Instructions to Teachers: by opza81


                          Test Your Spelling Skills
                         100 Commonly Misspelled Words

absence                         drunkenness              noticeable
accept                          earring                  occasion
accidentally                    eighth                   occurrence
acquit                          embarrass                omission
address                         enough                   opposite
already                         government               parallel
amateur                         grammar                  parliament
analyse                         guarantee                pastime
apologise                       guerrilla                perceive
apparent                        handkerchief             pigeon
apparently                      harass                   pleasant
appearance                      height                   possessive
appetite                        heroes                   precede
appreciate                      humorous                 principal (main)
assassination                   hundred                  rescind
attached                        hypocrisy                restaurant
attachment                      imagine                  rhythm
believable                      imitate                  sandal
Caribbean                       immediately              satellite
category                        incidentally             similar
cemetery                        independent              stationary (motionless)
changeable                      innocuous                stationery (pens, etc.)
chocolate                       inoculate                stereo
colonel                         intelligence             succeeded
column                          lovely                   summary
coming                          millionaire              supersede
deceive                         miniature                surprise
decorate                        mischief                 temperature
definitely                      missile                  whether
development                     moccasin                 wholly
disappear                       necessarily              whose
discipline                      niece                    wield
discussion                      ninety
dissatisfied                    no one

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