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     (lower Right hand corner of screen)                               How to Manage AHRC Awards                                                updated 20.05.11            BGS F+F = Fees and Funding team

                Topic                                Student                              Supervisor                      Department Action                                              BGS (BGP                         AHRC
                                                     Action                                 Action                                                                                      Co-ordinator/)                   Receive

                                     GRADSAF to be completed and             Write reference if required by      Department submit                                          Log ranked lists in AHRC
                                      submitted in time to ensure            deadline for application            nominations to BGS (see BGS                                subject area and ensure all
     Competition deadline             eligible to be considered for                                              website for this year's                                    paperwork received and
                                       PhD, MPhil or continuing                                                  competition guidance)                                      correct. Final eligibility check
                                               applications                                                                                                                 on students.
                                                                                                                                                                            Paperwork created for AHRC

       Competition results            Student needs to accept AHRC                                               Inform all applicants of                                   Update information on
                                      award with Univerisity of                                                  outcome of application.                                    acceptances/rejections of
                                      Cambridge and if necessary                                                 Update AHRC Co-Ordinator if                                award and ensure that
                                      remove themselves from other                                               student turns down AHRC                                    Departments are aware if
                                      competitions.                                                              award so that reserve                                      applicant withdraws .
                                                                                                                 candidates can be offered                                  Manage budget on Grant.

                                         Set up Jes Account. Ensure          Provide text as necessary for       Complete 'Jes student details'                             Add info to Jes form (numhus,       Batch update by 30
      Set Up New Student                   that contact information,         Dept.                               form in September. NB MPhil's                              husid) confirm and submit by        Oct.
       Award JeS etc (for                 Gender, DOB, Nationality,                                              do not need to submit                                      30 Oct.
      successful students                 Ethnic Orgin + dissability                                             character summaries.                                       Set up on budget and
             only)                                completed                                                                                                                 Studentships database. Offer
                                                                                                                                                                            of award letter

                                        Discuss with Supervisor + get        Use existing Dept. processes.        Log into JeS/Documents/Batch                                                                  Jes Update
                                          any approval required to           Approval not needed from BGS         UPdate, locate student +
      Change Thesis Title                          change                    or AHRC                              change to new title + 4
         (PHD ONLY)                                                                                               thousand character summary.

                                        Disucss with relevant member         Use existing Dept. processes,        Request change on camsis.                                                                     Jes Update
                                        of Department staff + get any        approval not needed from BGS         Log into JeS/Documents/Batch
      Change Supervisor                  approval required to change         or AHRC                              UPdate, locate student + change
         (PHD ONLY)                                                                                               supervisor. If not already there,
                                                                                                                  request supervisor creates JeS
                                                                                                                  account. SAVE.

                                        Read AHRC Guide for details            Sign application form. Forms                                              Degree             Process AHRC suspsension            Jes update. if
           Suspend                     P.49. Download app. form from           for AHRC suspension +                                                     Committee to       application and respond             maternity leave report
        Award/Maternity                     BGS website* apply for             University Int. note dates can                                            approve            within 2 weeks. Copy Dept +         at reconcilation.
            Leave                       intermission from self service.        be different for AHRC                                                     intermission.      College. JeS - add                  Provide additional
                                                                               supension and University                                                                     suspension dates.                   funding for maternity
                                                                                                                                                                                                                leave at reconcilation

                                       Student to complete withdrawal        If you are aware that student is     f you are aware that student is                           Stop payment, terminate             Jes update +
                                       form + advise BGS F+F ASAP            likely to withdraw please contact    likely to withdraw please                                 award, reclaim any overpaid         reconcilation.
          Withdrawal                    so that overpayments are not         BGS F+F as early as possible         contact BGS F+F as early as                               funds from student. Recyle          Reclaim any overpaid
                                           paid that will have to be                                              possible                                                  unspent funds if possible           funds.
                                                  reclaimed                                                       (

                                       See rules in AHRC guide P.49.                                                                                                        Access funding implications.        Jes update.
      Early submission of              Inform BGS F+F in advance to                                                                                                         Update Jes. Reclaim any             Reclaim any overpaid
      Doctoral Thesis i.e.              ascertain funding implications                                                                                                      overpayments to student.            funds.
       before award end                             for you.

                                        Read AHRC guide. 1 change               Approve application and sign      Approve change of status e.g.                             Change award + Jes inform          Jes update and
                                          allowed per award only.               AHRC form.                        to part-time + Authorise BGS                              student of revised submission      reconcilation
      Change full-time to                   Complete BGS form                                                     PT form.                                                  deadline.

                                            Check details of next            Approve appliction form before                                                                 Hold termly competition             BGS Reconcilation
                                         competition and application         submitting to BGS                                                                              assessed by 2 academics.
       Fieldwork and                       form on BGS website*                                                                                                             Write to students to confirm
     Conference Funding                                                                                                                                                     outcome within 2 weeks of the
                                                                                                                                                                            end of term. Make payments
                                                                                                                                                                            of awards granted

                                           See AHRC guide P.26 for                                                                                       DRC: Conduct       Hold funds and disburse upon       Approve application,
                                         details. Discuss application                                                                                    needs              receipt of eiligible claims.       notify BGS of allowed
       Disabled Student                  with DRC before applying to                                                                                     Assessment.                                           budget.
          allowance                       the AHRC direct with DRC                                                                                       Apply to AHRC
                                        support. Copy to BGS F+F. if                                                                                     on behalf of
                                       awarded, submit claims to BGS                                                                                     student.

                                       Can apply in writing up year in       Write to support application and                                                               Verify details, log application    Scanned doc from BGS
                                        specific circumstances see           send to BGS F+F                                                                                + submit to AHRC within one        F+F + hard copy in post.
      Extend submission                 AHRC guide P.54. Form on                                                                                                            week.                              Consider application +
           deadline                    BGS website* note applications                                                                                                                                          write to BGS with result
                                       must be made well in advance                                                                                                                                            (cc Supervisor + Dept.)
                                        of your submission deadline

                                         Be aware of deadline - see                                               Review draft data circulated by                           Complete survey and return         Jes survey.
                                         camsis self service. Submit                                              BGS F+F in November                                       to AHRC. Circulate results to      Calculate rate achieved
       Submission Rate                  Thesis no later than this day to                                                                                                    Depts. + Schools                   + inform BGS F+F
           Survey                                    BGS

                                                                             Complete required termly report      (Dept comments pls) AHRC
                                                                             on CGSRS                             progress reports no longer
       Annual Progress                                                                                            required Dept. to ensure
          Reports                                                                                                 internal progress checking
                                                                                                                  takes place ie termly reports on

                                        Maintain contact details on                                                                                                                                             Receives report from
                                        Jes. AHRC will contact you                                                                                                                                              student
     End of Award Report                 using these at the end of
                                          award to complete your

New AHRC Guide to Student Funding 2011 - takes effect from 1 October 2011 for all students (regardless of prior rules in the year they started).
Students should read in particular P.48-55 and Student Registration (P.9-11), Paid Work (P.13-14), Tax (P.25), Disabled Student Allowance (P.26), Additional Funding Opportunities (P.27)

*                     Registry = BGS Fees a nd Funding (BGS F+F)                            Research Organisation = University of

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