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Free Musical Scripts

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This is an example of free musical scripts. This document is useful for conducting free musical scripts.

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Services and Communications, Partnering in Excellence

Air Mobility Command’s Installations and
Mission Support Directorate (A7) is pleased to
announce the launch of AMC’s “Music On Hold”
(MOH) initiative. MOH is a command program
which will provide royalty-free music and
Services public announcements to telephone
customers placed on hold when calling into the
AMC telephone network.

In partnership with HQ AMC Communications
and Information Directorate (A6), A7 will
provide base-level communications squadrons with monthly recordings of royalty-free
music and Services announcements specific to their location. Each installation will
receive a digitally recorded CD each month. When a caller is placed on hold, they will
hear local announcements with a musical background. This initiative will help
standardize phone service at AMC installations while providing timely Services
information geared to the local military community.

Music-on-hold services are currently provided by several commercial companies. Bases
using this service pay approximately $200 monthly. HQ AMC/A7S will provide this
service free of charge to all AMC installations. All equipment required for this initiative
is being provided to the bases. Replacement equipment costs (expected to be minimal)
will be at the installation's expense.

If interested, we welcome your inquiries. Our POC is Mr. Sam Parker, A7SC, (618) 229-
7539 / DSN 779-7539 or sam.parker@scott.af.mil.

The Process:
Each month, base-level marketing departments will supply HQ AMC Services/A7SC
(Marketing) a script of base specific announcements. Due to the HQ by the 15th of each
month, A7SC will record these announcements over a musical bed of royalty-free music.
Each file will be approximately five-minutes in duration.

The completed file will be placed onto the AMC Services website, www.amcsvs.com.
Base marketing offices will download their monthly MOH file onto a CD and deliver it to
their local Communication Squadron point of contact (pocs have been established for all
AMC installations). The CD is then placed into the sound system and the system is set
on automatic repeat.

All callers placed on HOLD will hear Services messages specific to that base. These
messages will be changed monthly.
The following are copies of orders placed, our sources, and a sample of a base script.


ORDER on-line from: Musicians Friend
Fostex VF160EX All-In-One Recording Package

PRODUCT # 240284
COST: $1,099.99

           Fostex VF160EX All-In-One Recording Package
                                   Product (#240284)
SHARP CD-MPS600                   ($143.99 per unit) plus shipping
Sharp CD-MPS600 (silver)
 - Plays CD-R, CD-RW, repeat on both main and remote, MP3, 5-disc



ONE (1) system to each of the 11 locations below:

Andrews AFB, Maryland
NAME: Jerome F. Spearman
 Mailing Address:
89 SVS/SVK (Marketing Office)
Bldg 1642, Brookley AVE.
Andrews AFB, MD 20762-7002
Commercial Phone: (301) 981-5211

Charleston AFB, South Carolina
NAME: Laura Abell
Mailing Address: 437th Services Squadron
102 North Davis Drive, Bldg. 322, 1st Floor
Charleston AFB SC 29404-4825
 Commercial Phone: (843) 963-3809

DOVER AFB, Delaware
NAME: Julie Rich
 Mailing Address: 436 SVS/SVK
262 Chad St., Rm 305
Dover AFB, DE 19902-7262
Commercial Phone (302) 677 -2883

Grand Forks, North Dakota
Julie McWalter
Address: Marketing and Publicity Office
 319th SVS/SVK
 784 Eielson St., Bldg. 621
 Grand Forks AFB, ND 58205
Commercial Phone (701) 747-3238

MacDill AFB, Florida
NAME: Wendy Foster
Mailing Address: 6 SVS/SVK
1904 Golf Course Ave, Ste 1
MacDill AFB, FL 33621-1604
Commercial Phone: (813) 828-3055
McConnell AFB, KS
Fe Vorderlandwehr
PHONE: 316-759-6001
EMAIL: Fe.Vorderlandwehr@mcconnell.af.mil
Mailing Address: 22SVS/SVK
57837 Coffeyville, Ste 251
McConnell AFB, KS 67221-5000

McGuire AFB, New Jersey
Monty Dunn
305th SVS/SVK
2905 Tuskegee Airmen Ave.
McGuire AFB NJ 08641-5012
PH: (609) 724-5327

Pope AFB, North Carolina
Mailing Address: 517 Virgin Street, Bldg. 344
Pope AFB NC 28308
Commercial: (910) 394-2143/

Scott AFB, Illinois
NAME: Lisa Timmermann
375th SVS/SVK
505 Ward Dr. Rm 203
Scott AFB, IL 62225
Shipping Address: (Fed Express/UPS only)
375th SVS/SVK
Bldg. 1930
Scott AFB, IL 62225
Comm Phone: (618) 256-3766

Travis AFB, California
NAME: Allison McQueen
60 SVS – Marketing
510 Airlift Drive, Bldg 380- B
Travis AFB, CA 94535
Commercial Phone: (707) 424-5470

HQ AMC/A7SC Marketing
507 Symington Dr. Bldg P-40
Scott AFB, IL 62225-5335
Sam Parker
Air Mobility Command (AMC)
Phone: (618) 229-7539

Royalty-Free Music:

FLAGSHIP CD’s (20 CDs): $395.00 (CDs are marked below)
FedEX shipping: $19.95

Flagship 20 CD package:
Action Sports / Caribbean Dreams / Competitive Edge / Easy Moving / Energetic /
Folkstyles /
Funky Stuff / Global Pulse / Goove-a-Holic / Island Adventures / Light Jazz /
Motivational / Nu Funk Hop / Movie Scores / Rhythm & Blues / Retro / Swing / Winter
Wonderland / Nu World Beats / Neon Soul /
Pick up the At Your Leisure magazine at any Services facility every month and find out
more on Dover Air Force Base Services Squadron events.

Come out to an evening of family fun at the Disney Family Night January 28 at the
Community Center. For more information, call 677-3107.

Have a great lunch at the bowling center and participate in the Lunchables League. Open
to all squadrons and civilians. Call 677-3950 for more information.

Put your thoughts on ICE! Log on to http://ice.disa.mil from any internet browser
and let us know your comments about our programs and facilities.

The Family Child Care office offers free short term child care to military members
returning home from deployment. For more information, contact the Family Child Care
Program office at 677-3712.

Attention dorm residents! Ask about the Dorm Resident Program at various Services
facilities and take advantage of our specials.

Enjoy lunch at The Landings Club everyday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for 6.95 per person.
Present your club card and receive discounts.

 The Veterinary Clinic provides quality vet care to pets of active duty members, their
dependants, and retirees. For more information or to make an appointment, call

Winterize your vehicle at the Auto Shop. Fully qualified mechanics are on duty to advise
and assist with your projects. Call 677-3249.

Sign up now for framing, pottery, welding and sign language classes at the Skills
Development Center. Call 677-3246 for more information.

Patterson Dining Facility offers breakfast, dinner and snack items during midnight meal
daily from 10:15 p.m. to 12:15 a.m. Call 677-3925 for more information.

Bowl for $10 per person including shoe rental and have fun during Saturday Night
Thunder Alley from 8 to 11 p.m. at the Eagle Lanes Bowling Center.

Sign up at the Leisure Travel Office for the Philadelphia 76ers vs Detroit Pistons
basketball game trip on February 16.

Eagle Creek Golf Course new snack bar is open everyday from 7 am to 7:30 pm. Take
out is available. Call 677-6039.

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