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									                                      Alumni Liaison Committee

                                               April 2009

Subj: Pre-Reunion Meeting Minutes

Contact Addresses of ALC Members


We had first formal meeting with the Alumni Liaison Committee formed by the students of DE 27. Nine
students have volunteered to be part of this body. They will eventually become part of the association
upon graduation. The main role of ALC is to keep alumni involved in college matters and update
students with the activities of alumni. They will also take active part in alumni reunions, scholarship
program and other functions. It will be their responsibility to handover the office to next degree before
they graduate.

The members of committee are:

Uzair Sukhera -27 E

Abdul Manan     -27 E

Awais Amin      -27 E

Mehveen Khalid          -27 E

Arslan Shah     -27 E

Faizan Razzaq -27 E

Waqas Aliemuddin        -27 E

Rehan Zahid     -27 M

Aneeqa Ishaq    -27 E

The meeting was held on 8-4-9. It was attended by Farhan, Sidra, Imran Sadiq, Uzair,Abdul Manan,
Mehveen, Awais, & Arslan. Members of ALC will divide the fol action points and keep us update about
1. Welcome video by DE 27: Students of 27 have decided to make a welcome video for the alumni. It will
be played before the formal presentation session. The video will be submitted to stage coordinator to
manage the sequence.

2. Reunion Organiser cards: Students involved in organising the alumni reunion will wear name tags. The
cards will distinguish them from the others. They have also decided to follow a dress code.

3. Alumni Video: There will be a theme video running continuously in the auditorium (before and after
the presentation session) which will be a slide show of pictures from different degrees. A call for picture
submission will be launched.

4. Alumni Liaison Committee (ALC): A student of DE 27 will introduce Alumni Liaison committee. He will
highlight its role to involve alumni members in college societies and also keep the students update
about the alumni activities.

5. A small video will be played on how Alumni Liaison committee can bridge the gap between alumni
and college students.

5. Posters: ALC will design and print flex-posters for the event. SPAL team will also work on similar
posters from the budget they will get for reunion from college.

6. Colour print outs of Reunion banner on all notice boards.

7. Formal invitation to faculty members.

8. Distribution of Alumni reunion handbook to all concerned officers for better coordination and
information sync.

9. Invitation letters to faculty members (Alumni) and ask for help to reach their course mates.

10. Follow up of Newsletter print, coordination with the college press and G1.

11. Dinner coordination with Mess Secy Col Zubair. Arrange alternative venue in case of inclement

12. Tea: during the interaction session.

13. Security/Gate: Students will manage entry along with the Security Staff to avoid any problems.

14. Registration Desk: Four students will man the desk and 2-4 will help in making sure that everyone
15. Scholarship fund collection Table. There will be a box along with a register, 2 students will operate
the table.

16. Tags: 2 students will write name tags for registered alumni at the reception desk. Tags + pens will be
acquired from the college stationary shop a day before the event.

17. Invitation cards: print of invitation cards for old faculty members, comdt, ci, and other senior offrs.

18. SPAL event: ALC will ensure that the content of the show suits the audience.

19. Stage Coord: A team of 2-3 students will manage stage. Final year student will formally welcome the
alumni and call upon the alumni association for presentation. Coordination with the staff at the
auditorium for computer/sound equipment.

20. Setting up of Tables at the entrance, table cloths, other requirements, Lights etc.

21. Follow up with cadet wing regarding invitations to Mil Offrs Alumni.

We really hope that this time things will be in better harmony as we will have students with us. It will be
easy for us to manage the event and coordinate things smoothly.

PS: Uzair suggested that we should get sponsors to support our scholarship program. It’s a good and
workable option but we’ll need to discuss it with Brig Ghafoor for permission first.

We need to have a formal meeting with Brig Ghafoor next week to finalise the event, It would be better
if senior members accompany us.

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