built:                          format, cost, etc. before locking down the
                                                     date and particulars however. There are
http://letsmovetogetherfairfax.kintera.org/e         multiple DoD and AFCEA events on 21-23
milyandsophie                                        April, multiple DoD and IDGA events on
                                                     27-30 April, Sea-Air-Space (SAS)/ Navy
If you prefer to donate offline, checks made         League on 4-7 May, etc.. My first
out to the Arthritis Foundation may be               impression is to get this scheduled for a
mailed to:                                           Monday or Friday in conjunction with SAS
Emily and Sophie Smith                               such as 1 or 8 May or possibly 24 April, but
10853 Burr Oak Way                                   Gary and Brian had doubts about a Friday in
Burke, VA 22015                                      the "High Season". Apparently, Mondays
                                                     are much more doable such as 20 April or 4
 Thank you again for the support in years            May.
                                                     I wasn't looking to change the format, a
-Emily Smith                                         Captain's Choice or Mexican Best Ball with
                                                     a Shot-gun Start keeps things moving when
Since the charity softball game back in 2002,        you have alot of "Duffers" and "Hackers" -
this has been a great charity for the Army           such as myself. I tend to like the scramble

format where you sort by handicap (or lack           poor health recently, having missed the
thereof) as well as Academy, that way folks          Holiday Bowl Team Reunion gathering last
get mixed up much better and end up getting          Fall. I do not know any further details. The
to know more folks that way.                         following obituary was published in the TC
                                                     Palm on 1/13/2009.
The normal rate at Stonewall Jackson in
May is $129 but we should be able to                 Thomas Wright Thompson Jr., 51, of
negotiate the Guest/ Patriot Club rate or less       Pensacola Florida died January 3, 2009. Son
which is $89 including cart, etc.. We'll need        of Elizabeth B. Thompson and the late
to add in balls, food/ lunch, prizes, etc.           Thomas W. Thompson of Vero Beach
which may push the cost up to $100 or so, it         Florida, Mr. Thompson is survived by his
may depend on our numbers as well.                   wife, Rhonda N. Thompson, daughter Kellie
However, Stonewall Jackson is one of the             D. Thompson, stepson Shannon Norris and 2
Top 50 Courses in the US that is "open to            grandchildren. Also survived by sister Gail
the public". The change to Lake Manassas             E. Wilkinson and her children Jacqueline
this year should add some variety and may            and David Wilkinson of Aiken S. Carolina;
stimulate participation.                             sister Elizabeth Leveton and her children
                                                     Katherine, Emily and Ian Leveton of Vero
I was also looking at the Wounded Warrior            Beach; and sister Susan Riley and her
Foundation as a recipient of any funds raised        children Ryan and Christopher Ciborowski
this year unless someone has a better idea or        of Vero Beach. Mr. Thompson was born on
prefeerence.                                         February 13, 1957 in Virginia Beach,
                                                     Virginia. After moving to Short Hills, N.J.
Please let me know your thoughts and                 he graduated from The Pingry School,
preferences, we'll try to get this locked down       Hillside, N.J. in 1975 and from the United
and the word out as soon as possible.                States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD in
                                                     1979 with a degree in Engineering. Mr.
Here is the URL =                                    Thompson lettered in varsity football and
http://www.stonewallgolfclub.com/ for the            lacrosse at The Pingry School and continued
Stonewall Jackson Golf Club if you want to           his football career as a defensive lineman for
take a look. Per Chuck, it's a great course          the Naval Academy Football team. After
and the backside looks across Turtle Point at        service in the United States Navy he pursued
the RTJ where they play the President's Cup.         a career in engineering and sales. Burial
                                                     services will be held on January 16, 2009 at
Thanks. Chuck                                        12:30pm at Barrancas National Cemetery in
theshawclan@comcast.net                              Pensacola, Florida. In lieu of flowers the
                                                     family requests donations be made to The
          TOMMY THOMPSON                             United Cerebral Palsy Foundation, or a
                                                     charity of your choice.
From Sean Cate:
                                                     Condolences may be sent to Tommy’s wife,
Greetings Classmates,                                Rhonda, at: Rhonda Thompson
                                                     PO Box 1252
It is with great sadness that I pass along the       Lillian, AL 36549-1252
very sad news of the death of our classmate          That’s it, Wishing you all the best,
from 8th Company, Tommy Thompson. It is
my understanding that Tommy has been in              O/V, Sean

      ARMY-NAVY CHALLENGE                            Tidewater Area 79ers. All we need is
                                                     someone to coordinate the event.
Our Army classmates (led by John Lesko)
offered a challenge for 2009. We can go to           Here are some under consideration:
the President’s Challenge web-site. Go to
www.PresidentsChallenge.Org and we log                      DC AREA EVENTS
our fitness activities.
                                                     1 – Other Ideas are listed below.
Stan Clark has started a group for members                  TIDEWATER AREA EVENTS
of USNA79.
                                                     1 – Luncheon: We had a great first
Simply stated, our Army v. Navy challenge            luncheon at Frankie’s. Is anyone interested
would improve the health and fitness levels          in attending and/or coordinating another
of everyone while enabling folks to do               luncheon? It could be during the week,
whatever they choose to maintain their               centrally located or on the weekend to allow
fitness. Record keeping is free thru this well       spouses and significant others to attend.
established web-base program.                        2 – Other Ideas are listed below. We’ve
                                                     only had one event. Who’d like to
As of Thursday, January 29th, we have 40             coordinate our 2nd? 
signed up – Army has double our number.
Any more Navy 79ers want to get involved?            Other Possibilities –
The group ID is 78079 and group name is
USNA Class of ’79, searchable under                         If you are interested in coordinating
schools in Annapolis, MD.                            an event (in either area), please let me know.
                                                     To coordinate an event, you just need to:
Periodically we can count medal winners,
compare stats, and boast of each classes             a – select a type of event
respective achievements.                             b – select a date and time
                                                     c – inform Kirk to advertise in newsletters
Are we up for the challenge? If so, let Kirk         d – coordinate reservations and/or space
know. Sounds like a good New Year’s                  e – coordinate DC Area 79er RSVPs
resolution, too!                                     f – inform Kirk to include results in the next
                                                     Some types of events recommended so far:
Dave Frost, Mike Sottung, Dave Prothero,
and Kirk Michealson are planning a lunch or          1 – Basketball games
the “Tidewater West” group in the I-664              2 – BBQs
area (we’re still trying ). If you are              3 – Chili/barbecue cookoffs
interested in joining us, please let Kirk            4 – Evening socials
know.                                                5 – Family picnics
                                                     6 – Fishing trips
          UPCOMING EVENTS                            7 – Happy hours
                                                     8 – Lunches
There are no additional upcoming events              9 – Mall concerts
planned for either the DC Area or the                10 – Pot Lucks
                                                     11 – Tailgaters

Plus any others you can think of …               JUST A REMINDER, some info is years
                                                 old. If you now it’s out of date, please send
          79ers IN THE NEWS                      me updated info. Thanks!

1 – Welcome to the Area / Newsletter – New
additions this month include: None.
Updates include: Ray Aguilar, Mike
Gallant, Greg Hutto, Dave Krueger, Gary

2 – Mike Gallant – Mike reported they
welcomed a new granddaughter in
December, Mailie. CONGRATS, MIKE!


HOME – Kirk.Michealson@1979.USNA.com
       Suffolk, VA – (757)638-5302

WORK – kirk.a.michealson@lmco.com
       Voice – (757)935-9501
       Cell – (757)817-7558


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